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Jennifer Lawrence Steps Out with a Smile After Chris Martin Breakup (Photos)

Jennifer Lawrence Steps Out with a Smile After Chris Martin Breakup (Photos)

Jennifer Lawrence looks happy as she flashes a smile while stepping out on Monday (October 27) in Santa Monica, Calif.

The 24-year-old actress stepped out just after news broke that she and Chris Martin had ended their four month relationship.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Jennifer Lawrence

Jen is the one who broke it off with Chris,” a source told People about Jen and the 37-year-old Coldplay frontman.

Jennifer and Chris were never officially photographed together, but she did hit up many of his concerts to show her support.

For lots more pics of Jennifer, head on over to X17.

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  • Courtney

    Yay for the beautiful smile! Looking good, as always! “They were never officially photographed together.” That’s probably because they weren’t really together in the first place, JJ. Even in a PR relationship, you have to have some photos to convince people, and there were none in this one! And yes, fans show up to concerts of their favorite bands to show their support. That’s normal. Plus, if she was really dating him and broke up with him, do you think she’d smile about it? She wasn’t that happy when she and Nick broke up. Shows that this was not a hot and heavy relationship that you and a lot of other tabs made it look like.

  • Barb

    Maybe she realized he is still emotionally married still. It takes men a bit longer to “uncouple”.

  • I don’t have a name

    She looks cuuute! And I’m ignoring the other stories that already started about *why* they broke up from trashy tabloids that were just yesterday happy to make up other stories about her and C, now acting like they know everything lmao.

  • Courtney

    I’m glad the tabloids can finally shut up about something, but the speculation over the break up is just beginning. I’m prepared to laugh through it all.

  • I don’t have a name

    You and me both. I’m waiting for JJ to use the stories as headlines i’m laughing already.

  • dalovelee

    so cute and I’m so happy she’s done with that dish towel Chris Martin. he needs to sort out his issues with Paltrow and leave fun loving Lawrence alone.

  • Denise

    She laughs for all this bullshit. And maybe because it’s finally over. Anyway,she is very nice and i’m very happy that this nonsense is Chris Martin will go back to writing songs for his wife and Jennifer remain focused on her job and her life. All happy!

  • Dolly

    I’m not sure that four months of long-distance for two people on the rebound is a relationship. I’m pretty sure that is called dating.

  • TeamBella76

    Glad she’s happy ! I’m sure she’s tired of the B.S as much as we are ! LOVE YOU JLAW.

  • jsdnkjdnf

    Maybe it was always part of the agreement that she’d get to take credit for ending the relationship, or maybe her people beat Chris’ to the punch. Their “relationship” ended for the same reason a lot of PR relationships end, no one was buying it.

  • FerCat

    The coupling might not have rated well with her demographic.

  • MeMe

    I’m already confused. Did she boot him because of Paltrow or did he boot her because of hectic schedules? Haha


  • Name

    Deni,Courtney, MeMe (if you’re out there)-I just posted my thoughts on the “breakup” in the other story about it.

    Just think, all those big plans down the drain! Lawrence was ready to buy a house near Martin in London, get married and have kids with him. And
    after her mom had met him and the family was making plans for Christmas. And the pregnancy! Who can forget that?

    She must be devastated! Look at her face in these pics, all red-eyed and bloated from crying and…oh wait…smiling. Smiling? Smiling! Wow, that’s an interesting reaction to having just “broken up” with a “boyfriend” of 2…no, wait, 4…no, 2…well, however many months it was. Looks more like
    she’s just had the weight of the world lifted off her shoulders.
    Or more like she know she just pulled off a hoax that kept people from talking about her nudes anymore before “Mockingjay” comes out.

  • Courtney

    What a drag, huh? She sure seems to have gotten over that one fast. I’m more than thrilled that this may be over, but what hoax are you talking about? Just curious.

  • Courtney

    Okay, now I get what you mean by hoax. Yes, I understand that their PR teams had a hand in it, but I guess you weren’t kidding when you talked about that one insider with Gwyneth and Chris saying that everything would be different because Chris is getting tired of everything. Or the news of the “breakup” came out because the tabs know no one was buying into this whole thing. Funny, she’s smiling in the newest pics–hardly the reaction for such a supposedly whirlwind, epic romance that lasted anywhere from 2-4 months that has now ended! At any rate, Gossip Cop has confirmed it, so has People, Time, a lot of news sources. Sounds legit to me and I’m relieved. I was tired of this bullshit, in case anyone missed that ;) Are you saying that the tabs are claiming that they knew they would break up just because of how “hectic” their schedules are? Is this out of convenience or are Martin and Jennifer actually over and done with? I mean, the tabloids seem to think they saw this coming a mile away and are not at all surprised (which is what I predicted).

