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Zac Efron & Sami Miro Get Together For a Culinary Experience!

Zac Efron & Sami Miro Get Together For a Culinary Experience!

Check out Zac Efron flashing a smile while hanging out with Kellan Lutz, Ryan Rottman, and Mark Salling at the Los Angeles Haunted Hayride held at Griffith Park!

Mark posted the pic of the studs on his Instagram account.

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Zac was also spotted spending time with Ryan and Drew Kuhse, who posted a pic on his Instagram.

Zac just posted a pic of himself with Sami Miro on WhoSay and wrote, “Thx to @ReneRedzepiNoma and team @Nomacph. You’ve created a sophisticated, one of a kind culinary experience I’ll never forget. You rock!”

Click inside for the pic of Zac Efron and Sami Miro…

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zac efron sami miro pose together see pic here 01
zac efron sami miro pose together see pic here 02

Photos: Instagram
Posted to: Kellan Lutz, Mark Salling, Ryan Rothman, Sami Miro, Zac Efron

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  • BO

    he has seriously downgraded in the look department, this is one of the most horrible girl I´ve ever seen. But I think he likes masculine girls, considering he was dating Michelle Rodriguez last month. Im not talking about Vanessa or Lily because they are really stunning girls and really feminine.. It also looks like he is back with his ninja friends, maybe is back into drugs and alcohol?

  • BO

    Also does he takes all his easy fuc*k around the world? there’s an instagram comment in one of this girl instagram pictures where one of her friends ask her if she found out if ZAC EFRON has a girlfriend. I would lol if she was trying to get him to impulse her career as a celebrity stylist, role she played on Zak´s latest movie WAYF

  • Whatever!!!

    Can Kellan look ANY more gay? The entire town knows Kellan, make it official already.

  • meow

    Noma is considered the best restaurant in the world (S. Pellegrino’s World’s 50 Best Restaurants) so he must’ve had one hell of an experience there and I guess it means that things are pretty serious if he took her there out of all places. I can understand taking your wife there or a girlfriend that you’ve been with for years so maybe he does like her if he went out of his way to go there with her.

  • Lauren901

    What Role did Sami play?

  • jalo

    Sami needs to dye her hair back black because that blonde does not suit most black girls… They are cute though

  • Maria

    Zak wasn’t dating that masculine ninja Michelle she was only his drug supplier.

  • Tristan

    Rodriguez is a jailbird drug addict and alcoholic he is well rid of her nasty influence.

  • http://HannyAndy4 Seraph

    Is that her bag on his shoulder???? Its really nice

  • Z.

    he’s pimping himself out. he’s an attention whoooooe. and he loves it.

  • Tristan

    Sami may not be the best looking chick he has dated but she is clearly the most educated and smartest. She has multiple degrees and she is fluent in French. Good looking bimbos lost their looks in time and never grow smarter only older.

  • Days

    good for him. but she’s ugly.

  • Style

    he dresses like a gay guy with those tight pants. hahaha

  • Peeps

    @meow: who cares, people go to the restaurant and stuff, big deal. They sure are showing off. fishy. People who like to be in the spotlight love to show off, even if what they have to show off looks nasty.

  • Tonight

    @Tristan: she doesn’t really speak french you idiot.

  • Friday

    @Tristan: LMAO many people have degrees.

  • QT

    zac is one of the biggest famewhooores in hollyweird. pathetic.

  • Hip&Kool

    Sami-Carter Oberstone has a Master’s degree and is not an actress which is a plus. She was a state champion gymnast in 200 and she is bilingual, speaks English and French. She is also an an artist.

  • Hip&Kool

    year 2000, not 200.

  • She ain’t hip

    @Hip&Kool: she sure tries hard to dress stylish, doesn’t work. She’s a real buttaface and a user. hollywood here comes a new attention whoe.

  • Fruitfly

    I like Ryan’s purse best. Zac’s bag is too big for his frame.

  • Yoyo

    A big face with dried bleached hair, no thanks. you can keep that zac.

  • Right?

    They are trying to sell her to the public. Good luck!

