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Gerard Butler Takes the Skies After Halloween Fun in Los Angeles

Gerard Butler Takes the Skies After Halloween Fun in Los Angeles

Gerard Butler dons a plaid shirt while jetting out of LAX Airport on Monday (November 3) in Los Angeles.

The 44-year-old Scottish actor could be flying out to New Orleans to continue filming his upcoming film Geostorm, which centers on “a man who goes into space to prevent climate-controlling satellites from creating a storm of epic proportions as his brother discovers a plot to assassinate the president.”

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Last week, Gerard dressed up as a knight while hitting up a Halloween party with his mystery girlfriend at the Los Angeles Theatre.

20+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler flying out of Los Angeles…

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gerard butler takes the skies after halloween fun 01
gerard butler takes the skies after halloween fun 02
gerard butler takes the skies after halloween fun 03
gerard butler takes the skies after halloween fun 04
gerard butler takes the skies after halloween fun 05
gerard butler takes the skies after halloween fun 06
gerard butler takes the skies after halloween fun 07
gerard butler takes the skies after halloween fun 08
gerard butler takes the skies after halloween fun 09
gerard butler takes the skies after halloween fun 10
gerard butler takes the skies after halloween fun 11
gerard butler takes the skies after halloween fun 12
gerard butler takes the skies after halloween fun 13
gerard butler takes the skies after halloween fun 14
gerard butler takes the skies after halloween fun 15
gerard butler takes the skies after halloween fun 16
gerard butler takes the skies after halloween fun 17
gerard butler takes the skies after halloween fun 18
gerard butler takes the skies after halloween fun 19
gerard butler takes the skies after halloween fun 20
gerard butler takes the skies after halloween fun 21
gerard butler takes the skies after halloween fun 22

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  • Autumn

    GB has that “I have to go back to work look” that most of us have on Mondays. Travel safe.

  • Teresa54

    Awwwwwwweeee playtime over??????? Long time between movies.

  • barb

    He will be back to LA soon. Next week is his birthday and on friday he’s at the Hollywood awards.

  • Diane

    The mystery girlfriend is Morgan Brown interior design.

  • Nicole
  • ScoobyDo

    I feel sorry for this poor woman, she’s not the celebrity. She shouldn’t have to undergo scrutiny. It would stink to date someone who’s every move is a photo op. I can’t imagine him having a normal relationship.

  • Gossipbasher

    He could spend his birthday in New Orleans, he loves the city or he could even surprise us and go and have a visit back home in Scotland. I heard of him having birthdays in NY but LA, not many it seems.

  • Nicole
  • Nicole
  • Offers Protection


    Posted this a long time ago… when the thread first arrived.

    He looks so together. Is his hat denim? Love it, the look, the smile. Sharp and comfy. Nicely done whether trying or not. 👌

    Sending traveling mercies.

  • LEW

    London Has Fallen and Geostorm have both started filming. He’s going to be very busy for a few months now.

  • Offers Protection

    Maybe MB should have let Gerry present her in his own time like a man, rather than using her son as a tool to be found by taking the lead, ohm, like a man?

  • LEW

    He does look good. Like the outfit. Safe travels. I guess the next time we see him, he’ll have his secret service haircut and clean-shaven face.

  • Offers Protection

    Why? He’s a scientist in Geostorm, sorry, the name just cracks me up for some dumb reason. No, he’s a scientist. Scruff intact. Necessary.

    Fact? I fear Geostorms. Literally. I think this film should be very successful.

  • Whatever

    Obviously she doesn’t mind to date someone who’s every move is a photo op. Nobody’s holding a gun to her head.

  • Offers Protection

    Forget addicted to activity, Gerry could be addicted to chaos. Lord, really?

    Hard to keep up these days for so much buzzing distraction.

    Do we officially turn a corner that work is it? For some reason, not sure why, but I like him better in work mode. Even if it just a description by the Just Jared team he could be heading towards it, work.

  • Sonia

    One consistent thing about Gerard Butler is he always looks hot in a checked shirt, in my opinion.

  • Pamela S

    He does look pretty good here.

  • alesia

    I agree!

  • zoia

    Next week on Friday he is announced for the Hollywood awards, so I think it is LA this year for his birthday, and guess whom he will be taking along???

