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Brad Pitt Will Produce Sci-Fi Thriller 'Alpha'!

Brad Pitt Will Produce Sci-Fi Thriller 'Alpha'!

Brad Pitt is teaming up with writer Daniel H. Wilson on the upcoming thriller Alpha, according to THR!

The 50-year-old actor would be producing the movie with his production company Plan B.

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Details on the Anthony Scott Burns-directed project are being kept under wraps, but it is reportedly a sci-fi survival story that draws some inspiration from Jack London, the author of “White Fang” and “The Call of the Wild.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Brad Pitt’s new project Alpha?

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  • lurker

    good news more sexy mr pitt

  • just saying

    Brad’s projects are always good.

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    Hmmm! Interesting. Can’t wait.

  • bap

    Vanity Fair magazine is out with Dame Angelina on the cover.

  • Dawne

    I’ve had it for over a week.

  • bap

    Here it just came out!

  • Dawne

    Where are you?

  • Dawne

    So Sexy isn’t going to work now for Ms. Inauthentic…… now we are trying to rock the cool, chic, understated Angelina, problem is, she can’t pull it off cause she just ain’t a tall, willowy classic beauty who completes the look with a ponytail, bun or up-sweep to compliment the minimalist attire……’s called ‘class’ ………..

    Imagine Angie with pounds of extensions….heavy makeup and her classic white blouse……….so wrong………The Tick can’t pull it off cause she can’t pull the hair back…..she’d be trending on twitter alright……….but as a joke…..she has to have the hair, she doesn’t have the face, neck, chin, cheekbones or ears………so the half and half look is another epic fail.

    She’s so desperate she has given up the ‘distractions’ like the plunging necklines, nips and cr*tch skimming skirts…….dumb biitch thinks she can just dress like Angie and run around attaching herself to the Oscar race like a bloodsucker to a bare arm.

  • lurker

    guys enjoy

    Horrible Bosses 2


    R, 1 hr. 48 min.
    The film is persistently misogynistic and degrading towards women, racist at times, and Jennifer Aniston’s character fantasying about two 14-year-old boys having sex is completely inappropriate.

  • lurker

    rotten tomatoes are killing this shi%

  • well

    Yes, it’s about how the clothes are worn, too…what is that old saying about putting lipstick on a pig? Fail. Post from previous thread:

    My rec for fat tick superhero:

    Whiney Woman or Creepy Crone or Hairy Hag…something alliterative is probably best. Troll Boy would be the name of her sidekick… And he could have the ephithet “The Stolen One” ( like batman is called The Dark Night).

  • lurker

    Puerile, ugly and painfully unfunny.(the wrap

    Inane and incredibly tasteless …(variety

    They feel like they are the bare minimum version of what could be very, very funny, and it frustrates me more than it makes me laugh.)(hitfix

  • lurker

    The jokes start growing stale well before the film’s midpoint.(hollywood reporter

  • Dawne

    Forgot to mention another funny ….Huvane released a few photos to the Daily Fail yesterday with his latest Ticky praise fest and one of them …….very enlarged …was of Ticky hugging a St. Jude’s child………..the blatent attempt to polish up her self centred party girl image is so glaringly obvious………if she were a big star who had a real chance, HW would say, “Oh, she’s just campaigning” …..but they look at this as a little vanity project where she anointed herself a contender……….no one has seen the damn film, noone wants to see this film…….so imo this is her last hurrah……she’s now done …………she will have turned so many people off……….she is a gate crasher to the real contenders ,…she is not considered a serious actress……def not A List…………..and she will pay for this, not by being honoured with an Oscar but being reviled by her peers.


    I saw that pic….and indeed, it IS huvsy and ticky’s last hurrah. Imma gonna bring over a post i just left on Angie’s thread.

  • Bite me

    Is Penelope Cruz poor? She signed on to Zoolander 2. Poor thing , I will light a candle for her tonight .


