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Brad Pitt Says the Tank They Filmed 'Fury' In Smelled So Bad

Brad Pitt Says the Tank They Filmed 'Fury' In Smelled So Bad

Brad Pitt keeps his sunglasses on even though it’s dark outside on Thursday evening (October 16) in New York City.

The 50-year-old actor had the help of a bodyguard to exit his hotel without being swarmed by photographers.

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In a group interview ahead of the Washington, D.C. Fury premiere, Brad revealed that life on set wasn’t glamorous when it came to the stench of the tank the actor’s filmed in.

“It smelled so bad,” Brad said, according to USA Today. But he also added that “by Day 3, you don’t notice” the smell.

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  • deCosmos

    Pitt should know all about bad smells, given his own personal stench and that of Angie.

    Just look at that picture! Did he sleep in a dumpster? Does he live in one?

  • Passing Through

    Good golly, Jared. You FINALLY get registration and the next day you throw up a back-in-da-day photo of Brad with the “dead end”? Dude…you’re quickly erasing that warm fuzzy feeling we were developing for you again…

  • Passing Through

    Oh yea…the first comment on the new thread was from a troll…of course…

  • valis202

    Can’t wait to see Fury. The buzz around the this film been amazing.

  • tweet

    Brad was attending SAG screening last night in NYC.

  • Dawne

    I posted about four times on the last thread………I am just agog at the utter temerity of him to do this when Brad is fresh off his honeymoon and promoting a major film……..not only does he not put half the Brad threads up on the header but he completely ignored Angie’s new trailer for Unbroken………but he has the brass ballz to put this thread up to attract trolls…………and insult the JP’s in a huge time in their personal and professional lives………I smell Huvsy behind this as the triange is winding to a halt PR wise…………I am disgusted to the core to put it mildly……….I think we should cease posting unti it is down……..I am livid………….

  • Dawne

    no that would be Tacky……he’s your dumpster boy……….

  • BH

    Fury seems to be an amazing movie. Brad has not missed a single one in the last 10 years. Talking about being inspired by a muse….

  • BH

    The vote down button does not seem to work. I can vote up but not down.

  • valis202

    LOL. Yea I noticed that as well

  • well

    FAT tick old manny is as gross and desperate as ever…she spends MILLIONS, year after year, month after month, week after week, day after day to show the world why all men run screaming from her nasty old self. It was so lovely here until fat tick had to force herself into trolling the JPs yet again- ugh.

  • Dawne

    Jared allowed it……….is is a giant slap in the face to the scores of JP fans who keep this site humming. And the timing …………..during Fury promotion………doubly insulting…………I cannot believe it. Talk about inciting trolls as well as shiiting all over us.

  • Dawne

    Is Brad’s thread up……… Angie’s Unbroken thread up……………NOPE………..the old desperate cougar stuck in the past.

  • tweet

    Ed Crocoll

    now30 seconds ago

    Great Q&A with the cast of #Furymovie last night! A small, raw war film done in a big way! Terrific performances!

  • Phool

    Jared seriously WTF did you have to post a huffington post thread up with the DEADEND Ticky, funny not one actor or actress is with the same partner they were paped on the night of that premiure, what does that tell you LOL

  • Dawne

    He needs to be taken to the woodshed on this one. Blood boiling.

  • Phool

    LOL I think our feeling will remain fuzzy . I guess JJ got a call from Huvane to keep the DEADEND relavant, after all Squiggy is still Trolling poor Heidi Bivins at every Fashion show.PS Day 40 CAKE still has no distributor lol.

  • Phool

    Don’t stress your self you know how Jared roll, he rolls in scum called Huvane/Ticky

  • well

    Yes, and based on historical data, he probably got well paid for it…if he’s so fired up about the 15 year anniversary of FC (we know by previous FC posts -never- that he’s not), how about a picture of Ed or David??? A r r r gh… Brad, Vince, John Mayer, etc. are so lucky to have escaped from this rude desperado….time to buy another dirtbag award!

  • ndn

    Brad and the crew interviewed by GMA…video below


    Brad Pitt, Shia LaBeouf on ‘Amazing’ Opportunity to Talk With Vets

    The stars of “Fury” discuss how they prepared for their roles in the World War II tank epic.David Muir got behind the scenes and the stories with the stars.

