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Amal Alamuddin Changes Her Last Name to Clooney, Gets Back to Work in Greece!

Amal Alamuddin Changes Her Last Name to Clooney, Gets Back to Work in Greece!

Amal Clooney gets surrounded by photographers while leaving the Hotel Grande Bretagne on Monday (October 13) in Athens, Greece.

The 36-year-old human rights lawyer is in town with her colleague Geoffrey Robertson and seemed surprised by the amount of attention she received for her outing. She was there to meet with Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras.

Amal has officially changed her name to Amal Clooney on the website for her law firm, Doughty Street Chambers. After the switch was made, the website seemed to have crashed from the amount of people looking at it!

This is our first sighting of Amal since she and new hubby George Clooney wrapped up their honeymoon.

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amal alamuddin goes back to work surrounded by cameras 01
amal alamuddin goes back to work surrounded by cameras 02
amal alamuddin goes back to work surrounded by cameras 03
amal alamuddin goes back to work surrounded by cameras 04
amal alamuddin goes back to work surrounded by cameras 05
amal alamuddin goes back to work surrounded by cameras 06
amal alamuddin goes back to work surrounded by cameras 07
amal alamuddin goes back to work surrounded by cameras 08
amal alamuddin goes back to work surrounded by cameras 09
amal alamuddin goes back to work surrounded by cameras 10
amal alamuddin goes back to work surrounded by cameras 11
amal alamuddin goes back to work surrounded by cameras 12
amal alamuddin goes back to work surrounded by cameras 13
amal alamuddin goes back to work surrounded by cameras 14
amal alamuddin goes back to work surrounded by cameras 15
amal alamuddin goes back to work surrounded by cameras 16
amal alamuddin goes back to work surrounded by cameras 17
amal alamuddin goes back to work surrounded by cameras 18
amal alamuddin goes back to work surrounded by cameras 19
amal alamuddin goes back to work surrounded by cameras 20

Photos: FameFlynet Pictures
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  • she-whom-shall-not-be-named

    Looks like George and Amal hav enot had time to figure out how they are going to live under the same roof as man and wife. Wasn’t George photographed walking in and out of a hotel in NY without wifey right after the honeymoon ? The marriage was rushed on some rationale to spruce up image for political career and the braod is getting some attention and favourable treatment for acquring the last name Clooney. hummm

  • Grayson

    It doesn’t change the fact that she’s an anti-Semitic quasi-Muslim whose family supports terrorist organizations in the Middle East.

  • Davis

    ISIS queen, and everyone knows what I mean!!!! 8(

  • lookingforwardtoit

    I don’t care about her religion, I am somewhat surprise a women who is self made and appears quite independent quickly took her husbands name. All in all it is her choice :)

  • kelly

    fugly looking woman

  • miapocca

    wow..she is not that bad…she and george deserve each other…after all goergy is getting old and this lady here wants to stay relevant…lawd knows what kind of law she practices but she is all over the place…more than an advisor really

  • ..

    She seems to love the cameras alot.

  • ela

    Yeah for racism! It seems that wherever you look the racist comments keep on coming. Not that just jared is known for its comments.

  • Rita

    @..: Does she have another choice? She is a lawyer about to meet government officials for a very sensitive issue, what is she supposed to do in front of the press and in front of her bosses? Throw a tantrum, wear sunglasses, put her hands in front of her face and run inside like Lindsay Lohan? Damned if she does, damned if she doesn’t.

  • Al’s Marmot

    @ela: Yes, Alamuddin is a racist. She may be changing her last name to Clooney, but that’s not fooling anyone. This was all a publicity stunt. She was never engaged to Clooney, nor is she married to him. Queue the staged breakup…

  • yeah right.


    maybe she can stop preening for the cameras.. flipping her hair. making sure we see the ring. She is being way friendly with the paps. Like the comments or not.. she seems to be enjoying the attention/

    by the way is Jared going to now start posting about all the nonfamous celebrity spouses and giving them thread.

