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Kristen Stewart Allegedly Was Dissed By Fan at FKA twigs Concert

Kristen Stewart Allegedly Was Dissed By Fan at FKA twigs Concert

Kristen Stewart keeps her look edgy as she lands at LAX Airport on Saturday afternoon (October 11) in Los Angeles.

That same week, the 24-year-old actress was allegedly dissed by a concert goer at FKA twigs show.

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“went to a gig lastnight, FKA twigs. she’s apparently dating Robert Pattinson. someone shouted ‘F–K KRISTEN STEWART‘ so awkward,” a fan tweeted.

But FKA twigs didn’t give the shouting fan much of a response.

“she ignored it. Then had a break from singing and told a story about spreading rumours. Girl had class.”

FYI: Kristen is wearing 7 For All Mankind jeans.

25+ pictures inside of Kristen Stewart at the airport…

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kristen stewart dissed fka twigs concert 01
kristen stewart dissed fka twigs concert 02
kristen stewart dissed fka twigs concert 03
kristen stewart dissed fka twigs concert 04
kristen stewart dissed fka twigs concert 05
kristen stewart dissed fka twigs concert 06
kristen stewart dissed fka twigs concert 07
kristen stewart dissed fka twigs concert 08
kristen stewart dissed fka twigs concert 09
kristen stewart dissed fka twigs concert 10
kristen stewart dissed fka twigs concert 11
kristen stewart dissed fka twigs concert 12
kristen stewart dissed fka twigs concert 13
kristen stewart dissed fka twigs concert 14
kristen stewart dissed fka twigs concert 15
kristen stewart dissed fka twigs concert 16
kristen stewart dissed fka twigs concert 17
kristen stewart dissed fka twigs concert 18
kristen stewart dissed fka twigs concert 19
kristen stewart dissed fka twigs concert 20
kristen stewart dissed fka twigs concert 21
kristen stewart dissed fka twigs concert 22
kristen stewart dissed fka twigs concert 23
kristen stewart dissed fka twigs concert 24
kristen stewart dissed fka twigs concert 25
kristen stewart dissed fka twigs concert 26
kristen stewart dissed fka twigs concert 27
kristen stewart dissed fka twigs concert 28

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • LOL

    Like she cares what some loser shouted at a concert. She is too busy promoting 3 films, for which she has rave reviews.

  • Mary

    Not a fan of her acting, but she is absolutely rocking that haircut, and the jacket is great. I think she’s never looked better. Maybe she’s grown up a little and is more comfortable now.

  • sam

    Kristen has nothing to do with Robert Pattinson anymore. Leave her out of this. Some of Rob;s fans are real classy.

  • Joan

    A friend of mine looks just like Kristen..and while that is really cool cauz Kristen is beautiful, there was a girl around 14 who dissed her thinking she was Stewart.. it is so sad..
    people should care for their job and not their personal lives… like leave them alone already!
    Personally I hope both Kristen and Rob are happy!

  • http://@natwilight86 nat

    Fka twigs fans need to wind their necks in badly kristen doesnt give a crap about her or her fans twigs was only known to the world since she was with rob she got nothing on kristen. Kristen is amazin

  • Caroline

    kristen is the effing queen. Fka branches is a Z grade celebrity with nothing to give. Nonstens can stop defending the twiggy stick

  • fail

    How long will poor twigs last?

  • Kettle

    @sam: I mean, at least they’re not racists like Kristen’s fans.

  • Lol

    Kristen sucks.

  • haircut

    i’d like to thank whoever fixed her haircut. this looks much much better than what she had going on in recent weeks. it’s short, but still feminine…the other short haircut looked like dawson leery’s from dawson’s creek meets 1990s leonardo dicaprio.