    Reporter: One of the things that resonate with the American people, you
    wanted to hear from real tankers who survived this. And I’m curious,
    brad, the impact you had on you when you heard from the world war ii

    We have an amazing opportunity to sit down with them,
    and they shared stories. I’m not sure — I wouldn’t think they would
    share with too many people. And we walked away with a great respect, but
    also feeling a great responsibility to, you know, to give it everything
    we got, to portray a tank crew as the real people who lived through it.

    And under incredible conditions. Harsh conditions. No sleep.

    Exhaustion, hunger, cold. And with people shooting you, trying to kill you. So many of them never share their stories.

    Nobody asks them. They have lived through life carrying these tales. And suffered alone.

    most amazing thing happened at the premier. Where one of our second
    armored vets from world war ii said the movie was incredibly accurate.
    That’s what he lived.

    That our movie takes place in a day. And he said we did that for three years.

    Reporter: Yeah.

    Rain’s coming.

    Reporter: It was all very real. I’m curious, what was your thought process behind that?

    just wanted to paint as accurate a picture not just of uniforms,
    weapons and vehicles, but the accurate picture of the hearts of the men.
    And to show how truly difficult their task was. Got it today.

    hear me, boys?

    Reporter: Let me ask you about the respect that you
    gained. A lot of these vets, and you hear this over and over again, they
    went in as kids and came out as men.

    I’m just curious how you came out of this project. Yes. The — it’s been the most rewarding job I’ve ever had in my life.

    most intrinsic value of anything I have worked on.

    Reporter: How much
    time did you spend in the tankers? Months before we started filming.

    Reporter: But you got help from your son on the tanks.

    You look at the vehicles. I brought my 6-year-old who was 5 then.

    has no concept of war and the tank. Fell in love with it immediately. I
    don’t know how to define that love man has with machine.

    But my
    son, it was — he — he could tell you — my oldest son could tell you,
    any tank, any bomber, tell you about artillery. So, yes, I got a brief
    tutorial from him when we started. I ain’t running now.

    You said being on the set, five guys dating one woman trying to get the
    attention of brad here. We wanted love. He was parenting everybody.

    at the same time — Yeah, he’s the father of the family.

    They’re looking at you as the father figure on the set. I took it very

    Of course, I had a responsibility — the
    responsibility of the family as a father. And the real life father of
    six opening up about his wedding with Angelina Jolie in August and why
    they waited so long. Sending a marriage of marriage equality for all.

    it was an amazing day. And I think it’s — there’s an added security
    that comes with it.

    Reporter: What do you say to the folk who is thank
    you for the issue you stood up for a long time before you tied the knot
    yourself? That’s just a no-brainer to me. That’s the basis of our country. You know, equality for everyone.

  • ndn
  • ndn

    Agree with Phool…JJ is on Huvane payroll…anything to keep the x revelant…lol

  • ndn

    Hope all fans are out supporting Brad this weekend…The buzz of Fury is incredible based on those great tweets…
    Have a great weekend everyone!!!

  • Passing Through

    Just saw the trailer for Chris Rock’s Top Five. No wonder it got fast-tracked by Paramount…and left Crack in the dust still looking for a distributor…Day 40 and the beat goes on…

  • NinjaVites

    Koopa Troopa Pitt so wants an award for fury, any award.transparent. Plus, That quote about not being pitted against Angelina’s movie is a joke. When he says I want them to get everything was such a lie and he wouldbt dare call her Dame because his ego won’t let him.

  • NinjaVites

    Koopa troopa Pitt is the one with the movie coming out. Back in the day he would use his ex and family to sell a movie now his Pr team posts old photos to remind fans of a time they liked him. “Hey remember when you liked him? Please support his movie this weekend.signed caa and Pitts manager.” LoL

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    Midget digs through dumpster.

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    HAHA! What a silly comment. And what does Angelina smell like?

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    I see Midget misses his old life with Heidi. At a fashion show without MANiston.

  • happy666

    I think, if this man leaves Angelina she will be hated again.

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    why rn’t the thumb downs working?

  • Phool

    It only makes Jared seem like a fool putting up old deadend shyte like that lol

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    I like this new JJ. So sick of the Brangelina fans bullying everyone and criticizing every other opinion about them before. Now he can regulate the comments properly and you now need a proper email address rather then hiding behind multiple fake IDs like they always do!

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    ahahaha at the crazy trolls
    every post reaches new levels of desperation
    poor things
    10 years of repeating the same crap over n over again
    for what?
    what a waste of life

  • juju

    jared fix the thumb downs

  • happy666

    Why are there so many rumors of Angelina being jealous of many UN’s goodwill ambassadors? Where there’s smoke, there’s fire… lol

  • fyi

    Brad on making an authentic war film

    Brad Pitt and the cast of his new film, Fury, attended the world premiere in Washington DC.