  • Al’s Marmot

    @Al’s Marmot: I meant cue. Queue forms to the left for the publicity hacks to appear shortly. This woman is a trashy famewhore and nothing more.

  • amal

    she loves attention, doesn’t she? :)

  • @amal

    no more than the jolie pitt family… are u kidding me?
    she looks happy, why wouldnt she smile at her happiness?

    Never did drugs, porn or anything questionable. Plus she’s a lawyer, actual lawyer .. who is fighting for such a good cause, good for Clooney. I m all for them !

  • Emerald

    Al’s Marmot

    I see you’re at it once again. You just can’t accept the fact that George and Amal are married. Now I know why. You Al’s Marmot are almost legendary among the crazies that stalk actors on the net. I did a check of your posting history on IMDb and it was very telling. Almost every single post over there is devoted to George Clooney.

    Apparently you began this deluded nonsense years ago ending with you publishing in three different blogs telling the whole world that you are George Clooney’s soul mate and that you would marry him in December 2012. The fact that Clooney has publicly dated different women during this time and married another woman has completely destroyed your warped fairy tale. No wonder you claim the marriage never took place. It’s all you have to fall back on.

    Tell me, did you REALLY claim that Canalis hired a a George Clooney lookalike to pose next to her to fool the press?. Did you also really claim that Keibler and George weren’t dating; she just followed him around on the red carpet? I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised after all you are the one who claimed that Stacy Keibler put a black widow spider in your laundry basket.

  • Pari

    @Team Emerald… it is a sad world that we live in, is it not?? Because of who and what avenues the Hollywood World turns people into, for last resort?! I think ALL of those who tease Alsmarmot might just look like the fools we are calling Alsmarmot at the moment, ONCE we realize WHO Alsmarmot is…

    The wise thing to do will be… to NOT allow such a PR ping-pong (as in the to and fro name calling and labelling of Alsmarmot)… and just allow Alsmarmot to voice what must be…

  • zac

    I love the headline Amal is there with her colleague.

    If fact she is a junior counsel hired by the just colleague
    Geoffrey Ronald Robertson QC academic, author and broadcaster. He Robertson is a founder and joint head of Doughty Street Chambers. She doesn’t lead any cases on her own that is the QC’s job not a junior like in any profession. Robertson is a great man but it will be interesting to see how far he is willing to go with amal becoming a celebrity and drawing celebrity headlines to his practice. QC’S Judges are seen as in a different light in England we don’t need them to become degraded.

  • Query

    @Al’s Marmot:

    Hi there. Im sorry but I really dont understand what you mean by them not being legally married. That really is quite an astonishing thing to say. May I ask you to verify that comment?

  • ARES

    Αυτή είναι η κακασχημη Tρανσέξουαλ Μουσουλμάνα σύζυγος του George Clooney..
    Πανε να κλέψουν την Ελλαδα με το αλλο το βοδι.
    H απόφαση βγηκε και είναι κατά της Ελλάδας.
    Κοροϊδεύουν τον κόσμo.
    H Αραβο-Σκυλομουρα γυφτισσα ουτε ειναι σε πραγματικο γαμο με τον Clooney. Και ο αλλος δικηγορος ειναι μεγαλος μαλακας απατεωνας!

  • ARES


    GREECE is not getting back the Parthenon Marbles. Yes, it is a travesty that they were taken in the first place, but that is the misfortune of war & invading nations.

    This ugly Islamic beast Clooney hired as his beard is an Islamic terrorist.
    Islamic Ottomans destroyed the Parthenon.
    AND GEORGE CLOONEY’s scum junior non-entity ugly transvestite is ONLY there to pilfer money of a troubled economy.

    IT’s George Clooney’s name the Greek media wants. Not the ugly terrorist Islamic gypsy freak.

