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Jared Padalecki Disses Taylor Swift's Music

Jared Padalecki Disses Taylor Swift's Music

Jared Padalecki rocks a white beanie to keep warm while heading to set on Thursday afternoon (November 6) in Vancouver, Canada.

That same day, the 32-year-old Supernatural star dissed both Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber in one tweet.

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“Thank GOD I don’t have to worry about @taylorswift13 turning on whenever I’m using @Spotify #CanBieberQuitSpotifyNextPlease?” Jared tweeted.

Jared is no stranger to stirring up controversy on Twitter — he got a lot of backlash after a tweet about Philip Seymour Hoffman‘s death.

15+ pictures inside of Jared Padalecki heading back to set to film Supernatural

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jared padalecki disses taylor swift justin bieber 01
jared padalecki disses taylor swift justin bieber 02
jared padalecki disses taylor swift justin bieber 03
jared padalecki disses taylor swift justin bieber 04
jared padalecki disses taylor swift justin bieber 05
jared padalecki disses taylor swift justin bieber 06
jared padalecki disses taylor swift justin bieber 07
jared padalecki disses taylor swift justin bieber 08
jared padalecki disses taylor swift justin bieber 09
jared padalecki disses taylor swift justin bieber 10
jared padalecki disses taylor swift justin bieber 11
jared padalecki disses taylor swift justin bieber 12
jared padalecki disses taylor swift justin bieber 13
jared padalecki disses taylor swift justin bieber 14
jared padalecki disses taylor swift justin bieber 15
jared padalecki disses taylor swift justin bieber 16
jared padalecki disses taylor swift justin bieber 17
jared padalecki disses taylor swift justin bieber 18
jared padalecki disses taylor swift justin bieber 19

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  • MiraWildeW

    Finally! Thank you, Jared Padalecki!

  • Safa

    Jared Padalecki is allowed to express his opinions about his favorite or least favorite music style just like the rest of us ! Not a big deal !
    and He looks super amazing like always in these recent pics with Zachary Levi I think ?!

  • meagan

    preach it, Jared!

  • Samantha

    He’s just trying to stay relevant. Best way to do that? Tweet about others. It works.

  • Sandy McFarlane

    lmao he’s such a hater

  • Calvin

    I like this guy , he tells the truth unlike others who are two faced and only say nice things about Bieber or whoever else just because of their level of popularity. Some celebrities need to come back to earth because they don’t realise how foolish they are when they complain about their personal lives and think the world revolves around them.

  • steve

    God I love him!

  • Haya

    And others are allowed to express their opinion about him and his opinions ;)

  • happy666

    Irrelevant attention

  • happy666

    What truth?

  • guest1234

    Really a terrible actor…and now terrible taste of music

  • Safa

    You didn’t get my point ! I said it’s not a big deal to make it into a post with this title ! I don’t see ” Just Jared ” stalk another celebrity to find a tweet that might show their unpopular opinion !

  • Blast

    Jared Padalecki networth = $5 million. Sad.

  • Blast

    Are you challenged in the head?

  • happy666

    Black money

  • sky

    yes because really bad actors star as main character on a hit show for 10 seasons… lol

  • sarah hay

    i would say this was wrong of him but in regards to taylor swift been one of many examples, not one wants to hear the same regurgitated songs, she’s had some good music before but now it just music that has not thought to it releasing songs that are rushed and all about keeping her in the spotlight.

  • MediaSavant

    Interesting that Zachary Levi is in these pictures to and doesn’t even get a mention by “Just Jared”. Has he dropped off their radar?

  • Von

    Who is this loser with massive forehead and receding hairline .

    As if his s h i t y tv shows winning Emmy’s , who is he knock anyone else.

    Taylor Swift music won every award out there , won Grammy for Best Album of the year ( would be equivalent to Emmy for best TV show) break sells record, she’s the #1 in the downloaded artist in the world

    This losers on some c ra py tv show that barely no watches and has no critical acclaim but he thinks he can s h i t on some else’s talent.

  • lee lee

    I think I have a new favorite actor. He’s an actor right?

  • vn_102

    I get it when he dissed annoying Gaystin PR Stuntber whose done nothing so far this year but dissing Swift who just got big success without scandals come off bit petty and jealous.

  • smmy33

    Cause Talyor Swift really cares what some C list actor thinks of her music .

    Shit down, what a clown , when his awful show gets canceled , his 15 minutes will be up.

  • Amanda

    Oooh, someone is taking personal offense to what some C list actor said about some derivative pop artists.

  • Amanda

    Wow, a lot people are getting their panties in a bunch over a dude having an opinion. Come on people, shake it off.

  • goshdarling

    ok I’m not sure if this guy is being sarcastic but thanking GOD he no longer has to worry about Swift? I need to question his priorities as a 32 year old. I don’t know if he realizes he is not their attended audience but is the same audience who watch his show, so good way to call out your fans. Ironically, his kids will probably/already do grow up listening to Swift too.

  • Sim

    LOL hit show , Breaking Bad is a hit show

    His shows mediocre tv that has won no awards, not even those lesser awards like People Choice and has never been a top 10 show on tv .

    This guy should shit down , he’s embarrassing himself, his shows considered a joke & bad tv by the industry .

  • Sim

    Ah someone not Taylor Swift who probably doesn’t even know this really ugly looking guys name.

    LOL how’s s he even a tv actor , look at that face , shm

    Sorry to break it to you , people who comment on celebrity gossip , don’t really care or take it personal , they’re just shooting the time.

