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Jennifer Lawrence Is Chic & Gorgeous at 'Serena' London Premiere

Jennifer Lawrence Is Chic & Gorgeous at 'Serena' London Premiere

Jennifer Lawrence looks classy in a low cut black ensemble at the premiere of her film Serena during the 2014 BFI London Film Festival held at Vue West End on Monday (October 13) in London, England.

The 24-year-old Oscar winning actress was joined at the event by her director Susanne Bier, as well as the BFI festival director Clare Stewart.

In case you missed it, check out Jennifer‘s gorgeous Vanity Fair cover story, where she opened up for the first time about her nude photo leak.

FYI: Jennifer is wearing Dior with Brian Atwood pumps.

15+ pictures inside of Jennifer Lawrence at the premiere of Serena

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jennifer lawrence brings serena to london 01
jennifer lawrence brings serena to london 02
jennifer lawrence brings serena to london 03
jennifer lawrence brings serena to london 04
jennifer lawrence brings serena to london 05
jennifer lawrence brings serena to london 06
jennifer lawrence brings serena to london 07
jennifer lawrence brings serena to london 08
jennifer lawrence brings serena to london 09
jennifer lawrence brings serena to london 10
jennifer lawrence brings serena to london 11
jennifer lawrence brings serena to london 12
jennifer lawrence brings serena to london 13
jennifer lawrence brings serena to london 14
jennifer lawrence brings serena to london 15
jennifer lawrence brings serena to london 16
jennifer lawrence brings serena to london 17
jennifer lawrence brings serena to london 18
jennifer lawrence brings serena to london 19

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  • Moi

    Crap actress and average looking girl can’t see what all the fuss is about. oh yeh maybe I can ;-)

  • ran

    She looks beautiful. Classy and sexy at the same time.

  • david

    Nice to see her in good spirits.

  • Fiona

    She looks gorgeous.

  • Alex

    @Moi: You’re not the only one. I can’t see this amazing “talent” and extreme “beauty” in her either.

  • Deni

    She has the look off. But is very beautiful.

  • maggit

    her nose job makes her look so fake.

  • Sarah

    She looks good in the black dress and I like her hair that length. And to @alex, if you don’t like her why read about her? Never understand that.

  • Jess

    jen looks a lot older than her age. she looks like he’s in her late 30s.

  • dee

    FYI Jared….ya ….no need to let us know she’s wearing Dior any longer. Just for future reference. How about you do us a favour and let us know when she’s NOT wearing Dior???


    These pics are from over two years ago, Justjared! You have no recent pics of her?

  • April


    Her stylists for these carpet events always make her look older then she is for some reason which I don’t understand, but when you see some of the paparazzi shots of her in everyday life she looks her age. She looks ok here in the dress and I agree with @Sarah I liker her hair that length.

  • Amy

    This movie looks TERRIBLE. HOW/WHY is it getting attention? It looks absolutely awful and the acting looks dreadful as well.

  • Guest

    “Serena” is a really terrible movie. I’d bow down to anyone who can seat through it. That’s her real talent right there, without a good director behind the camera she ain’t sh*t. She’d be better off doing p0rn.

  • Kelly

    Bradley Cooper is in London but didn’t bother attending the premiere. He’s embarrassed being part of this mess. On the other hand, J-Law doesn’t miss a chance to bring more attention to herself. She’s so everexposed it’s getting ridiculous.

  • Rach

    No they’re from tonight

  • Geez


    All the reviews say the problem is the plot and prose and not the actors. I’m sure all the movie will suck because of Suzanne Bier but no need to troll.

  • scarlett

    Saying the film is bad is one thing, if you’ve actually seen it. But just having a go at her for no apparent reason, hmm

  • @Kelly:

    Haha at your comment, she is obligated to go to this I’m sure. The last thing this girl does is try to draw attention to herself. She trys to avoid it when not promoting Dior or a movie, and in trying to avoid the attention it makes the paps and rags take pics and write about her even more.

  • no

    @Kelly: Cooper is not in London.
    he is in New York

  • Guest

    @scarlett: Oh, I’ve seen it. It’s sh*t from beginning to end. The actors are the worst.

  • Kelly

    @no: So Bradley Cooper chose to attend the premiere of Foxcatcher instead of his own film? Flew back from London the previous day but J-Law was “obligated to go”. Hmm okay. Bonus points for trying.

  • LOL

    @Kelly: If attention ho Cooper was in London he would have paraded himself on the red carpet. He wouldn’t miss a chance to have his picture taken. LOL He’s in New York, today was the first day if his Elephant Man play rehearsals.

  • NYC

    Old interview from an old appearance. She hasn’t made any public appearances in years because she has long quit the business.

  • no

    @Kelly: what’s your point??
    Cooper is back from London since Friday.what’s the problem??


    @Rach: No, they are from at least 2-3 years ago, Rach, and they certainly aren’t taken in britain!!

  • SusieQ

    That coat dress looks like the jacket Cooper was seen wearing for the Foxcatcher party, minus the plaid shirt. LoL. Too bad we didn’t get to see them both at the premiere tonight in London. Makes you wonder if these two had a falling out of some sort. Maybe it has to do with a jealous girlfriend or something?

  • SusieQ

    If you go on Jennifers websites you will see that these pictures are from today. She was on stage and the pictures are a bit grainy. I like Jennifers hair this length.

