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Cameron Diaz Won't Have Kids Just Because She's Expected To

Cameron Diaz Won't Have Kids Just Because She's Expected To

Cameron Diaz glows in a red dress on the cover of Marie Claire magazine’s November 2014 issue, on newsstands October 21.

Here’s what the 42-year-old actress had to share with the mag:

On her role in Annie: “It’s not very often you get to do a musical. Even though I was terrified of doing it, I kind of had to. The two things I’m most terrified of are heights and singing in front of people. I’ve jumped out of airplanes and scaled sides of cliffs – not to get over my fears, but to address them. I just felt like this is something that needed to be addressed. I cried uncontrollably. Everybody was so supportive and having fun with it because I was so pathetic, but the only way to get through scary things is to have a sense of humor about it.”

On appearing fully nude for a film: “People have seen my butt. I’ve shown the top of my butt, the bottom of my butt. I’m not opposed to doing nudity, as long as it’s part of the story. I’ll do whatever has to get done if it’s the right thing.”

On having children: “We live in a society where everyone has kids, so they want other people to have kids. There is this culture that says celebrities are supposed to be just like us, so people think, ‘I have children, why doesn’t she?’ But I’m not going to do something because it’s expected. If a family happens, then it happens. If children come to me, then I would do that, but I’m not someone who feels like she has to do something because it’s expected.”

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  • Just me

    Good actress and private. Didn’t talk about her love life!

  • Not Quite

    Seems like a nice person but not even close to the sexiest lady alive.

  • Just me

    This lady has sense about having kids Rachel didn’t have any. She rushed in it like she does everything she does. Hayden didn’t want any kids and she should respected his decision and she didn’t . She said she was going to wait and travel. Can’t raise a child traveling here and there. And have not stop traveling. No one expects Rachel to get pregnant . She did on purpose because her show was over and she didn’t want to work anymore.shame on Rachel for doing that.

  • well

    that’s just her way of saying omg I am 42 and don’t have kids or a husband yet and I want everyone to think I am okay with that but I am not

  • thais

    This can’t be breaking news to her but she’s 42. The chances of her getting pregnant (unassisted by a doctor) at this point are somewhere between slim and none.

  • DOA

    I’ve always noticed that the overtired, overweight suburban moms are always the ones pressuring other women who don’t have children to have children. It’s almost like they are miserable so they want other women to be miserable. Deep down I think a lot (not all!) women with kids miss their freedoms.

  • jen

    I don’t think Cameron Diaz or Jennifer Aniston should be asked questions about kids and marriage any longer. It obviously won’t happen for either. Asking the question probably makes them think there is a possibility for them… there really isn’t. But Cameron looks really good with her decision, for some reason Jennifer doesn’t.

  • Ava

    I really like her. I don’t find her beautiful at all but her personality is real and she is just living her life. I totally agree about kids: they aren’t for everyone!!! You shouldn’t feel ashamed or weird if you don’t want a family like that.

  • @DOA

    im a 100% with you!! Some people talk about having kids like it was a very special talent or quality… Cocroches and rats have hundreds of babies for God sake!!!! Just because a woman can have children doesn’t mean she has to.
    If Cameron or Aniston are not mums by now, obviously it’s because it was their choice.
    I think they both look gorgeous and very happy on their skin!

  • leo

    to the people that dont consider her attractive, i will say that when she was in younger, particularly in The Mask, she was gorgeous, just beautiful. but shes never relied on her looks as opposed to her living life to the fullest and her personality has made her beautiful imo all these years. she’s one of the few that have been true to themselves in the name of hollyweird. if she deosnt want kids thats fine but ive seen her with children and she gets along with them very well so i think its more of a lifestyle choice than anything. i dont see her in coming years giving a revelation at the last minute saying that she had fertility problems.

  • Doug

    Thats cool, but when those nights, weekends and holidays get boring, Kids usually fill in that time, not another new love interest to make things exciting. Kids are way better than pets.

  • allison

    It’s mostly women magazines that keep asking women if they are going to have children. It’s actresses like Jennifer Aniston and now sadly Diaz who don’t have the strength to tell them I don’t want kids. If I had wanted kids I would have them already.

