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Beyonce Just Added Every 'BEYONCE' Video on Vevo!

Beyonce Just Added Every 'BEYONCE' Video on Vevo!

Beyonce loves a good surprise and she just gave her fans yet another good one by adding all the music videos from her self-titled visual album to her Vevo page!

The 33-year-old singer released the album as a major surprise nearly a year ago and had previously posted only short clips from most of the videos online.

The videos come on the same day that Beyonce‘s Platinum Edition of her album featuring some new songs was released.

Go get Beyonce‘s new album now and watch all the videos below!

Beyoncé – Haunted

Click inside to watch every other music video from Beyonce’s visual album…

Beyoncé – Mine ft. Drake

Beyoncé – Jealous

Beyoncé – Blow

Beyoncé – Heaven

Beyoncé – ***Flawless ft. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Beyoncé – Blue ft. Blue Ivy

Beyoncé – Grown Woman

Beyoncé – No Angel

Beyoncé – Rocket

Beyoncé – Ghost

Beyoncé – Superpower ft. Frank Ocean

Beyoncé – Yoncé

Beyoncé – Pretty Hurts

Beyoncé – Drunk in Love ft. JAY Z

Beyoncé – Partition (Explicit Video)

Beyoncé – XO
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  • dalovelee

    Here’s what I don’t get..Beyonce does all these surprises makes a thousand videos and does concerts with Jay Z but yet somehow Taylor Swift is the one who it taking over the music industry to the point she gets a Times Cover…They recognize that she’s a force to contend with… So what is going on here, is Beyonce not making the impact that she wants or is Taylor Swift just more in tune and savvy with less theatric in how she delivers her music?

  • ana barros

    Imitating Madonna much ?? Feels live im watching “Justify my love”

  • apples

    Dalovelee…hate to be the one yo tell ya but tay tay is white

  • Jody

    my neighbor’s step-aunt makes $88 every hour on the laptop . She has been fired from work for ten months but last month her pay check was $14320 just working on the laptop for a few hours.–See proof

  • Von

    Because in the music industry it’s a rarity to see black artists dominate..LOL. especially if you consider they’re a tiny minority in Western society .

    If you have nothing else you the race card.

  • Von

    Seem you only exist to comment on Beyonce posts…

    Sad that she’s reduced to her publicist commenting on blogs poss about her LOL

  • apples

    No it is called supression A****bey is the best…..but…..still not good enough because she is black.that’s why she keeps stunting on your asses

  • forrest gump

    she is still ashamed she was born as a black person………….

  • apples

    Why you think they had DRoss vive tay tay that fake award…..SMH…a d LMAO

  • apples

    Elementry my dear Watson….elementry,😎😎😎😎😎

  • theitjournal

    when the album came out a year ago she said that Haunted was an hommage to that era of madonna so you’re not very relevant hun

  • apples

    Its an occupational hazard..thats all…… Makes her have yo work twice as hard…..

  • apples

    Von….only when it matters….

  • M. R.

    Based on what?

  • M. R.

    If we are going with Time Magazine to tell us who is the bigger force, then let’s remember that earlier this year they named Beyoncé the most influential person in the world. That’s a far better accolade than them merely pointing out that you have power.

    Also Taylor is very theatric with how she delivers her music. There are magazine covers, interviews, promotional performances, pizza deals, surprise first singles, bonus song pre-orders, etc.

  • M. R.

    You can also easily point out many of Madonna’s references. Things are not always meant to be 100% new concepts.

  • Von

    You make no sense , blithering nonsense.

    The best at what hype, the chick hasn’t a #1 hit in practically a decade , her albums sells are average .
    Her music just nonsensical lyrics and sounds that induce headaches, like the crap 711 .

    She’s become desperate like all other has beens , no need to make it about race.

    Has- beens are all the same in every colour, reduced to showing ass and sexualize their lyrics

  • Sim

    Neve been seen without a fake blond wig on her head.
    All her pictures are her site are photoshopped to make look lighter .
    Her nose job.

    Couple things off the top my head.

  • M. R.

    Well to start, you’re completely wrong with the first point. She’s worn an afro before, she’s worn brown hair, braids, black hair, etc.

    Secondly she is naturally light skinned.

    Thirdly she has not had a nose job, but she does use a lot of makeup contouring to slim down her nose.

  • ana barros

    Is it now ?! So sorry for the irrelevance hon !

  • solargeknowles

    Black Excellence!!!

    She played souls December 13, 2013.

  • solargeknowles

    Taylor Swift and her label have shelled out millions, I mean millions. Everything she has done has been bought.

    Times, billboard woman of the year, her getting an award of excellence last night at the AMAs. Its all promotion.

