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Amal Clooney's Post-Wedding Gift to George Revealed!

Amal Clooney's Post-Wedding Gift to George Revealed!

Amal Clooney is lovely in white while visiting Parthenon Hall inside the Acropolis Museum on Wednesday (October 15) in Athens, Greece.

According to E! News, the 36-year-old lawyer bought her new hubby George Clooney handmade Murano cocktail glasses from Venice for the bar in their London home.

Amal loves the idea of them having the same cocktail glasses that they use at the Cipriani Hotel in Venice,” the source said. “George admired them every time he looked at them during the wedding celebrations and they didn’t have time to go shopping in Venice, so she’s ordered them in as a post-wedding gift for him. It means that every time they curl up with a cocktail at home they’ll think of their wedding and be reminded of all the happy memories.”

10+ pictures inside of Amal Clooney in Athens…

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Credit: Yorgos Karahalis; Photos: Getty
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  • j

    refreshing to see a hollywood wife work and have her own money for a change. And not be blonde/blue-eyed.

  • Lamark

    To J

    OK. Refresh yourself with Anal Clowny, the “working wife”, wearing more dresses, makeup, jewelry, etc. a day than a celebrity wh#re. You could not pay me so much to refresh myself with her…Yeah, and certainly she pays everything everywhere and she immediately took her “world famous husband’s” name to save her integrity, freedom, money, independence and “own carrier”.

    The End of the Fairy Tale. Good night children!

  • alec

    I heard the British took it hard that Amal and Clooney wanted to help with the return of the Parthenon marbles. It is quite immoral of them to keep them when Athens has such a beautiful museum at the top of the hill. Hope the visit helps.

  • aga

    Most “Hollywood wifes” are actresses, models, singers, so they are much more money than this junior lawyer.

  • Lamark

    Mr. Clooney-bin thinks he is the Lord of the world since he played in his huge flop Monuments men (or something like this), and he thinks he has power to save the world and he has to save the world and he must intervene in politics. He already considers himself the president of USA. He yet sent message to Ukrainian people to encourage them to do revolution! Because this sottish wh#ore monger from Hollywood is the expert of revolutions and he knows exactly what is going on in the Eastern Europe!!
    Guess who made him believe to be a God??? And that he has chance to be the President with his wh#rish past???

    Anyway, has someone heard about Anal Clowney’s big carrier before Clooney-bin? Has she done something “important” before, apart from marrying Clooney-bin?

    Yes, it’s true, any other celebrity wh#ore in Hollywood has much more money than this no-name lawyer…They really spend their own money at least.

  • Me

    Well yeah…nothing like biting the hands that feed you…and your family.

  • Me

    you know what they’ve become? The Kardashians….where at least the Kardashians know who and what they are. They don’t have to try so hard.

    Where is Georgie boy, BTW? Still in NYC with Waldo and the boys?

  • Liam

    She is an amazing woman and it is so good to see that she is trying to do some good for Greece. Espeically when it comes the stolen legin marbles! SO good!

  • j

    @Lamark: I will, thanks

  • Jane

    To Me

    Millions of Greeks like me are not interested in your hate filled posts directed at Amal Clooney. All we care about is that she is going to represent Greece in our demand that Great Britain return our cultural property that was stolen.

  • ouch

    was this daily mail article already posted? I like Amal overall but they are getting to be a bit much. Take it down a notch or two…

  • *bored*

    Amal Alamuddin is an unattractive, unkempt dishevelled transvestite.
    Rat-tailed hair mess. Tootsie.
    George Clooney will leave his legacy as polluting the world with manly, obnoxious, vile beards these last 7-8 years.

  • Al’s Marmot

    The only reason Alamuddin changed her name is so that she will turn up in Google searches for Clooney. This is all about publicity and money. She was never engaged to Clooney and is NOT married to him. This entire mess was scripted more than a year ago, and the script included Keibler’s marriage and a payoff for her husband who is in internet marketing. The biggest payoff for Alamuddin will be when the fake, staged “divorce” takes place. If they can convince people that the payoff is due to a divorce, no one raises eyebrows about why she’s receiving a crapload of money. The money is nothing whatsoever to do with Clooney; an intelligent person can figure out the rest, and I will leave it at that…

  • Sarah Larson aka Anal Clooney

    Ding ding #13! Spot on! This baloney is one of the “perks” of being one of his contract women: makeover, wardrobe, article(s) in magazine, a role or spot on tv show, rave reviews from various media outlets, talk of wedding & subsequent articles, and then the “break up” signifying the end of the contract. It’s the same reason why he has a penchant for hookers – he can pay them to kum and then pay them to quietly leave and conveniently not one of them breathes a word but rather “wishes him well” and are “happy for him”. Same tune, different sk*nk. They are all high priced CALL GIRLS and Anal Puddin’ Alamuddin is no exception to that rule. She’s just savvy with contracts & looks good on paper, that’s all.