  • luly

    hola HERMOSURA

  • haircut

    rob fans, kristen fans and fka twigs fans who insult each other are all just as bad as the next. you guys are all being mean to each other and it doesn’t make any side look like the right side. if they’re not racist, they’re homophobic, and if they’re not homophobic then they’re just being downright petty and nasty, but you’re all guilty of immature behavior if you’re being mean to each other. kristen has moved on, rob has moved on… no one should be giving twigs crap, no one should be giving rob crap and no one should be giving kristen crap. they’ve moved on from 2012 and all of you should too. everyone knows kristen was wrong for what she did, but she doesn’t need to be paying for it 2 years later…especially by a bunch of randoms online. you do not know these people and therefore you do not have a right to judge any of them. leave them be. kristen has her own life ..her own relationships and her own career, as do rob and twigs…stop bringing up nonsense drama.

  • LB

    NO SE COMO SE METEN AQUI SI NO SON FANS de KRIS y muchos menos nombrar fka asco de mujer no solo por lo FEA y bisexual que es comparar con nuestra reina y hermosa KRISTEN por favor dejen la envidia con nuestra bebe

  • hmmm

    What I would personally like to see is that racist part of Kristen Stewart’s fandom to stop attacking FKA Twigs with their racist remarks. I mean what’s their problem, why do some of her fans have to be so racist?

  • Niagirl

    Well, if people and FKA could hear a heckler from the audience then it couldn’t have been much of concert.I say more of meet and great. Keep hustling girl. Anyway Kristen DGAF.

  • indianriver

    Backyard concerts are the best.

  • Kass

    Like she gives a crap ! Leave her alone !

  • Zila

    The people that like Kristen Stewart have been attacking Twigs with all kinds of vile racist remarks and even death threats so, yeah Twigs’ fans are not going to be saying nice things about Kristen, especially not in Bristol and London.
    Anyone check if the person that shouted it was Liberty Ross’ kin?

  • Jax

    She looks like a lesbian now…like she borrowed Tegan & Sara’s hairdresser. That hairstyle isn’t attractive on anyone…except Hugh Grant.

  • Moco12345

    That’s true “hmmm”. I mean, i’m fan of Kristen and i do not particularly like FKA, but why racism? that shit does not fit here.
    And about the fans… Not everyone thinks alike, I don’t understand why people always generalize and put everyone in the same bag.
    Just as there are people who insults about appearance and as some people don’t. That exists in all fandoms and daily life. RP’s fans haven’t been very nice to Kristen in this last seven years js, and none tabloid made a something about it, just saying…

  • KStew fans are the problem

    The problem is that Kristen’s racists fans are still harrasing FKA Twigs in her instagram:

    kstewaholic_we cant say anything because we are being racist for anything! Please, people want to express their opinions, but they cant because they will be judged. I hate her, and this is my opinion so respect!!!!! You dont have to reply to me saying Im wrong and racist! I hate her, live with this!!! I have my reasons to feel like this

    Check out hknhaven.blogspot. for some of the most vile, delusional posts you’ve ever seen. And the comments section–JFC! Definitely not teens or tweens.

    In contrast, check out the comments section of the Rob/FKATwigs photos post on Robsessed and you’ll read a lot of positive happy messages directed towards this new couple. Rob fans and “Robsten” fans are completely different fan bases.

    Too bad Kristen is too busy campaigning for awards she will never win and doesn’t have time to address her racist fanbase. Now she has 2 scandals attached to her name.

  • Whoa

    I’m sick of these racists and shippers thinking it’s OK to hate on Twigs/Tahliah “because you hated on Kristen for years.”

    People didn’t like Kristen for specific reasons: she whined & complained about being famous, sounded ungrateful, was every kind of vulgar, with her language, bird flipping & “keep ‘em guessing” attitude and then had an affair with a married man in public.

    She GAVE PEOPLE REASONS TO DISLIKE HER.Tahliah has done nothing but simply exist. That’s not a reason to hate her.

  • Emi

    You do know that all the hate that’s been directed at Rob and Twigs is not coming from Rob’s fans, right?

    When they say things like “Kristen is perfect,” KStew is a goddess & Twigs is trash, you know who they are really fans of, and it’s not Rob.