  • Hellenic press

    @@amal: she does cocaine with her cousin Tarek Miknas. She smokes secretly. She slept with married men, including a lawyer, a judge, Eric Schmidt of Google and other fetishists wanting to try transexuals….
    She’s very manly and ugly.
    Even the Greeks are bemused more than ever if Clooney is gay for marrying such an ugly woman.

    Her only fans are gypsy street beggers & illegal Middle Eastern immigrants, like the ones who showed up to wait for her:
    in the photos above. They relate.

  • Paul

    I can’t believe he married a dirty Arab!

  • Me


  • Me


  • Me

    The great “feminist” takes her husband’s name (hear that? FEMINAZI HEADS EXPLODING!) and then her next case is defending…MARBLES? Okay…ROFLMAO….then again, we did get the dates she’d be in Greece last week and those pics of her “working”? NOT staged at all…they are both a disgrace. SWelf righteous global elitists=”human rights” “humanitarians”.

  • Lamark

    She is a real FAME WHORE!!! MRS. CLOONEY is the official FAME WHORE of George Clooney already. She HAS got what she always wanted: FAME, MONEY, ATTENTION….and a stupid old whore monger with strong midlife crisis.
    Has nobody seen that it was all because Stacy Kiebler has dumped Clooney (was dumped by a woman the first time in his life) and got married???

  • Jane

    To Lamark

    This is really getting to be a bore. George Clooney is married. He is not going to give up his wife because you don’t approve of her.

  • ellen

    lol at just jared for having more or less the same comments as the daily mail

  • stella


    έλα βρε άρες πες μας πώς στ’ αλήθεια νιώθεις

  • Lamark

    To Jane

    I am a man! And I am not homosexual!!! I shit off George Clooney. I just hate prostitution, telling a lie, pretending, fame whores and gold diggers and other stupids,liers, pretenders, profit makers!!! I don’t want him to give up his “”"”"WIFE”"”"” or you can call her anything, the facts DO NOT CHANGE!!!!!!!

  • christine

    I seriously doubt any Greek person would NOT be excited seeing someone fighting to get the Parthenon marbles back home, so writing in Greek doesn’t make you Greek Ares
    (btw Ares is the Persian name for the christian name Marc (Markos) so are you Persian Ares? maybe? )


    La star du film Monument Men s’est défendue lors d’une conférence de presse à Londres le 11 février 2014, mais à plusieurs reprises dans son discours il a confondu le nom du Parthénon d’Athènes avec celui du Panthéon de Rome.

    « Même en Angleterre les gens sont pour la restitution des marbres du Panthéon [sic.] », a-t-il ainsi soutenu avant d’en parler une fois encore en inversant le nom des deux célèbres

  • Anal Clooney

    This is such an obvious publicity contract. She poses for paparazziwho are told to photograph her for publicity’s sake. How many fake contractual girlfriend/wives must we endure from this totally fake & contrived ppersonality named George Clowny? Isnt he tired of his fake-azz life? Doesn’t he think the public is? This is such a career killer for both of them. Its like Sarah Larson 2.0, only this b#tch is gonna suffer a greater loss because this whole ruse is exposing her for the idiot she really is. Time to think about plan B, Anal Clooney. Please fix that crazy overbite while you’re at it!

  • Anal Clooney

    Anal Alamuddin Clooney is right. She is really believing all this press gives a fig about her when in actuality they are paid a small sum to show up. Like the press who supposedly cared about Keibler, Canalis, Larson, right? What these hos dont get is that in reality NO ONE CARES! Go away Anal Alamuddin Clooney!

  • ARES

    @christine: Moron, I am Greek. Google translate doesn’t make someone proficient in another language. Too bad if you can’t understand!!!

    AND NO, feral mongrel, ARES is a GREEK NAME.