  • zoia

    He is in NOLA, most likely he will be back to LA for the weekend for more bedroom bang bang . I honestly don’t know how he isn’t turned off by her face, she looks really bad

  • Gossipbasher

    She’s a celebrity in her own right as she’s the interior decorator to the star. Nobody put a gun to her head. She could have gone and dated somebody less famous with money, a successful banker or lawyer. She loves the exposure, you can tell. If she didn’t, they would have been more discreet even in the beginning.

  • Gossipbasher

    No proof he is taking her there. She wasn’t at the Hugo Boss shows in London & NY.

  • Gossipbasher

    The 2 Halloween parties were tests to see if she could be taken to some place & I think she failed. He might not want her showing up wearing so little at an Award Show so I think he’s going to be solo there.

  • Gossipbasher

    Plus he has been known sometimes to take short trips somewhere even before he is due somewhere else. It’s only about a couple of hours from the States to the UK. He might also decide to celebrate in New Orleans and then go to the award show after.

  • catlover

    Glad to see that Gerry is off to New Orleans. BUT I have to say I do NOT understand why there are so many out there are saying ugly things about Morgan, I think they look together. I also do not understand why people think that is just a PR stunt. I think the people that does not think that this a real relationship is in total denial.

  • HH

    ONLY 2 hours to the UK from the US???? Oh really? I want on that flight as its like a minimum of 6 hrs from NYC or Miami to UK on a regular plane. Would love to know what plane you are flying on if it’s only 2 hours.

  • Nicole
  • Nicole

    BOSS Bottled featuring Gerard Butler on ambition

  • Nicole
  • mouth

    You are. He doesn’t date women like her. How can you go fro a super hot looking model who is the ‘ideal girl’ and the most beautiful Girl he’s ever seen, to this old butterface?

  • mouth

    Why? If she didn’t want scrutiny, she’s wear Pants and act like a Lady, not a pole dancer. At work. As it is, she doesn’t seem to like clothing and wears as Little as possible wile looking as skanky as possible. She is rich and knows how to present herself, and so if this presentation is her choice, she gets no pity from me.

  • anna

    Can I just ask why did’nt the paps take pics of cindy and her husband?? I think they were just called for GB by him I mean how on earth do paps know celebs are going on a grocery shop and camp specifically where they parked. I don’t buy it for a second that this is s real genuine relationship he had gay rumours and boss campaign and with less projects he needs to say in the news and what else than suddenly look like a doting family guy boyfriend. The boss campaign need a good image and plus if he doesnt stay in the news he will be out of sight out of mind.This lady is helping him as it boosts her business. Yes at the same time he’s having fun with her and prob a free place to eat and stay he must get sick of hotel and outside food.

    For goodness sake have you seen the armour fancy dress she has a thong and her bum is all naked can you seriously tell me any man would be ok with that. He is so cagey and private about his personal life if he really loved a woman he wouldnt call the paps you would just hear it via twitter or a distant fan photo he was in relationship woth Gina for a long time we hardly saw them together. He was with Jasmine for 2 years & they brought dog together but he protected her from the public.Like Madalina she prob has a shelf life at that time i didnt buy that it was a genuine relationship either. Obviously time will tell but if he ends up marrying her il eat my hat

  • Teresa54

    She does look bad. Gerry can pick from any number of beautilful women. Why her??????

  • cornelia

    She is well connected, and comes from the upper class, he is compromising on her looks for the status. I think he hopes to impress the public with his choice, same as Clooney did. Unfortunately MB is a far cry from Amal Allamudin in so many ways.

  • Guest

    Spot on, mouth. She is totally against type in all ways. Unless he’s had a brain transplant, then the skepticism is warranted.

  • cornelia

    I don’t think he has much luck with younger women anymore. They must have figured out that he is just using them in bed. At the end of th day he will settle for a compromise .

  • Guest

    I wouldn’t worry about her too much. If she didn’t want attention, then she wouldn’t go out with him almost naked or let him grope her in front of paps, in parking lots, and on paddle boards. She’s workin’ it, she wants it, she likes it, or we wouldn’t be seeing it.

