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Beyonce Debuts New Hair with Short Bangs - See the Look!

Beyonce Debuts New Hair with Short Bangs - See the Look!

Beyonce shows off her newly cut bangs as she arrives at the Gare du Nord train station on Tuesday (October 14) in Paris, France.

The 33-year-old superstar was joined by her husband Jay Z and daughter Blue Ivy (not pictured) to take the Eurostar to London, England that afternoon.

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Beyonce has on and off had bangs over the years – but this time she cut them quite short! We love it!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Beyonce’s new hairstyle??

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beyonce cut her hair now has bangs 01
beyonce cut her hair now has bangs 02
beyonce cut her hair now has bangs 03
beyonce cut her hair now has bangs 04
beyonce cut her hair now has bangs 05
beyonce cut her hair now has bangs 06

Photos: INFPhoto, FameFlynet
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  • Correction

    She cut her wig bangs short.

  • fe

    her hair? her wig!! and she looks bad. the bangs and the outfit and everything else

  • Jay

    That’s a wig, her hair is a rock, typical black hair.

  • Jdx


  • Matt

    did she finally have a psychotic break? because those bangs look like someone grabbed the kitchen scissors. Wiggy.

  • http://janlismanart jan Lisman

    pig. wig.

  • Tammy

    Did she also have Blue Ivy cut it for her? Horrible! Love her style usually but it doesn’t look good.

  • B

    Looks like she took one of those bang hair pieces and attached it to her wig. In a couple days it’ll be back to no bangs and long silky hair.

  • mayrose63

    Brutta era prima…. brutta è restata anche dopo il
    Orribile quel taglio di capelli !!!!

  • monkeyjunky

    Looks like a wig… hope so cause those bangs are yuuuucky! Too thick & too short.

  • linda

    I can’t stand this woman! self absorbed

  • marie


  • Nini

    Why is she relevant that every single day JJ need to report something that she does or does not do?

    I mean one day is Beyonce goes to the park with her daughter, then 5 hours later this site and other websites report that Beyonce is traveling to Paris, then the next day it is reported she and her husband are having lunch, and this goes on and on and on everyday. Self absorbed twit she is!!

    Fans only want to know about her profession, her music (if there is good or not) they give a ratz what she does on her private with her kid and her tool husband Jay Z, We give a ratz also if she took a dump yesterday or if she went shopping. Is that really taht important to be published, those vain things?

  • Sebastian

    monkey face

  • yawn

    ugly as always

  • Bee

    Fake, just like the rest of her.

  • overexposed

    @Nini: I agree with you and I feel the same way about Rihanna, who wants to see her going to and leaving nightclubs, also seeing her half naked selfies with a blunt in her mouth who wants to see that she is overrated too.

    P.S Whoever cut the bangs on Beyonce’s wig needs to be beaten up and fired, but I get the feeling that she probably cut the bangs herself.

  • Youdumbarse

    @Sebastian: if she looks like a monkey you look like a Gorilla. #youracistpig

  • abby

    Wtf! It looks likes ben stillers wig from tropic thunder! Lmfao!!!! Horrible

  • Christa

    Oh Beyonce love you always! But what’s up with that wig???? The bangs, the dry texture, that color? Why Bey? This looks really awful! Oh gosh change it asap and wear a darker brown or black wig!

  • kat

    she cut nothing. it’s a wig!

  • lola

    it’s so cute how justjared thinks black girls can grow hair like that. It’s called a “wig” idiot

  • abole

    oh oh, oh oh no no no no…

    looks like it got whacked by the fan again

  • David M

    Do we get to hear about it the next time she darts in the bathtub too?

  • Nicole

    If none of you ugly ass twats like her then WHY WOULD YOU CLICK ON THE GODDAMN ARTICLE????????

  • manny

    DARN … cant someone have a bad hair day, i’m sure the rest of you dont always look great. Can she help it if photographers are following her all over the place taking pictures of her. Bottom line she’s having a bad hair day sooooooo what? Do you look good everyday. She’s beautiful to Jay Z that’s all that matters at the end of the day. Beyonce did good she’s rich and the funny thing is I bet she wouldnt be writing about any one of us. lol To me it just shows that like the rest of us we all piss and take a dump and oh yeah have bad hair days, looks like her nails are in between manicures too… so what? to me the guy who wrote the article did it for the exact reaction he is getting .. the jokes still on us at the end of the day. Beyonce doesnt even know we exist lol.

  • Sasha

    @Sebastian could you do yourself and everyone else a favor? Since you like to call Beyonce a monkey please go hang with the monkeys at the zoo cause you are a jackass, you will fit in perfectly!!!!

  • Rachel

    @overexposed: But still you click on a thread about Rihanna to spew your bitter hate. What do you expect from a thread about Beyonce? Why you even click on it? I know why, to unleash your bitterness in hateful slurs. Your bitterness is eating you up alive.

  • Amy

    It would look better if the bangs were longer. They’re too blunt to be that short.

  • Amya

    Did she wake up like that?

  • susan123

    Looks like a wig , it is a wig wake-up people. A bad wig, she is always changed her hair. I wish she would pay attention to her kids hair, she hasn’t done in months

  • KicksandGiggles

    No stylist would ever cut bangs that hideous. It is a home cut job. She ruined a very expensive wig. But I guess with her $$$, its doesn’t matter.
    My opinion? It looks terrible. She will change when she sees these pictures.

  • Micah

    @KicksandGiggles: I am sure it’s a very expensive wig, but it looks cheap with all the flyaways and split ends. It also looks dry and over processed. Doesn’t she travel with her hairstylist? I agree, there’s no excuse for such a bad hair when you have all the money she has.

  • Kestrel


    How many paparazzi are there? How many celebrity sites, shows and magazines? Yes, people want to know all about their favorite star, apparently.
    I don’t care much for Beyoncé or her music but a lot of people do. You clicked through so obviously you do as well. SHE isn’t the one that’s self-absorbed if the people paying the money that drive the shows and photographers demand they hound her for pics and info. She can’t control other people following her around and it doesn’t really reflect on her. It’s more reflective of what society is interested in.
    Too bad more people weren’t into proper spelling and political knowledge but hey…those things are HARD. *whine*

  • sunshine21

    Awful wig!! It’s hideous.

  • Nene

    I don’t dislike beyonce. But I can see her untreated natural hair on the sides, her wigs is lop sided. Omg is she having a nervous break down? Because if this was a PR stunt then why a bad one? Like she was always so protective of her image. She has to be losing it.

  • Nene

    Like we all have bad hair days. But this is just crazy. She could’ve rocked a hat or something. She just put on a straight IDGAF wig. Even when I have bad hair days, I still wear a wig properly to cover up my mess.

  • Leka


    That’s what I was thinking. She has an entire entourage. I’ve seen and been in bad hair days, this is just loosing your mind right here. Most women will wear a wig PROPERLY, wear a cap, or pull their hair back. God what makes it so bad is she JUST sung a song about waking up flawless.

  • GTamr

    Her entourage is PAID to follow her around, the fans and bystanders are not. There are PAID photographers. If you knew a lick about Public Relations, you’d know that some magazines/tabloids are told by HER PR team where she is and will be. She could ditch her entourage and PR team and be completely private and no one would know.

  • Mala King Vhurat

    Good Lord! What is that unholy contraption on her head?

  • DaPlaya

    So…she cut her $20,000 hair hat….Whoopty Doo!