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Amal Clooney Discusses Parthenon Marbles During Meeting in Athens

Amal Clooney Discusses Parthenon Marbles During Meeting in Athens

Amal Clooney speaks with Greek Culture Minister Kostas Tassoulas during a meeting on Tuesday (October 14) in Athens, Greece.

The 36-year-old lawyer and her colleague Geoffrey Robertson are on a four-day visit to meet with government officials and chat about the return of the sculptures Parthenon Marbles, also known as the Elgin Marbles.

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In case you didn’t know, Amal‘s husband, actor George Clooney also campaigned for the Marbles’ return while he was promoting his recent film The Monuments Men.

10+ pictures inside of Amal Alamuddin attending a meeting in Greece…

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  • Cate

    She has such a great career.

  • Rose

    She’s really thirsty for that media attention. Now I guess we all know why she “married” Clooney.

  • Hisd

    So when is Clooney running for President?

  • Miss Congeniality

    She’s beautiful and radiates confidence with and without George. Hope it lasts.

  • Al’s Marmot

    She’s a whore. Hope she disappears soon and forever. The entire engagement wedding charade was FAKE. This woman is NOT married to Clooney.

  • lyta

    i know this is nothing to do with the news, but i’m i the only one who think she is very resemble to Amy Winehouse?

  • adelaiida

    God, I hope she succeeds. I have high hopes seeing her with our prime minister. The Greeks deserve to get their statues back. If you ever go to Athens check out the empty spots on the Parthenon. You ll know what I mean.

  • Emerald

    Al’s Marmot

    Give it a rest demented troll. Here you announce to the whole world online George Clooney is going to marry you in December 2010 and it didn’t happen. Instead George Clooney “betrays” you by first dating Elisabetta Canalis and then Stacy Keibler completely ignoring the fact that his heart actually belongs to you.

    Now George has further “betrayed” you by getting married to Amal. And YES demented troll, George Clooney was engaged to Amal and he is now REALLY REALLY REALLY married to her. The best part; Amal is now legally known as Amal Clooney and Mrs. Clooney. I suggest you get used to Amal being around, with luck, for many years to come.

    Poor Al’s Marmot, you have no idea that many people think of you as a sick joke. Worse, some people are now comparing your obsession with George Clooney to that of John Hinckley’s obsession with Jodi Foster.


    La star du film Monument Men s’est défendue lors d’une conférence de presse à Londres le 11 février 2014, mais à plusieurs reprises dans son discours il a confondu le nom du Parthénon d’Athènes avec celui du Panthéon de Rome.

    « Même en Angleterre les gens sont pour la restitution des marbres du Panthéon [sic.] », a-t-il ainsi soutenu avant d’en parler une fois encore en inversant le nom des deux célèbres monuments.

    - See more

  • On sais onassis

    Athene Holding LTD. Announces Successful $1 Billion Private Placement

  • sheigh

    Where’s George ?

  • Liz

    Yes, get the Parthenon marbles back where they belong!

  • Anal Clooney

    B#tch has one ugly mug, doesn’t she? This famewh#re will regret the day she agreed to go along with this charade of a “marriage”.

  • ismail

    How do you think the English are going to view this woman who is representing the Greek in this case. What next is she going to clear out all the museums because item don’t belong to England. The queens jewels…really. I hope she wins the case then GC can name drop another client and so on. In fact what cases has she won?

  • kirki

    After decades of efforts, let’s hope that this time the marbles will return to their original place.
    The Brits should have their own antiquities in their museums (if any)

  • DISCLOSURE – Scandal

    UNESCO has already received the answer from British Museum and it’s DECLINED.
    George Clooney will be harshly criticised for this by both Greeks and British media when all this concludes…SOON.

  • Hellenic Press

    George Clooney’s UGLY hired transvestite Amal Alamuddin the wannabe westerner Islamic TRASH.

    She’s posing here for a fake PR stunt. Even flirting with Antonis Samaras just as she was openly hitting on an official in Venice during her stage PR stunt wedding, outside the civil ceremony. Maybe she thinks Clooney will be “jealous.” He couldn’t give a damn.

    It was widely reported that Samaras even hit on Angela Merkel. But at least Merkel is cute. This Alamuddin is an ugly transvestite. In Greek culture, she looks equivalent to Asian gypsies who beg on the streets.

    Amal Alamuddin or Amal Clooney is an ugly drag queen with deformed legs with lumps and bones. Pigeon toed freak with a massive hooked humped nose, despite her plastic surgery. Ghoulish eyes like a Halloween zombie, and assss chin, and a buck toothed overbite mouth.
    The ugly deluded transvestite thinks she’s a celebrity superstar.
    Ugliest person ever linked to Clooney.
    Amal Alamuddin or Amal Clooney has the most annoying, nasal whiny voice. Probably drives George into hard core drinking to avoid the freak.

  • Ha Ha

    @Hellenic Press: Or should I say Al’s Marmot. Still in the meltdown stage I see. Lolololol

  • Al’s Marmot

    Hookers gotta hook.

