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Alyssa Milano Shares Breastfeeding Photo with Newborn Daughter Elizabella

Alyssa Milano Shares Breastfeeding Photo with Newborn Daughter Elizabella

Alyssa Milano just shared a very sweet mother-daughter breastfeeding moment on Instagram with her baby daughter Elizabella.

The 41-year-old actress captioned the pic with a quote by Czech writer Milan Kundera, which read, “Ah, the joy of suckling! She lovingly watched the fishlike motions of the toothless mouth and she imagined that with her milk there flowed into her little son her deepest thoughts, concepts, and dreams.”

Alyssa isn’t the only celebrity mom to share a picture of her breastfeeding babyJaime King once shared a photo of her and her son James Knight.

Bigger picture inside…

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  • SkinnyFatLovesJax

    I have absolutely nothing against breastfeeding whether in public or private, but I don’t get why all this ‘stars’ feel the need to post pictures of them doing so. we all know what breastfeeding is and what it looks like. I just think it’s tacky and an attention ploy.

  • mm366

    So my question to you is “as long as they AREN’T a celeb, it’s not attention seeking?” That’s what your statement suggests and I find that rather biased. Either/or what does it matter? I have no issue with it either way and it’s only a problem because society is so sexualized that they’ve turned something so beyond natural into an almost taboo “ooh! a boob!” More power to her for trying to normalize something that had no biz being treated as not normal.

  • SkinnyFatLovesJax

    I don’t consider breastfeeding ‘not normal’ at all. I, personally, am tired of seeing celebrity moms posting their naked pregnant photos and their breastfeeding photos. Who cares? I know what breastfeeding looks like, I don’t need an ‘actress’ to make it ‘normal’ for me.

  • Jordy Lou

    Agreed. Non famous people don’t get the attention so mm366′s comment is not comparable. Celebs post their photos for their thousands of followers and then it gets posted elsewhere and boom, more followers (whether from creeps or other breastfeeding advocates). It’s like bragging. Gisele angered me with her breastfeeding tirade because not every women can breastfeed. They’re the ones overexposing it and turning it into an attention ploy. It’s becoming annoying.

  • SkinnyFatLovesJax

    You said it perfectly. Celebs want attention and praise for doing a perfectly normal thing – breastfeeding.

  • Lamark

    Although breastfeeding is “normal and natural”, but who the heck cares???

    And let’s face it honestly: breastfeeding is not else that the kid gobbles the life out of his mother! We can deny it any way we want, but the fetus is biologically a parasite, and breastfeeding, too. You can ask any biologist (not stupid obstetricians who swore in the reproduction!)
    So, I repeat it: Who the heck cares about photos like this? And what is “sweet” in it?

  • Offers Protection

    I’m on the fence. I think it is a private moment best shared between family and friends, not the entire world. It is a beautiful picture and she’s proud, we get it, but now I’ve seen it I can’t UN-see it. LOL Just a bit too much of a visual for people who don’t go looking for it. Save it for your Facebook, etc not for the whole world to see. JMHO.

  • Sassypants

    I agree and have been thinking the same thing. It seems like celebrities posting breastfeeding photos is a new trend and they know they will get publicity for it. If you want to breast feed or even have a picture of it taken I understand that. But the surge of photos going online and in magazines just seems like PR.

  • Living in a box

    This is the trend right? People posting a breastfeeding picture on instrgram.

  • Arrow 12

    Your comment is absolutely perfect….

  • Jordy Lou

    I also just read on another site about her “bold breastfeeding photo”. It’s not bold!!!!! It’s normal, natural. People want people to stop acting like it’s a big deal, so stop treating it like it is.

  • SkinnyFatLovesJax

    I agree. Nothing bold here to see. Move along. Just a mom feeding her kid.

  • forrest gump

    she is the new type of mama america needs!!

  • happy666

    It would be more natural if she was looking at the baby instead of the camera. Sorry Alyssa for “lending” the idea to the next maternal celeb

  • itzy8940

    I don’t have a problem with celeb pictures of this nature. I don’t think it’s an attention seeking ploy; more of their showing that they are more normal than we think.

    Lovely photo, by the way…

  • ArrrB

    I’m going to Instagram a pic of me taking a major dump…because it’s natural and all and if you’re offended, then you’re a sexist PIG!

  • ArrrB


  • ArrrB

    Hahahahaha…well said!

  • DeltaBurke

    Meh….I can’t imagine my mom posting her tits online for the world to see.

  • RaptureReady

    I can’t wait until Mistresses comes back on. Alyssa is a good actress.

  • GardeningGirl

    Pure attention grab. I’ve breast fed my three sons and never needed to share the moment with others.

  • Shar16

    Alyssa won’t be a part of the new season of Mistresses. She released a statement a few weeks back stating that because of the filming relocation to Canada, she won’t be on the show anymore.

    But word on the street is that she wanted more money, and the producers said hell no.

  • iloveloureed

    So gauche! This is just completely unnecessary.

  • maimai

    The fact that pictures of women breastfeeding makes people upset is proof that we still have long way to go in normalizing it. If breastfeeding truly was acceptable, nobody would be judging her by saying she’s attention seeking, tacky, it’s unnecessary or comparing it to defecating. Would these things be said about a picture of a baby drinking milk from a bottle?