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Lorde Clarifies Her 'Mom' Tweet About Kim Kardashian

Lorde Clarifies Her 'Mom' Tweet About Kim Kardashian

Lorde has written a long blog post to clarify the “mom” tweet she wrote about Kim Kardashian‘s nude photos for the new issue of Paper magazine.

“omg haha ok so. time to explain this. i retweeted kim‘s amazing cover and wrote ‘MOM’, which among the youthz is a compliment; it basically jokingly means ‘adopt me/be my second mom/i think of you as a mother figure you are so epic’ (obviously i love my own mama and she is the best tho),” the 18-year-old singer wrote in the post.

“but straight after that i think someone else called out the cover saying kim has no right to look that sexy as she is a mother which is TOTAL trash – why should that stop her? if anything i think she gets even more beautiful and sexy all the time like a fineass wine, and of course has every right to showcase that – but i think our two comments got lumped in and also maybe reporters don’t understand my breed of humour/worship,” Lorde continued. “i am the biggest fan of jean-paul goude and of grace jones, as you know, and there’s no way i could support one and not the other you know? it wouldn’t make any sense to worship rih in her swarovski crystal gown at the CFDAs, or grace naked on the cover of island life (as shot by goude!), and not kim. to summarize – kim‘s cover was pure heaven. so so beautiful. i’m proud to say it’ll be on my wall.”

“ps. i messaged our mutual friend straight away and made sure kim understood, and she does and all is well,” Lorde added. “so i hope that’s cleared up. next time i’ll go for a good old fashioned ‘SLAY’ instead.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Lorde’s explanation of her Kim Kardashian tweet?

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  • Classy

    this bitch is so fake and a big hypocrite. she was slamming selena gomez for her song “come and get it” but is praising Kim nudes? If anything, these pics are the real defenition of “come and get it”.

  • Luiza



  • tellmeyourwish

    I find it hypocritical that she loves this edited photo, yet hates photoshop. Claims she’s a feminist, yet supports a woman that helps to perpetuate the objectification of woman

  • Danae

    I think I’m not a dinosaur and yet I do not get the whole “MOM” concept as she explains it. Mom is a mom. And Lorde supporting Kim Kardashian just ensures me that she is already immersed in this whole ‘showbizzy’ world of Hollywood, silicone and lies, that she had dismissed before.

  • Lassie

    One hit wonder so now she’s a suck-up to stay relevant and hook on to a popular celeb.

  • kirki


  • Oh Yes!

    Lorde is gross and a hypocrite. I could find a million things worthy of putting up on my walls than a nasty, distasteful picture of a nasty girl. Does Lorde knows the broadness of the demographic that listens to her music?

  • jclaude66

    That’s because shes lying.

  • Welly

    Lord is gross looking. Can’t even look at the girl. Its been sense monday and people are still talking about it. Get over it. People!!!!! Sick of hearing about it. Kim is a bitch and why does people like her.

  • Deanne

    The fact that she says she considers Dim a ‘mother figure’ makes me want to vomit.

  • goshdarling

    what Lorde doesn’t get is Grace Jones is natural/original.. Kim on the other hand is stuffed with implants to get that look..

  • Manuela Gabathuler

    Lorde, stop it.Morticcia morticia Addams,big Hipocrite…

  • Marie

    I´ve just lost all my respect for Lorde. From now on I can´t take her seriously anymore and I really thought she was a smart girl. Sad.

  • Andgelas

    She is a hypocrite. Slamming Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez for their music but she is prasing this no-talent hooker Kim K.? Stupid girl. How is going naked for cheap publicity being a feminist Lorde? How gross she wants to put Kims cover on her wall like a poster.

  • Andgelas

    She also said Kanye West is one of her idols, so no wonder she is praising his idiot tramp.

  • Roger Griffith

    Kim K is a lovely person

  • Jules

    Not implants in the butt, it is fat injections from her stomach/waist and other areas that’s why her so-called X-Ray exam revealed no implants. She thinks that we are all dumb and regardless women should revered for natural beauty not a bought body. And your r right about Grace Jones.

  • jclaude66

    You’re 100% right. I guess since Kanye did a remix to one of her songs and since shes a fan of Kanye she has to love Kim too lol. Its BS.

  • Ronnie Hop-Along Kohe-Love

    Why would Lorde spell it “MOM”??? Isn’t she a Kiwi? We say and spell the slang for mother as ” mum”.

  • Ronnie Hop-Along Kohe-Love

    All those who bag Lorde for voicing her opinion can go suck a lemon. She is an eighteen year old girl who is impressed by the balls shown by the fatty bottomed woman. That’s actually feminism at its rawest. I may not be a fan of the Kardashian clan, and especially not egomaniacal Kanye, but Kim should be able to do and show whatever she likes. Who cares? Don’t like the pics? Close the tab/window! Because I bet you all have the best ethics, morals, parenting skills and code of conduct known to man right? Yeah, right! Anyway, I think Lorde is probably just attempting to keep things cool with everybody and not rock the boat.

  • Ronnie Hop-Along Kohe-Love

    Man you can’t even spell.

  • Shashank Kolhe

    Hypocrite Lorde
    Like always

  • Shashank Kolhe

    Then why she started insulting other people in hollywood such as Lana del rey ?? Even when LDR didn’t do anything against Her ??

  • Shashank Kolhe

    Wow so now you are insulting mothers ??
    “mum’ is not a slang.