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George & Amal Clooney Still Look 'Very Much in Love'!

George & Amal Clooney Still Look 'Very Much in Love'!

Amal Clooney is all smiles as she arrives back in London, England after a trip away on Monday (November 24).

The 36-year-old lawyer and her husband George Clooney were recently spotted on a dinner date at The River Cafe with Stella McCartney and her hubby Alasdhair Willis.

“They looked very much in love,” an onlooker told E! News. “All the ladies in the restaurant were beaming huge smiles trying to attract George‘s attention, who only had eyes for Amal.”

George and Amal got married two months ago in Venice, Italy.

FYI: Amal is wearing Dolce&Gabbana.

15+ pictures inside of Amal Clooney arriving back home after a trip away…

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george amal clooney still look very in love 01
george amal clooney still look very in love 02
george amal clooney still look very in love 03
george amal clooney still look very in love 04
george amal clooney still look very in love 05
george amal clooney still look very in love 06
george amal clooney still look very in love 07
george amal clooney still look very in love 08
george amal clooney still look very in love 09
george amal clooney still look very in love 10
george amal clooney still look very in love 11
george amal clooney still look very in love 12
george amal clooney still look very in love 13
george amal clooney still look very in love 14
george amal clooney still look very in love 15

Photos: AKM-GSI
Posted to: Amal Alamuddin Clooney

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  • Way2Old4Dis

    THE “ONLOOKER” who saw them at the restaurant photo shop with Stella McCartney & her husband, is NONE OTHER THAN UGLY AMAL ALAMUDDIN’s PR rep. Her mother Barium the walrus even runs a PR front called Globelle Communications,

    GEORGE CLOONEY’S in a fake PR marriage to this horse faced, ghoul eyed freak. It’s a publicity arrangement.
    She repulses him. She’s manly like a transvestite.

  • Mercyneal

    Agreed. Weird fake smile on her face for the cameras here. Fake, fake, fake.

  • George

    Islamic Arab lady boy. G’s been drinking himself numb rueing the day he agreed to this sham. What a way to live. Married to a vulgar ugly camel he loathes.
    He doesn’t even sleep with her. They agreed to a PR arrangement for an open marriage. Like Tom Cruise had three times.
    Her body is disgusting. G said she’s like a man with no bottom, no waist, third world ugly emaciated legs all bones. Her face is like a an ugly Arab man.

  • George

    Shameful ugly lazy trash. Makes the airport staff drag her suitcases behind her so the beastly deluded Amaluddin Amal can walk in front and get photographed. By photographers she set up.

    Look at that poor lady in the background dragging ugly beast Amal Alamuddin’s heavy suitcases!!

    WAKE UP, PEOPLE! THIS IS A MEGA FAIL PR DISASTER. DESTROYING BRAND CLOONEY. To an Islamic, terrorist linked ugly Arab. Worst PR move ever. The Halloween horror couple.

  • Just Concerned

    It is sad to see a great actor ‘G’ rueing his life like this. ‘He’ was better off ‘Single’. Someone please save ‘Him’ from this mess ‘He’ has got himself into. Thank you for bringing this forward to the world. The world is watching !

  • Just Concerned

    You right, I thought as much. If you have noticed the first set of pictures looked grainy…just to fool the public by saying they were spotted by an ‘onlooker’…WOW..what lies, could be the lawyer’s idea. Maybe the pictures were photoshopped to picture it as grainy and then comes the story..followed by marketing. They don’t have to force us to think that ‘They are very much in Love’ when it’s not the case. It becomes more clear to the world that this entire drama is a PR Publicity Stunt a Stage and they are all acting. It makes me think that ‘AA and her Mom’ are leading actresses on this stage and GC has been dragged into it. GC should save/ jump out of this mess asap before the collapse of his ‘Brand Clooney’. His fans worldwide still care for him.

  • zoro

    get a life dude!! you only wish..!

  • zoro

    Why dont you all married a beautiful wife/Husband with no brain and stop attacking two people who are in love for who they are,, personality is what is missing in your boring life.

  • FormerLamark

    “Still look..”? You mean, they still can pretend for paps after two months?
    She is still the ugliest fame wh#re in the celebrity world.
    She is still luxuriating, flashing in the lime light.
    She is still wearing awful, not fitting clothes.

    She really had plastic operation on her big nose.

  • Guest

    she has few nose jobs true. But lots of contouring & camouflage & Photoshop.
    Her big nose still makes its own entrance in the room 10 seconds before rest of her appears.
    Brutal ugly she male.

