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Shia LaBeouf Says He Was Raped During His Art Installation

Shia LaBeouf Says He Was Raped During His Art Installation

Shia LaBeouf is opening up about one encounter during his “I Am Sorry” art installation that did not go the way he had hoped.

The 28-year-old Fury actor previously sat in a room totally silent for five days and met with anyone who waited on line to greet him.

“One woman who came with her boyfriend, who was out side the door when this happened, whipped my legs for 10 minutes and then striped my clothing and proceeded to rape me… then walked out with her lipstick smudged to her awaiting boyfriend who i image was quite hurt by it,” Shia said. “All this happened in front of hundreds of people… Yea it was no good. Not just for me but her man as well.

“On top of that my girl [Mia Goth] was in line to come see me because it was Valentines Day & i was living in the gallery sleeping in a sleeping bag for the duration of the event – we were separated for 5 days,” Shia added. “No communication. So it really hurt her as well as i guess the news of it traveled through the line. She was only about 25 people back when she came in she asked for an explanation and i couldn’t speak so we both sat with this unexplained trauma silently. It was painful. The hardest part of the show.”

Shia made the comments in an email interview with Dazed and Confused. He also participated in a video interview in which he and the reporter sat in a room totally silent for an hour while GoPro cameras recorded their blank faces.

Shia LaBeouf’s Silent Interview Video
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  • happy666

    He’s such an innofensively prescribed drug addict

  • Gimme Nachos

    He wishes.

  • Ash

    If this is really true,then I feel bad for him because when it comes to men people seem not to take it seriously especially if the rapist was female.

  • Davison

    If he never stopped the woman from assaulting him, was it really rape? Is consent given explicitly?

  • dalovelee

    I think this is a serious matter and the police should be involved, because to say this for any theatrical performance art attention is vile and ugly. So if he thought he was sexually assaulted then for the love of god, don’t let this predator get away with it.

  • Living in a box
  • Linnyxx17

    hmmm i think if someone doesn’t get involved in it, then its not consent. there are victims who have been scared stiffed when situations like that happen to them. they don’t fight off or even say anything, kinda fight or flight. and some of the victims attackers have been put in jail for it.

  • Ris

    Were his hand tied

  • SquawPeakHiker

    WTF, it is not even April 1st. Why is anyone posting this babble?

  • Lou Stoole

    It’s odd that a celebrity was raped in front of a line of people but not a single one Tweeted about the crime or posted a photo on Instagram or called TMZ. Still, Shia is a trustworthy source. He’d never lie or plagiarize, right?

  • happy666

    we all want to have sex with him right? Puppet show he’s dumber :p

  • Lodadissqu32

    It’s on us to tell the truth about the hypocrisy of women:

  • Lodadissqu32
  • Lodadissqu32

    Women ALWAYS tell the truth. women NEVER LIE. Do women lie about rape?

  • Penny Dreadful

    He needs mental health therapy for his lying and pathological attention-seeking. This sounds like a bogus incident cooked up by Shia. As usual.

  • happy666

    He is like a woman lol
    Gay rights? :)

  • happy666

    All women should be loved. I’m done.

  • sue

    Was it rape if he did nothing to stop it? He could have stopped it easily.

  • LOL

    Definitely not as much as men lie. Male attackers are always innocent, at least for a lot of men. Its always the “what did the woman do?”-response when it comes out that a man raped a woman, as if rape is a valid punishment for anything a woman could do, like being on a party or walking from A to B.

  • LOL

    He said she had smeared lipstick afterwards, so if this is all true, it seems like she gave him a blow job. And maybe people couldnt see exactly what she was doing, only the movements of her head near Shias lap? But thats just assumptions on my part.

  • LOL

    Not as much as male rapist do.

  • Alina

    WTF? Is he okay? Shia…don’t go all Amanda Bynes on us, please!

  • Lou Stoole

    No one saw a thing? Now THAT’S LOL!

  • RockDad Rice

    Insanity is not a pretty thing to see.

  • Ash

    Amazing video!

  • Jennifer Keller

    so you are a male supremacist wow you suck that is pure propoganda

  • carrie

    So he does a performance saying to the people “do what you want with my body.i’m consent with everything.I would say nothing”
    He takes all “too literally”.At this point,it’s not dedication for art,it’s just stupidity for “art”

    Whatever my opinion, go to the police!

  • (S)

    I’m sorry…what ?!?

  • vn_102

    IKR, it was so impossible that nobody in line wouldn’t do anything nor take pics of the incidents.
    Geeze this liar desperate attention seeker like him gives bad name to real victims out there and made it harder for them to seek justice.

  • LOL

    Ahahaha the “hypocrisy of women” LOOOL and that from a man LOOOL. And to say to women “you will need new teeth” just shows how disgustng and violence-prone you are. If women would make a video about men physically abuse others, it would be endless, it would show beside other things all types of genocides to domestic violence to rape from children, women and animals.

  • Lodadissqu32

    you mad stupid kunt? LOL! Women are too dumb to debate men:

  • Lodadissqu32

    so you are an ugly fat dumb kunt yapping out of your as shole as usual lol!

    Women are too dumb to debate men:

  • Lodadissqu32

    not as much as child molesters like you do. Child Molester Lena Dunham:

  • Lodadissqu32

    definitely not as much as women like you molest children. Child Molester Lena Dunham:

  • Guest

    this guy is disgusting

  • LOL

    Aahahaha you’re nothing but a pathetic loser, who hates women and we all know it :)

  • DB Cooper

    I didn’t see anything saying how the woman was dressed. Was she wearing a pearl necklace? I guess going full retard is the hot new career move. Thank you Martin Lawrence and Joachin Phoenix

  • beara

    You can’t rape the willing, right?
    And hundreds of people saw it except the girl’s boyfriend & his girlfriend who was 25th in line… these facts don’t add up.

  • Kyle Michel Sullivan

    The art installation was in a single room with frosted windows. No one could see in. They were on the street waiting their turn to sit with Shia. There were only two people in that room. Do some research.

  • moi fid

    so here’s exactly what happend

  • Lou Stoole

    We should have followed Kyle and done our homework before voicing our opinions. I, for one, am going to stop everything and research this earth-shattering event. Everyone, be more like Kyle.

  • Huy Mai Thanh

    I don’t like his acting but his quotes is great

  • Guest

    People still listen to this obviously troubled guy? He obviously is starved for attention. Let the psychiatrists give him some.

  • June Q

    This guy needs a 10-year 5150.

  • Dirk_Reese-Fan

    I believe what he says.
    But the 2nd BIG problem is, that he – obviously – can not prove what happened. That´s a kind of quantum-psychology-effect.
    The result is, that he will split the nation into believers and mistrusters. And the mistrusters will always say, that it´s a lie.
    And he can not know, how many mistrusters there will be.
    And that will be a second problem, that will add to the incident. He needs a psychotherapy now. That´s the best way to handle this special trauma.

  • Canon

    I don’t quite understand this. Was there a camera in the room? Seems pretty risky for any celebrity or anyone to be alone w/ any stranger. If a woman were attacking him, surely he could restrain her and call police? Not saying it didn’t happen, just that I don’t understand the scenario there.