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Gerard Butler & Hilary Swank Have 'P.S. I Love You' Reunion at Hollywood Film Awards 2014!

Gerard Butler & Hilary Swank Have 'P.S. I Love You' Reunion at Hollywood Film Awards 2014!

Gerard Butler stops for a photo with Hilary Swank while hitting the carpet at the 2014 Hollywood Film Awards on Friday (November 14) at the Palladium in Hollywood.

The two actors starred together in the 2007 romantic drama P.S. I Love You and we totally love seeing them together again!

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Hilary is getting a ton of awards buzz this year for her performance in the upcoming film The Homesman.

FYI: Hilary is wearing an Oakwell Couture dress, Christian Louboutin shoes, a Judith Lieberman clutch, and Graziela Gems jewelry. Gerard is wearing Salvatore Ferragamo.

15+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler and Hilary Swank at the awards show…

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  • Guest

    Doesn’t look like Morgan made the red carpet tonight,

  • Thin White Dutchess

    It doesn’t look like Morgan made the red carpet tonight……..not unless she’s in others that didn’t make JJ’s cut!!!!!!!

  • Nicole

    Hi Gerry! Good look, boy!

  • Nicole

    Gerard Butler recalls performing with Angelina in ‘Lara Croft Tomb Raider’

  • Nicole
  • Nicole
  • Thin White Dutchess

    So Morgan was snuck in to the awards.

  • procrastinator1980

    oh please one is not snuck into these things

    did Gerry discombobulate JLo

  • Nicole

    Hey @dewdropddd, @GerardButler sent you a digital autograph from the #HollywoodAwards

  • Nicole

    ‘Gone Girl’ Wins Top Prize At Hollywood Film Awards; ‘The Imitation Game’ Leads With 4 Nods: Complete Winners List

  • Thin White Dutchess

    Even MG got paraded in front of the camera’s!!!! He posed to show off their outfits at one awards event……..He even stopped and showed her off at the Vanity Fair Oscar party, even if he was trying to sneak in……Instead Morgan was taken to the table…..she was snuck in!!!!

  • Nicole

    Gerard Butler, who accepted the award for How to Train Your Dragon 2, said backstage that he believes O’Connell would be “the biggest star.” Butler said he was pretty tired today because he’d been celebrating his birthday last night. His girlfriend hired some burlesque dancers for his soiree last night in New Orleans. His plans to celebrate his award? “I’m probably going to head back to Malibu. I had a late night last night,” he said.

  • Tasty

    Can clearly see Morgan sitting with Gerry @ table. First sighting 17 seconds into the video.
    I think its nice he has someone he wants to share these events with.

  • Nicole

    How to DRAIN your dragon? Jennifer Lopez flubs her lines at Hollywood Film Awards… then flirts with winner Gerard Butler

  • Maggie P.U

    K….if GB said it wouldn’t he say “My girlfriend….” while he said he was pretty tired? (Butler SAID he was pretty tired today because he’d been celebrating his birthday last night and that his girlfriend…) yet it reads like his girlfriend was added like a BTW….. His girl friend hired…!? dunno JMO. Again, throw MB in there everytime…

  • Gossipbasher

    Bianca Christians too got parades. They walked in hand in hand and he even called her his GF Bianca.

  • Nicole
  • Nicole
  • Sonia

    I can’t help but look at pix of Gerard with women like Hilary Swank, JLo or even Queen Latifah and think to myself why can’t he be with a woman who looks half decent and dresses with class and style? Just saying…

  • Nicole

    I like to call #GerardButler the life of the party. Always so much fun! #HollywoodAwards #HollywoodFilmAwards #ETnow

  • Nicole
  • Sprite

    Make a SPLASH !

  • Anne Maybe I am late but i still laugh on these pics where Gerard, Freddy and Morgan are together. And btw why is Freddy wearing a Scottish skirt? I can imagine the “birthday after party at the closed doors” lol

  • LEW

    What stars did bring their significant other onto the Red Carpet? I didn’t notice any.

  • Offers Protection

    It was a brave, loving, heart-meant fulfilling human-like animated film full of truths for all ages. That said, they showed too much of it.