  • Steve

    Since Zac is so predictable, I predict some more instagram pics or PDAS, why not a kiss and stuff.
    I bet you that this will happen soon. You heard it here first!

  • Tully

    She is a hipster.

  • Lauren901

    Because maybe zac doesn’t wanna share that? Not everything he does wants to be all public?

  • Tony

    @Tully: she’s a wannabe. @Steve: i wouldn’t be surprised.

  • 123

    @Lauren901: zac is in love? cough cough.

  • Genie

    @Lauren901: well, he already went public with her. Those pap pics and his own picture on his account. He’s already pimping their relationship. weird choice but hey, if they like it that way.

  • Itunes

    Sorry, but she looks gross.

  • lmaoo

    @Peeps: all she needs to do is dye her hair black, she isn’t nasty, god you sound bitter that he took her to the best restaurant in the world for a date and those restaurants in particular have months long waiting lists so it’s not just “regular people can go there whenever they want kinda thing just to show off”. At least she’s very educated unlike most girls he’s dated.

  • Ramones

    @lmaoo: she’s one ugly girl though. a diploma is not the end of the world. she’s looking for attention, she’s a user.

  • Lauren901

    How? She’s not famous she’s not an actress she’s a normal girl who went to college and got a degree? How is she using him? They been hanging for weeks before anyone really caught on?

  • All

    @Lauren901: good for them. wish them the best. if they are super in love good. just hope zac doesn’t hang out with people who have addictions….

  • Tob

    @Lauren901: she’s a weird choice. but hey, she’ll get something out of this actor. He lives for fame anyway. he has no substance in his career and loves pdas, money and fame. it will help her in her own career. They already posted a pic of themselves, says it all.

  • E

    ugly ass womanizer, he changed his gfs like every month

  • Shop

    @E: no they are in for the long run. he will offer her expansive vacations, buy her things, she’ll get it all, zac will give her everything. He’s rich so he better treat her like a princess, hope he takes her shopping big time!
    Ad by the way, she looks wayyy better than zac, she is educated while he is not. so, suckkk it in !!!!


    Clean up your drug habit and come out of the closet Zac Efron. And admit the new FF movie is crap. Then maybe I will forgive you.


  • lauren901/

    Ur comment makes no sense and u dont know how long there gonna last.

  • Shop

    @lauren901/: He took her to another country and to the best restaurant where people have to wait for months….
    They are together and he’s gonna keep her for years!
    Zac already spends a fortune on her and she’s gonna be the next big thing.
    Get ready for her to shine!

  • Shop

    She looks amazing! yall just jealous of her insane beauty and incredible style!

  • hm

    Does he even like white girls? Just curious.

  • NO WAY !!!

    @hm: no, he doesn’t like white girls. His type is that girl and others. He likes exotic type, not white trash! He’ll never truly go out with a white woman, not his taste at all. White girls are just so plain and boring, they are so ugly.

  • hm

    @NO WAY !!!:
    you sound bitter.
    pls take it easy.

  • NO WAY !!!

    @hm: I am not bitter at all!
    So what? white girls are ugly and pale and boring!
    Zac is sooo right when he says that exotic girls are the most beautiful, interesting women on the planet!
    Zac sure knows that white girls ARE trashy and don’t bother a second look.
    Girls like Sami are just so incredible that people flip out.
    There is a reason why Zac doesn’t like white girls. He doesn’t date them ’cause they are NOT interesting!

  • HeeHee

    @NO WAY !!!: I total agree a few weeks ago it was Rob Patterson and now Zac Efron. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha LMMFAO. They can date whomever they want to date.

  • 88888

    @NO WAY !!!: “Girls like Sami are just so incredible that people flip out.” uh, yeah, “sure”.

  • Mean

    Those guys look drunk. Zac you can do better in women. You must be lonely and need a women for sex. Women looks like a dog. Who is that women? Never heard off here.

  • Mean

    That women is a dog!!!!!! Never heard of that girl. Where does Zac pick up these women. He just wants her for the sex. Those guys look drunk.

  • 6

    Zac is still an addict, sad but true.
    What’s up with this publicity for that restaurant? lame?