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Jennifer Lawrence Touches Down at LAX After Hitting Up London for 'Serena' Premiere!

Jennifer Lawrence Touches Down at LAX After Hitting Up London for 'Serena' Premiere!

Jennifer Lawrence covers up her face under a hat and cardigan to try and avoid photographers as she arrives at LAX Airport on Tuesday evening (October 14) in Los Angeles.

The 24-year-old Oscar winning actress made her way through the terminal with a bodyguard after returning from London, where she attended the premiere of her latest film Serena.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Jennifer Lawrence

In case you missed it, check out Jennifer‘s gorgeous Vanity Fair cover story, where she opened up for the first time about her nude photo leak.

FYI: Jennifer is carrying an Elizabeth and James bag.

10+ pictures inside of Jennifer Lawrence touching down at LAX Airport…

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  • AK

    did she try always to cover herself like this or what ??

  • Billie

    She’s said she hates giving the paparazzi shots they can make money off of. Her hiding her face causes any pictures they take to be worth so much less. Same for when she flips them off at times. She’ll do what it takes for the price of the pics to go down.

  • Courtney

    Daily Mail is so stupid! “Jennifer seemed a completely different person: she was all smiles at the Serena premiere.” It’s called promoting a movie dumb asses! I’m glad she went, though. It would have been rude if she didn’t and I was glad to see her make the fans’ day. She’s only shying away from the cameras because of the disgusting paps! She’s always hated the paparazzi, yet DM acts like this is totally unexpected behavior. She’s not letting them take pictures of her for a profit. Glad her friends called them out on Twitter for being the shitty liars they are.

  • Sam

    I just can’t with her anymore…

  • Courtney

    A few other things from Daily Mail: ” Jennifer wasn’t in the mood to talk to fans.” There were no fans around, just photographers. “She got into a black limousine.” If you look at the video on DM it’s a regular black SUV. No brains among them!

  • talia

    @Courtney: jennifer has only recently started covering her face like that,she never did that before.

  • Gina

    Daily Mail isn’t journalism. They had apologyze with Clooney for her false rumors

  • Athena

    Jennifer Lawrence has been doing this since early spring…it brings the price down to next to nothing for the paps….jerks that the paps are…GOOD FOR JENNIFER!.

  • rita

    @Courtney: You are infatuated with this women, you comment on almost every article you need help you really do.

  • Courtney

    @talia: No, there were pics of her covering up back in 2013. When her distaste for the paparazzi really started showing. This isn’t a new thing.

  • rita

    @Athena: No its childish, makes her look childish and sets a bad example on how to deal with a problem. So all she is upset about is not making money off her image just like taking legal action against Google over her nude pictures.

  • Athena

    @Courtney: Exactly right. There were no fans around….just the paps. And yes, Lawrence was her usual good natured
    self at the premiere because she’s being herself as well as being professional. Glad the Daily Fail was called out for their lies…jerks.

  • pah-lease

    @Courtney Deni posted around noon Tues.(PST) that Lawrence was already in LA. That means the pics are from early Tues. morning, not last night. So if it’s about an 11 flight, plus going through customs, then an 8 hr. time difference, it means Lawrence left sometime soon after the “Serena” premiere.

    Guess she didn’t want to spend extra time in London with her “boyfriend” Martin to meet his family/friends like he’s supposedly done with hers. Why is that, if there supposedly “so in love”?

    Of course, the Sun reported Lawrence’s mom met him last week, but…he was in London since last Mon. So how does that work-him in London, Lawrence’s mom in LA? Just another lie by the Sun/Daily Mail.

  • Athena

    @rita: That’s a bizzare way to interpret the way a person should protect their privacy. Not childish at all…it is about self preservation. Again, good for her.

  • Athena

    @pah-lease: Yup, agreed. Seriously, though….does anyone really take these trashy tabloids as the last word??. We are talking about a tabloid (Daily Fail) that is known for hacking emails, phones….scum of the earth.

  • Courtney

    @pah-lease To be honest, the Sun had me convinced for a little while because they printed her grandmother’s name. You can’t get information like that without contacting them. But then someone on Twitter told me the Sun makes up quotes all the time and that Jennifer’s family is extremely private when it comes to her and they would have the sense not to talk to tabloids. Apparently the Sun is the British equivalent of OK! magazine. And yes, I noticed they got her grandfather’s name wrong. Yes, she would have had time to stay in London. She’s got two weeks until the Mockingjay press tour starts up, so why didn’t she hang with Chris afterward? Isn’t that what couples do?