    Shippers were always fans of KStew. They identify with HER, and it’s like he’s abandoned them. They’re sick, delusional and I just hope they aren’t dangerous, but I have my doubts. KStew doesn’t help with her “keep ‘em guessing” BS, either.

  • Kkkbug

    KStew fans were bugging Larry Richman on Twitter @Larry411, about her getting an Oscar for Still Alice, cause he saw it at TIFF. He finally told them she had no chance of an Oscar because her part was TOO SMALL.

    What he meant was that she made no impression, she was just there. Actresses have won Oscars for performances that only lasted 5 minutes. Size of part is not what counts, it’s how big of an impression they make. Julianne Moore blew her off the screen. That’s the truth.

    She won’t get an Oscar nom for this, that’s a joke. A film has to be a critical success, and this will never be Fresh on RT. She won’t be getting any nominations for anything for a very long time. She trashed her brand when she chose to cheat with the married Rupert Sanders.

    The Academy is made up primarily of old white men, exactly the demographic that she embarrassed with her messy homewrecking in public affair. She made them all look bad, and they have long memories.

    She can continue to call in favors from old friends to get a few new jobs, but you don’t see any respected American directors like Speilberg or David O. Russell offering her work, do you?

    The only award in her future is another Razzie for Worst Atress to go along with the 2 she already has. And her fans look ridiculous tweeting about Oscars when her films can’t even get qualifying runs. The distributors know the films are not winners, that’s whey they’re dumping them on VOD instead of going with theatrical runs.

  • AliciSten is UNBROKEN

    Kstew’s been joined at the hip with Alicia for the past year, she’s been wearing Alicia’s “A” ring for a couple of months now, looks like they’re engaged.

    They have matching tatts, share clothes, wear each other’s jewelry, drive each others cars, spent ALL the holidays together last year, and have met each others families.

    Alicia flew to Germany last summer to visit her on the set of Sils Maria. She spent her 2 weeks off trailing around after KStew in Europe. KStew even went to Alicia’s office Xmas party at Nomad studios where Alicia works. Who does that if you aren’t a couple?

    KStew even went down to Long Beach to meet Alicia’s parents (there are pics of this). And Kristen took Alicia to an intimate family party the day after Thanksgiving. Supposedly, Alicia has been living at KStew’s house since Halloween. This is way, way more than anything you say about two 24 year old women who are “just friends.”

    And she isn’t famous for wearing her friends clothes, she just used to wear some of Rob’s and she dressed like Rupert for the SWATH premiere in LA. That’s her thing, wearing the clothes of whoever her current lover is.

  • Sam

    Too talented and beautiful girls (Kristen and FKA) being torn apart and pitted against each other by people with nothing better to do. Tabloids loving it. Terrible.

  • jen

    i was going to say the same thing….if the comment was heard at twigbert’s concert it must have been one of the three people there……Pretty sure Kristen has just as much of a chance for a nom as any other actress….kbug???

  • KristenRules

    at least Kristen is known for her movies and not for who she is “dating”

  • Zila

    Then, why is Kristen Stewart tweeting all kinds of racist and jealous taunts on FKAtwigs’s Twitter? I’ve seen the tweets, they’re awful.

  • LOL


    Kristen Stewart doesn’t have twitter.

  • LOL

    @KStew fans are the problem:

    Why has Rob never done anything about the homophobic, hateful comments his fans directed at Kristen for years? They harass her friends, family, coworkers, and tag her private instagram on their hateful posts. But you know this, Copy/Paste Troll.

  • Ana

    Who cares about fka.. Its nichsten all the way!!

  • myhero

    Stop hurting Rob’s branch.

  • hag

    @AliciSten is UNBROKEN: Just fck off lready,you are notgoing to influence anybody here and on other sites where you spit your shitz. Get a brain.Pattinson is not going to fck you anyway. He is busy.