    Beyonce went the complete opposite, she let her music and vision speak for itself.

    I don’t know about y’all, but the latter is more exciting!

  • smmy33

    Beyonce fame is the classic case of publicity and hype.

    Her numbers ( ego) don’t back up her desperate need to be relevant and seen as a icon .

    AMA were yesterday , they nominate the most successful and popular songs acts the year. Beyonce was the least nominated of all the major acts who had knew music the year and sadly relegated to R&B only.

    Taylor Swift and Adele are the two best selling artists in the last decade, and Swift has consistently done it on every album.

    Even before 1989 , she is the #1 downloaded artist of all time. With cover 75 million songs, her albums sales are way above any one else
    She had more songs in the TOP 40 in the last decade then any other .
    She is the young artists to ever win Grammy’ s Album of the Year, a ward Madonna , Beyonce never won, Katy Perry hasn’t ever won a Grammy.

    And with 1989 , she already had 2 #1 singles, has made history has the only female to replace her own number one hit and made history to be the only artist to sell over a million albums first week 3 albums.

  • YupVideoFever

    I am not her fan even close, but I do like a couple of her songs in general, like “Halo”.

    This album is lounge-friendly; not lots of singing, but sound producing is on its top level. Will re-listen it, definitely.
    As for “ashaming” thing, you’ve mentioned. She can become blonde, bleach her skin once and for all, but she has already done for black persons around the world more than millions of black persons screaming “I’m black and proud!” all together. All her style varioations, that bug you, is just business.

  • Sim

    Really , so should people believe you or their lying eyes.

    You just have look at the video screen shots in this article , proof enough of my points.

  • Sim

    In Beyonce’s world playing ” homage ” is copying and stealing other artists creative work

    There’s a reason she has a reputation in the industry of playing “homage” .

  • M. R.

    Are you talking about the 4 screenshots used in this article as the main image? Where she is clearly wearing brown hair? That’s proof that she never wears anything but blonde? Are you sure? A picture of her with brown hair? Ok.

    You can say she’s mostly blonde. That is true. But to say she never is anything but, no. And to say that she doesn’t want to be black just because she has blonde hair is silly.

  • Sim

    Her music speaks and no ones buying it LOL

    Beyonce hasn’t even old a million albums in all of 2014 , her album released last month of 2013.

    How a song becomes #1 hit, Billboard calculates radio play, digital sales, streaming, youtube hits etc.

    Beyonce hasn’t a #1 hit since ” single ladies”
    2 albums and 8 years ago

    That speaks more then all the fake publicity that Beyonce $ JayZ can generate with all their months in the making “surprises”

  • solargeknowles

    Nah… But ok girl.

    Beyonce has been quoted saying she doesn’t care about single sales. Why you think she didn’t do traditional promotion of her album. Why you think it came out on a Friday and not a Monday, the beginning of the sales week?

    Taylor Swift benefits from having a younger audience, whiter audience, who buys singles and albums. Look at the type of music she made this time around. 1989 is Prism. Other than a few songs at the beginning the rest is worse than filler.

  • Von

    I guess when Madonna , Jacket Jackson stopped sell albums or having hits .. Or being relevant .they could have used
    Beyonce’s delusional rationalizations LOL

    You read so pathetic

    And really whiter audience , who has a whiter audience then Beyonce , she toured more Europe and Australia then US, didn’t see her touring Continent of Africa .

  • Von

    1989 is nothing like Prism.
    And the audience knows that , that’s why Prism first weeks sales were 280 thousand and 1989 were 1 million 280 thousand .

    Unlike Beyonce and Perry , Swift actually writes her music … There isn’t committee number of people under writers of her song.
    Drunk in love , has 9 people listed as writers .
    Roar has 6 six.
    And all those two do is change a word and put their names as a writer.

    Neither Perry or Beyonce written a song in their life on their own .

  • solargeknowles

    Girl bye!

    Taylor Swift made an uninteresting pop record, like Prism.

    The only good songs on 1989 are Style and Blank Space. Red was a far superior, pop-country experimentation. Red is a flawless album.

  • solargeknowles


    “Radio say speed it up, I just go slower”.

    And why do you think she made a record like 4?

    She could have easily went and made an uptempo album, but she did not.

    You’re the delusional one. 4 and Beyonce are critically acclaimed albums.

    I love Taylor Swift, minus her live performances and this recent album, I only like Style and Blank Space. And Taylor Swift had a helluva marketing campaign, per usual, and her audience is younger and they buy records.

  • rm2001

    Do you love Beyonce but hate the fact that she wears fur? These animals are raised in horrid conditions and some of them are skinned alive to obtain their pelts. What is glamorous about that?

    How can Beyonce ignore such cruelty?