  • Courtney

    @Athena I love the picture of her picking her own nose on the Serena poster at the premiere! Classic Jennifer right there! :D

  • rita

    @Athena: she is 24 so will she do this and act that way for 60 more years? she is childish and the only one who acts this way.

  • Ellen

    The paps are just doing his job! they have it to eat. JUST THINK THAT…
    I love Jennifer Lawrence like actor, but now she is just… ugh i don’t know. She change too much since the pics and the whole thing…

  • Athena

    @Courtney: Yeah, it is classic Jennifer!. Glad she went to the premiere….she looked gorgeous.

  • well

    to the people defending her saying that paps will get next to nothing for taking pics of her covering herself, it really doesn’t matter. She’s a high profile actress, a pap finding her will still make a pretty penny just cause they got a picture of her period, regardless if she covered her face or not. Sure they’ll make a little less than a regular picture but it’s still very profitable. She’ll have to be really good about having self control with the abundance of paps cause she will be VERY profitable for them if she does lash out to them in anger in the near future so she needs to constantly keep that in mind.

  • Athena

    @Ellen: Baloney. The paps are scum and everyone knows it…Lawrence hasn’t changed (might I remind you about the picking of her own nose on the poster?…making jokes at the premiere)…she’s just taken a firm stand against the paps and that’s good.

  • yeah

    @Athena: classically diva before she won her oscar she didn’t care about the paparazzi even used them to raise her profile.

  • yeah

    @well: Agreed it comes with the job hardly an invasion of privacy just pics at the airport not a hover drone over her swimming pool or a peeping tom. If Bradley can do it so can she the end.

  • M4

    @yeah: Goop?…is that you?. How’s Brad Falchuk these days?.

  • Bull

    @yeah: She had no problem with the papz when she did that PR stunt with the T shirt in Malibu because it was to her benefit she is hypocritical.

  • Bull

    @M4: yes i am sure goop is online writing stuff about Jen using the user name yeah.

  • M4

    @Bull: Actually, not hard to believe at all…

  • Bull

    @M4: you are insane she has better things to do like make money.

  • Spencer

    @pah-lease, there’s nothing saying Jennifer was in LA around noon yesterday. (No actual proof that is) These pictures, by the little information we do have, seem to be taken yesterday evening. It’s dark out (when checking the video) so it makes sense. She probably left London sometime in the afternoon yesterday London time and got in to LA around 7-8pm or something. I know she said during the premiere that she couldn’t stay because she had to get back to Los Angeles, but that could have just been the excuse she used to let the crowd down easy and not having to do the Q&A, which I can’t blame her for. Her heading back to LA could have more to do with her having something there she needs to get done, could be promotional duties, rather then her not wanting to spend time with Chris. She did head over to London a few days before the premiere, which she probably wouldn’t have had he not been there. (If she would have showed up at all that is. She was there for like 20 minutes)

  • Usuck

    “Hollywood” actors strive for attention. Thanks to media attention they have job and fans which equal money. And that’s all what they want. She’s no diffrent. Again (like literally everytime she’s papped), she knew what she was signing for and she has good profits from her fame (that comes thanks to the media). SO quit this stupid, childish, annoying act, Jennifer. Just stop it. And yes, I don’t like her but I clicked and commented on this article because I have to see her on front pages anyway and I’m really tired of her “relatable” schtick that is a complete BS.

  • http://JustJared Jan

    Pics look professional and I think the photos were leaked deliberately by Jennifer Lawrence, an exhibitionist, who would enjoy the attention. She had no problem having the pics taken, so she is far from shy.

  • sweetness

    who in their right mind defends the paps just doing their jobs. She’s not going to give them happy smiling shots because like all those young starlets, Kristen Stewart, Emma Stone…Emma Watson…when they are arriving at airports these paps are low grade leeches who yell vile things to these young female stars. Why does she have to be smiling for them?
    Stewart never smiles for them and her fans are intelligent enough to get it..Paps are vulgar.

  • Courtney

    @Spencer What you say makes sense. We don’t know if she was there early just to see Chris, she could have gone earlier because it was convenient and less of a hassle than leaving the day before. She also loves London, so maybe she wanted a few days to herself before the premiere. Some of those may have been spent with Chris, but as far as I know, he’s busy working on new music and I saw something on Twitter that showed him being filmed for this documentary or music thing with the Foo Fighters. Who knows? I think her leaving early for LA may indeed have something to do with the fact that she had some work to do, but Mockingjay promo doesn’t start for her until November 4, when she goes to Korea. She has some time off, so yes, maybe she had something else to do in L.A., but maybe she did leave to ditch the Q&A and decided to head home without staying a little longer for Chris.

