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Kristen Stewart Opens Up About 'Clouds Of Sils Maria' Irony

Kristen Stewart Opens Up About 'Clouds Of Sils Maria' Irony

Kristen Stewart stays casual while hanging out with a group of pals including Alicia Cargile on Sunday afternoon (October 12) in Silver Lake, Calif.

The 24-year-old actress recently opened up about her new film Clouds Of Sils Maria and how she relates to it, being in the public eye.

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“I think that my position – just the life that I’m living and my experience – sort of gave [the film] this irony,” Kristen said during a press conference (via HuffPo). “[It] just made it a bit more relevant and interesting.”

FYI: Kristen is wearing 7 For All Mankind jeans.

15+ pictures inside of Kristen Stewart out and about with friends…

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kristen stewart clouds sils maria irony 01
kristen stewart clouds sils maria irony 02
kristen stewart clouds sils maria irony 03
kristen stewart clouds sils maria irony 04
kristen stewart clouds sils maria irony 05
kristen stewart clouds sils maria irony 06
kristen stewart clouds sils maria irony 07
kristen stewart clouds sils maria irony 08
kristen stewart clouds sils maria irony 09
kristen stewart clouds sils maria irony 10
kristen stewart clouds sils maria irony 11
kristen stewart clouds sils maria irony 12
kristen stewart clouds sils maria irony 13
kristen stewart clouds sils maria irony 14
kristen stewart clouds sils maria irony 15
kristen stewart clouds sils maria irony 16
kristen stewart clouds sils maria irony 17
kristen stewart clouds sils maria irony 18
kristen stewart clouds sils maria irony 19

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  • Moi

    How anyone can think she’s straight is beyond me. This is the happiest I’ve seen her.

  • Emily

    She has a very cool style

  • samantha

    she must be bi

  • LEZZ

    She should come out of the closet.
    It’s too obvious now.

  • kate

    She is at her happiest when she is with her lesbian crew.

  • charlotte

    Money does not buy happiness and it certainly does not buy true friends. I am old so maybe I see things a little differently but her expression seems to be sad and one of distrust and always looking over her shoulder. That is not to say these young girls are not trustworthy. But, my hope is that she finds lasting happiness.

  • nina

    she looks cute

  • http://justjared ana

    she’s terrible horrible actress!

  • lucia

    she is really hermoza every day, and that person is already happened in your life , at work is doing great.
    that would have to be sad? there is no reason

  • Fercat

    @charlotte: I very much agree.

  • noname

    LESBIAN !!!!!!!! yeaaaa

  • nathalie

    That Alicia looks like an ugly man… She is so butch.

  • ana

    Kristen I love you

  • jase

    Kristen pretty much is keeping her head down and doing things she loves, movies, low key lifestyle, and hopefully writing and directing

  • jane

    I really love Kristen Stewart She is one of the strongest young women in Hollywood.And because of her haters it only makes her stronger.There is a saying ( What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.And she has proven that time and time again.Keep on being the strong women you are Kristen because you have a lot of fans who here to back you up.

  • mary

    @Moi: LOL! I don’t think she cares if you like her or not.You should not think your that important.

  • mary

    @LEZZ: Go to Robs and Twigs board. I brought 11 people to see SWATH and will bring that much to any of her films. Don’t worry about that. Worry about Rob pleasing Twigs ,she will spill his secrets on Twitter.

  • any

    @ana: Nice of you ,to be kind.

  • juju

    @nathalie: What was shocking – a grown men who kept his non gf in a broom closet for years. He didn’t know what hands and lips are for. He never dated her.Never answer a question. He is scared for life and will never be easy around any girl.He has learned now- see his pictures with FKA twigs- see how he found out what hands are for and what you can do in a car? He benefited from it. His fans worry about him,the history might repeat itself an Twigs has a Twitter and talks openly!

  • jane

    True, Kristen looked like she was starving for kisses and Rob has no option but to hold Twigs hands and kiss her. twigs will not go into his broom closet and be non visible. She will write a song about him big time ,if he hurts her. He better treats Twiggs good,the women are watching.

