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Katie Holmes Becomes Olay's New Global Beauty Ambassador - Watch Her First Commercial Here!

Katie Holmes Becomes Olay's New Global Beauty Ambassador - Watch Her First Commercial Here!

Katie Holmes has been named the new face of Olay!

The 35-year-old actress is teaming up with the skincare company, as its first Global Beauty Ambassador.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Katie Holmes

“It’s an Ohio company, so it feels like home to be working with them,” Katie told People. “So I’ve sort of come full circle.”

“Olay is a brand I respect, trust and believe in,” Katie continued. “I love the products and message to women to never settle and put their best face forward, every day. They really mean something to women. I remember buying Olay in high school because I wanted to look pretty.”

Introducing Katie Holmes: Olay’s New Global Beauty Ambassador

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  • Nathan
  • Nathan

    Annie: Here’s a close-up pic. Katie’s Olay commercial photoshoot at Penn Station yesterday.

  • Free at last

    She looks like an old clown here. The blush makes her look like a clown, while the hairdo and wardrobe age her another 10 years. Her slanted smirk doesn’t help either.

    Fail. Epic Fail.

  • Joey is getting old

    C’mon, her people are on overdrive!
    It’s getting comical.
    They know she is 36 in a month and trying so hard to make her happen.
    All this push, help from HW and overexposure still isn’t making her relevant or giving her high profile roles.

  • rrr

    I will never understand her appeal.

  • Joey is getting old

    I didn’t see any announcement about the terms of this new contract. I am sure her people learned the lesson from Bobbie Brown experience and won’t release it incase it doesn’t work out again.

  • shh

    The hair looks awful! It makes her jaw look enormous. She should have let her hair down.

  • peliplo

    love heeeer! go katie gooo!

  • Nolan

    greatttt! wanna see it on.T V too! for the naysayer up.there, ssy what you want, but serious business, publicity deals with big brands, movies of big and small budgets, and more projects lined up ( directing and acting in one movie, putting her voice in.another, repeating her role in The Kennedy’s…..say what u will but Oscars ir huge box office is not the only way of success. this also katie is hot right now, whether it or not. another prove ? the hits her posts have, whether to love her or to trash her, people care comment. that is also hint.

  • @ Nolan

    Keeping the PR up doesn’t exactly make her hot, and neither do the jobs you mentioned. She’s employed, and that’s great for her, but “hot right now” is a huge overstatement.

    And this is not a nice pic of her. I guess Olay is going for non-threatening/middle age, but it’s almost like they tried to make her look plain. They could have done way better.

  • Bill about Harvey

    Bill Murray who is in a HW film:
    He won’t campaign for an Oscar, ever again: “I’ve never done that. I know that’s something Harvey (Weinstein) does — he forces you to do these things. I’m not that way. If you want an award so much, it’s like a virus. It’s an illness.”
    Harvey on Bill’s refusal to campaign: “And neither will we, until something happens, like a Golden Globe or a critic’s award. If that happens, he’ll have to get a restraining order against us. We’ll disregard what he told us.”
    @NOLAN- totally agree with you. It’s a pr push trying to make someone “hot right now” doesn’t mean they are really hot. Katie’s post get hits here on this corner of the internet since the old TomKat days. These are the ones that follow the story but it does not represent the whole picture.
    HW is applying his pit bull attitude to this which frankly will say a lot if after this big push she is still not in demand.

  • Go Figure!

    Why oh why does she always manage to make herself look so old?

  • Nathan

    Katie doesn’t look old she’s beautiful and I think the ad does what it’s supposed to do witch is show off Katie’s great skin. It’s not a makeup ad so having her face all made up in full makeup would be kinda stupid. No?

  • Alison

    “skin, it’s what I see the when I look in the mirror.” who writes this stuff?

  • Nolan

    lets see….to my two replies..whether the P R is pushing or not, the facts are there. she is very actively working and some projects seem pretty good. what is your basis for going harsh on her? i do not get it. i am a huge fan, and I see that some of the choices in terms of work have not been great, but all in all, if you see all her resume, she’s done some pretty good projects, worked with well respected people in the industry and participated in various.campaigns. there have been flops and some films I did not like, but I am no perfect either, so go figure. i think she is classy in a way that very few in that industry are, and she did have many reasons not to be. so, no, I accept criticism as it makes things balanced and realistic, but negativity and bringing people down just for the sake of it, no.

  • @Nolan

    To each his own.
    You see classy and others don’t see it at all.

