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Kendall Jenner: New Face Of Estee Lauder!

Kendall Jenner: New Face Of Estee Lauder!

Congratulations to Kendall Jenner!

It was just announced that he 19-year-old model is the new face of Estee Lauder!

“We are so thrilled to announce that the one and only @kendalljenner is our newest model. Here’s a behind-the-scenes pic from her first ad campaign—so exciting!” the brand wrote on Instagram, revealing the news.

Kendall added with another shot, “I am super excited to announce that I am the new face of @esteelauder!! check out to see more…I still can’t believe it myself!”

Kendall Jenner Named New Face of Estee Lauder
Just Jared on Facebook
kendall jenner estee lauder new campaign 01
kendall jenner estee lauder new campaign 02

Photos: Instagram
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  • mm366

    If you think about it, she’s the only one out of the whole K-herd that actually has made a career for themselves legitimately. The whole lot of them first came on the scene only because of Kim’s sex tape and their mother’s grabbing opportunities at every turn got grow their fortunes via reality show’s and everything spun off that. Not one of them apart from Kendall has a career apart from the Kardashian but her. I think she would be right were she is as a model regardless of her family is my point because she’s got the goods as a model.

  • jane

    she seems to be the best of the trash her family is, but i still will not be buying any more EL. i don’t want to knowingly support any kardashian. they are disgusting people, the whole lot of them

  • Audria

    This girl has no talent, is disrepsecful towards waiters and waitresses, chases after woman-beaters, is famous for being the sister of a sex tape wh*re yet she is being named the new face of Estee lauder? I will no longer be purchasing their products if they are hiring this no-talent chick. What message are they sending to people by hiring her? She doesn’t work hard, has no talent, is not that pretty yet have everything given to her on a silver platter. Disgusting and shame on Estee Lauder. Just like Vogue, who are in the dumps now, Estee Lauder will suffer.

  • Audira

    She is nothing special and to be honest. she got this gig probably because Kanye West threw temper tantrums and emotionally blackmailed people into giving her and the rest of their untalented family a place in high fashion and in Hollywood. She go this gig cos of her connections to Kanye West. If she didn’t come from a family of reality tv show losers and having a rapper who has somehow fooled everyone in he fashion world into liking him, she would be rejected repeadtly by modelling agencies. I don’ recall models like Adriana Lima or Giesle getting gigs like this when they were 19, ad they are real, talented models. Jenner is just a plain, avg looking tall girl and she has no modeling talent or any charisma. Just another spoiled, brat who comes from connections.

  • shoes4life

    No more Estee Lauder for me. I refuse to support any of these tramps with my hard earned money. There are plenty of beautiful faces out there but EL chose tabloid celebrity for their brand because of KK and the attention she receives, nothing more.

  • Dee

    Meh…. shes what 18?? Kendall for Estee Lauder??? Not feeling it. My mom and aunts and grandmother wears Estee Lauder… its more of a mature brand.

  • Anastatia Bagans

    The fact you find Adriana Lima a good model completely refutes your argument. Adriana is one of the worst models out there, pretty? Yes. Model? What a joke. You know nothing. People like you think girls like Adriana are models because of their blue eyes. Kendall Jenner is gorgeous with a unique face and you seem pretty bothered by the fact she’s getting all this modeling work.

  • annie

    the fact that you consider kendell pretty and model worthy refutes YOUr argument as well.

  • annie

    maybe thats why they signed her on; to attract the youngr generation

  • Kristi Madison

    I have never bought that brand. And I won’t start now. I hate that family more than all the terrorists of the world put together.

  • nanyis

    Why does this family keep getting rewarded for being idiots and having no talent? And Estee Lauder is makeup for older women, why choose a D list reality tv star who looks younger then 18? Makes no sense! I hope they also get negative press just like how Vogue got negatie press for putting Kanye and his pig wife on the cover.

  • Audria

    You must be incredibly stupid for thinking Jenner is a actual talented model. What is Jenner’s talent please explain? How was she able to land a proper brand without any sort of talent? Kanye West most likely had a hand in this. When did I say I like Adriana Lima just because she has blue eyes? Did you even read my post. Just like the talentless Kardashians/Jenners, you seem to lack any sort of education to prove your point. Please, I see girls walking on my street and in the malls that look 1000 times better then this girl. Why would I be jealous she got an opportunity based on her connections rather than hard work or talent? Jenners face is not unique, Adriana Lima has a unique face and structure. You think Jenner will be making $35 millon by the time she is 33 years old like Adriana is? Jenner will stop having all of these offers once her brother-in-law leaves Kim and their family fame goes away. Go away little girl.

  • mm366

    You have no idea about Este Lauder do you? Not gonna school you but to say “Kanye ain’t got that kind of clout.”
    Why do I bother with even trying to have adult convo’s with anyone on this jr high site. I blame me.

  • mm366

    Anastatia, it’s not even worth arguing with this unsophisticated TEEN BEAT reading bunch. I have GOT to stop wasting time here. I’m not this dumb lol.

  • Lauren Earle

    Oh wow, don’t you sound like a nice intelligent person with that comment

  • CaliCat

    I like how you all think that by not buying EL you guys are gonna put them out of business.

