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Kristen Stewart Will Take Time to Master New Forms of Art

Kristen Stewart Will Take Time to Master New Forms of Art

Kristen Stewart has announced that she plans on taking a break from acting to spend time working on different forms of art.

“I’m taking some time off because I’ve been working for two years. I’m an actor and that’s my art form, and because I started that so young, I’ve always felt intimidated and insufficient when I think about other forms of art I want to create,” the 24-year-old actress said in an interview with USA Today.

“I’m going to take so much time off,” Kristen added. “I’m going to buy a live-work space in downtown LA and I’m going to make some (stuff) with my hands. Literally, I made that decision a few weeks ago… I’m making a bunch of (stuff). I don’t know how I’ll put it out. But I’m not going to hold it so preciously close to me. I write all the time.”

ARE YOU SAD that Kristen Stewart will take time off from acting?

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  • Sprite

    even if it’s food, it won’t go to waste.

  • Jersey

    No, she’s not a superstar, she has Twilight name recognition and that’s all she has.

    No studio will hire her, no big name director wants to be associated with her. These are facts, not up for debate.

    If she was being offered any work, she would take it. She’s not in demand, she’s a minor indie actress who fell into the Twilight franchise. She rode that for as long as she could, but her cheating scandal with Rupert Sanders destroyed her image as a romantic lead.

    Since then she’s been taking small, supporting parts in indies because that’s all she could get. Now even that has dried up, so she announces that she’s “taking a break.”

    That sounds better than being honest and just saying she’s unemployed and can’t get work. Which is the reality. You don’t see any directors coming out and saying, “I wanted KS for the job, but she turned it down.” I’ve never seen any director say that, ever. She takes whatever is offered, she always has.

  • Jersey

    She still wants to be in the public eye, that’s why she made the announcement. Who does she thinks cares what she does with her time?

    If she didn’t want attention she would have just gone off and took her time off without announcing it. Does she think she’s the Queen or something and we peasants need to know when she goes off to Balmoral?

    She’s unemployed. If she had any offers, she’d be working right now. Don’t kid yourself.

  • Jersey

    You’re totally right, she’s always used her fans to try and stay relevant, and hung on Rob’s coattails for as long as she could. “Keep ‘em guessing,” remember?

    She never would give a straight answer because she knew if she did, it would all be over. He’s avoided her for a year and a half now, going so far as to leave the country to escape being photographed anywhere near her.

    She hasn’t exactly been hiding Alicia. They live together, go everywhere together, and seem happy with each other. Too bad her fanbase always needs her to be attached to some man.

  • Jersey

    She created the circus the day she chose to cheat with the married Rupert Sanders on a public road, and then issued a public apology that dragged Rob into it.

    He’s never been part of her circus, he’s not the one who has the paps on speed dial. He ran away from her at Coachella, rather than even be pictured with her. And dumped her shortly after for good.

    She used him and she’s still using him. She’s so busy telling Marie Claire that she can’t help, “who she falls in love with,” and BS like that. She’s got to feed her insane fanbase.

    He was always too good for her and he knows it now. Tahliah is a major upgrade in every way.

  • Jersey

    It didn’t come out in theaters, no theater owner wanted to book it. It’s that bad.

    They dumped it on VOD because they knew it would never make a dime for the box office.

    CoSM is being dumped in the spring, it’s also a bomb that won’t make a dime. None of her indies has ever shown a profit. She has a history of going from one failure to the next.

  • Jersey

    lol, she’s morally bankrupt and a proven liar. You only have to be a decent person to be better than her.

    Jealousy is always the last claim of someone who just doesn’t have a logical reply. I can’t imagine anyone being jealous of KStew. She had a man waiting for her at home, yet she turned her car around while wearing Rob’s clothes to go hook up with a married father of two.

    Rupert is old enough to be her dad. I don’t have Daddy issues and I don’t want them. I think what she did is beyond creepy and disgusting. She trashed her reputation and her career with that one stupid move.

    She’s been unable to get a decent job, and now she finally has a few crappy, super low budget indies no one will see. CXR got dumped on VOD and CoSM is being dumped next year.

    If I wanted to be jealous of someone, it would be a bright, warm, popular woman with a good career and an Oscar, like Jen Lawrence. But ya know what? I’m not jealous of her, either. She’s starring in two fanchises, she’s going to make 20 times the salary KStew will make this year, and I’m still only happy for her.

  • Jersey

    When someone says “I stand by my mistakes, judge away,” Chances are pretty good they are not talking about the food they ate, the place they lived or the clothes they wore.

    Cheating shows that they have no respect for their partners and are cowards. Cheating in public knowing that the paparazzi are always near, shows an unbelievable amount of stupidity that I would expect from teenagers, not two grown adults.

    And she took the cowardly way out in her “apology” that was simply a plea for Rob to forgive her. She never apologized to Liberty, a woman who had been nothing but kind to her. And then she hid out and let Rob go out in August to do the promo tour for Cosmopolis and answer all the questions about her scandal.

    She didn’t care who she hurt, as long as she got her kicks and her ego stroked.

  • Jersey

    No one A List wants to work with her. You don’t see Spielberg, Lurhman, David O Russel casting her in anything, do you?

    No studio will hire her. Universal fired her from her own franchise. They’re making the sequel to SWATH, but without her. They’re making The Big Shoe without her. They made Focus without her. And now she’s unemployed.

    I don’t know many hobos who shop in designer stores and wear $360 shirts to travel in, do you? Rob looks massively better than he did when he was traveling with the slovenly, unwashed, greasy stringy haired mess you worship.

  • Jersey

    KStew is morally bankrupt and ugly on the inside. It shows on the outside. And when the pics are not photoshopped, you can see the big, dark circles and bags under her eyes.

    She’s no great beauty. She was cast as Bella because she looked plain and ordinary.

    Don’t scold others for lacking integrity when they’re telling the truth about the Cheater.

  • nello

    Hey, don’t indulge these losers, you must know that they are just here to start drama (they obviously have nothing better to do). I like to think of them as flies, if you just ignore them they will have to fly away and take their filth elsewhere. Especially the one with the name of a state, i think she must be the morality police, keeping the world safe from cheaters, but only the women because men are allowed to get away with it. The hypocrisy.

  • nello

    Don’t even try to reason with these people, even if she won an oscar, it will be something else because they’re so in love with Rob that they will never see pass the one kissing incident. afterall how could she when she had the perfect man. Sad really. Let us support her by seeing her movies and praising ( or criticising) her work. Haters will always hate. Like she said, let them judge away and she just has to dust the dirt of her shoulder.

  • alfie

    FKA Twigs is an upgrade, Jersey?
    LMFAO ! you really are blind and stupid !

  • alfie

    Jersey Troll,
    someone puked in aisle 34, go clean it up.

  • alfie

    Jersey Cow,
    you are obviously obsessed with Kristen in a very negative way.
    take a long vacation. I’d recommend Iraq, they have great skiing there.

  • alfie

    Painting or Sculpting come to mind…
    are you mentally challenged ?

  • Cranky Crab

    How about trying, uh, acting?

  • Jeanne

    if she writes like her dirty, ignorant talk, it will be another failure. Her language is filthy. Jay

  • Lola

    I guess we are in the haters site right now! They sure put a lot of effort into bashing someone they hate! Sad people.

  • Hattu Lainen

    I like her, but as an actress.. näähh. She just pretends, unlike Robert who can actually act.