  • Guest

    Oh, look, Kaboobi the Camel her cousin is here to defend ugly Amal’s fake pr stunt. Desperate losers. Even Arabs call her so ugly reject whose terrorist uncle include Ziad Takedieenne arms dealer to Libya & ISIL.
    Now George had to marry her in a shady deal.
    No body buys it. About as believable as Tom Cruise’s marriage, I agree.

  • Guest

    I know. The fake marriage deal was set up in late Feb, after White House staged event for MM.
    She is so ugly that George threw up when he sobered up, after he slept with her months ago…drunk.
    Now more people think he’s gay because he “married” such an ugly manly tranny..

  • En Vogue

    This is a publicity arrangement set up by PR reps, in accordance to directives.

    The liberal narrative was to promote diversity. Also, the emotional tonality relating to the masses. ie, she’s plain; the failed PR idea was that “women empathize that a celebrity like George Clooney chose an educated, albeit unattractive manly woman.” They don’t. Nobody aspires to be like her.
    George is not in love her. It’s all for PR.
    Objective offered to her was to lift her image to celebrity lawyer status, and money. Her few cases as a junior counsel lawyer were for blood money: Abdullah Senussi, +other human rights violators.
    She loves money & so does her insatiable mother.

  • FormerLamark

    It is true, it is still huge! I like this formulation very much: “..makes its own entrance in the room 10 seconds…”!!!

  • FormerLamark

    And the saddest part is that if a celeb chooses an ugly but “clever” woman, it suggests that every clever woman is awful and every nice woman is an idiot with no exception! I cannot agree and empathize…

    Well, this is very spoiled.

    Is it a “clever” woman who chooses an ignorant, drunkard, infamous film star?

  • Anna

    Shut up stupid! George is not in love with your ugly lady boy. She’s dumb & very sly like fox.
    Her mother too learn art of crocodile tears.

  • Guest

    The desperation to promote this Arabian stallion is so bad, that Daily Fail online just deleted 50% of comments that criticised her. Pathetic. They were online for about 18 hours, so damage done already. Her PR team moderated them. I hear they bribe Laimey Gossip to promote her too.

  • Just Concerned

    The dress is nice but it just does not look good on ‘her’. There are two things when you link yourself to a famous either win the hearts of the people or loose the hearts of the people. In ‘AA’ case she has lost it in the eyes and hearts of the people and her professional life backs it up. My circle of friends and self can never look up at ‘AA’ as a role model. GC should have not allowed this disaster to happen to him. Just being honest.

  • Anonimo

    The money is especially made through this affiliate advertising & marketing that is constantly bombarding consumers in the media.
    It’s also called native advertising. Big fashion houses pay incentives to the celebrities to wear expensive labels to promote them. To appeal to consumers.
    As George Clooney is a male, his handlers realised many years ago that he sells the illusion of his image for lifestyle & fashion.

    However…. Linking George Clooney’s brand with a female, then consumers presume that “if it’s good enough for George Clooney’s ‘partner’, then it is a great investment or preference.
    Whether these relationships are real or not, isn’t the issue. It’s the PROFIT MADE BY THE CELEBRITY in incentives for being a live advertisement.

    I’m an investigative reporter. We have been covering this issue for several years. George Clooney is a classic case of this form of advertising. He makes more money through advertising than his actual films.

  • Sprite

    more saas than luisi?

  • FormerLamark

    It is true, I agree.
    Although I personally do not like this dress, but I admit it may look good on someone else. “Not fitting” wanted to be “does not suit her” or something like this. She and her dresses are two different things.
    This disaster could happen because of american people attitude. American people very-very much love everything/everybody which takes place in front of public and they think everything happening in front of public is decent, moral and can forgiven. If a Bill Clinton says in the front of public crying “I am so sorry to cheat on my wife with 5000 women and I am so sorry but I did not know tha oral sex was also a sex” then everybody’ll takes it crying and everything immediately forgiven! You can do anything wrong just stand up in front of the public, sobbing, after that.
    Something similar happens to G C for now. He married a “clever, decent” woman, they are “so happy and in love” in front of public and his wh#re mongering past slowly will be forgiven, forgotten for good and soon he will be the president.
    OMG! Woe is Me! Goodness me!

  • Guest

    face like a horse.

  • Guest

    her face is like a horse. True.

  • truth

    It all seems so sad and so staged and if this is the case and its all a PR idea then what a truly awful way to live, surely no amount of money or fame is ever worth living this way for, this cannot be good for the soul. Life is so short and death is forever, so surely while we are here we should try to find true happiness instead of chasing rainbows. PR seems to be taking over from common decency and truth and for what? This whole PR thing these days seems so empty and really pointless surely nobody really believes in any of the PR rubbish we are being force fed on a daily basis on so many levels and on so many subjects, its all so empty, fake and sad.