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Naya Rivera Blasts Kim Kardashian's Nude Magazine Cover: 'You're Someone's Mother'

Naya Rivera Blasts Kim Kardashian's Nude Magazine Cover: 'You're Someone's Mother'

Naya Rivera bundles up in a fur coat while leaving ABC Studios following an appearance on The View on Tuesday (November 11) in New York City.

The 27-year-old Glee actress has been compared to Kim Kardashian over the past couple years for their similar looks and now she is taking a jab at the reality star.

Kim made a splash by trying to #BreakTheInternet with her nude photo shoot for the cover of Paper magazine’s new issue.

Naya left the following comment on Kim‘s Instagram photo: “I normally don’t. But… you’re someone’s mother…”

While it’s virtually impossible to go through the tens of thousands of comments on Kim‘s Instagram post to find the comment, it was captured by eagle eye fans of Naya right after she posted it. Check out the screencap below!

Naya Rivera Leaves a Comment on Kim Kardashian’s Nude Instagram

FYI: Naya is wearing a Dennis Basso coat.

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  • John Sudnik

    so were the animals that made up that hypocrites coat.

  • Adrienne50

    About time someone called her out. Everything about Kim is gross. From her fake butt to her awful claim to fame. I only feel bad for North for having 2 narcissistic idiots for parents.

  • j k


  • Lola Lee

    she poses nude ALL the time either way you’ll have to explain that to your children or how about explaining you marrying someone you’ve known for 10 minutes.

  • arziyaan

    says the girl who completely CHANGED her face to look like kim ktrash. at least kim does plastic surgery to look like herself….

  • Miss Oneal

    Well, Naya is right. She IS someone’s mother and all I have to say is I am SO GLAD my own mother did not do things like this. No sexual photos, only classy. I would not have wanted to see my mom like that.

  • zombiologist

    they knew each other as childhood friends or some shit btw

  • Aaron Williams

    I know Kim’s doppelgänger is trying to tell her inspiration what to do. And since when does becoming a mother rob someone of being naked. And plus it’s Kim Kardashian: she is a mother, who became famous off a sextape. At this point when North grows up, this picture will be the last of her worries.

  • forrest gump

    fur or NO fur.

  • plez

    Kim became famous because her mother help sell Kim’s sex tape. Kim has no talent. Her butt is the attraction just like the beard on the bearded lady. BTW that butt is so fake.

  • Legendary Trolly

    Dude I USED to take you serious as a celebrity but not anymore. Mind ya damn business she can do what she wants she’s grown. Your a child in comparison.

  • millerz

    wish people would just start calling her “Kim No Class KarTRASHian”

  • your bf’s nightmare

    Who does she think she’s fooling? We all know she’s dying to look like her (outfits, blonde hair). To me it looks like JEALOUSY.

  • you

    She is such a hypocrite. Can’t wait her to have a baby and after 6 months to pose in GQ…I hate Kardashian too, but this doesn’t surprise me and it’s not like it’s the first time she posed like this. Does this girl want attention? Was Glee canceled or what?

  • Joe Jukebox

    You can say what you want about Kim Kardashian, but you can NOT deny, if you have a 1 year old child and can look like THAT, props to her. If you’ve got it, flaunt it!

  • violette

    Not that i like kim, but who is naya to judge her?! 27 years old and obviously addicted to plastic surgery… both women are equally disgusting selfabsorbed famewhores…….

  • happy666

    To me it looks like jealousy-publicity. Only retards expose their jealousy for people to understand and help their low self steem

  • Anon

    I agree,Kiera’s future child is going to ask her about her topless photo-shoot,Megan’s sons will probably be embarassedthat their mom did such erotic/sexual photoshoots & Angie’s kids will definitely have questions for her about her wild child days. But then again they can all probably say that “I did it all before you were born,when I was young”

  • Lamark

    I can’t stand KimK and porn stars like her, but who the heck Naya thingamy is?

  • mm366

    For one thing, how are you making any connection between what she said and her coat? There is none. Apples and oranges here. For another thing, why are you beyond certain her coat is made of real pelts? You’re not. You and 32 thumbs up’s have simply decided to assume. Now questions for you. Do you eat meat? Got any leather in your closet, on your back, on your feet? Now THAT would be hypocritical.

  • SquidBillie

    There’s a good chance that it’s faux fur.

  • SquidBillie

    Too bad Kim had her personality sucked out in the process.

  • Felipe

    Seriously, this girl that looks more like kim than kim herself.

  • Brits

    doesn’t have to be real fur.

  • Lucy

    I think she is still stuck in her youth. Someone needs the tell her she is not 20 anymore. Poor kid is going to be tortured when she is older.

  • Lucy

    “And plus it’s Kim Kardashian: she is a mother, who became famous off a
    sextape. At this point when North grows up, this picture will be the
    last of her worries.” you said that like it is good thing. Very positive way of talking about trash.

  • Blast

    It’s gonna hit her hard when she realizes she’s no longer young.

  • Evanka Williamson

    there’s an over-saturation of booty on the market & I’m bored…|

  • wayne

    yes, if you have several hundred k to throw at lypo, trimming, and tucking, flaunt it you’ve earned it.

  • mariami


  • Amy

    I am going agree with Naya Rivera on this one.

  • beara

    I feel sorry for baby North… she has the most narcissistic parents.

  • NoPlainJane

    Naya come on – You’re someone’s daughter. I bet they didn’t raise you to date guys because you think they’re going to help your career, marry some fool on a whim while trying to save face after another horrible dating decision went south, or to dress and act like someone as ridiculous as Kim Kardashian. She, on the other hand, started out in a trashy way, and has continued to be just that. You, however, seem so intent upon trying to be anything but yourself. Shame on you for this latest publicity stunt – wasn’t that sham wedding low enough?

  • Greg Higgs

    Wow! “Some Hatin’ goin on in heah!” Methinks Naya Rivera is a tad bit snippy and perhaps jealous because she can’t seem to hijack the headlines like Kim Kardashian!

    No worries Naya! This can all be fixed with a plan!

    First, go to the cosmetic surgeons and get “Butt-Shots”, “Abdominal Etching” and “Waist Narrowing”

    Second, Take some REALLY HOT Nude Photos to put out there!

    Third, Make a sex tape! I Have the perfect vidcams for you which work great in all kinds of light!…I’ll be by directly!

    and Lastly,…Put on something REALLY TIGHT and SHORT with Sky-High Heels and Go to a bunch of Professional Basketball or Football Team Parties. You’ll be on Extra, TMZ, and All the magazine covers and have your own “Reality” TV Show before you know it!

  • veckhoff

    Who needs to call her out? She’s doing what she wants. Isn’t that the freedom we all want for ourselves? Did she kill anyone? Has she defrauded anyone? She’s nude. Last time I checked, most women’s magazines were applauding women at ease with their bodies. They certainly make plenty of $$ capitalizing on it.

  • veckhoff

    It’s real. Fake does not look like that.

  • veckhoff

    The old phrase, “the kettle calling the pot black” comes to mind.

  • Imane Assi

    Naya didn’t change anything.You can easily check it out.She did something to her lips that were already gorgeous.Stupid move but her face is still the same.It the make up style that isn’t good.That’s it.

  • Imane Assi

    Blond hair she looked like JLO not Kim.And naturally,Naya is gorgeous unlike Kim who needed all kind of surgery to try to look good.

  • Imane Assi

    Someone she’s known for 4 years,so try again