  • B

    She’s a wearing a similar badge to Chris badge

  • Kass

    A lot of comments some with great people and other who don’t have lives some things never change !
    Jealousy such an ugly thing ….


  • Living in a box

    If she weren’t involved with the leaked photos, do you think she will acted like this?

  • pah-lease

    @Spencer You’re starting to sound like the tabs. Believe or not, everything Lawrence does isn’t about Martin! Just because he’s there doesn’t mean her going early *had* to be anything about “seeing” him. Maybe she went early to get over jet lag before the premiere, to do some press for “Serena”, pick out what she would wear to the premiere, sightseeing, etc. Maybe even clean out what items she had at Hoult’s house.

    She was likely there because chances are when she signed the movie contract, she agreed to do promo for it. Nobody knew at the time it would take so long for it to be released, it would have problems getting releases, etc. So she had to be there, no matter how short the appearance.

    As for leaving quickly-Courtney pointed out ” Mockingjay” press doesn’t start for a couple weeks. Maybe she only wanted to ditch the Q&A session, especially after the bad press leading up to the premiere. So she could’ve stayed, but didn’t.

    And after the huge lies Daily Mail and Sun published these past few days, I’m even more convinced she and Martin aren’t “together”.

  • LAME

    IF SHE DOES NOT LIKE TO GET PHOTOGRAPHED SHE SHOULD RETIRE THERE ARE PLENTY OF OTHER ACTORS IN HOLLYWOOD WHO WOULD BE GLAD TO TAKE HER SALARY. SHE ACTS LIKE A SILLY CHILD AND A DUNCE ! and actually the paps will hound her harder and longer to get better photos so what she is doing is really DUMB, but should we be surprised umm NO !

  • Deni

    @pah-lease @Courtney @Spencer Jen has not been in London for Chris Martin. She was in London just for Serena premiere and she was not even happy..she had the glance off! Not climb up on the mirrors as the tabloids..please. She flew from LA friday morning but arrived in London saturday early morning because there is 10/11 hours of flight and 8 hours of time zone; So,pratically she has been in London just 2 days..and flew back to LA yesterday afternoon because there were no flights to LA up to 16.15. Time for a good night’s sleep and a lunch. Chris Martin (according to Courtney) performed in a place nearly Exeter friday night,so saturday maybe he was in Exeter. Regard Jennifer and the cover..i said before,she was not happy..not enthusiastic to be in London,not enthusiastic to be at Serena premiere and was not happy because of all this crap the tabloids! Her friends have advised of this crap of DM. Regard the story of her’s clearly..The sun contacted Jen’s grandparents with the excuse to talk about Jennifer and its being genuine after the fame etc…but The sun changed the cards on the table and invented the story of Martin (as the Daily Mail with Jen’s friends) but they have wrong the name of her grandpa (strange,no?). It’s impossible that the grandparents have spoken about Jen’s private life..they have never done. Besides Karen Lawrence was not in LA in September and this 2 weeks of october 100%. They are crafty and embarrassing.

  • Courtney

    @Deni: I don’t know. People who were there said she was happy to be there to present the films. She was making jokes and there are pictures of her laughing with Suzanne Bier and the BFI director in the photo session, plus poking fun at herself by picking her poster picture’s nose. I also doubt she knows of the tabloid stories because she doesn’t read things about herself that much. She may have been tired or something in the Serena premiere photos, but people say she looked to be in good spirits. The photos of her coming in LAX tell a different story because of the stupid paparazzi. That I understand.

  • MeMe

    When you are in London no way are you not going to read The Sun. She saw the headlines. There are news agents all over the place with papers on the streets. just saying. Also, I bet the Tabs waited until she was in London to put those headlines forward–more papers sold. Anyone who has ever been to London knows its virtually impossible to ignore the press.

    Also, she’s an actress. No way to know if she was really happy or acting. What’s she supposed to do look unhappy to be at her own Premier> Of course she appeared happy.

  • Deni

    @Courtney No,she knows everything! She also knew of Perez Hilton that posted her nude. She knows everything. Besides,if you look the last promotion of CF or the last awards realize that is different. Monday she was not happy. She occasionally smiled because certainly she has to do it..but was a smile the look! Sure,she will be more quiet in november for the MJ promotion because she will close Josh and Liam and i can’t wait!!!

