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British Actor John Cleese Disses Taylor Swift's Cat Olivia & She's Not Amused - Watch Now!

British Actor John Cleese Disses Taylor Swift's Cat Olivia & She's Not Amused - Watch Now!

British actor and comedian John Cleese got a little bit on Taylor Swift‘s bad side on The Graham Norton Show over the weekend when discussing her cat Olivia Benson.

“How did it have the accident?” the 74-year-old actor joked with Taylor, 24, after a photo was shown of Olivia.

“What? What accident??” Taylor asks, bewildered.

“That’s the weirdest cat I’ve ever seen in my life,” John says, and the camera pans to Taylor‘s disapproving face.

Later in the clip, John compares cats to women and Taylor again is not amused.

“I much prefer cats. They’re unpredictable and cussed – like women!” John says, to which Taylor retorts. “Ooh, we don’t wanna do that!”

John Cleese Disses Taylor Swift’s Cat Olivia & She’s Not Amused
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  • effy

    She is the definition of crazy cat lady. Anyone who obsesses over cats like that is odd.

  • RCi

    ugh i can’t stand her. she’s so arrogant just like katy perry.

  • anna

    Nothing wrong with being a cat person.

  • Lisa

    The Graham Norton show is the best chat show on TV. Thank you BBC AMERICA

  • meridith

    Taylor tweeted how much fun she had! He joked about her cat she joked about his cat. He told a slightly sexist joke she bantered back, and every one laughed. Gossips must think people are not going to watch the video and actually belive this was some big fight. They joked and bantered back and forth, but the gosips think your stupid and will belive Taylor was mad. Watch the whole video before you coment on what they tell you to think.

  • dude

    @effy: John Cleese has more cats then Taylor, does that make him the definition of a crazy cat man?

  • Eowyn2122

    Of course he’s gonna poke fun at her, he’s a commedian! She needs to lighten up!

  • selena

    @Eowyn2122: Guess you didn’t watch the video? Looked to me like they we’re all joking and kidding each other.

  • EEE

    Taylor has a stick up her a*s or i mean she has a d*ck up her a*s…

  • Cats #1

    @effy: oh and people who obsess over dogs are not odd. Dogs r nasty, . They lick everything, poop everywhere, tear up stuff besides garbage and bark. Did I mention BARK.!!!!SO ANNOYING.

  • Prez

    taylor is a stuck up person. always mad and ready to bite

  • annie

    more reasons to hate the whiny douche that is Keven peterson.

  • Oh Please

    @Cats #1:

    Cats are nasty! They walk anywhere they please including kitchen countertops and dining tables. Cats step in their own poop & p.e.e everytime they take a crap in their litter box. They are moody. They’ll use your furniture and doors as a scratching post. Cats licks their own tail to the point they vomit up nasty stinky hairballs and they shed like crazy. Oh, did I mention they jump on everything in your house! Cats are SUPER gross!

  • Juliana

    the look on her face sure amused me!

  • forrest gump

    so americans can’t take misery…………….

  • jon m’shulla

    I love cats but, normal ones please. Not strange,dumb ones. Those are fishing lures.

  • Assd

    Cats are AWESOME. Cat lady and proud of it!!

  • annie

    @Oh Please:

    ur mentally disturbed. get some help, will u?

  • letthetruthbetold

    @Oh Please cats are way cleaner than the things you do with your mouth. The nerve of a human talking about a damn animal. Animals do what they were damn born to do. Humans on the other hand willingly lick and suck parts of another human during sexual acts knowing the filth that some of the body parts carry. Go fly a kite dumbass. You must don’t know that the human mouth is the filthiest part of the body and a animal isn’t!

  • Phil McCraken

    @Cats #1: Dogs are smart and contribute a lot more to society than any one dumb cat has ever done. Dogs sniff out drugs, bombs, they find people, they help people see every day. Dogs guard property too, I have never heard a lousy cat do one positive thing. Cats are dirty and nasty especially when they shed all that gross cat hair all over the place, they spay and piss that smells like spray. ugh and mostly they are just stupid and lazy and do nothing but sleep and scratch around everything in site. Cat people are very very Odd indeed.

  • Michael P.

    Cleese is an ass who treats all his women and that poor dear handsome Eric Idle like that. No wonder nobody ever liked him.

  • Kass

    I like her music but I love celebrities who don’t take themselves seriously and laugh at things ! I know it’s not easy but only special people are able to not take people’s comments to heart.

  • Sammy la

    @letthetruthbetold: well we can tell you don’t have any fun…

  • Jake

    honestly? big effing deal. this is news? people who are ranting about this clip need to get a life. seriously.

  • Sterlingtree

    It’s always obvious when someone hasn’t actually bothered to look into something (in this case, watch the video) and come to a judgement themselves. They’re always the ones making the most awful and ignorant comments.

  • Lucy

    I am so not a Taylor Swift fan. I find her to be over rated and insincere,but Taylor wasn’t upset in this video. John Cleese was hysterical as they bantered back and forth.

    I find that there are cat people and dog people and they really don’t relate well to each other. I personally am a dog person and all of my friends have dogs,only one has a cat. I find cats to be sneaky shady creatures who have zero loyalty to their owners:)

  • reba