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Walking Dead's Facebook Spoils Major Character Death For Mid-Season Finale

Walking Dead's Facebook Spoils Major Character Death For Mid-Season Finale

Warning: SPOILERS AHEAD! The Walking Dead mid-season finale just finished airing on the East Coast and those who were able to watch live found out a major character died.

However, those on the West Coast who happened to follow the show’s official Facebook page and looked after the episode aired on the East Coast received quite the spoiler! The page updated with a photo of who died before the show could even air on the West Coast.

Needless to say, West Coast fans immediately caused an outrage, with comments on the post ranging from, “seriously…it hasn’t even aired on the west coast….you can’t wait?!?!?!?!” to, “Um wow. West Coast hasn’t watched yet. Ya could’ve waited,” and “Holy spoilers batman.”

SPOILER ALERT: Only click inside if you want to know who died in the episode! See how The Walking Dead Facebook spoiled the episode for West Coasters

Just Jared on Facebook
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  • VanityInsecurity

    At this point the only reason why the majority of fans continue to watch this show is because of the HUGE fanbase of Daryl Dixon & Rick Grimes. Let’s face it that mid- season finale was horrible. For myself, the show had been on a downward slope since Shane died. But today’s episode had nothing in it worth watching or even made any sense..

  • Leftwestcoaster

    All of my friends are really careful about spoilers, you’d expect the official page would be even a little careful before the show even started on the west coast. Hell they probably even pay to make sure their shit shows up on everyone’s feed.

  • (S)

    Sad to see Beth go…really liked her character. Gonna be a long wait till February!

  • Asha

    I literally cried after watching tonight. Beth was one of my favorite characters and she will be missed. Daryl and Maggie’s reaction was heartbreaking.

  • Alvastarr

    I haven’t watched yet b/c yeah…thanks AMC for the Facebook spoiler, what’s the point in rushing to watch now? Anyway, you mention Maggie so was she there for the showdown? To include her in Beth’s death scene seems almost an insult to Beth since Maggie hasn’t even cared what happened to her sister this whole season. And this is knowing she’s alive out there somewhere! Ugh.

  • mycho

    Damn some people just started watching the show. They decide – Oh, I should like it on Facebook too, but when they open it: SURPRISE MOTHERFUCKER. They don’t even know who Beth is, and won’t really find out until season 4. And this is what pisses me off. The writers decided – Hey, Emily Kinney is a cute actress, let’s make her character more interesting. But how since nobody really likes her….I know, let’s make her BFFs with our fan favorite, Daryl! This way they will like her. And it kinda worked, I felt like was starting to like Beth and she finally was getting some character development. Then they decided to “mysteriously” kidnap her, which was even better. It meant they were trying to do something with her character. She even got one episode for herself! I thought this didn’t mean anything, that we left behind all those “if your character becomes more popular, he/she will die, we just do that to make people care about and then crush their dreams”. This is what Game of Throne does. Honestly, I didn’t care much for Beth no matter how hard they tried, I mean yes, I liked her, I learned her name finally and stopped referring her as Maggie’s blonde sister. But basically I just don’t care about anybody anymore except for Michonne (I still hope and think they will make her more bad-ass) and Rick.

  • Tyga Ny

    I like the show.

  • Kendall Byrd

    Us folks overseas are kinda pissed at whoever runs AMCs social media as well.

  • Brian Skinner

    You mean there were actually people out there that didn’t know Beth was going to die?

  • Jessey

    Wasn’t spoiled just for the west coast but ALL of Europe.. Ridiculous. Won’t air here for another 9 hours.

  • oywiththepoodles

    Hello! You guys spoiled it as well saying that someone was going to die! It might not be the entire spoiler, but really? Can’t you have just said it was a spoiler? Thanks a lot for ruining it for me!

    I’m pretty furious right now and thinking about not visiting this site anymore.

  • Kary

    Not just west coast or Europe the spoiler was in all Latin América too when the show is aired on Mondays… I was so pissed

  • Kary

    Yeah, she was sad but I was like WTF Maggie? you didn’t ask for your sister during the whole season… now you care?

  • Terry Ramsey Haskins

    i like the show too. Daryl happens to be my favorite character but if he wasn’t on there, i would still watch.

  • NeCromX

    Shane lasted longer on the show then he ever should of. He died in issues 6 of the comic before they even got to the farm.

    They should of kept his death the same as the book. He lures Rick somewhere to kill him but before he gets to, Carl shoots him in the neck.

  • NeCromX

    Who would of though a character made up for just the show would of been killed off…..duh……

  • Alvastarr

    I agree. It’s become their M.O. to only develop the character of who they’re going to kill off so the next time they do that I’m going to know that their days are numbered. I wish they would try to develop everyone’s character while the show is going so that way we get attached to all of them and have no idea who is going to die. They miss a lot of chances to put some great dialogue and strong character development in which is strange considering all the slooooow “character development” episodes they have. They have all these great actors who really should be expanded like Tyrese and Sasha but we just get the same one or two sentences from everyone all the time. A lot of the time while I’m watching it’s just serious looks going around and I’m sitting there thinking “Say something dammit!” So much opportunity to flesh out these people is lost. And people adore Carol but I don’t get it because I really haven’t seen much to like about her other than she’s a bad ass. She’s pretty cold as a person and that keeps me from really liking her. Like you, I started to finally like Beth and see who she is as a person and honestly I’ve really only seen that with Rick, Daryl, Carl, and maybe Michonne.

  • Alvastarr

    Right. That scene fell flat for me b/c she literally gave no sh!ts about Beth since the second half of last season. Even when Daryl told her in voiceover at the beginning of this season that Beth was alive, nothing came of it on Maggie’s end. That also confused me when Michonne told her in this episode that Beth is alive and Maggie acted like it was news to her which it wasn’t. In reality, Maggie wouldn’t have jumped on a bus and happily waved goodbye knowing her sister was out there somewhere, she would have been by Daryl’s side looking for her.