  • Lamark

    How could George Clooney find the UGLIEST woman in the whole world with her BIG NOSE, HORSE HEAD, HORSE TOOTH, SHOVEL EARS, VEINY HANDS and disgusting ANOREXIC-BULIMIC, SKELETON BODY??? Mystery… She was at the right place in the right time to catch an injured famous stupid one to make her plenty of attention.
    George Clooney has never been famous about his “beautiful” sluts – he always chose ugly women, but this dirty Arab is terrible, horrible horrendous!!
    I am a hetero man but I would not need her even if she were the only woman in the world!!!!

  • Lamark

    @Anal Clooney: I ADORE this name ANAL CLOONEY!!!! THANKS!!!

  • j

    @Al’s Marmot: wish all hookers wore alexander mcqueen gowns

  • peter

    For crying out loud, the woman is fighting for a good cause. Shut up with the insults, focus on what ‘s important. RETURN THE PARTHENON MARBLES TO THEIR OWNERS!

  • gre

    Bring the Marbles back to Greece Amal!

  • Daniel

    @Pete is so right!! People are really sick! She is fighting for a good cause! Give her a break and wish her luck. If not then shut your mouths up.You don’t have to be jerks the entire time!
    I hope she makes it! And if not don’t worry Greeks are great people, there is no way that they are going to be mad or angry at her and Clooney. At least they are trying to do something!

    PS. British should return the marbles on their own! But they have no respect. So why should they? ugh..poor people!

  • Terrific

    What a load of BS. You’re all the same group of public relation grinders and paid-to -post shills. The same ones that run ALL of the various Clooney “fan” websites and the same ones who post the crazy contradictory crap on message boards and celeb on-line sites like this one, the same ones that write the press releases and the rag magazine articles on and off line. Marmot plays both sides back and forth just like all the rest of you shill do. You’re all paid to create the deceitful illusion of havoc and disconcertion. Al’s Marmot is an anagram for Storm Amal. Since Marmot’s been around for much longer than Ms. Alamuddin has been do the math and figure it out.
    And Clooney pays for it all.

  • mel

    @Terrific: it’s a little sad to believe conspiracy theories about an….actor

  • mel

    @Efigenia G: efigenia, you spelled your name wrong which is telling. You should also be more careful about what you say about her because as a terrorist she might kidnap you

  • DISCLOSURE – Scandal

    @Terrific: agree with what you wrote except for the anagram joke. But I get the metaphor.
    Yes, I’ve always stated that the “antagonisers” are fake & deliberate.
    Alsmarmot & the head of the PR network “Prefertoremainanonymous” play the role of creating havoc & disconcertion intentionally. It’s very obvious.
    KatieDot who runs several of these FAKE Clooney “fansites” under different names, has them registered on GoDaddy as Katherine Anthony, ostensibly emplyed at Hilton International in PR.
    They have a monopoly & CONTROL of George Clooney’s public image.
    Latest ones they use of bonafide identities to act like genuine contributors as the patsies.
    Debbie Major, Davida Rochelle & Parimala Selvaraj.
    They receive directives of WHAT to post on these fake “fan” sites.
    Anyone opposing them is dismissed as “mad.”

    The level of control is pathetic.

  • Terrific

    How dramatic of you Mel, conspiracy theories? If are you implying that I believe that there is a conspiracy at work here I don’t. Really. So no need for you to be sad.

  • mel

    @DISCLOSURE – Scandal: I will kidnaaaaap youuuuu


    You are reporting on a terrorist lawyer as if this terrorist lawyer was a
    popular entertainer. You better get your reality in check really fast,
    Justjared. REALLY fast!!

  • Ares

    Αυτή είναι η κακασχημη Tρανσέξουαλ Μουσουλμάνα σύζυγος του George Clooney..
    Πανε να κλέψουν την Ελλαδα με το αλλο το βοδι.
    H απόφαση βγηκε και είναι κατά της Ελλάδας.
    Κοροϊδεύουν τον κόσμo.
    H Αραβο-Σκυλομουρα γυφτισσα ουτε ειναι σε πραγματικο γαμο με τον Clooney. Και ο αλλος δικηγορος ειναι μεγαλος μαλακας απατεωνας!

  • Ares

    Grotesque beast Amal Alamuddin hired hoooker who slept with Eric Schmidt of Google while he was married, and any other married man with money looking for transexual fetish escapism Conchita Wurst style, came to GREECE to waste time.
    The unkempt, dishevelled dirty stinking anorexic Islamic Arab Amal Alamuddin plagiarised what others have said for decades.
    Nothing original. Charged the Greek government exorbitant fees, while they just wanted idiot George Clooney’s support. Not this unknown junior non-entity freak show.

    UNESCO will release the repatriation refusal soon by the British Museum.
    I’ve already read it.

    Then the public will feel demoralised. Including Antonis Samaras and George Clooney will look like an idiot. To both the British, Greeks and all of the world.

  • Ares

    Ugly AMAL ALAMUDDIN bemused the Greek press. A junior barrister of 3 years who had no input of originality.

    They’ll turn on her once the rejection is announced.

    Joey Ramone Alamuddin had to change her name to Clooney for additional publciity.


    غباء غباء


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