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Janice Dickinson Claims She Was Raped by Bill Cosby (Video)

Janice Dickinson Claims She Was Raped by Bill Cosby (Video)

Janice Dickinson has made some shocking claims against Bill Cosby and says that the comedian drugged her and sexually assaulted her back in 1982.

The 59-year-old model and reality star says that she was summoned to Lake Tahoe by Bill to talk about her professional future and she remembers being given a pill and some red wine in her hotel room before blacking out and being raped.

“The next morning I woke up, and I wasn’t wearing my pajamas, and I remember before I passed out that I had been sexually assaulted by this man,” Janice said in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. “Before I woke up in the morning, the last thing I remember was Bill Cosby in a patchwork robe, dropping his robe and getting on top of me.”

“I’m doing this because it’s the right thing to do, and it happened to me, and this is the true story,” she added.

Janice‘s allegations come just days after Mr. Cosby was accused of rape by several women.

Janice Dickinson Claims She Was Raped by Bill Cosby
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  • plez

    Sorry don’t believe this one. Dickinson has been looking for attention for decades. She told about affairs she had with famous and some non famous married men. If this really happen to her she would have told it a long time ago.
    I just checked. She has written three books about her life. I’m assuming none with this story about Crosby.
    What’s bad about this is that it may make people question the other women whom I believe.

  • AliceUsagi

    I feel like an @ss…but I don’t believe her.

  • DrVampyre927

    I believe that Bill Cosby is a “serial rapist” who has raped and paid off about 10 women, but I don’t believe Janice AT ALL!!

  • Judith Hall- Warrick

    These women need should have gone to hospital and got proof

  • Louise

    It’s harsh but she’s not exactly credible. She has said before she took drugs etc so who knows what went on, really weird she’s bringing this up now.

  • Mercyneal

    Um, did you read the news stories on this? Apparently not. She wrote about this incident for her memoir some years ago but the editors at Haroer Collins made her take it out.

    She doesn’t need money or attention. Speaking about being raped is not a fun way of getting attention. Read today’s stories about her editors making her take the incident out.

    And you need. To stop attacking women, pal

  • Marie Antoinette

    She’s a lying attention seeker.

  • Mercyneal

    Um she is speaking out because other women in Hollywood are. I work on pedophile cases. This is how it goes. It takes one brave victim to speak up and then the floodgates open.

    I commend Dickinson for speaking up.

  • Mercyneal

    Yes, that’s right attack the victims and judge. Did you even bother to read the stories? Shame on your comment.

    Aldo pal the district attorney in Pennsylvania on one of the cases spoke out today and said he wanted to prosecute but wasn’t sure if they had all the evidence. You need to stop being so harsh about people- especially as I see you have a child.

  • You Ain’t No Sanjaya

    I think the news coverage triggered old memories, not necessarily memories of Cosby, but similar situations that she’s conflating with the coverage.

    If you ever wanted proof that repeated sexual assault by a trusted family member tortures it’s victim for years and years, exhibit A is Janice Dickinson.

  • millerz

    Here’s the thing. Rape or sexual assault is no joke, it should never be taken lightly. But could a drunk Janice Dickinson have drank wine in Bill Cosby’s hotel room and willingly taken a pill, and consented to sex and not really remember? She passes out as soon as he gets on top of her? She could have easily blacked out from any recollection but told him it were okay or initiated it. Not saying what she said didn’t happen but the real question should be why the f was she in her pajamas, in this mans hotel room, drinking wine, taking whatever pill it was. A majority of the time the victim did not consent, but clearly this sounds like if it did happen it could be a MAJOR misunderstanding.

    I’m a woman and would never put myself in that situation, for 1! and 2, if that did happen the way she said and I woke up undressed and had no recollection I would ask what the F happened last night. How do you go 30+ years and assume and accuse without ever confronting or asking?

    Just makes no sense to me. Again, I’m not downplaying rape or sexual assault by any means. His case looks bad because of the other women that came out about it, for sure. I know nothing about these women and their stories and I’ll definitely educate myself on it.

    Janice obviously admired him and wanted him to help further her career, maybe at the time she was worried he wouldn’t help her anymore?? Who knows. I guess we’ll never really know the truth.

    Sorry for the rant!! lol

  • beara

    Why didn’t she say anything before then? Like when she accused others of the same thing. She sounds like a habitual rape victim.

  • Tanya

    Am I the only one confused as to why Bill Cosby would be talking to Janice Dickinson about her career? He was a comedian and she was a model, how did their paths even cross?

  • ViolettaBliss

    So 15 women so far are all lying about Bill Cosby raping them all around the same time period??
    Janice Dickinson was one of the first “Super Models’ and continues to be in the limelight and working. I don’t really see what she has to gain by coming out with this, I commend her for being brave enough to share her story. Her doing so validates these other women who have had similar experiences with Cosby and are being dismissed as storytellers looking for the lime light.. As much as everyone refuses to accept it Bill Cosby is serial rapist.

  • annie

    except the floodgate has been for a long time. jance is not one to hold back so its a little questionable why she would suddenly speak now.

  • ViolettaBliss

    Bill Cosby was also acting during this time and obviously sought out models who were trying to break into acting and positioned himself as a mentor type…

  • annie

    if youve followed her career graph ‘recently’ you would understand why people are questioning her confession.

  • ViolettaBliss

    I am sorry but drunk or not I have never consented to Sex and then forgotten. And any man who has sex with someone that is completely drunk and or passed out is a sex offendor.