  • Nolan

    OK, to each his own. she was under HUGE scrutiny at some points while with Tom, huge. Tabloids, celeb shows, social media….the craziest, over the top stories were written about her, most of them completely fabricated and extremely harsh. Some people dared to come out to put across an opinion about her while ignoring the facts or not knowing her. Ever, did she respond to that, or to anyone sending trash her way. She handled all of it in a very dignified manner if you ask me and there were many momens where many others would have broke apart and lost it. She did not, at least not publicly or at anyone who did openly attack her. So yes, classy and with a good head on her shoulder.

  • @Nolan

    actually some would say she did respond but let her people do it rather then talking herself.
    Clearly, not everyone sees her the way you do.

  • sara

    @Nolan: Of course she never responded to the trash written about her. First off neither Tom nor Xenu would have let her. Most of the A list and B list actors do not respond because they know to do so brings more unfavorable publicity. George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Jolie, Aniston, Kidman, even going back to Burton/Taylor, Hutton/Bogart and more–they all know better to respond. Cruise is one of the few that has taken on tabloids and sued. The rest just shrug it off. And Katie knew exactly what she was getting into in terms of the paps and tabloids when she married Tom (maybe not so much Xenu). She had a several months of exposure to the madness.

  • Pinky

    Classy is not a word I would use to describe a woman who goes around looking like a slob most of the time.

  • Nolan

    fine guys, that’s your take in it. I agree to disagree.
    I think there are many aspects of her persona than stand out from the average hollywood attitude and mindset. sorry that u dont feel same way.

  • Honestly

    She looks 57.

  • Pimp

    And this is why we all of a sudden saw Suri photocopied the other day.

  • annie

    Thanks Nathan for the links.
    I think she looks lovely, and natural. Katie is promoting skin care, so that’s what you see. No botox, no false eyelashes, no hair extensions. So yes, it’s about the skin. Come on, people know that movie stars are nothing like they look like on the red carpet, or magazines, without the makeup hairdressers,and the obligatory extensions..So yes she is promoting it well, I think.

  • Deanna

    She’s not aging well at all.

  • @annie

    Hate to break it to you, but she has had some Botox. She has Botox bunnies when she laughs and her forehead isn’t totally natural when she frowns.

  • annie


  • KFlop

    “It’s an Ohio company, so it feels like home to be working with them,”

    She’s SOOOO Midwest!
    Buckeye Katie

  • BellaLou

    Hey F flop. Glad you are back.

  • Valais

    LOL. Thought the same thing. Doubt she was using it before they offered her money.

  • Just a Comment

    I think Olay could have made a nicer commercial. Personally I use estee lauder, clinque, & clarins

  • Nathan

    Katie is the cutest actress ever.

  • Caryn Carrington

    Not the best choice for an ambassador or model for a skin care product. Mainly because she just doesn’t seem to care about her skin.

  • Danelle

    I think any number of other women celebrities – Halle Berry, Rene Russo, Kristin Davis, Kate Walsh, Gabrielle Union, and many more name – would’ve have made a more believable ‘global ambassador’.

  • Sincerely Concerned

    Why the new format and struggle to post? Vitamin C! 1/2 the price and twice the benefit.

  • Sincerely Concerned

    If you are looking for a “good” facial cream at any drug store etc. Olay’s products are the most expensive ($50 vs. $24). With no difference! Is this Katie’s impulsive move again? Anything for a buck? Just a thought:)

  • @sincerelyconcerned

    Not to mention it’s bad reputation for animal testing

  • Nathan

    From: ish_______ instagram

    Katie Holmes for New York Moves Magazine

    Katie looks great. she has an amazing figure. very sexy.

  • SuriSays

    New pictures at the Daily Mail. Suri is with her so it’s another moderated thread there. Someone suggested on another thread she takes Suri out more when there is news for her to promote since she knows everyone is more interested in how Suri is doing.

  • Sincerely Concerned

    I don’t see her getting married again. Why would she??? She has experienced independence to well. Besides, Suri and that snooty cousin from Toledo clearly say, ” no room at the inn”.

  • Sincerely Concerned

    Nathan, every time u say how she is ” the cutest”, it only gets me to check. Just to get to this point, I will see girls that

  • Sincerely Concerned

    Neighbor of Kardashians …She even knows where her talent caps. PLEASE prove me wrong!

  • Sincerely Concerned

    Not liking this new posting site one bit!

  • Sincerely Concerned

    Where”s Annie etc? Last night I had the most bizarre dream. Katie was Amy in Gone Girl and NAILED IT! I keep saying she needs to do something twisted

  • lushlife

    I am sorry but Katie does NOT inspire me to use Olay products at all.
    If anything I think it was actually a real turn off. Does not make the product look very appealing or like good results!