    Typical Butler humor, and she seemed to wince at first but wisely decided, in that beautiful sexy and tasteful dress (yes, it can be done), to ride with it, dragon pun intended.

    Gerry accepted the award yet kind of acted like he won it? Did he ad lib or read from a teleprompter?

    It most definitely felt sincere and appreciated for HTTYD2 and all he was representing so well. Maybe it was a way for him to say all those things from the heart because he feels he should have been nominated himself, and won? I agree.

    How do you spell smoldering, elegant and alluring?

    Well done Gerry. I’m glad he bolted right after because that’s how he reacting to things, and in this instance I support that decision 100%, and they’re all industry-related ;o).

    He cleans up well as they say. He cleans up well and even “tired” he’s got that IT factor, the lug.

  • wintur

    do anybody know if freddy is Spanish or scottish will gerry be going back to new Orleans anytime

  • Nicole

    Freddy Bosche was born in England,grew up in Nicaragua. He studied acting at the studios of London, New York and Los Angeles …a very talented guy!

  • Nicole

    Gerard Butler arriving to the Hollywood Film Awards @GerardButler

  • just saying

    Nicole, your the greatest! Always keeping us “in the know!”

  • Nicole

    You’re welcome!

  • procrastinator1980

    Most actors can’t handle a woman to share the spotlight with and most men can’t handle a woman who is more successful than he is.

  • procrastinator1980

    I agree with Butler, Jack O’Connell looks like he is going to be the next big thing, if he plays his cards right. An actor who will do the kind of exciting things that we hoped Butler was going to do. I realize now we expected too much. I am remembering this name and want to see Jolie’s movie now.

  • Arkady

    “Give us a wave…. a finger or something” LMAO!

  • procrastinator1980

    The only time MG got on a red carpet with GB was maybe Rome for a few seconds, not even sure there was a red carpet, because it was very crowded, at a screening of Olympus has Fallen and at the Vanity Fair party where he seemed to go out of his way to embarrass her, with his stupid faces behind her which the paparazzi focused on. When the TV interviewer asked him about his date he did not even name her but said oh she was something I picked up on the street on the way over.

  • procrastinator1980

    In the words of Charlie Sheen MB is “winning” compared to MG. If one feels the need to compare. If you consider GB is the ultimate prize, LOL.

  • wintur

    will gerry be going back to new Orleans anybody know

  • Offers Protection

    IMHPO there’s no love there. Not even like. It’s duty and obligation and they found him a soccer mom/husband for a spell until he can’t stand it anymore and wants something real at last.

    How I see it he’s got to perform and mention “girlfriend” as much as possible, be seen with her as much as he can tolerate because IMHPO it all part of a 3-movie deal with Gollum Grandpa Smurf to be with someone, anyone. So they found this ice queen similarly in need and not such a good match either despite what ‘they’ think.

    If you ask me Gerry has unilaterally cut ties across the board with Hollywood (for the time being). IMHPO he does not even like it being mentioned he is talented or that it’s going to waste because he’s really ticked off by something (big) and carrying a grudge (like Scorpios do), but can turn it on like a switch. Notice his head dropped as if getting into character before hitting the stage, that.

  • Offers Protection

    Trust me, Gerry gets his dragon drained at least every other day. If not by him, by someone… somehow.

    The sexual innuendo linked to Gerry made by Jen, so innocently, just made me laugh out loud! Thanks Jennifer! And Gerry too!! He handled that really well, as we all know it could have gotten naughty. (blushes)

  • Offers Protection

    That’s nice. It’s like a work of art. And so him (hard to read).

  • Gossipbasher

    Excuse me but at The Vanity Fair on the Red Carpet they posed together. Even walked together till somebody stopped him to talk to him and she went on ahead inside.

  • Gossipbasher

    How is she winning? No public Red Carpet. If not for some pictures, nobody would have known she was even there. MG was seen in videos at the Vanity Fair right there with him even if they didn’t officially walk the Red Carpet together. I’m not even a fan of MG but you have to hand her that, she got some exposure Morgan can only dream of.

