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Robert Pattinson & FKA twigs Enjoy Shopping in Paris Together

Robert Pattinson & FKA twigs Enjoy Shopping in Paris Together

Robert Pattinson has his hands full while out and about on Tuesday (October 14) in Paris, France.

The 28-year-old English actor was followed a few paces behind by his girlfriend FKA twigs, who is currently on her European tour.

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Earlier in the day, Robert and FKA did some shopping together in Le Marais in the City of Light. Watch the video below!

It was recently announced that Nymphomaniac star Stacy Martin has joined the cast of Robert‘s upcoming film Childhood Of A Leader, which starts production in January.

Robert Pattinson & FKA twigs – Shopping Video
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Photos: Bauer Griffin
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  • shay


  • Rachel

    OMG they are so cute together.

  • joy

    Happy for Rob.

  • blablabla

    I just hope that she has paid the clothes and not him.

  • Natural Nia

    i hope things have gotten better for her. poor girl can’t even date her boyfriend without all the racists, haters and rob’s crazy fans attacking her. he CHOSE her, not sure why anyone else should care or have an issue with it.

  • gfti

    I’m happy for him. but she’s ugly.

  • FKA twigs Rocks!

    @blablabla – not your money or your business!

  • mac

    someone seems interested in money…..

  • be

    SLAY!!!! Love this couple so much they are so cute together :)

  • blablabla

    @FKA twigs Rocks!: I’m just saying …

  • aubrey

    omg they look cute together! and i just LOVE how he can’t keep his hands off of her!

  • aubrey

    what the actual f, i think the girl can afford to buy her own clothes, lmao! you guys are honestly insane. and if rob wanted to give her a gift whats the matter with that?

  • aubrey

    and i just hate how it all comes back to the fact that some ppl don’t find her beautiful enough to be with robert. You ppl make him seem like a shallow guy, who would only date someone for her looks, and her looks only.

  • Lailah

    @blablabla: you are beyond nosey! Don’t worry about it, it’s not your money. He can spoil his gf if he wants.

  • Mimignyc

    Rob paid for the clothes. FKA Twigs found a a handsome sugar daddy. What I don’t like about Twigs face is she can’t keep her mouth closed. It’s a turn off.

  • Susan

    @Natural Nia: Rob’s fans are NOT hating on her ….Rob’s fans are VERY HAPPY for both of them . If Rob is happy , then good for them !

  • Susan

    @Mimignyc: Rob found a great gal – twigs is an independent, smart, beautiful, articulate, talented singer and dancer . He found his match !

  • Paula

    I just LOVE how happy they seem to be ! After all the sh*t Rob had to put up with and remained SO classy about it , he deserves a girl who he can share good times with , be openly affectionate with, loved in return, and live his Life.

  • Lois

    @mac: Haven’t you ever heard of a boyfriend buying gifts for his girlfriend ? Don’t be so disgusting – she doesn’t want his money -she wants his time , love,fun, humor, and affection.

  • Mimignyc

    @Susan: i have yet to see her interviews. I am a big fan of Kristen. Kristen is also smart and beautiful but hI don’t like her tendency to latch on and copy the action of whoever is her friend. She has yet to grow up and find an identity of her own.

  • Mimignyc

    Why are there comments of Rob being openly affectionate with Twigs. Didn’t Kristen like that when they were together?

  • JG

    Rob and effron found great beards , ones uglier than the other . We have donatella on one hand and whiz califa on the other, that’s what paps called her In LA.

  • aubrey

    Kristen and Robert are both happy and have moved on, if you’re a fan of one of them (or both) you should be happy about that! That relationship could have ended WAY worse than it did, with both of them actually hating each other, but it didn’t, so be glad about that. And respect their happiness, if you’re a true fan you’d be happy that your idol is happy, it doesn’t even matter if you think s/he could’ve done better, because s/he obviously think that the people they are with are the best for them.

  • JG

    @Mimignyc: I’ll give you one just today she told the mag she was giving a girl advise on how to have her p….. Clean by drinking pineapple,juice so it’s more edible lmao, haven’t heard A lyric or interview that’s not sex related by this chic

  • Ha

    @Susan: Exactly, we all know that Kristen Stewart fans where the ones bullying her and insulting her with racist slurs. Rob fans are happy for him. @Natural Nia: is trying it.