    The film is set in late World War II Germany in 1945 and follows a crew of tank soldiers on a deadly mission.

    by David Ayer, the film focuses on the relationship between the
    soldiers and how they coped with the violence and stress of the war.

    Pitt, Ayer and Shia LaBeouf spoke to reporters about the film.

    video @

  • juju

    lets give the crazy trolls more things to hate

  • fyi

    Brad Pitt and Shia LaBeouf Talk Challenges of Fury Roles: Watch Now!

    It sounds like Brad Pitt and his Fury co-stars had a really emotional time filming their new war flick. At last night’s Fury premiere in Washington, D.C., the 50-year-old actor opened up about what it was like to play a soldier in war.

    always heard these stories of actors having a hard time shaking a role.
    It was true this time. It was true in this one,” Pitt told E! News. “We
    were really embedded in this movie, and I think the biggest challenge
    was, when a film starts, they’re three and a half years into the war.
    They’ve been through Africa, they’ve been through France, they’ve been
    through Belgium and now they’re deep into Germany. And to feel that
    exhaustion and the years of the psychic trauma, I think we got there.”

    To prep for the movie, Pitt and other actors trained with real military men and women.

    “In preparation for it, we spent so much time with them and we walked
    away with so much respect for their mental and physical fortitude and
    such a deep understanding of what they really put on the line for us,”
    the Oscar winner gushed.

    Fury star Shia LaBeouf echoed Pitt and said the hardest thing about filming was “leaving” the set.

    just like leaving a family,” LaBeouf told E! News. “You don’t know
    nothing else after a while, it becomes everything. Like I know
    everything about this dude and all of these men. And we spent that
    amount of time, when you get that close to people, it’s the reason
    soliders want to go back. They don’t want to go back to fight, they want
    to go back for the camaraderie.”videos @

  • Phool

    Hi Ako si Gladys, I posted on the previous thread , wanted to know if you received teh Hello! magazine or not? as it been over 10 days, let me know either way ok.

  • Saffron

    Good morning, everyone! I agree with the sentiment about Jared. He can’t post a thread with Angie’s incredible Unbroken trailer…but he can take the time to post a Tick pic. Says a lot about him and his minions.

  • fyi

    Fury starring Brad Pitt, BFI London Film Festival review: ‘extraordinarily intense’

    David Ayer’s unmissable Fury, starring Brad Pitt, sets a new standard for graphic violence and unsparing detail in war films

    Critic Rating
    4 stars

    April 1945. The five-man crew of a Sherman tank, nicknamed Fury,
    commanded by “Wardaddy” (Brad Pitt, plausibly brutal), are pushing on in
    to Germany, still meeting fanatical resistance from the Nazis.

    Their assistant driver has been killed and a new kid Norman (Logan
    Lerman), only eight weeks in the army, comes in to replace him in this
    hardened team, with Shia Labeouf convincingly filthy as the gunner and
    Michael Pena permanently drunk as the driver. They’re reluctant to
    accept him — but he soon learns.

    This extraordinarily intense and focussed film follows them for the
    next 24 hours, as they fight an horrifically vivid battle against a much
    more heavily armoured but less mobile German Tiger tank, take a town
    and then, their tank disabled by a mine, defend it as a citadel against
    an entire SS battalion. In a single day, Norman learns the full horror
    of tank warfare.

    Filmed in Oxfordshire and Hertfordshire, using
    veteran vehicles from the Tank Museum in Dorset as well as recreations,
    Fury sets a new standard for graphic violence and unsparing detail in
    war films. Its director, David Ayer, himself served as a submariner in
    the US Navy, and his films (Training Day, End of Watch) are ultimately
    all about cameraderie, how men bond under stress. Fury may not be quite
    so overwhelming as Elem Klimov’s classic Come and See, or as ambitious
    as Saving Private Ryan, but it’s unmissable nevertheless.

  • juju
  • happy666

    Yeah, let’s help on Brad’s marriage

  • juju
  • juju
  • juju
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    I don’t hate them nor any fan of Jennifer zzz.Im not a troll. I think I say things pretty clear. It’s probably lack of information because for me images dont say anything particulary especial.

  • Phool

    Squiggy’s still trolling poor Heidi at every fashion show. Maybe he’s there to check out future talent after all Ticky and her CAKE have passed their sell by date lol

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