  • SusieQ

    @POWERHOUSE: TAKEN TODAY. Jennifers hair was longer 2-3 years ago dear. People were actually tweeting about her on the theatre stage and her appearance.

  • Weird

    Conspiracy theories that the pics of Jen are from years ago? Made up stories that Bradley isn’t there because of a fight? WTF?? The pictures of Jen are from today, and Bradley couldn’t be there because he’s rehearsing for a play in New York. The truth is too boring I guess.

  • SusieQ

    I wonder why some people are claiming these pics are old? Im glad Jennifer showed up, it shows how much CLASS she has and her loyalty.

  • Boom


    It’s a JustJared message board, there are always weird things being said in here. I’ll never understand it but some of it makes me laugh.

  • I don’t have a name


    What are you doing bringing truth and logic to this place?

    She looks great. I wish she had some colour on her though, maybe a red lip or something.

  • Boom


    Just a few people who don’t like Jennifer who troll every post about her on JustJared. They say weird things and always hate on her. Its what it is, a message board where they can say anything while being anonymous.

  • Peg

    Jennifer is indeed gorgeous. She doesn’t need any photo shop.

  • srsly?

    @: “The last thing this girl does is try to draw attention to herself.” LMAO! Between her PR shomance with Chris Martin, her selfies getting leaked, her topless Vogue cover and her promoting awful movies all over the place… we didn’t have a single moment to catch a break from her. Every time she opens her mouth, I like her less and less. Her schtick (aka talking about farts, poop, Doritos, reality shows, Brangelina) has run its course. She always has to be the centre of attention. It’s incredibly obnoxious and exhausting.

  • Courtney

    She looks freakin’ awesome! I don’t know if she was obligated to go to this. Up until today, the people at BFI weren’t sure she was going to appear. They said she was invited and was expected to attend, but they weren’t sure about it. I’m glad she came. It would have been rude if she were in London and didn’t show up to promote her film. As for the reviews, every actor has a bad film. I would see it just because of Jennifer, but that’s just me. I don’t see her star going down because of one bad film.

  • Roman

    please show us your boobs! <3

  • @srsly?:

    You proved my point in your response. First she has never commented on Chris Martin and tries to keep that private hardly any pics so no one knows what that deal really is, second her nudes where hacked in a criminal act she never intended for anyone to see them, and third like I said she has done 1 interview/magazine with Vogue since last promoting Xmen back in May FIVE MONTHS AGO. Now she is promoting Serena hence these photos.

    The reason you did not get a break from her is not because of her wanting attention, its because gossip rags and media know she brings views so they will constantly write about her since she does try to hide from limelight when as I said not promoting her movies or Dior.

  • lala

    Wow, I will never understand the logic of some posters on here. This has been a fun read. She looks good and she is promoting her movie even if it stinks so she is doing the right thing.

  • http://comcast Lynda

    @Moi: I have t agree !!

  • Tina

    I totally believe she’s in love with fame and herself. Her fakey hatred of paps is just part of the Jennifer Lawrence image. Like all her fake falls on the red carpet. Truth is she’s an OK actress, dumb as a box of rocks with an annoying personality.

  • True Beauty

    Jennifer Lawrence is a brave woman with great self-esteem, and confidence, remember Jennifer is only 22/23 years old and have already one Oscar award. Jennifer has a beauty that is natural and I admire her to have the courage to drop the hairextension, go for pixie and then let the own hair make a lovely frame around her face. I am female and totally straight, but compliments shall be given with true opinion. Jennifer do not use much makeup, I can make a compare Jennifer with Elizabeth Taylor, same shining natural beauty. Stockings or pantyhose in 10 denier is for the legs what makeup is for face!
    Too bad no one uses it.

  • jelo fan

    Hottest pics of Jennifer Lawrence. find here

  • Courtney

    @lala I’ve learned recently a lot of trolls come here just to find anything and turn it against her to make her look bad. I agree she’s being classy to come and promote a film that had good intentions but apparently isn’t making it :( She does look good, by the way!

  • Davis

    @SusieQ: No, these are definitely old photos, SuzieQ. Jennifer Lawrence quitting the acting business years ago. Her projects are long finished. They’re just selling them now with old photos. Sorry, but true.

  • randy

    Over it. Over her. Enough already.

  • lala


    I agree she is an OK actress, she is not brilliant but not dumb – acts and sounds like a 24 year old, and her personality is what it is – at least its consistent which shows its probably her – some like it some dont.

    I disagree with your love of fame and herself – I definitely think shes wants a private life away from the attention to be normal. Like @… said she went 5 months without a quote or photoshoot since Xmen, all the stuff in between was the paps and rags and criminal hackers tracking her down.

  • Davis

    @SusieQ: No, these are definitely old photos, SuzieQ. Jennifer Lawrence quit the acting business years ago. Her projects are long finished. They’re just selling them now with old photos. Sorry, but true.

  • cut the cr@p

    She is not a goofy down-to-earth chick, she’s just an insufferable dumb chick selling her hype real hard. Either she’s just really tacky or she’s high on her hype fumes. I can’t believe a woman is stupid enough to say a relationship is more “real” if a guy is not shy to fart in front of her. Lights are on, but nobody’s home.