  • ARES

    *THE GREEK NATION WILL BE INFURIATED at the EXORBITANT COSTS wasted for a country already in financial strife.
    *THE GREEK government will be attacked by opposition media.
    AS WELL as attacked by BRITISH CITIZENS for interfering in what was never his own business.


  • ARES

    Aντε και στο διαολο, ΜΑΛΑΚΑ!

  • DISCLOSURE – Scandal

    @Lamark: err… I believe in most of what you write, Lola.
    Except that it wasn’t about Stacy Kyborg.
    She didn’t dump Clooney. Her contract was to expire after “2 years.” Just like the Berlusconi Bunga Bunga prostitute Canolis.
    From a contact of mine who worked for the PR network whose name I cannot reveal as she had an NDA, Keibler and Canalis were offered lucrative incentives IF they married when they did.
    Because the image strategist (who apparently also advises on Tom Cruise’s mega fail fake unions) told Stan Rosenfield that if Keibler & Canolis both married, Clooney would look like a “reject” and it was the RIGHT TIME to have him married off in terms of milking the editorial content of media outlets.
    His stock was in decline. Nespresso reduced his contract.
    Even his meter rating plummeted despite the publicity blitz.
    SO…. they urged image rehabilitation and a FAKE MARRIAGE.
    Keibler & Canolis hooookers married the next tricks they could get and they received financial incentives generated from the media outlets Clooney’s PR network used to publish their pathetic respective weddings…
    Anyway, passive-aggressive George Clooney was put between a rock and a hard place.
    He was “advised” that he would lose face if the ex’s married and he was still single. That it was time to marry.
    Next … they hired the beard wife.
    And an ugly one at that.
    The marriage is as genuine as Tom Cruise’s & Katie Holmes…etc

  • jay

    @DISCLOSURE – Scandal: He’s a Hollywood actor he could of found an educated pretty woman…come on. Plus why are her family going on like this is the prefect union if it is fake what is GC going to get out of it and buying a 10 million house in England!

  • DISCLOSURE – Scandal

    @jay: GC didn’t pay for the house, nor the rings, holidays, her wardrobe, wedding…Just like he didn’t pay for the other hired escorts’ costs. And they all made hige profit.
    All these costs are made from the lucrative side show that goes on with their business venture selling a fake public image to media outlets. Adverstizing revenue from all the inane stories we read is what this is all about. Then increasing public profile through constant exposure means more revenue. Clooney is caught up in his quest for media relevance.
    He has a pathological desire to surpass others.

    As for her parents, Baria Alamuddin her mother knows what is going on but advises her to manipulate him…connivingly.
    Her father Ramzi K. Alamuddin isn’t too aware. He just gets briefed by the mother.

  • DISCLOSURE – scandal

    @jay: they all made huge profit.
    As for why he didn’t pick a pretty, educated, non-controversial woman, well, his PR network searched extensively. One of the PR team, came across Amal Alamuddin’s name. Alamuddin was getting desperate to marry and was highly ambitious too. Her ex-boyfriends had moved on.
    So she was openly available.
    His PR team suggested several. GC is old too, so they had to fit someone who combined some attributes. Preferably no divorcee.
    Alamuddin had education…her mother was a namedroppiing, overly embellishing opportunist.
    They over-promoted her. Amal Alamuddin is only junior counsel despite her age approaching 40. Less than 4 years as a barrister.
    She lacked physical attractiveness, but was told to urgently lose weight, which she did, in order to make money from fashion live product placement as part of this show. She had to adapt. She still smokes behind the cameras & his back.
    There could have been several options. This was done in haste & Clooney’ just went along with it because be loves the media hype.
    He told Alamuddin the same spiel he told the other hired butterface hoookers. “See how we’ll get along…Play it by ear..Mutual beneficial for both…”

  • Danae

    Hello All,

    I too feel weird about this media circus surrounding Clooney, his wife and now the Parthenon Marbles. As a Greek, I feel very upset that the sacredness of the monument is being denigrated by people who obviously do not care about it nor are in a position to fully grasp its significance on multiple levels.