    Wonderbust • an hour ago
    I love how the rountable was done by the LA times but even they don’t list ticky as a contender


    How. Divine. LOL
    Not one mention of
    that fraud……because this is a reputable, industry piece, taking a serious
    look at the real, potential contenders for this 87-year-old event.
    I wonder if, in all
    its years, the members of the Academy had ever seen anything like this blatant
    wh.0.ring by a non-Oscar-worthy, old washed-up upstart trying so brazenly to
    insert herself into the Oscar Universe?
    Do any fans here
    who really know the biz, have any recollection of anything like what the
    Fame-Fattened Tick is trying to pull off?
    I srsly believe
    huvsy has bitten off more than he can chew this time. IMO, over these past 10
    years, even he has surprised himself with how gullible folks have been to have
    swallowed some of the sh!t he has peddled on the fat tick’s behalf.
    So now he comes
    with this hail mary sortie. Because lets not forget, this is indeed her last
    hurrah to remain relevant in the industry in 2015 and beyond.
    Look at the
    talented women in ticky’s age group and older…..where are they? Not actively
    acting, thats for sure. The exceptions are Meryl Streep and Judi Densch and
    they are over 60 anyway….with their lifetime of proven talent.
    The b!tch has no
    life outside the HW limelight so she would shrivel up and die if huvsy cant
    find ways to keep popping her out every so often, like a d@mn whack-a-mole.
    So believe
    it…….ticky and huvsy are DESPERATE. But i believe we will get the last
    laugh. First of all, she will not be nominated and it would have been doubly
    laughably embarrassing if he doesnt even succeed in getting her a presentation
    gig at the Oscars. Even as we speak, i believe he’s begging with his pants down
    around his ankles for her to get a legit reason for being there. Because the
    best he can hope for is that he will then be able to dine out on that little ‘triumph’,
    vis-a-vis the stories he will be able to feed to the media way into the first
    qrtr of the new year, while he hustles around for other projects for her to do.
    But i do believe
    that even huvsy’s bag of tricks will begin to dry up as of 2015……

  • happy666

    I thought it was the second part of that thriller about wolves with Liam Neeson… don’t remember the name.

    Oh yeah! “The Grey”

  • anustin


  • busted

    Damn there is so much to read.. I need to pull up a chair get my favorite snack and have at it..
    You all are too funny.

  • tweet

    jordd ‏@jordanleitch_xo now1 minute ago
    Brad Pitt is like fine wine and good cheese, just keeps getting better with age. #oomf

  • Erianthe

    Yeah, we need a sequel to this just like we needed Dumb and Dumber 2. Who is greenlighting this garbage??? I’m sorry to admit I saw the first Zoolander film and found it horribly unfunny and I had high hopes for that movie (don’t know why I felt this way other than I was young and stupid at the time). Stiller and Ferrell must be desperate for a hit. Too bad they won’t get it from this movie. And is Rumplestiltskin really directing this? I thought that idea was nixed long ago.

  • shoes4life

    Based on the article Stiller will be behind the camera. Thumbelina is only the screenwriter. Just another inflated story by JJ.

  • well

    Yeah, I saw it a few years after it came out with fairly low expectations and thought it was OK, funny in parts, but would have been way harsher if I had paid to see it. I don’t think it made much money, but I guess they will sequel anything if they can make it for cheap enough. I’m sure anybody who signs on is working for low pay and/or a percentage of the (wishful thinking) profit. Perhaps this time fat tick’s buddy can write in a superhero role for her cougary self…how about Sad Spook…able to lie at every turn and cry over gray hair…so many super powers.

  • trt

    Well, let’s hope tacky gets to direct and hope the film makes enough money for tacky’s freedom flight. One step is closer to his goal of breaking free of the limpet.

  • trt

    Which film are we talking about now? Sorry, can’t keep up.

  • Aj

    Someone We can trust. RTH, a Poster in fóruns. He brings perfect box office before any site. He saw Unbroken. And he says it is a Very good movie.

  • Aj

    And Fury is out. in South Korea And China This weekend.
    There are no China numbers yet.
    In South Korea it made more than 0.5 million first day And it’ll probably do more than 3 million this weekend. Maybe ten million total there (like Maleficent).