  • Gossipbasher

    Didn’t even see Eddie Redmayne’s fiancee but he did thank her. Hilary Swank seemed to be on her own. Looked like the award shows was for the presenters and those being honored only mostly but Robert Duval did have his wife there and so did one other guy who got honored.

  • Time to ask…

    A sweet mistake and a spontaneous answer made it even more entertaining.
    I’m glad you were chosen to represent them, and had the chance to add your own feelings and charisma to it.
    I’m really excited for you Gerry :-)
    Always remember that the sky has no limits.

  • Offers Protection

    I like you TfA, but need to say this. The sky has limits if you’re being micromanaged. Or their expectations might not be your expectations. Or when no one loves you, but they love your money.

    I want him inspired by the best feelings in the world. Many are called but few are chosen.

  • voice


  • Time to ask…

    No. The sky has no limits.

    Yes, you’re right, but it all falls on how much you want out of life. Power and money are related, and depending on your goals, attachments and limitations are part of a whole.
    I don’t know what Gerry’s situation is. However, to me, life’s hardest purpose is to find happiness, enjoy what you do, and have pleasant dreams at night.
    How much power/control and success some need to accomplish most will always differ on each person.

    It’s all about choices, our choices.
    BTW, what does TfA mean? LOL

  • Offers Protection

    Right. Gerry’s made a huge success out of his life. Now what?

    Why is finding happiness a hard life purpose for you? Don’t you enjoy what you do? Why can’t you sleep well?

    Happiness has little to do with any of the things you suggest: money, power, control. Maybe your happiness depends those? Are you suggesting his does? Yet if you have those things why aren’t you happy?

    I disagree. Power isn’t always related to money. That’s a myth. Happiness isn’t related to money. That’s a myth. All money provides is freedom, not happiness.

    Happiness is directly related to self-acceptance. Self-love. Family connection, emotional intimacy, feeling loved, spiritual involvement, giving back, and peace of mind. When I do the math I don’t count a penny, do you?

    There are two important, but opposing forces, at work in most humans regarding happiness. One is the need to achieve a certain degree of success, wealth, beautiful things/homes, and recognition. But this requires competition which in itself does not bring true happiness.

    The other force is to give back to the Earth and society, to have friends, to take care of the less fortunate, to be kind to others, to do good deeds, to take time to play and laugh and have fun for no reason than to simply be happy.

    It is this second type of force, which is cooperation rather than competition, that leads to better health, both mental and physical, and in general to longer lives.

    Maybe it is time for Gerry to retire? In retirement he could be much happier, and it could be because he refuses to compete, at anything with anyone, calls his own shots, don’t gamble, and make movies only for fun.

    Neither do I. I use my eyes to watch, listen, feel through an extra sense. And my extra sense tells me a lot.

    Saying this, Gerry seems most alive and completely at ease and happiest when lending himself to children somehow, someway.

    ETA: That was a typo. It was a short-cut for Time to Ask.. to TtA.

  • Pamela S

    Gerry’s gone through a lot to find the success he has earned. It’s hard work and determination and the fighting “never give up” spirit he was born with. He’s got what it takes to do what needs to be done in whatever he chooses. I don’t think he’s ever seen limits before and won’t start now.

  • Offers Protection

    In some of this I couldn’t agree more. And since I joined following Gerry’s career a longtime ago I have been privileged to watch that happen, to witness it.

    What do you think his choices are now, since you say, “whatever he chooses”?

    You don’t think he’s seen limits (Hollywood can set)? Why not? Or maybe he’s been shown those limits by having films buried that should have gone on to be huge personal successes for him? Won him his own award(s)? Have you no sense of his disappointment for those? I do.

    Further more, there is more routine in his ‘routine’. I sense it a resigning lack-luster air about him. Did you watch him during her intro? I did. Otherwise might there be more on his IMDb Movie To Do list then their is?

  • Bythebyandby

    See look on GBs face at one point when he looked to his left. I thought something must be really eating at him, not just a look of being tired (back and forth filming, producing LHF, etc) … didn’t know MB was sitting at his left until I read thru the postings here.