  • happy666

    She has such furious eyes. They’d better make them up well and make them look sweeter. Scary

  • TTC92

    These comments are more ignorant and trashy than this family has ever been.

  • MIndy O

    Are they trying to get a much younger demo for their products? I think that the people who adored Estee Lauder are much older now and wouldn’t be fans of anyone in this family.

  • Anne

    It can’t help.—–unfortunately, a lot of women hate what the Kardashians represent and will not support their product. Maybe a lot of kids with limited funds will follow her—but I don’t see her winning a lot of users.

  • guest745629

    She’s pretty, but she does NOT have the bone structure for modelling. Her face is too bland. She has no cheekbones; they’re more like big tiles.

  • guest745629

    Hi Kendall!

  • jane

    that isn’t the point, of course not buying myself EL foundation won’t = the demise of the K family. it means you believe in something and stand behind your position and support it that way. it’s about equating your words to your personal actions and standards. i have never stayed in a Hilton hotel either… lots of other brands await your loyalty.

  • TeamBella76

    Not buying anymore of there stuff !

  • kevnbakes

    Talking about sophistication when you are a fan of reality tv stars who make sex tapes and treat people like trash? Yes people who don’t like her or her family and see them for what they are are dumb lol. No, you are dumb, and you are not an adult either. You must be a kid barely in high school since you love the Jenner c*nt. Go read a book moron. Or go jack off to Jenner’s ugly barely legal face. Please don’t make an idiot of yourself when you say you value sophistication and then praise a reality tv star famous for being the sister of a human urinal and a C list and D list men leftovers.

  • kevnbakes

    Vogue suffered many cancellations and even though Anna Wintour went to Clooney’s wedding and took pics there hoping to bring up the sales of Vogue again, it didn’t work. Many people don’t like this family and anybody associated with them. Kanye West’s career is in the dumps and he isn’t making money like he used.

  • Andy pham

    I will no longer use any Estee lauder product I have used them over 15 years anything kardashian /Jenner I will not support. Every body boycott Estee lauder

  • 55vineyard

    I’ve used Estee Lauder for years like many of you and they have just seen my last dollar. Frankly I do not think Kendall, as nice as she may be (do not really know much about her) will attract too many of the younger crowd to this brand. But hey, what do I know.

  • Vy Nguyen

    I love Estee Lauder make up. They created this brand image which I felt was sophisticated, graceful, and had a mature nature to it. There is no need to re-brand, there is no need to tap into this teen market. Why feel the need to? Must have been some sassy new marketing director thinking it’s a good idea and oh you know another good idea? Getting the most unworthy, useless, no good for nothing but manipulating millions of young foolish girls into their products. Because that’s all they care about. They’re already a successful company, there is no need to sell out at this level.

  • mouth

    Thanks for saving me money again, Lardassians. I boycott whoever uses you vile non talents.

  • Vy Nguyen

    Don’t underestimate the power of consumers. Many companies have gone out of business in the past due to bad marketing, poor PR, and disregarding their customers’ opinions. You have a lot to learn about marketing.

  • FatFlyPorkPie

    It’s christmas every day for these Kardashians, and this young Kendal can’t even believe herself how everyone is just handing her these lucrative gigs for doing absolutely nothing. She has earned nothing it’s all been just handed to her because of her stupid family. There are way more deserving, pretty and struggling women out there who deserve this work not these Kardashians again and again and again. I never buy anything they are associated with NEVER !

  • Valy Ci

    why? why another ho? boycot estee l

  • Valy Ci

    wouldn’t you be bothered if Popeye’s Ollie would be modeling? Some people really see her as a plane Jane, pretty but no model material

  • Aloel96

    She is pretty and a good model but I don’t think its fair that she gets it and she’s just 19… other models have been working for years to land gigs like this but they haven’t gotten so much attention. Even though she is a hard worker her family name gives her such an unfair advantage.

  • nemo

    immature and tacky. yuck.

  • Penny Dreadful

    She’s got a gorgeous face, this is undeniable. She’s a stunner. Comes from a HORRIBLE family though.

  • suzettegonzalez

    who buys Estee Lauder anyway?

  • Roger Griffith

    Kendall & Kylie Jenner are so amazing, adorable and funny!

  • Kora

    I don’t get how someone thinks they can be a model by having a sister release a adult tape and then have things handed to you. I heard of hard work. The Kardashians got into the modeling and tv because of the adult tape one of the sisters did. Degrading yourself to be famous and have your family back pack on your degrading wagon to be famous is disgusting. I understand if you worked hard for something for years. But being a Kardashian opens doors for you. I am not jealous far from it. I just think its unfair that the rest of the world works hard through blood, sweat and tears to get where they are but for a Kardasian, you make a adult tape and the whole family gets paid to be on tv and doors open for you and you don’t have to work for it. I am sure not one of the jenner girls ever started on the bottom of the ladder to get where they are now. and they are a inspiration to all girls. are the ones who are inspired by the jenner girls brain dead? :(

  • D.K.S.

    I won’t stop buying White Linen. Worn it on and off for 30 years. She is a lovely girl. Yes, Estee Lauder is taking a chance with her as their newest model. However, she has a HUGE following, whether we like it or not. Perhaps not such a bad move? Only time will tell.