  • Passing Through

    Moving comments again…Tres annoyed that I didn’t know there was another new thread…

    Phool • 3 hours ago

    Brad Pitt Teams With ‘Robopocalypse’ Writer for Sci-Fi Thriller ‘Alpha’ (Exclusive)


    Yet another Plan B announcement. Echo Films would like to announce…they have nothing announce…and yes, they’ll make the announcement without wearing makeup.

  • Passing Through

    Wonderbust • 3 hours ago

    I guess ticky wasn’t invited to the exclusive Hollywood Reporter round table so she had to settle for this with the rest of the ladies who prob won’t be nominated. Blunt and Woodley are the only ones that stand a chance and Jessica


    Ok. This has to be the thing that the guy Tweeted about a few weeks ago because these are all the actresses he said was there. I thought it was the Variety actors-on-actors convos. I saw some pix of Shailene Woodley the other day and her hair isn’t that blond anymore, so that makes me think this was filmed 2 or 3 weeks ago when we first saw the tweet.

    BTW – Ticky’s Oscar consultant is certainly earning her money because no way in hell would Ticky get an invite to these kinds of things for Crack if someone with OScar connections wasn’t pulling the strings.

  • Passing Through

    William Bradley & The Jolie • 3 hours ago

    Hello Folks. Just wanted to post this link with Desplat, he starts talking about Unbroken at the 23:00 minute mark. Enjoy.

    DP/30: Alexandre Desplat 2014, The Imitation Game, Unbroken, Godzilla, The Grand Budapest Hotel


    Did you post that on Awards Daily so Sasha Stone can shite her britches? LOL!

  • Passing Through

    Media Wh@re MANiston • 3 hours ago

    PT, I know what you mean now when you said her upper lip is not moving. When MANiston speaks, only her lower lip is moving.


    She’s never been able to move it (30 years of ciggies) and pumping a bunch of crap into it to plump it up ain’t helping matters. It doesn’t really matter though because even if the could move it she’d still say stupid shite about eyeballs, gems in the sand, thinking thoughts and wanting to be a superhero. She’s just not every bright…drinking before interviews don’t help…

  • lurker

    I might do that lol

  • Wonderbust

    Is it just me or was Desplat gushing way more about Unbroken than Imitation game. He seems to think the movie is incredible. So excited

  • Wonderbust

    I trust this guy. I used to lurk on that site during Maleficent days and he’s like the most trustworthy guy on that site. Can’t wait

  • Etta

    Horrible bosses 2 = Ticky’s Norbit. Just kidding. As if there is any difference to all her performances.

  • Passing Through

    Wonderbust • 3 hours ago

    I love how the rountable was done by the LA times but even they don’t list ticky as a contender


    Wonderbust -

    As I said a little earlier – I’m pretty sure this was the event the guy tweeted about 2 or 3 weeks ago so it was held BEFORE Ticky became even more of an also-ran-who-was-never-really-in-the-running.

  • just saying

    Do you see AP interview with Bill Cosby? He literally begged to not air the part about rape question. WOW.

  • William Bradley & The Jolie

    Yanow, I should have. The people at AwardsWatch have talked in the past about Sasha’s agendas and general craziness, but I never understood to what extent they were right until now.


  • William Bradley & The Jolie

    I think Desplat will become another one who will work with Dame again. She is truly building an impressive bank of talent to call upon for her projects.

  • Aj

    Yes, we can trust in him.
    If Unbroken is a good movie, I’m happy.
    Oscars nomination is the cherry of the cake.
    And, I think it’ll have.

  • Juliana

    Horrible Bosses 2 14 % RT

    The Hunger Games: Mockingjay 68%RT
    Where’s the ring ?

  • lurker

    she vanished

  • lurker

    posted lol

  • lurker

    this is for tomorrow

    JoliePittOnline Nov 16

    The Power of Storytelling At #PaleyIC: Angelina Jolie and @tombrokaw talk @UnbrokenFilm

  • Phool

    Angelina Jolie in BHMA
    Donna magazine, 2014 #AngelinaJolie #BHMADonna #magazine #2014

    Additional photo
    angelinajoliestan 36 minutes ago
    Angelina Jolie for BHMA Donna Magazine, 2014

  • Phool

    WB Is this guy a critic or some sorts?

