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Piers Morgan Pens Op-Ed on Kim Kardashian's Naked 'Paper' Shoot: Haters 'Can Go Kiss Her Ass'

Piers Morgan Pens Op-Ed on Kim Kardashian's Naked 'Paper' Shoot: Haters 'Can Go Kiss Her Ass'

Kim Kardashian West has perhaps an unlikely fan in Piers Morgan, who just wrote a piece defending her controversial, naked cover shoot for Paper magazine.

The 49-year-old journalist opened up in a Daily Mail Online op-ed about all the negative feedback she’s getting from the shoot.

“Predictably, the abuse and ridicule began to pour in as fast as the gasps of shock, awe and admiration,” Piers wrote. “Ms Kardashian-West was apparently a ‘slut,’ a ‘terrible mom,’ a ‘disgrace to the human race,’ ‘a dumb, trashy b-tchh’ etc. Of course, she’s heard it all before, ever since that sex tape was leaked and propelled her into the kind of instant, gigantic cyberspace notoriety that can either crush a woman or make her so strong and impervious to criticism that she builds a $1 billion brand. Kim‘s in the latter category and people hate her for it.”

Piers continued, “It’s time for me to make a shocking admission: I like and admire Kim Kardashian-WestKim doesn’t take drugs, get drunk, fall out of clubs, cheat on her man, or do any of the other insanely louche things that stars with far greater ‘talent’ often do,” he wrote. “She works ridiculously hard, is good to her fans, and is by all accounts a good, loving daughter, sister, wife and now mom herself.”

He ended it, “Kim Kardashian-West‘s laughing all the way to the bank. And all you lazy, snide, snobbish, patronising and hypocritical critics can go kiss her ass – there’s plenty of room.”

Kim seemingly appreciated his piece, tweeting, “XOXOX @piersmorgan”

To read the entire article, head over to

WHAT DO YOU THINK about Piers Morgans’ thoughts on Kim Kardashian’s naked shoot?

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  • guest745629

    “I like and admire Kim Kardashian-West”
    This is a bit like saying you admire dung. Vulgar, stupid, and mildly offensive, but utterly irrelevant. He obviously has nothing much going on in his life if he thinks Klassy Kim is worth bothering with because she doesn’t do drugs. Yeah, but the woman is an idiot and celebrates stupidity. How about that, Piers?

  • plez

    LOL Jared found another reason to post that Kim picture. Piers Morgan comes from the world of tabloid of course he would admire the Kardashians. Just because someone can build a brand and make money does not mean that person should be ADMIRED.

  • Shelly

    He is a man. Of course he admires her. She is naked and makes millions.

  • forrest gump

    so we need alot of hater to kiss that butt, folks!!

  • j k

    Well we’ll have to get in line since you’re currently kissing hers .

  • dalovelee

    I guarantee you that for Times Person of the Year…She will get the cover. It’s the person we as society discussed the most and she was the one on the cover for Vogue and now she’s create internet boom with this cover…

  • Guest

    oh please there no room to kiss her ass cause pier morgan head is up it sharing it with johnthan c her publicist friend who think everyone is jealous of her please she has no respect only used for PR

  • mouth

    Of course he loves her. He loves anything that is ruinous to America which he hates to death. Both of them America hating Illuminati Zionist Tools. BTW, Piers, go to Trial yet, or still hiding in America to avoid that Subpeona you were served 6 YEARS ago, for fraud?

  • mouth

    Time apparently loves filth, they also had Hitler Stalin Mao and probably Pol Pot too. They love degenerates.

  • sara2014

    Kim is just a puppet. She is controlled by Kanye’s best pal designer Marc Jacobs. He is an egomaniac and wants to control the entire media. Jacobs has great influence on Miley Cyrus and Jennifer Lawrence as well. Read more at styleangedlique blogspot

  • Cassandra Smith

    Perhaps we are just accustomed to Kim Kardashian wearing all those fashion designer clothing, and now nothing.

  • millerz

    lol you’re the biggest ass kisser of all piers!!

  • VanityInsecurity

    Piers Morgan trying to jump on the bandwagon from all the attention KK is getting on her trashy photo… because we all know he needs the publicity as well. As if anyone really respects his opinions..

  • happy666

    What kind of 49 year old man makes this type of statement?

  • MiraWildeW

    “And all you lazy, snide, snobbish, patronising and hypocritical critics can go kiss her ass-”

    …like Piers already has.

  • Jay

    Just Jared has certain celebritries that it post positives on and certain celebrities that it post negatives. I’ve noticed anything Beyoncé related is always negative and Rihanna, Vanessa hudgens and a few other it’s always positive and if it may be negative it isn’t reported. I wonder if they also do PR or something. But 100% there is no love for Beyoncé on this site.

  • Deanne

    Hmmm, sounds like Piers got some oral from PMK. She knows her way around publicity…among other things.

  • gigi

    I fully agree with Piers’ comments. Kim does perfectly her job. I also admire her in this regard…

  • Blast

    A lot of gossip sites, even the innocence ones like this, are rigged.

  • Blast

    The next generation is already going, “who?”

  • Christina

    I totally agree with Piers. Finally someone that can speak up to the abuse Kim is receiving. Seriously, it’s just some pictures. It’s not the end of the world, so focus your energy on something positive instead of abusing a person you don’t even know.

  • DeeDee00

    Since when did having a difference in opinion become “hating”. People throw that word around & do not how to use it.

  • Lamark

    “Kim doesn’t take drugs, get drunk, fall out of clubs, cheat on her man…” Yeah. She just does porn films for the world to watch…

    Maybe if she did not like that, it would not be haters of her.

  • Welly

    Kim you are a F bitch!!!!! People stop writing on her ingram. Sick of hearing about this pitchures.

  • Kacee Fields

    and shes the only person in the world whose made a sex tape with her bf

  • Manuela Gabathuler

    Piers Morgan hipocrita, she doesn’t drugs, but she’s an idiot becouse she have a baby.Don’t have a respect for anyone.she’s a poor narcissistic woman.Morgan you boring.

  • Sprite

    It’s a noble quest, to save the vanity of a Kardashian, hey what about Chelsea Handler and that car that just passed with it’s own moon scape? Oh yeah it’s Movember !!

  • suzybel

    Be patient folks, the Kardashians will soon go the way of Paris Hilton and all her antics.