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Shia LaBeouf's #IAMSORRY Project Collaborators Address Rape Allegations

Shia LaBeouf's #IAMSORRY Project Collaborators Address Rape Allegations

Two people who worked with Shia LaBeouf on his #IAMSORRY project are seemingly confirming his rape allegations.

Nastja Säde Rönkkö and Luke Turner took to Twitter to clarify what allegedly occurred after Piers Morgan tweeted, “Why did you let Shia LaBeouf’s ‘rapist’ just walk away, @Luke_Turner ?”

Luke responded, “@piersmorgan It wasn’t clear at the time precisely what had happened, & the 1st priority was to ensure everybody’s safety in the gallery…She ran out, rather than simply walking away. Beyond that, it’s not my place to comment.”

Read Nastja‘s tweets below.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the collaborator’s responses to the alleged incident?

Click inside to read the rest of Nastja Säde Rönkkö‘s tweets…

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  • mastersoze

    Damn, he was really raped. Poor dude has issues and couldn’t stop the woman from raping him.

  • Jamie

    This incident still seems a little hard to believe. Didn’t Shia say that hundreds of people saw this happen? In this age of social media and almost everyone having a camera on their phone, you would think someone would have taken a photo or something.

  • Legendary Trolly

    My guy Shia wasnt lying!!

  • lakawak

    The only way this could be rape is if he is found to be mentally incompetent to make his own decisions about things like that. Otherwise, he is an idiot who sat there and did absolutely NOTHING to stop a woman from blowing him. in the name of “art”

  • Jamie

    I agree. Unless his hands were tied, he could have stopped it.

  • NicolaLoves

    Any uninvited sexual touch is sexual assault (at least it is where I live). Grabbing a fully clothed crotch area of a man is sexual assault. He’s the victim. We don’t know how he was raised, or if he has any trauma, so don’t “expect” him to act or react one way or the other. We should be looking at that woman and her actions. She is the criminal here.

  • Harper

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  • Guest

    Why didnt he just walk away? Was this woman holding him down against. 100 people witnessed this and no one did nothing? 100 people saw this and all 100 people DID NOTHING!! Nobody is going to believe this b*tch. We should be looking at Shia as much as the woman if not more because he’s proven him self over and over to be a weirdo.

  • victim shaming and blaming at its finest.

  • plez

    That was going to be my question. Was he in a straight jacket? Were his hands tied? Was there tape over his mouth? Was he afraid the boyfriend was going to kill him if he screamed for help? If no to all those questions than I am still confuse.

  • Penny Dreadful

    People who truly experience rape are were vulnerable because they were helpless and defenseless. Shia was not helpless NOR defenseless. He CHOSE to sit there and take whatever was done to him. Why is everyone focussing on the supposed rape but ignoring the fact that he also allowed himself to be WHIPPED? Why is sex abuse (if it really occurred) worse than physical abuse?

  • Penny Dreadful

    Why the outrage over the (supposed) sexual abuse but no outrage over the physical abuse? This entire “art performance” was about inviting people to abuse him. So like I asked above: why is the sexual abuse (if it did happen) worse than the physical abuse?

  • VanityInsecurity

    Wish everyone would get off Shia’s back already.

  • beara

    I’m still calling bs. Lebouf could’ve easily asked them to corroborate.

  • Steelo

    I like how if a guy grabbed a woman’s crotch people would be saying “served him right” or something but a woman grabs a guys crotch and it a up for debate

  • 55vineyard

    A coworker named his son after Shia and is seriously thinking about changing the name.

  • NicolaLoves

    Every day on subways, on streets, women are groped/sexually touched and people do nothing. It’s still a crime.

  • lakawak

    Only in certain colleges where they have stupidly passes some “YEs mean yes” rule would this be rape. He never even REMOTELY objected.

    NO means no. He never said no. (Probably because it never happened.)

  • lakawak

    May be a crime. But it is not raped. And the subway example is stupid anyway because they are confined and have no way to escape. Shia had EVERY opportunity to avoid this (again…if it happened which it likely didn’t) but he didn’t even object. That makes it not rape.

  • lakawak

    It is actually DISGUSITNG that a woman would go along with this since it diminishes the pain of a REAL rape victim who is helpless to stop her rapist, either physically helpless, or emotionally helpless. Shia was neither. We ALWAYS hear (rightfully so) that rape and other sexual assaults is not about sex. It is about control. Well, Shia was in control the whole time.

  • lakawak

    Wow…you really ARE too stupid to understand are you? Shia made absolutely NO attempt to object to what was going on. Not just didn’t try to stop her. He didn’t even object.

    And then doesn’t say anything for several weeks?
    In other words…this is typical Shia BS.

  • lakawak

    Or..reality of the situation of a “victim” that doesn’t even REMOTELY object. Again..this is not one of those dumb ass college campuses that have passed Yes Means Yes rules that make students get notarized affidavits agreeing to sexual acts before they can ever feel safe about having sex. This is a No Means No situation, and Shia never said no.

    HE was in FULL control of the situation the whole time and did nothing. That is not rape. Rape is about taking control away from someone…it is NOT about sex.

  • suzybel