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Lea Michele Shares First Picture of Matthew Paetz & Reveals She's in Love

Lea Michele Shares First Picture of Matthew Paetz & Reveals She's in Love

Lea Michele and Matthew Paetz hold hands in the shadows in this first ever picture of the couple on her social media page from Sunday (October 12).

“To love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides” ☀️ the 28-year-old Glee star captioned the picture, revealing that she’s in love with her boyfriend.

“Time for some fresh air! ☀️” Lea captioned another one of her photos – check all of them out below.

While we aren’t sure of exactly when they started dating, sources believe Lea and Matthew began seeing each other in June.

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lea michele matthew paetz first social media shot 02
lea michele matthew paetz first social media shot 03
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  • Nancy

    I love how Cory’s just a distant memory… He wasn’t dead a year that she started dating that gigolo guy.

  • B

    It’s so great to see her happy! After going through something so tough, she deserves all the happiness in the world. Loved the shadow pic and I love seeing her so happy :)

  • Sam

    @Nancy: and? You do know people can still have love and fond memories of those who have passed away and still move on in their lives right? Your arbitrary time line line is ridiculous.

  • cuties!

    They’re too cute for words! Can you imagine all the pics they took but never published? Please post more

  • LOL

    WOW what with all the staged PR with HookerChele? She stages candids, she stages love notes on IG and now Shadow pics telling everyone she is in love? This low life Prostitute isn’t a celebrity, if she wants Monchele type attention she won’t get it with a walking STD. She reaches new lows everyday with the Hooker.

  • Really?

    This guy is totally disgusting! I wonder when he goes to work and bangs other people if it’s cheating? And does she get to claim him on her Tax return as an entertainment expense or he like an expensive dog where she just pays his way and can’t get the deduction?

  • Happy?


    They look awkward and uncomfortable every time they get papped, which is weird since they call the paps themselves, you think they would put on a better show. He always looks like he has something stuck up his butt and she looks flat out embarrassed lol Is she happy or just looking for attention? She sure does stage a heck of a lot of stuff with this creeper.



    Moving on cool, but with a Prostitute? I guess she lied when she said Cory set a high bar because shacking up with a hooker after 4 months of dating says she doesn’t have any standards or pride.

  • Pathetic!

    She just gets sadder and more pathetic every week. She has so much talent and is reduced to staging pictures with a Prostitute to get attention from sites like JJ.

  • I bet

    Next week she will jumping on a couch ala Tom Cruise declaring this guy is the love her life and she can’t remember a time he wasn’t her BF? He should enjoy it while he can, she will kick him to the curb as soon as she meets her next hot talented costar or tires of support his loser unemployeed self, which ever comes first.

  • So

    Does this girl do anything but hike with this Skanky Creep?

  • Its HookerChele

    More staged PR for the couple known as HookerChele! In love and Shacking up with a Prostitute after 4 months?. They would be more believable if they didn’t stage everything. I wonder since she pays him she demands she let her call him Cory? Looks like more attention seeking and considering the amount of water this girl drinks she should be THAT thirsty! As for him, guess he doesn’t have spin, pride or a set cajones and is happy being her lap dog.

  • JJ

    Lea Michele making Prostitution cool! Ok maybe not, it’s still pretty disgusting! I hope she makes him cover up and double up!

  • Liza

    Fine, whatever. But when this ends badly (and we all know this will end badly), please spare us the daily”Lea’s broken heart” stories of woe.

  • IKR!

    And boy is this going to end badly, probably with her having to call the cops to get him out of her house! But hey, it will get her more headlines!

  • Too bad


    Too bad she is pissing all over those memories by shacking up with a Prostitute after a few months of knowing each other. After she sold Monchele as lost soul mates and losing the love of her life in just about every interview she did while selling her album and book, she should expect people to question her motives and sincerity by shacking up with a scum bad hooker after 5 months of dating and staging pictures and PDAs. This guy does nothing but make her look pathetic and desperate to have a man on her arm.

  • PeasantsAreBowingDown

    I love your comments guys. Want to know why? Because she posted that pic clearly showing she couldn’t give a crap about hate and here you are, desperately hoping this relationship will end badly because you don’t stand people being happy. Once again you bow down to Lea because you can’t ignore her. Thank you for showing she’s the real queen and she has the power to have your attention just by existing.

  • Yeah Right!


    If she didn’t give a crap she wouldn’t spend so much time trying to sell this piece of trash she is shacking up with. Her constant staging of pics and love notes and her constant #happy hashtags speak volumns. People that are really happy don’t spend so much time trying to convince others they are happy and don’t feel the need to make sure others know they are “in love”. Her behavior shows insecurity and shows she needs validation, its the opposite of someone that doesn’t give a crap.

    And has anyone noticed she always posts this staged stuff with the hooker right around the 13th? The day Cory died? So she is either pissing on his memory and thus everyone that loved him or she needs grief therapy more than she needs a male prostitute!? Personally I think it’s the latter.

  • LOL


    Oh yes, she has real power alright. So much power she has to flaunt a prostitute to get attention. Funny how she gone from B list to D list since she went public with the Gigolo. How about she use her talent for attention instead of some man hoe losers abs?

  • lyta

    i guess she will have to find another pr stragety to sell her new book and albu, considering she is posting this type of pictures, the all “my boyfriend, love of my life die” thing she will not be able to used anymore.
    she is very open with her private life, and thats her decition, is cool, but hopelly she will not used cory anymore, she has move on, so leave him rest
    i buy that her and cory had a relationship, and i’m pretty sure she did suffer a lot when he died, not only thinking has a couple, but as a friend, they work together for years before dating, but since he died she over exposed the relationship, and the tattoo, and the song and all that

  • Good Luck!


    Good luck to her, she will need it! She has burned through so much of her fan base by flaunting this Prostitute and trying to sell a book where she preaches good judgement and healthy living is kind of BS considering she is living with a hooker lol! Like it or not the bulk of fans are Glee fans which means they were Monchele and or Cory fans. That support she got after he died is gone.

  • PeasantsAreBowingDown

    You keep on commenting and you don’t even realize you’re proving what I’m saying is right. You just can’t stop talking about her, can you? That’s what I call power. She has control over you and she’s not even trying. Don’t like her? Don’t follow her, it’s easy. But no, for some reason you have to talk about her and get pissed and insult her because you don’t like her. No one is forcing you to follow her.
    P.s.: if she needed the validation (like dating the guy, writing a book, making an album etc.) she wouldn’t even have done half the things she did in her career because she never got a lot of validation, a lot of people don’t agree with her. But hey, keep crying here, it’s fun. I assure you you’re making Lea very very sad at the moment, trust me, she’s in a corner reading these comments and crying.

  • Lisa


    We all are allowed to have our opinions about her and we are also allowed to comment how many times we want. If you worship Lea then good for you but a lot of people here including me thinks this so called relationship is bullshit and her love for Cory was false as water. If a person truly means something to you then you wouldn’t have been sleeping around with a hooker less than a year after your boyfriend’s passing. If you get dumped by your first love you know how awful that feels and how long it takes for you to get over it and if you lose someone that you say means the world to you it must feel even worse.

    But this is how Hollywood works. Its fake.