  • mary

    I think that K assumed FWB status from the beginning and Rob just palyed along using it . Losing nothing. Confirming nothing,He was soooo disciplined never even hint that they were dating. She was a FWB to him,I belive,in his mind.

  • ju

    Dear,whatever,you do not believe it yourself. It is a guy job to show some civility or stop giving her false hopes. He is older and a man. Men invites a woman to a dinner and shows around. That much didn’t change. She said that because what else could she say? Do you for one moment think that Rob would approve her confirming his RL with him? No and no. She stated in one or two interviews about having a British BF but was so beaten up for it. I do not see Twiggs tolerated it at all. There was a Blind Item last month that suggested that Twiggs has had enough of secret dating and wanted to go public which is her right.

  • desi

    Kristen is a lot more jovial and a lot more down to earth and approachable than people think, but I’ve been in the same room when the paparazzi are chasing her and yeah, she throws her guard up and doesn’t say anything. When she feels safe, though, she’s a lot of fun.”

  • lucia

    May I ask that all Rob’ s fans just go to Twigs FKA blog or twitter and give her encouragement and attantion shen craves? You are wasting your time here. That is AFTER you re read your fan fiction Bela and Edward stories

  • diane

    Lots of people are starting to like her and see in a different light.

  • eva

    Each and every word of Kirsten is memorized and discussed. She has an immortal fame. Iconic. Coco Chanel . BB or more. I just love her. She might be not educated but is very smart and witty.Those past few days in NY? X- mas came early this year. She look fab. Those pictures from LAX with her knotted shirt,glasses,pouty lips- to die for sexy. And her bodygurad lost so much weight! Even if the blogs pull out her worst picture she comes back like an arrow.

  • blea

    I love tat fact that Kristen is back to knotting her t shirts.She has stopped doing it for a while and no she is back. Sort of sexy in tomboyish way. Vouge has complimented her looks in that tomboy version. She is just soooo pretty ,her face would light up a canvas garbage bag and made it cute.

  • Celia

    Thank you to all those on Twitter who defend Kirsten against hate

  • Allysa

    Kristen is getting nothing but praise for all three films. I can’t wait to see them and I’m also looking forward to promo for her other three.

  • jes

    ove Kristen stewart. keep making those movies Kristen you will always be my favorite.

  • jesse ane

    As usual….Kristen Steward owns it! Beautiful, Smart, and Talented.

  • jesse ane

    Someone’s fans are awfully insecure and jealous of the lovely Miss Stewart.

  • mina LOOK AT HER FACE!!!!!!!
    She’s so in love with Alicia Cargile!! WHY did you not buy these pics Jared???? Too pointy towards the fact she’s a lesbian??? I need her to be outed already!

  • mina

    @diane “Lots of people are starting to like her and see in a different light.”
    yes diane, THE LESBIAN LIGHT!!!!!

  • cara

    @jesse ane:
    Jodi Foster’s fans? They wanted KStew for Jodi and she’s now with Alicia???

  • jane

    @charlotte: obviously you’re not looking the same pics as the rest of us, because she looks facking ECSTATIC riding with her lesbian crew lol

  • jane

    @ju: girl she gay, get over it and embrace her love for Alicia, if you’re her true fan!

  • Time to move on

    Just leave Rob out of her life, he cut her off over a year ago, move on.

    They were never an epic romance. I think they were friends with benefits and that’s why he never acknowledged dating her. Sure, she talked about him because she was riding his coattails. She wanted fans to think they were together because she got publicity by people thinking she was his girlfriend.

    You see how he acts when he has a real girlfriend — he acts like a real boyfriend. He never did that with Stew.

  • AliciSten is UNBROKEN

    The irony is she plays a woman who has a lesbian affair with her actress boss in CoSM. And then we know she’s been living with Alicia for the past year, they’re joined at the hip. Nice to see Alicia got her gold watch back, and they still have matching necklaces.