  • Amanda

    Not sure what’s more embarrassing, your loose understanding of the English language or the fact that you upvote your own comments.

  • Amanda

    Yeah, he’s so hard to look at. *sarcasm*

  • gilmore

    But honestly I’d rather listen to Taylor than sit through an episode of supernatural (which should have been cancelled ages ago they’re beating a dead horse). He always seems to cry about the dumbest stuff on twitter, you’re a grown man and a dad lighten up a bit.

  • smmy33

    @ Amanda
    If you were to use his huge forehead has a projection screen , then you’re right he wouldn’t be hard to look at.

    Why don’t go on dating sites , get a real boyfriend instead imaginary celebrity one.

  • Sim

    Don’t know what’s more embarrassing your comments or that you think this guy is relevant .

    Damn straight up vote my comments better then pathetic people like you , who just keep coming back to up vote your comment as a guest .

    And you’re Shakespeare .

  • Lucy

    Awful man, useless actor, and he’s losing his hair. I don’t think he has anything to celebrate. As soon as Supernatural ends he’ll sink without trace.

  • TeamBella76

    Haha … It is his opinion but I get why Taylor fans are mad ! First Supernatural was actually great for a couple of seasons and yes he’s a t.v actor but what have you done ? Yea. Second we all get defensive when someone craps on something we love so I get it but is she worth it ? She’s been really stuck up lately sure she’s a great writer and in my opinion her music is catchy but not really deep.

  • b324

    I will never understand those that get so hyperactive and freak out over someone having an opinion. I never realized that once you become famous, you are no longer allowed to have a thought or opinion. Although wait, I take it back, according to some of you, you’re only allowed to voice it if you are A-list, or on/at the same level of the person(s) you may be disagreeing with or disliking. So a C-list is only allowed to diss fellow C-list or lower. Or there is my other favorite … I find you ugly so therefore you have no right to have an opinion on anything.


    What a sad environment some of you people live in where someone disliking your favorite artist makes you flip out like this. Pick your battles. I’m sure there is someone out there saying something really horrific to genuinely freak out over.

  • TeamBella76

    I get why your mad but he’s not a loser and Supernatural was great for a few seasons so calm down.

  • TeamBella76

    Wow that’s so sad what are you worth ? yea.

  • Amanda

    Yes, I’m that pathetic that I’m upvoting my comments by signing out and then coming on here as a guest. I care that much.
    I take it that one guest upvote on your comment is you as well? Did you REALLY think that comment deserved 2 upvotes?

    Also, it’s “better THAN pathetic people like you,” not “better then.”

    No need to thank me illiterate commenter.

    ~William S.

  • Amanda

    Why are you so offended if someone finds him physically attractive?

    And i would go on dating sites, but I just KNOW that if I wait long enough he’ll dump his super hot wife and marry me! It’s true love, he just doesn’t know it yet. Maybe I should mail him more care packages. What do you think he’d like better, a Ziploc bag with my shaved pubes in it, or a pair of my soiled panties? Ah, what the hell, I’ll just send both.

  • TeamBella76

    Taylor fans he’s not the first person in Hollywood who’s going to say something bad about her and he won’t be the last get use to it ! I’m fans of certain A list celebs but lucky for me people in the industry like them.

  • kat

    You forgot to mention that he was hanging out with his buddy Zachary Levy there. Didn’t recorgnize him?

  • kat

    Yeah, I think the headline “Jared Padalecki & Zachary Levy hang out in Vancouver” would have been much better fitting for the photo-series attached. Seems like JustJared didn’t realize who was next to him. I

  • kat

    “not even lesser awards like People Choice” – check your facts:
    2014 – Favourite TV bromance
    2013 – Favourite Sci/Fi Show & Favourite TV Fan Following
    2012 – Favorite Network TV Drama & Favorite SciFi Fantasy Show
    2010 – Favourite Sci/Fi Show

  • Sim

    Well it is a good thing that you can admit you are pathetic, I will also add pretentious .

    Sorry I told I don’t bother to guest up vote my comments , obviously you do , so I didn’t know you had to sign out??, sign back in ??

    But without knowing you , you read single and no life , not surprised you spend your abundance of free time commenting anonymous blogs.

    And if you want to be the grammar police, up vote isn’t one word .

  • solargeknowles


  • Calvin

    The truth about how shitty their music is… Taylor has some great songs tho.

  • Von

    Come on your bragging about getting nominated of an award show most actors don’t even show up for .

    Lol , did they even win any or were they just happy to be nominated .

  • Von

    Seriously @ Sim if there was ever a dude who needed to rock some bangs it would be this guy.

    Didn’t even know who he was goggled him, he’s married and a father, just makes him even that much sadder.

  • Von

    This guys on a show that most actors would think they’ve failed in their career to be stuck on .

    It would like some two bit singer putting Robert Downey’s Jr career down , if he also had a Oscar.

    That what’s offensive, someone who’s own career is so insignificant shouldn’t be insulting others, he doesn’t like Taylor Swift don’t buy her music,

    He doesn’t have to go on twitter to insult her when she’s never done anything to deserve it.

    Besides having no class , he quite ridiculous , he should have a little more self awareness

    The only reason his shows still on the air, is they pay the main actors peanuts , fills dead air instead the network outing on another reality tv show.

  • Charlie

    Geez, is Zachary Levi fallen down the totem pole that much to not get mention? Come on, he was the voice of that dude in Tangled!
    As for Jared, looking as handsome as as fine as always. Love his hair.