  • ViolettaBliss

    Our society has been programmed to always question and dehumanize rape victims ! This is why there are so many rape victims afraid to admit they have been victimized and seek the help that they need. enough of the slut shaming Rape is not ok.

  • Legendary Trolly

    I HATE her but this is true! These are serious alligations she made.

  • Ron Geraci

    Cecil the Cursing Cat on Bill Cosby –

  • Geez Louise

    Its not that simple or easy. Obviously you’ve never been a victim of sexual assault and be grateful for that but speaking from experience, sometimes it takes decades to come to terms with this type of thing. If she had spoken out about this 30 years ago she would have been shamed or shut up. The mind tells you to just move on and that’s how you cope. Shame is a powerful silencer. Your comment is ignorant and your lack of compassion tells me that this subject is far removed from your life. Educate yourself before speaking into something you know nothing about.

  • plez

    Not attacking any woman. I believe all the rest who say Crosby raped them. But not loud mouth, call people out Janice Dickinson. Even if the editors took it out she would have done just like she did last night go on tv.

  • FerCat

    Maybe this will finally put an end to Cosby Show reruns. They were never really that funny.

  • jclaude66

    I understand where you’re coming from but the way she talks in that interview makes it seem like she wasn’t 100% sure exactly what happened. First of all… why be alone with a man you barely know in his hotel room in your robe? And second why would you drink the wine and take the pill? Either way! He could have raped her. But she isn’t 100% sure.

  • amethyst

    You may think Janice is an attention seeker but it does not mean she is lying. Remember Janice is ONLY one of several women who have come forward to make the same claim. And Janice did try to publish this in her memoir years ago but the publisher, because it was Bill Cosby, made her take it all out. In 2006 Cosby paid off a woman who made the same claims. Innocent men do not pay if the are not guilty.

  • amethyst

    Have you ever heard of a pill being put in a woman’s drink without her knowledge?

  • amethyst

    So because YOU don’t like Janice Dickinson she is automatically lying. But all the other women, who YOU approve of, are telling the truth. You are a plant!!!

  • amethyst

    I don’t like this woman but in this case I believe her.

  • amethyst

    I don’t care if Janice Dickinson is the second coming of Lizzie Borden. It does not mean the woman is lying in this case. What does Janice have to gain by coming forward after all these years? Nothing. The Statue of Limitations has long passed. She is making millions of dollars every year so Bill’s money is not needed. But have you stopped to consider that maybe one or more of the other women involved ASKED Janice to finally come forward.

  • jclaude66

    Obviously. But listen to what he asked her. “You took the Pill, then drank the red wine, then what happened?”

  • amethyst

    Really? Why is Janice any less believable than the other women who have come forward. Oh wait, I know. It’s called BLAME THE VICTIM. You don’t approve of Janice so there she is lying.

  • amethyst

    Think about this for a second or two. This man is Bill Cosby. Do you have any idea just how POWERFUL that man was in the industry when these assaults were taking place?

  • amethyst

    It’s called embarrassment and shame. A woman at the homeless shelter I volunteer with finally, after 35 years, admitted she had been raped. She was a young, only 20, and he was a trusted family friend. This woman has only spoken of it because the man is dead. When the other women began talking Janice probably felt it was safe for her to do so.

  • amethyst

    I do have to admit the Cosby show reruns are funny. I also see no reason why the other cast members should be punished for Bill Cosby’s behavior.

  • amethyst

    Do you make a habit of being stupid!!

  • amethyst

    I did listen to her interview. Do yourself a favor; spend some time volunteering for a crisis centre listening to the women who have been raped. I asked some of these women who saw the interview what they thought. Each of these women believe Janice.

  • jclaude66

    Unfortunately I don’t know if he raped her 20 plus years ago and neither do you. I believe that he has raped and slept with several women throughout his life-time. I only said that her story sounds strange/fishy. Don’t get upset over it. Only God knows.

  • Guest

    I believe her. All these celebrities with their Hollywood images that are ALWAYS the polar opposites of who they really are. All of these women have the same story. He drugs them and screws them when they are passed out. disgusting.

  • FerCat

    Of all the 80′s comedies this was the one show that felt off to me. Don’t know why.

  • beara

    No but it sounds like you do….

  • annie

    i can totally understand why that woman would wait so long to discuss this with another person. But janice has talked about her other rape incidences quite openly before.

  • amethyst

    (eyes rolling) did a two year old help you with this comeback?

  • beara

    “Comeback”??? Please, this isn’t high school. If you’re going to call someone stupid at least have the smarts to back up your point, because if not, in the end it’s you who comes out looking like you’ve been talking to 2 years too long. Now go roll your eyes at someone who gives a damn about your petty “comebacks”…

  • Soniaintown

    Exactly because she cannot prove her case at the court of laws, so she brings it to the court of public opinions.

  • sky

    This is the same woman that LIED and swindled over $ 300.000 out of SYLVESTER STALLONE. She lied about her daughter being Sylvester ‘s For 6months until DNA test proved she was a Liar…. She and Janice and these other WHITE WOMEN always claim RAPE after sleeping with a blavk guy, who later tosses them aside like GARBAGE. Why was she even with Bill Cosby in a room. Think about it. All these women wanted to be ACTRESSES, and when Bill didn’t get them film roles they cry rape……janice dickinson is a known Liar. Where was these women when the Cosby Show was on.? I’m a woman but I just don’t believe them. Anybody can make an allegation, doesn’t mean its the truth.