  • Phool

    LMAO are things so dire for her to stoop soo low , from a possible Bond Girl to Zoo Girl wow, words just fail me .

  • Juliana


    Will Jennifer Aniston finally win Oscar’s respect with stellar performance in ‘Cake’?

    I don’t know why Jennifer Aniston doesn’t get more respect as an actress. Sure, she’s a tabloid magnet, but so are her Oscar-winning ex Brad Pitt and his Oscar-winning wife Angelina Jolie. And her resume is padded with dubious comedies, but so is Matthew McConaughey’s. The academy was quick to celebrate his career “McConaissance” last year, so why not the “Anissance”? Her new indie drama “Cake” would be a good opportunity to do so.
    The film, which stars Aniston as a woman suffering chronic pain after a
    devastating accident, earned the actress praise when it premiered at the
    Toronto Film Festival, and it was snatched up by new distributor
    Cinelou Releasing for an Oscar-qualifying run in December, followed by
    an official release in January.

    There’s still room to maneuver in the Best Actress race, unlike Best
    Actor, where there already seem to be a dozen candidates vying for the
    five slots, with latecomers like David Oyelowo (“Selma”) and Bradley Cooper (“American Sniper”)
    still trying to squeeze in. That’s mostly because Hollywood doesn’t
    make or promote nearly as many prestige films about women as they do
    about men. Cate Blanchett addressed the problem when accepting her Best Actress Oscar last year for “Blue Jasmine,” saying, “Audiences want to see [films with women at the center], and in fact, they earn money. The world is round, people!”

    As a result, the Best Actress field only has a few reasonably safe bets at this stage of the game (Julianne Moore in “Still Alice” and Reese Witherspoon in “Wild”), with a few other strong possibilities (like Rosamund Pike in “Gone Girl,” Felicity Jones in “The Theory of Everything,” Hilary Swank in “The Homesman” and Amy Adams in “Big Eyes”), but still room for a late-stage surprise like Aniston.

    Standing in her way may be the mixed reviews for the film itself. Several critics do admire it, like Betsey Sharkey (Los Angeles Times),
    who wrote, “For all the pain, grief, sadness and suicide that layers
    ‘Cake,’ it is a serious treat to see the actress stretch herself.
    Hopefully this film won’t turn out to be a single slice.”

    Gregory Ellwood (HitFix) adds, “And as much as ‘Cake’ is something of a comeback for [director Daniel Barnz], it’s really on most people’s radar for being a rare dramatic turn for Jennifer Aniston, and she doesn’t disappoint.”

    But even some of the less favorable reviews for the film have been favorable of its star. Said Justin Chang (Variety),
    “A strong if self-consciously deglammed performance from Jennifer
    Aniston deserves more honest story treatment than it gets.” Leslie Felperin (Hollywood Reporter) argues the film “is less emotionally potent than it wants to be,” but that Aniston “submits an honest, sturdy performance.”

    But a bigger challenge than winning over critics might be the film’s
    upstart distributor, which is diving in the deep end of the Oscar pool
    and may have an uphill battle against the industry’s campaign
    heavyweights, who have gotten a head start. By the time “Cake” opens in
    late December, it could be challenging for a small film to build

    At the very least, though, “Cake” could earn Aniston another invitation
    to the Independent Spirit Awards, which nominated her for Best Actress
    more than a decade ago for another film that deserved more kudos than it
    got, “The Good Girl.” The Spirit Awards have been inching closer and
    closer to the Oscar mainstream with each passing year – last year Best
    Feature and all four acting races matched the subsequent Oscar champs –
    but there’s usually still room for a few truly unsung indies to be

    Do you think Aniston could be an Oscar dark horse? Use our drag-and-drop menu below to predict Best Actress.

  • Juliana