  • mac

    I see many gift!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Layla

    @Mimignyc: they were never openly affectionate with each other, and seeing how he clearly is with Twigs, whom he’s dating for like months, it makes it pretty clear that kristen was the one who didn’t want to be that way, i guess.

  • anna

    I am so happy for Rob

  • anna

    They look soo cute together. The way Twigs looks at him . She looks like a girl in love

  • V

    Whats wrong with a woman being open about her sexuality? I, for one, think its a beautiful thing when we embrace our sexuality and make it our own. If she’s respecting the person she’s with, I think its ok.

  • Kae

    Omg they look so cute in that video! *swoon*

  • jen

    OMG! They are so cute in that video.Rob is so touchy feely

  • jen

    Kristen was so standoffish in public and Twigs is smiling up at him lovingly, kissing him back. I love Twigs for making Rob happy

  • Juju



  • Truth


  • gigi

    Aww ok Rob fans & Fka Twig fans..where do I board this ship? They are so damn cute and loved up in that shopping video! So glad they are giving this relationship a go. They both seem like cool people.

  • Rob’s fans are happy

    Rob’s fans are thrilled he’s with Tahliah, she’s a lovely woman and they both seem very happy. Such a nice change for him.

    It isn’t his fans who are trashed her, it’s fans of his ex, KStew. Her fans just can’t let go of him and they hate that he’s moved on and is happy with a beautiful, talented woman. Well too bad for them, nothing would make him go back to that CHEATER. He deserves better and he knows it.

  • We support Rob and Tahliah

    @Natural Nia: Rob’s fans are perfectly happy with Tahliah, it’s not his fans who have been attacking her. Bitter Kristen Stewart fans are the ones who are green with jealousy.

    Rob is happy and his fans are glad about that. Anyone attacking Twigs is just an immature brat.

  • Anne

    @Susan: You are obviously very misguided as for a start she is not beautiful – the rest follows!

  • Doopy

    I read or saw an interview with Kristen a long time ago where she said she wanted to keep her relationship with Rob private–that it was hers, not everyone’s. I think Rob respected that when they were together in publuc. Still it must have been hard to hold the affection back and to feel it withheld, even if that was the understanding between them.
    I’m happy for Rob with Tahliah. They seem secure in being affectionate in public. I hope “fan” comments and ridiculous racist remarks don’t change that. They deserve to have the same freedoms we do. Whether they date or not isn’t our business, nor is it our job to bash someone we don’t even know. How many of us have to deal with judgemental remarks every time we step out the door?

  • rita

    I love Rob and love Tahliah for giving him so much happiness

  • Lida

    So cute! He looks happy – hope she’s good to him because he deserves a nice girl.

  • mimi

    Well, twigs is famous because of her music and rob loved music
    they have a thing that common which probably makes their relationship more special and meaningful.

    kristen is so young, she met rob when she’s 18 and now she’s 24. Never thought their dating before because kristen always seems lazy around him, and probably the twilight effects makes her terrified of him, his fans or her fans or crazy fans. lol

    anyway, they just doing what they want and no such things as edward and bella. LOL

  • Me

    This is just the cutest. That shopping video is creepy stalkerish, but man I’m gład to have seen it. Loved up Rob is even more gorgeous than usual and if twigs makes him happy, that’s all any fan should care about.

  • OMG

    she looks like a MONKEY; she could have an EBOLA… YIKEEES!!!

  • Doopy

    @OMG: careful OMG. Your idiocy is showing. Might want to try covering that up.

  • Sam

    @gfti: Umm no she’s not see her concert pics and videos.She’s so sexy and beautiful.She knows how to dance she looks like a confident and strong girl.

  • Sam

    @OMG: No she’s a beautiful and sexy girl.The only person who is ugly is you because of your attitude.

  • Sam

    @Anne: Yes she is beautiful and sooo hot.She look so beautiful and sexy in her concert in Paris Wow.

  • Ashley

    @jen: Yup they are tweets from Paris.A girl took a fan pic with both of them she said how cute they were together.She also said the way Twigs looks at Robert she said you can tell how much they like each other.She also said that she saw Twigs pull Robert hair in a playful way.