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Kim Kardashian Is Full Frontal Nude for 'Paper' Magazine's New Images! (NSFW)

Kim Kardashian Is Full Frontal Nude for 'Paper' Magazine's New Images! (NSFW)

Kim Kardashian West will certainly #BreaktheInternet with the newly released Paper magazine inside images – where she shows off everything she’s got!

The 34-year-old reality star shocked the world when the cover image was released yesterday showing her very oiled down buttocks in a sexy pose.

Kim spoke with the magazine about her glamorous life with Kanye West. “You just have to not care. You just have to say, ‘This is our life, and it is what it is,’” she said, referring to constant photographers.

Shot by Jean-Paul Goude, the images were taken this past September at a secret location during Paris Fashion Week.

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kim kardashian bares her vagina goes completely naked paper magazine 01
kim kardashian bares her vagina goes completely naked paper magazine 02
kim kardashian bares her vagina goes completely naked paper magazine 03
kim kardashian bares her vagina goes completely naked paper magazine 04

Photos: Paper Magazine
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  • meh


  • b324

    I guess when this is your only “talent” you have to make the most of it. Here’s hoping her 15 minute fame ride is slowing down because I’m sick of seeing these stories constantly about her bare ass.

  • Mik Mak

    ewwwwwww gross talentless wh*ore

  • Lassie


  • VanityInsecurity

    you know you are low when you do full nude shots with a smile on your damn face.. she put the T in Trashy.

  • Stephanie

    She must have gotten paid a shitload to do this. Pun intented #shesshit

  • Sandy McFarlane

    welp….. nothing we havent seen before so who cares. If she wants to be sexually liberated and do whatever she wants then she’s free to do that.

  • akarilife987

    my eyes. OMG!!!!! That’s her talents for being naked. Disgusted

  • Sophia

    Absolutely nasty. Waiting for Kanye and her deranged fans to call this “art”.

  • lolme

    ok not attractive.

  • Emily Campbell

    Female anatomy PSA: The vagina is an internal organ. The appropriate headline would be “Kim K flashes vulva, goes completely naked.” You’re welcome.

  • Felipe

    BESIDES the whole “I hate the Kardashians but I know everything about them thing”, I think she looks great in the pictures, they are funny, sexy and I don’t really care about the photoshoop when we are talking about Hollywood, sorry world! This doens’t have nothing to do with my opinion about her persona in general.

  • Felipe

    Amen! Her body,her choice, her decisions, her consequences. I’m tired of the Kardashians haters acting like what they express is hate when looks a lot like love and SUPPORT, because the clicks you give increase their popularity. In this business they don’t if its good or bad, you just have to be talked about.

  • Oh Yes!

    gross…beyond gross.

  • TeamBella76

    Hey I think her family is pathetic BUT IT IS HER BODY and if she wants to do it ok but she and her supporters better not complain when people come at her !

  • Natalie

    ya’ll are some hypocrites on here, i bet when keira knightley posed nude you didn’t say shit because she has “talent.” you guys wish you got paid as much as kim to pose nude. damn haters calling her a “trashy hoe” at least she’s a rich “hoe” the rest of you hoe around for free lmao – kim looks fab btw if i had that body i wouldn’t ever wear clothes

  • TeamBella76

    Sexually liberating ? haha … Hey good for her it’s her choice but don’t put liberating and Kim together.

  • TeamBella76

    Yes clicks but at what cost ? I guess money can buy anything and shame on ppl like you who make excuses for this family ! Sure money is important but so is having some kind of moral compass for yourself and your young fans.

  • Steve

    Actually in real life she looks fat, but in those photoshops above she looks like you commented “sexy” and she looks that way because they are PHOTOSHOPS and i hate photoshops because they have turned normal celebs (at worst ugly celebs) into sex symbols (overrated)

  • sasha

    google it. she did it for free….shes an attention whore what do u expect

  • Stephanie

    Lmao thanks for that, what trash she is

  • liz

    grossssss. what a junkyard humanity has become. where is the modesty, where is the dignity

  • sasha

    When you look up “Attention Whore” in the dictionary this is the image that appears.

  • Eni

    and then say that “Fifty Shades” is disgusting porn

  • Felipe

    I’m not creating excuses out of nowhere, I’m not a fan, but I’m not a hater. Simple! I don’t care how famous and how much money they have, or how they got to this point where a step is in the news, I just don’t. And I’m happy, free of hatery.

  • Felipe

    It’s your choice, but can we do something about that? NO! Since last century celebrities are treated like gods and examples of beauty, way before photoshoop, way before HD. Different time, different tools.