    What’s crazy is that George thinks these stunts actually bolster his image, not hinder it. His stupid “friends”, also called those who know he’s their meal ticket, will go along & play
    along with any d*mn thing he tells them to do. Not only because theyre afraid of the wrath of Clooney, but because he will harrass & cajole & cut off major money supplies if they don’t. You know, new Harleys for all The Boys, because dont you want your besties around at a moment’s notice, agreeing with anything you do or say? Grant Heslov’s his “producing partner” that contributed NOTHING on “Good Night & Good Luck”, but he wsnted a regularpaycheck so George called him a writer. All these people suckle at the teet of Clooney. He literally buys his friendships just like he buys positive media reviews about him. Look at what a self-righteous p.o.s. he acts like when anyone deigns to write or say anything to the contrary. This is why he drinks alcohol like water. He is a narcissistic crybaby who will ruin a person’s life or career if they dare cross him. He panders to the media but the minute they question his motive or call out his hypocrisies & idiocracies, he goes ape sh*t like a child on the playground. Watch the movie, Nightcrawlers. He is the creep who blackmails content producers into mentioning his name and sugar coating his good deeds while he bangs prostitutes & drowns in alcohol on the side. And oh yeah – THIS is the guy people say would make a great ppresidet? Maybe if you like Tom Ford!! He has bagged on St. Angelina in the past by covering her heroin addicted self in sainthood by volunteering for the U.N. and adopting a child. He made fun of her for it to Brad, snd then turned around to harness the same tactics on a much, much, much sleazier level. She, meantime, has straightened her life out while he mot only continues the charade but does his utmost to outdo her. That’s why she hates him. His intentions are fir HIM and his image control. Her’s started as image control and ended up being very real, from the heart, and even humbling. She even won over the heart of the one man George tjought was cut of the same cloth as himself: Brad Pitt. George has nothing real and is nothing real but a moody drunk. This marriage was a last ditch effort to try to pretend he’s attained the one thing he absolutelycannot master, nor believes even exists: Real Love.

  • Al’s Marmot

    “This marriage was a last ditch effort to try to pretend he’s attained the one thing he absolutelycannot master, nor believes even exists: Real Love.”
    Nope. This FAKE marriage has absolutely nothing to do with pretending he’s attained love. It’s all about money and publicity. The “divorce” was written into the script, same as the “breakups” in the previous scripts.

  • Al’s Marmot

    Also I don’t want to start Angelina’s nasty publicity people, but that shit is fake. I don’t buy her manufactured image at all. And how is being involved with the UN considered doing something good? Normal people don’t think of it like that. The UN is about politics, not charity. Brad is lazy and not very smart, so he just stays where he is.

  • Al’s Marmot

    What kind of woman who owns stock in a genetic testing company encourages women to get genetically tested and hack their breasts off when it’s scientifically proven that lumpectomies are both more effective and safer? That woman is a narcissistic greedy liar.

  • Emerald

    Al’s Marmot

    When you will stop your obsessive insane nonsense? George Clooney does not know nor does he care who you are. When will you understand that. You tell the whole world online that you will marry George Clooney on December 10 then get all hysterical when it doesn’t happen.

    You have quite literally stalked, there is no other word for it, George Clooney on IMDb for years. Since Feb 13, 2013 alone, almost every post you’ve made on IMDb as been on George Clooney. I bet if a further search of your posting history was made we would find that your obsession with George Clooney is even more disturbing. You”ve also stalked George Clooney on JJ and other sites as well. Like other cyber stalkers you become angry when your behavior is called out. Well get used to it!!

    By the way, I was at a coffee shop in Beverly Hills CA where I got into a discussion with some other customers about George Clooney’s wedding. I happened to mention you and your antics on various websites. Two of the other customers started laughing then said “That crazy loon? She has been stalking George for years.” Two complete strangers I had never met before that day knew all about you.

    You need some serious help Al’s Marmot sooner the better!!!

  • Stan

    Aren’t gifts supposed to be personal?

  • Ares


    The Parthenon Marbles are staying at the British Museum and UNESCO already has the refusal press release prepared.
    ALL THIS WAS A MEGA-FAIL and will receive bad publicity for George Clooney by both the British and Greeks in due course.
    Greek journalists have been more bemused at what an ugly woman George Clooney married.
    I’ve read so many comments that people speculate if she’s a manly beard, how ugly she is (by Greek standards, she looks like an Asian gypsy beggar).

  • Ares

    Her filthy rat-tailed hair harbors all sort of germs and she’s constantly fidgeting with it.

    What a low life alcoholic passive-aggressive loser George Clooney married.

  • Rosey_the_Robot

    Don’t be so paranoid. You are falling apart over this…seriously.


    شت يور ماوث اب :)