  • Courtney

    @MeMe @Deni There have been premieres before where she didn’t smile much (BAFTAs 2013, Paris premiere of Catching Fire). Circumstances may have been fatigue or not feeling well, which I understand. She doesn’t have to smile all the time for the camera. She’s told to pout for the cameras and smile and yes, that’s part of the publicity at premieres, but she looked and sounded genuinely happy on stage in London, from what I’ve heard from those who were there. She seems like the type who will let you know exactly how she feels. Plus, she doesn’t like to be photographed that much and may get tired of having the cameras in her face at these things.

  • dee

    Is JLaw getting shXXt on for NOT WANTING TO BE A FAMEWHORE for the paps??? Am I reading these comments right???? I cant with some of you sometimes… so shes covering and ducking her face. I wouldnt want to give them what they want either! Yes its “part of the job” but at the same time…..its not! It just comes with it. And she can chose to behave however she wants to with them, she doesnt owe them anything. When its time for her to promote and walk red carpets she does, and she does it effing well! I think its OKAY for her to have this to herself non without being shxxt on for “acting childish” or wtvr… *sigh*

  • Deni

    @Courtney I do not speak only of the smile. Is obvious that she can not smile all the time; would have the cramps. I speak of behavior and of her glance that was evidently off! She was there because she had to; not because she wanted to. Is obvious that she likes to see the fans..but she was not happy because is the moment who is not happy!

  • hahah

    @dee: sorry she is being childish she has many years of this to get through.

  • Spencer

    @Courtney, Chris being filmed was ages ago and in New York. They just posted pics again because whatever he filmed will air on Friday and they finally found out what it was he was filming for.
    And true, we don’t know the exact reason why Jennifer showed up in London a few days early, but in my opinion it’s pretty obvious she was there to see Chris as well as attend the Serena premiere. But the fact that Jennifer was only at the premiere for around 20 minutes, didn’t stay for the Q&A and didn’t do any other promotion duties for that movie tells me that Serena was probably not the main reason she was in London and had Chris not been there, she probably wouldn’t have bothered. Not for 20 minutes. She was on stage for like 2 minutes and then she was gone. She didn’t even stay to watch the movie. Had she been there for the sake of the movie she would have stayed longer.

    I think it’s pretty simple really. She flew to London to spend some time with Chris (who is still there working right now) and it worked out perfectly because Serena was premiering at the same time. And then she flew back to Los Angeles because she had things to do there.

    @pah-lease, I’m starting to sound like the tabs? Nice. I can think for myself you know. And obviously I know that not everything Jennifer does is related to Chris, but I don’t think it’s just a coincidence that Jennifer flew over there a few days early, at the same time that Chris was there and the only time she was seen was during a quick stop at the film festival before taking off again. It’s my opinion that her main reason for going there was to spend time with her boyfriend, and that she combined it with the premiere. I’m just guessing, as much as you do when you say that you think she was there to get stuff from the flat or that she was sightseeing or whatever.

  • Spencer

    @Deni, Jennifer looking “off” or unhappy at the premiere is just an opinion, not a fact. To me she looked perfectly happy and there was no real difference to how she usually is at events. She might’ve been a bit more guarded, but can anyone really blame her for that? This was her first official appearance at an event since the pictures came out and the place was full of reporters and media people.
    And as for Chris being seen performing in Exeter, what’s to say he didn’t head up back to London Saturday morning when Jennifer arrived? Doesn’t take that long to get to London from there and he grew up in the area, so maybe Jennifer went down there and they spent a few days there before heading up to London again. The possibilities are many, but you can’t really say that Jennifer didn’t spend time with Chris while she was there, because you don’t know that, just like I don’t know that she did for sure. (Though I’m pretty sure she did obviously)

  • Deni

    @Spencer That Jen arrived in London saturday to see CM is just YOUR opinion (blind and without proof as usual). Personally i do not find anything strange that she arrived saturday instead that sunday..what is the difference? Are 10/11 hours of flight and she would return in LA tuesday..must also rest! Then,she really wanted to spend the time with him that flew back immediately after the premiere. Normally,so do you..yeah. And according to you as usual..when they are together nobody sees anything,nobody hear anything and nobody knows anything..because are all blind,are all deaf and are all idiot!! Yeah. You are free to believe what you want..but do not insist on telling what is not there. The concerts there were? Yes. During the concerts they have spent time together? Yes. The rest are just crap. Meanwhile the time passes. Besides,if CM had a new relationship he would filed the divorce from his wife..because normally,so do you.