  • Sonia

    I do agree it’s weird that for someone who has always ‘hidden’ his girlfriends, the constant groping in front of the cameras especially is very suspicious. Personally, if I were Hugo Boss, I’d be so pissed off with him…the brand is considered upmarket and classy so to have a very good campaign and then see your spokesperson groping his ‘girlfriend’s’ butt constantly in public is very disturbing indeed. No class at all. It totally contradicts the image he portrays in the ad campaign. And this isn’t even taking into account the way she dresses – or doesn’t dress. By the way, she obviously isn’t very busy with her decorating if she’s constantly at the beach or out with him. ;)

  • Guest

    Oh, I think we’ll be seeing her 24/7 at every function now. The tides have turned.

  • Guest

    It’s not even close. “Most of us” work every day. He rarely works. If he’s finding it difficult to return to work after all this time off in the last two years, well…there are no words.

  • chelsea

    If you think “the model” was the hottest thing who ever lived and not a pretty girl who made herself funny-looking with too much plastic surgery…MG??

  • anna

    Totally agree and to be honest its getting a bit too much for me now in real life not being arrogant but I stay away from cheap tacky people with no class or integrity as its really not my thing. After looking at these antics its just made me realise i’m blessed I may not be a multi millionaire but I have standards, respect for myself and others. Im not going to come on here or follow him from now on its a huge turn off and I would rather do other things in my spare time. He’s getting boring, tasteless and predictable and to be fair there is far more better REAL men out there and other important issues going on in the world. Wish you all the very best & success in everything you do :))

  • Gossipbasher

    No don’t think so. The Lakers Games was also a test and outside the stadium though he has been seen groping her for the paps for months, she was even walking 20 ft behind him. I think the comment about “When I will fall in love with a woman, she will be elegant and will even look good in jeans and sandals” was directed at her. He basically said he’s not in love after 3 mos. He is all about image and at Award Shows, you have to look good and he won’t risk her showing up with a dress that is inappropriate for the show which would direct too much attention to him, not the kind he wants. He also won’t pay for a stylist to outfit her as she has money and could hire one but I doubt she will.

  • Gossipbasher

    One important thing to remember about all their sightings is that the paps were there every time. No accidental sightings by fans anywhere. If there had been accidental sightings, I would say he’s smitten enough to take her there but every sightings of them were calculated and somebody called the paps. You saw them on the public part of Malibu beach because they both knew the paps would be there. They could have gone to one of his friends who has his own private beach. They could have gone outside LA or Malibu for a romantic supper together and only be seen by some fans who would have been there. She grew up around somebody who was in the spotlight and she wants it too. I suspect we didn’t know about her more because of him but she wanted people to know. You may not believe this but she feels this is good for her business as people may come to her to decorate her home so they can say Gerard Butler’s GF was their interior decorator. It also works for him as it makes his older fans happy that he is seen with somebody closer to his own age. Now if she had been a bit more decent, it would be perfect. She’s not going to meet the family after those pictures but if he had kept her out of the spotlight at the beginning and they kept their PDA discreet, she might have had a shot.

  • Offers Protection

    Bull shi_t.

    No, Hugo Boss Bottled is for the average upstart driven man who likes sex and women. So Gerry being all man, even with a woman like this, won’t hurt its image at all.

  • Offers Protection

    It does not bother you she went, it appears, behind his back and used her son’s name placed in view so people would find out who she was?

    For whatever reason he wanted to present her on his time-line, on his terms, not hers. She got antsy for some reason to be known as more than “mystery woman”. Question is, why?

  • Offers Protection

    I think it a bit much to be filming to different movies at the same time? Exhausting both physically and mentally and too much for any human. It is.

    LHF would need a new look? Will he be clean shaved for both you think?

  • Offers Protection

    Maybe Gerry wanted to send a message? He’s alone. Looks cool. Carefree and stern. Could be speaking without words? It happens.

    I love the hat. It’s a statement piece. It fits, pardon the pun, him well. Keep it up Gerry.

    Show’m who’s boss.

  • Thistle

    Why so critical without reason? Want to see Cindy and who else was shopping at the Farmers Market?

    Click next. Maybe the owners called the paps.
    Why is GFW posting under Offers Protection? Always beating others down.