  • Name

    The “hoax” is this whole “relationship”. Paltrow and Martin may have started it, but it was clear at the end that Lawrence’s PR team kept it going. That and all the “normal gal” pics/stories. Anything to keep focus off the nudes. With “Mockingjay” starting, they don’t need the hoax to continue-it’s done its job.

    Read what I wrote about the “break up” story. It shows just how much this was all a PR stunt/hoax.

  • Name

    No, I said they’d break up soon and say it was because of their “hectic schedules”. US Weekly said “insane”, but it’s the same thing.

    Lawrence and Martin are done because they never started to begin with.

    Of course the tabs are patting themselves on the back for *predicting* this. They have to say something to get people to think they were fooled by this PR hoax for them believe and write all those outrageous stories.

  • Denise

    To me curious about the person that you have mentioned days ago. What he/she said came true. It’s a clairvoyant?! @Courtney this showmance now it’s clearly that was all fake. Clearly like the sun.

  • Lambervastik

    An undated pic of her walking on a street with a bogus story of a four-month relationship that never happened. Why don’t you print something about Jessica Simpson and her new haircut!

  • mouth

    Don’t you have to actually be with someone to break up with them? They dated for what? Two months? If? Why are we supposed to care when we have a bumbling tyrant for a president leading us to hell?

  • CMC

    C’mon people. They were never a couple. Publicity stunt anyone? Very timely with her promoting her new film and Nicholas Hoult promoting his latest film with, mind you, the director of that film being Gwen Paltrow’s brother. Old Hollywood classic formula

  • MeMe

    @name Saw that. Good recap. Yeah it’s funny how Lawrence is face first to the paps now that the fakelationship is over. While in this “relationship all we saw was the back of her purse or her shirt pulled over her head. How weird is that? So fake.

  • MeMe

    One more recap which is interesting. Right before Martin/Lawrence relationship was released on August 15th, there was those stories about Paltrow and Falchuk being together in Utah. And LO and BEHOLD! A day or two before the end of this fake PR Martin/Lawrence relationship there is a story about Paltrow/Falchuk being together behind closed doors! What a coincidence!

  • Eliza

    I bet Chris is happy too. He probably read her comments about gluten free diet being new eating disorder and other dumb comments and was embarassed to be linked to ignorant person like her.

  • Name

    I pointed this out in my recap in the “break up” story thread.

    Paltrow and Falchuk are seen together, a couple days later we hear of Martin with Lawrence.

    Lawrence is seen Fri. leaving her PR team’s office. The same day, there’s stories about Paltrow and Falchuk dating “openly behind closed doors”.

    Lawrence’s middle finger umbrella makes more news than the Paltrow/Falchuk dating story. It showed the focus isn’t on them, but on Lawrence. So Paltrow’s PR team’s plan worked-nobody cares about her with Falchuk, it’s all about Lawrence.

    Lawrence’s PR team decides the diversion of the “relationship” did its job in keeping the focus off the nude leaks. “Mockingjay” will command headlines, so there’s no need to keep the “relationship” going. Mon. after the meeting-the “break up” is announced.

    So both Paltrow and Lawrence got what they needed from the “relationship”-a way to keep the focus off of something that hurt their image. Once it did the job, no need for it to continue.

  • Spencer

    Just correcting something “Name”, when Jennifer came out a meeting Friday (the umbrella pics), she was leaving Rachel Zoe’s office, not her PR teams. She most likely had some fittings to do before the tour.

  • Name

    Really? I read it was business meeting with her PR team.

  • Spencer

    At first it was said to be a meeting about a new project, but one quick search on Google Maps and you can see that it’s Rachel Zoe’s office on Melrose Avenue, something that was later reported on by other outlets as well.

  • Name

    I said that in my recap. The news of Lawrence and Martin broke a few days after the news of Paltrow and Falchuk were together. After that, the tabs focused on Lawrence/Martin and ignored Paltrow/Falchuk. The only time they mentioned Paltrow was in connection to

    Then last Fri., the news of Paltrow and Falchuk “dating openly behind closed doors” came out. That was the same day as the pics of Lawrence with the umbrella, which got more attention.

    That made it clear the tabs and public really didn’t
    care much about Paltrow/Falchuk. So that, and “Mockingjay” press starting, signaled it was time to end the Lawrence/Martin “relationship”. It had served its purpose as a diversion from Paltrow’s relationship and Lawrence’s nudes.