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'The Walking Dead' Season Five Premiere Recap - Find Out What Happened!

'The Walking Dead' Season Five Premiere Recap - Find Out What Happened!

The Walking Dead season five returned with a bang tonight and we have the whole episode recapped for you!

It’s been several long months since the last episode aired – left off with many of the main characters trapped at Terminus. The main characters thought Terminus was a sanctuary of peace from Walkers – but boy were they wrong!

Be sure to read the recap below, and check out The Walking Dead every Sunday evening at 9pm EST!

WARNING: DO NOT CONTINUE READING if you haven’t watched the episode yet!

This episode is titled “No Sanctuary.”

The word “THEN” flashes on the screen with the members of Terminus trapped in a trailer.

The Walking Dead returns for season six with Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and his cohorts including Glenn (Steven Yeun), Daryl (Norman Reedus), son Carl (Chandler Riggs), caught at Terminus by the evil people that reside there. A smoke bomb goes off in an enclosure they’re caught in and Rick, Daryl, Glenn, Bob (Lawrence Gilliard Jr.) and a few others wake up tied up in front of a sink, while members of Terminus slice their necks one by one. Just as they are about to kill Glenn, they stop because of an issue.

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Meanwhile, Carol (Melissa McBride) and Tyreese (Chad Coleman) are seen in the woods walking towards Terminus with baby Judith. They encounter Walkers, so they flee and come upon a member of Terminus, who they overhear chatting about plans to kill their friends (Rick and co). Carol leaves Tyreese to watch the man that they caught from Terminus while she spreads Walker sludge on her body and walks towards the danger.

From a distance, Carol watches as the Walkers emerge onto the area surrounding Terminus. As she’s watching, she begins shooting large gas tanks inside the enclosure, and causes a huge explosion and fire.

After the explosion, the camera cuts back to Rick, Daryl, Glenn, and Bob back in the execution room all tied up right after the explosion. Members of Terminus are seen running around with guns wondering what just happened. As gunfight begins, Rick escapes from his ties and attacks the Terminus members and frees his cohorts.

Carl and several others, including Maggie (Lauren Cohan) and Michonne (Danai Gurira), remain caught in the original enclosure unsure of what is happening outside as a Walker’s hand creeps through a crack in the wall.

Glenn, Rick, Bob and Daryl now are getting a closer look at the room they were trapped in and see human body parts laying around from experiments. They run outside to save their group. Carol walks inside where the foursome just were and finds clues that they were there.

Rick begins attacking Terminus members as Carol is caught by a different Terminus member in a room where it appears prayer had taken place. A fight ensues, and Carol gets answers from the woman. The woman claims Terminus was at one point a sanctuary that was taken over by bad people, and now the people of Terminus see a different truth to the world around them.

Meanwhile, Tyreese is still watching over the Terminus member that he and Carol caught. The Terminus man gets loose and almost kills baby Judith but Tyreese saves her by going outside for the Walkers to eat him alive. Joke was on the Terminus member, because Tyreese survives the Walkers outside after killing them all and jumps back in, saves baby Judith, and kills the man.

Michonne and co. are still trapped in the original trailer and make weapons to kill any potential Walkers as they try and escape. Suddenly, Rick opens the door to their trailer and they all escape, albeit surrounded by tons of Walkers. The group runs to a nearby fence after killing many of the undead and one by one they all climb over as a shot of Terminus up in flames comes on the screen.

Rick decides that the group must stay in the surrounding perimeter to kill the remaining members of Terminus. Suddenly Carol comes out of the woods and reunites with her former group. Daryl runs and gives her a huge hug in an emotional return. Rick, who previously had banished Carol from the group, gives her a welcoming hug after saving all of their lives by starting the fire that destroyed Terminus.

Carol reunites the large group with Tyreese and Judith. Rick did not previously know that Judith was still alive, and their reunion is quite touching as he holds his baby girl for the first time in a while. Now that the group is fully reunited, they decide to leave the area.

Rick writes on a sign warning others that Terminus is no sanctuary.

The words “THEN” appear on the screen as a flashback to what happened Terminus members before capturing Rick and his cohorts. They appear to be captured and tortured by men and explains what actually happened at Terminus.

A masked man appears and looks as Rick’s sign, and it is the man Rick encountered long ago after he got out of the hospital to the Walker apocalypse – his name is Morgan (Lennie James).

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