    If Alicia was a man, KStew’s fans would say they were already married and had a baby. But Alicia frightens them because they want Stewie to be straight.

  • Helen

    To the four L chat women who are all desperate for her to be gay , why do you care so much? All the fantasies you have about her will never come true so just live your life , as a lesbian with a loving partner I can honestly say no woman stays with someone this long after they were denied publically so many times . No one !!! Your obsession for her to be gay is either trolling, you Hate her so why not spread this non stop , or you want her to be gay so your gay lives can be happy . I don’t for one minute believe you have any sort of gaydar to detect anything from those pics, I fact it shows your real agenda

  • No one is jealous of her

    I wish her fans would stop saying people are jealous of her. There’s nothing to be jealous of. She had a great career and she threw it away for an affair with a married director.

    She was out of work for 2 years and has 2 Razzies for Worst Actress. She’s done a few low budget indies that no one will see, and they will flop just like all of her other indies.

    That’s nothing to be jealous of. She appears to be in a relationship with Alicia but she chooses to keep it hidden because she’s afraid to come out of the closet. I doubt anyone reading this envies being in that position. So stop saying anyone is jealous of her. You would have to be very dumb to be jealous of her.

    Now Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone, Scarlett Johanssen, they’ve all got great careers, great men, and RESPECT. They haven’t disgraced themselves. I could understand someone being jealous of them, but not KStew.

  • maria

    @Helen: she’s so gay boo, I pity you cause when she’ll get outed sooner or later (it’s inevitable) you’re gonna freak out so bad!

  • Wake up

    lol at her frightened fans. KSew is bi at the least, it’s so obvious.

    Kstew’s been joined at the hip with Alicia for the past year, she’s been wearing Alicia’s “A” ring for a couple of months now, looks like they’re engaged.

    They have matching tatts, share clothes, wear each other’s jewelry, drive each others cars, spent ALL the holidays together last year, and have met each others families.

    Alicia flew to Germany last summer to visit her on the set of Sils Maria. She spent her 2 weeks off trailing around after KStew in Europe. KStew even went to Alicia’s office Xmas party at Nomad studios where Alicia works. Who does that if you aren’t a couple?

    KStew even went down to Long Beach to meet Alicia’s parents (there are pics of this). And Kristen took Alicia to an intimate family party the day after Thanksgiving. Supposedly, Alicia has been living at KStew’s house since Halloween. This is way, way more than anything you say about two 24 year old women who are “just friends.”

    And she isn’t famous for wearing her friends clothes, she just used to wear some of Rob’s and she dressed like Rupert for the SWATH premiere in LA. That’s her thing, wearing the clothes of whoever her current lover is.

  • Helen

    @Time to move on: yet your here on her article alone spewing you’re stupidity about knowing shit, so silly !!! Stay away from her articles and you won’t need to read about her and just stay on robs and his whatever the new one is articles RMFE!!!

  • maria

    @Helen: and why is it hateful to say some1 is gay?? Like…fack off you facking homophobe!!!! nobody needs a fan like you, straight or gay like KStew

  • Jackie

    @No one is jealous of her: yes six movies , Chanel , and sony pushing for an oscar while robs tabloid fodder agin and has an ugly gf to boot , ya is day you’re real jealous . Heard twigs had 800 people. At her concert lmfao , krlsten has that just in one street waiting to see her . She will always be worldwide and twigs will be robs unattractive gf .

  • maria

    @Helen: you’re such a loser Helen, keep off the internet and get back to your pastor’s church you people hater! Maybe if you pray hard enough your idol will find the right path and become a heterosexual mom of four! Hey miracles can happen, as I’m sure you’ve been told!

  • kayla

    @Jackie: but why doesn’t any of her fans get in the theater to see her movies…?

  • maria

    helen and Jackie are the same person! #Lis4Losers

  • Truth

    She’s the most uninteresting person in the entire world. She’s like the opposite of the Dos Equis man

    If she didn’t have a full time PR rep, no one would pay any attention to her at all. She’s got the paps on speed dial. No one gets papped this much if they don’t want to. It’s daily!!!