  • wise

    Nobody expects you to have kids. If you want them have them and if you don’t, don’t have them. Silly. As if we cared so much about you to have kids or not.

  • the Mask

    At least she’s upfront about it. Aniston lied. She said, ‘I do and I will have kids” but it’s never happened.

  • lol

    I wouldn’t have orgasms at her age and with the list of men she’s dated. So I don’t know if I would be able to have kids too.

  • forrest gump

    so my time is now?

  • Robert

    @leo: I love it too. She doesn’t care if she looks ugly, pretty or average. Especially when she’s always been sooo pretty and emphasized her appearance at the most through all her life the best she could. Yeah, but I suppose people always have to criticize something LOL!

  • Electricity

    @forrest gump: Why is it so funny to make a fool of yourself? LMFAO. Are YOU ok? :(

  • y

    @Electricity: WE LOVE/HATE YOU

  • anne

    How long is she going to live with illusion of being a fertile woman…get over it…you don’t want kids because you cannot have them! It’s a fox and the grapes story

  • Molly

    She’s just annoyed people keep asking that question. It’s her personal decision and we should respect it. She’s not criticizing women who chose to be mothers, she has just accepted that it’s not gonna happen for her and that’s fine. I wish women would stop being so judgmental of each other and accept our different life choices and circumstances. The moment we stop comparing ourselves with each other in such a judgmental way is the moment we find peace of mind.

  • well


    Yes, all moms miss their freedoms when they have a child. But also having a child gives moms such a loving rich layer to add to their life that even though it is much harder, it is also more deeply fulfilling to be a mom

  • Kass

    Not of fan of her acting and I’m sorry not aging well either ! Kids nor kids so what leave them alone.

  • Sanja

    @anne: Agreed! Middle aged celebrities that don’t have have kids don’t want to admit that they are INFERTILE. It’s not that they “have been so busy”, or “they haven’t found the right man”, blah, blah, blah. It’s simply because they can’t have kids, period! Mariah, Halle, Jlo, Nicole, and most advanced age celebrities that had kids got fertility treatments to get pregnant.

  • siennagold

    Well having kids is a personal decision. So kudos to them for not being swayed by what society dictates. Some people just don’t want to have kids but that doesn’t mean they hate kids. Actually a lot of people who have kids don’t deserve to have kids.

  • real


    Sensing a bit of jealousy here.

  • real


    And you claim that because you’re a renowned fertility expert and her gynecologist I presume?

  • Tool

    If she waits too long, then she won’t be able to have any kids.
    She’ll have to adopt someone else’s. Not the same as having your own.

  • Rick

    cameron and her nose job. and the silly pathetic excuse that she made out to cover it. cameron, just be honest , your nose was big and ugly and you wanted a typical hollywood nose. you’re still a buttaface

  • just

    I want to have kids but leave her alone, if she doesn’t want kids, she doesn’t want kids. Kids are not for everyone. Why do we have to criticize each others life choices. Everyone has a different path. Let her be.

  • just


    Wow that is such a horrible thing to write. I can’t believe that is coming from a woman. I feel sorry for your kids.

  • just


    lol you’ve obviously never adopted kids. Humans are humans, and we all have to ability to love and be loved. So whether they come from inside you or inside someone else, it doesn’t matter. Everyone deserves love.

  • kelly

    Some people don’t want kids. Some people don’t want to get married. Some people want to get married and have kids. Some people want to get married but do not want kids. So many choices in life. Different paths. I don’t know why people and the media are pressuring actresses in their 40s to get married and have kids. Let them be. This world will be a much happier place if people mind their own business.

  • Jim

    When I was in my teens in the 80′s, no way would there be children in my life, too many reasons not to have them (inequality is a big one). After watching children grow and times change so has my feelings, but sure I don’t mind ending up with a person who can’t have kids almost happened to me in the 90′s. Some men I’ve met have had the ‘snip’ and enjoy a great sex life with their wives after children, I don’t know if I could ever be that game (eunuchs).

  • Roland

    Style wise, is a very sexy combo, hot to trot and racing stripes.

  • Sum C

    Still gorgeous !