  • poor

    Hello presh! Fck Twigs,that side trick for Rob. Why she didn’t respond and confronted that guy? It was her concert and he was her guest. Twigs was happy- well one day she will be called ugly,as she is. Karma will come to you. remember Joan Rivers? How she killed many young actors in HW with her ill humour? Where is she now? Two weeks ago she was trotting her aszz to book sores and in split second she was gone. Why? KARMA arrived.

  • poor

    Why Twigs didn’t resond by Twitter?

  • pretenders

    Twigs will be thrown under the bus by RP fans the day he works on set with a beautiful blond. They will then be calling fka, the HELP. These folks don’t care about her, they care that she’s not Kstew.

  • Zila

    Kristen Stewart is not well-liked. I hear her called names on tv and at the grocery store often. That famous comic calls her “the Trampire” and John Stewart told Pattinson to “kick her to the curb” after she got caught humping on that Rupert Sanders. Sorry for the twilight fans but that is truth, Kristen is not well-liked.

  • Nina


    Agree, people are pathetic…both the FKA Twig fans trashing Kristen and the Robsten fans trashing Twigs. Look at how many disturbed people are on this thread alone. They all need to move on, considering Rob, Kristen, twigs, etc. have their own lives and Rob and Kristen moved on from one another a long time ago.

  • pure love

    @Zila: That is you again. Same shts every time, hopping from a blog to blog. Shame on you. I love Kirtsen,always will Me and my purse buy all her magazines and tickets to her fims. I organized a group of 12 people top see SWATH and will gather more for her upcoming movies. Love her!Love you Kristen!

  • offtheproperty

    Dissed and dissed alike.

  • ace11

    The real reason Kristen cheated was because Rob was a spineless geek with no back bone

  • Grow up, please

    @KStew fans are the problem: To all haters, please grow up and take your words and stuff them back where they belong. Don’t you know whatever or wherever you post, stays on there forever. When you get older, you wouldn’t want anyone speak unkind of you. Reminding you of the saying, “What goes around comes around, comes around”. It may not be out on the open like it has been for Kristen, but remember someone, whom you think you can tell everything to, may turn around and use that against you. KARMA IS A BIT-H!!

  • Helen

    JJ is the joke here printing this crap and listing pics of krlsten at the airport , seriously who cares what a fan yells I’m sure krlsten doesn’t! She said in her last interview haters will hate regardless and since her co stars and critics are raving about her lately and sony has the confidence to push for oscar, I think she reached her goal the rest is nonsense and won’t effect her a bit, as for twigs well my mom said if you have nothing nice to say about someone than move along, so I’m moving along….

  • Sadaat

    @AliciSten is UNBROKEN: girl learn proper english and take your meds ,you’re really certifiable it seems .

  • JJ

    Lol are you kidding me which fans? This so called “singer” no have fans most goers to her concerts are RP fans who hate Kristen aka nonstens and this diss proves this and the moment she broke up with her sponsor aka Pattinson she becomes a nobody again!!!

  • Moon

    Kristen is singing Taylor Swift’s “Mean” and “Shake it off” right now just to spite the haters and the naysayers off.

  • Me

    @nat: you might want to tell that to the fans of Stewart who are still bombarding Twigs with racist hate and screams of how much more beautiful Kristen is. Twigs has her own fanbase, stands to reason they’re going to be defensive. The Rob and K mess has nothing to do with Twigs either, but look at what she’s been subjected to.

  • Me

    @JJ: That’s bs. Her shows were sold out before it was known she was with Rob. Stewart fans are dumb as rocks and so ignorant. You clearly have no clue about what’s going on in the world apart from KS. Twigs is a celebrated artist in the UK, she’s making her mark in the US now. She has her own fanbase, who are obviously protective of her, how is that so hard to get?

  • Sim

    @KStew fans are the problem: ok hater, I do not know who’s racist, people can not see all thrown in one basket, aji rob fans criticize it, it’s interesting how someone says something bad about te taliah or whatever his name is now kristen fans, how sad hater waste it means that you, as Kristen is beautiful, zajimavas just go rob else who cares, and she still has a chance to win an Oscar, only idiots and no hater,