    That said, can I please ask those of you who ‘ve been suggesting this is not a real marriage or that she is a cocaine user and a supporter of ISIS etc to provide some clue as to their sources?

    I mean I cannot stand that woman either, she loves all the attention too much, she has been defending clients of questionable ethics but at the same time I want to be fair and get to the truth of the matter.

    Thank you in advance

  • Danae


    Just realized that out of everybody commenting here, you only seem to offer some kind of source by saying that your info comes from a contact of yours in the PR network.

    But what kind of person works for such a network that masterminds all that you allege they have masterminded???

    I mean why would such a person be trusted to be telling the truth anyway? If they were disgusted by this sort of antics, shouldn’t they quit their job?

  • Efigenia G

    @Danae: your real objective, monitoring online PR hack, is to throw aspersions to the rumors about her recreational usage of cocaine so she can cope with the weight loss & pressures of being in the public spotlight. And also defelct from the fact that she & her family openly supports PLO & Hamas. Numerous sourcea.
    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has stated Hamas & ISIS are linked….
    You’re about as Greek as PR troll KatieButtPlug’s rump.

    As you PR network trolls are all all so dumb & lack originality, you fail to realise that a real concerned person, would not give a damn whether Amal Analmudhole snorts cocaine through that massive crow beak or about her ISIS involvement or whether she was born hermaphroditic.
    No, real concerned Greeks would ONLY care about the PARTHENON MARBLES & be mad when it will FAIL to be returned. WASTE OF MONEY in RIP-OFF FEES.
    Clooney will be despised by both Greeks & even more by the British..& the whole of Europe.

  • Danae

    @Ifigenia G

    What did you just say there? OK, not a stellar mind in that head of yours now… Ah, too bad… I should get really upset about what you are writing but in fact, you make me laugh!!!

    Go back and reread my comments!!! I am extremely concerned about the Parthenon Marbles and the pathetic media circus surrounding them now!!! All I want is to get to the bottom of this and expose these hypocrites to the world! But I need sources for that, credible sources at that!!!

    Εντάξει, Ιφιγένεια;;; Κι αν ακόμα δεν κατάλαβες τι γκάφα έκανες με το να με κατηγορείς για ανθελληνική συμπεριφορά και όλα τα υπόλοιπαΑκούς εκεί, δεν είμαι Ελληνίδα… Τρία πουλάκια κάθονται… ), τί να πω…

    Καλύτερα τίποτα γιατί it’s gonna go over your head anyway!!!

  • jay

    @DISCLOSURE – Scandal: But won’t everyone in Hollywood be laughing at him, how will he deal with that specially if he wants to go into politics. How can she manipulate him if its a deal for both.

  • Danae

    OK, so I just got something. Amal’s mother is a journalist. That much is known. Apparently, she is also co-founder of “Globell Communications”, a PR company. That in itself says a lot, doesn’t it? No wonder Amal comes across as so polished. It’s not only George’s PR who’s been advising her, it’s mommy too.

    Also, interestingly enough, I found two websites related to said company. In the first one, Baria’s name and bio is mentioned, in the second it isn’t. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to guess why.

  • Danae – this must be the older site.

    Here’s the other one that seems more recent:

  • Lamark

    @DISCLOSURE – Scandal: Yes, I was also talking about this. Manipulation the world, liers, pretenders, confidentiality agreements, profit makers, fame whores, gold diggers, etc.(read it again, please!) And that George Clooney had to marry not to look “loser” when his ex slut got married, but few weeks before his “engagement” he had insisted to not marry again!!!
    But just the ugliest woman in the world? Was not there a nicer slut around him? Anyway, two books (Fame whores and old monsters and Beverly’s torments are just about this topic.

  • j

    i for one i’m glad that someone esle is getting more than 10 comments here other than brangelina