  • also…

    Pathetic famewhore

  • dalovelee

    I just don’t get why? It is absolutely her choice her empowerment to do a nude photoshoot with her body. That’s not my question…but was this all about showing that aspect of her. She loves her body and wants to show it off? Is this ultimately her ONLY gimmick..displaying her naked body. Because if this is a celebration of her naked body then no one can be a hypocrite and look down on Playgirl or Hustle centerfold models. Maybe this is her response to the hackers who threaten to release her naked photos and critics of her sex tape.

  • TeamBella76

    For those going on about them having money sure but you know they care about what people say. The problem is how they make their money NO TALENT JUST CONTROVERSY AND THAT’S SAD ! Money isn’t everything and if you don’t know that then there are more stupid people out there then I thought.

  • Heather Leneweaver

    I’m so confused. Isn’t this the same girl that cried and cried about
    her porn video getting out, but now she’s ok with showing everything to the world? Ok…

  • Steve

    In other words since last century most people have a crappy taste, so it doesnt matter how ugly those celebs look in thousand of normal pics because for their thousand of blind fans those celebs are perfect, OK i get it and that´s unfair, specially for those real beautiful and underrated celebs in their sexiness

  • Claire

    This photos should be deleted, they are disgusting!

  • ponderingpath

    She looks like a disfigured freak; the waist and the butt are anatomically impossible. Way too much photo shopping; i guess magazine editors think we are all stupid.

  • ponderingpath

    Just wondering how her husband can justify himself in marrying this piece of trash- but I guess some men like it that way.

  • deCosmos

    Mother of God! Are there no limits?

  • DeeV

    Keira Knightley is a talented actress, she has made a living making movies! She has actual TALENT unlike this trash. Kim and the rest of the Kardashians have made a living selling sex, putting their names on clothes, perfume etc. that they probably have no involvement in they just slap their names on it and they call themselves “hard workers” You can’t compare people with actual talent to these morons.

  • Bella

    Who cares if she just had a baby and who cares if she
    someone’s mother or someone’s daughter, why does any of that matter? Women that have children have the right to
    look sexy!! But this is not sexy this is
    pornography she’s showing more than she did when she did that issue in Playboy.
    Kim you’re a beautiful woman and whether your body is fake or not it doesn’t
    matter, what should matter is that you and every other Celebrity that exposes
    themselves in this way has no self-respect has no morals. I feel sorry for our
    future generation thinking this is okay.
    But what I’m most upset about is the media feeding into this like a pack
    of hungry wolves just exploiting this immorality on the Internet like it’s
    okay!! Before if you wanted to see a
    naked Woman you would go on pornography sites or buy a playboy or Hustler magazine,
    now all you have to do is get on the Internet how sad!! this shit needs to
    stop!!! I hope one day we had a celebrity that is beautiful has an amazing body
    and doesn’t makes millions by her sexuality and selling her ass. But makes
    money because of her talent her intelligence and her integrity and has
    self-respect, teaches our future generations that you could have it all without
    having to bare it all. But I forgot the
    devil runs Hollywood….

  • Dee

    Nothing we havent already seen before….boooring! NEXT!

  • Natalie

    It’s still hypocritical to hate on Kim for posing nude when so many other women have done it. Since when did it become okay to police who can take nude photos and who can’t? Btw, I would say that building an EMPIRE out of what started as a leaked sex tape (which she didn’t give permission to be leaked btw) is a talent. The Kardashian’s are smart businesswomen, there’s no denying that.

  • jayjay

    Enjoy the world as much as you can bitch but the torment in fire will be longer than the time you will swim in fame on this earth. So sad for the little girl coz one day she will be bullied because of her ignorant mother who brought her on this earth.

  • mouth

    Self respect is priceless. Yeah just keep jumping through Zionist hoops, Venus huttentot.

  • mouth

    No she won’t,she grow up around profoundly self absorbed narcissists like herself.

  • mouth


  • mouth

    To have a butt like that naturally, you’d have to be black. Some tribes have those feature, but Kim has the exact same body as Kourtney, until she was 25. So pure fake.

  • Heather

    Utter trash! Hey Jared! Can we boycott that whole family?

  • mouth

    Crocodile tears.

  • mouth

    THE REAL KK, Keira Knightly, is a superb human being. She is worth 50 million, but only gives herself $50,000 a year to live on so she doesn’t lose her circle of friends. She doesn’t want them to feel uncomfortable. Can anyone see the greedy selfish do nothing Kardashians doing anything so humble caring and decent? Humble? Of course not.

  • mouth

    People don’t hate on her because she posed nude. People hate on her because she will do anything for attention and keeps forcing herself onto the public who largely have no interest in her. She doesn’t DO anything. Why should anyone care about her. She is a gold digger.


    not hating on kim k, but im putting myself in North West’s shoes. Imagine growing up, and finding out that your mother posed nudes for a magazine. how would that feel?

  • Heather

    Utter trash! Hey Jared! Can we boycott the Kardashians? …..
    Oh yeah I forgot. ..Jared is in their pocket!