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Azealia Banks Slams Iggy Azalea for Keeping Silent on 'Black Issues' - See Her Twitter Rant

Azealia Banks Slams Iggy Azalea for Keeping Silent on 'Black Issues' - See Her Twitter Rant

UPDATE: Read Iggy‘s response right here!

Azealia Banks took aim at fellow rapper Iggy Azalea in a Twitter rant that over black issues in America right now.

“its funny to see people Like Igloo Australia silent when these things happen… Black Culture is cool, but black issues sure aren’t huh?” Azealia wrote on Wednesday evening (December 3).

“If you’re down to ride with us b–ch you gotta RIDE ALL THE WAY,” Azealia added. “Don’t just be down to ride Black D–k….. If you with us you WITH US!!!!”

Azealia‘s attack seems to be over Iggy‘s silence on Ferguson and Eric Garner.

Click inside to read all of Azealia Banks’ tweets on the subject…

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  • DERPY!

    Why should she or anyone else be forced to have an opinion? It’s not like she was beat up in the convenience store or attacked on the street when a big dude tried to steal her gun. People need to mind their own business and get a hobby. End of story.

  • Roz

    Who is Azelia Banks anyways?? It’s hilarious to see everyone taking aim at Iggy now that she’s popular. And why is racism so ONE-SIDED! Its okay for black rappers to use the n-word and name call white people but if its the other way around, you better watch out. Ridiculous

  • happycozy

    Wow! Azealia Banks dropped the mike on Iggy AND T.I.

  • Rafael Sanchez

    I mean she came out swinging but did she say anything to the family??? Lol I mean are we all suppose to say something every time something bad happens lol plus iggy azalea has an actual career to focus on and keep getting her songs on the billboard lol this chick needs to get on IGGYS level before swinging it’s pathetic what people do to stay relevant in the media And on top of that she’s fake ad are we just suppose to forget that beef she has with nick

  • plez

    If Iggy has said something this crazy girl would be saying she should stay out of it because she is not black or American. This girl wants attention and is using the recent protest to get it. She is the one who should be a shame.

  • disqus_FsMEXIn2Kv

    Yeah us white people aren’t being shot by the cops in the street. Literally every day cops are getting away with killing unarmed black people. They just refused to bring charges against an officer who killed a little black girl while she was sleeping on the couch of her home. They shot 12 year old Tamir Rice within seconds of pulling up to where he was sitting after receiving reports the boy had a fake gun. They didn’t even give him a chance, they waited 4 1/2 minutes to perform CPR after shooting him in the stomach TWICE. Then today the man who choked Eric Garner on CAMERA while he gasped for breath exclaiming “I can’t breathe” ELEVEN times before he lost consciousness. They then left his limp body hand cuffed laying on the sidewalk and sat there jostling him around while he DIED. EMS shows up a very long time later and the paramedic slaps him on the arm and says “Sir wake up we’re here to help.” Eric had been on the ground not breathing for more than 5 minutes at this point. Every single second of this is on camera but a Grand Jury failed to bring charges against the man who killed him. So no, us being called names DOES NOT COMPARE. You don’t get to whine and act like black people and white people are in the same boat when it comes to racism. Someone calling you a cracker doesn’t compare to have your life taken from you for sleeping, walking, breathing, existing. Iggy is absolute trash. She likes to pretend to be black except when it matters. She wants to be a black girl sooooo bad except when black people are being murdered in the streets daily and their murderers are being set free without even a single criminal charge. From one white person to another, shut up. You sound like a moron. Like I’m actually ashamed that you and I are in the same category in any way.

  • LL

    Everything she said was so ignorant and, ironically, racist. Your skin colour doesn’t make you an expert in the issues of your entire race, which this girl is clearly proving.

  • resd

    that black bitch azelia banks talks nonsense…she’s jealous of iggy azalea because iggy is popular now…

  • resd

    mn,she’s a bitch…before saying that she should check herself if she is a normal person

  • mouth

    NONE of her dam business.

  • mouth

    Stop being an idiot. The people you mentioned were all ghetto. Pretty much, lay down with dogs, get up with fleas. What needs to stop is thug ghetto “culture”. Rap and videos that hate on cops and so cops of course are paranoid. You would be too. The cops do have some bad eggs, but inner city gangs are all bad. Not everyone out at three am that runs from an officer is guilty, but sure looks that way. Common sense is something that doesn’t run rampant in poor black communities.

  • Tara

    It’s pretty obvious racism is rampant in the world, but seriously, that doesn’t excuse the racism she’s throwing off at Iggy.

  • AFonzarelli

    Azelia Banks is doing a good job of perpetuating those Stereotypes

  • katmore9

    She’s right though. How can you embrace a culture to launch a career, but stay silent on the issues of the race who’s culture you’ve adopted?

    That said, she could have called out ANY NUMBER of other celebs, not just iggy.

  • katmore9

    How exactly is that racism? Isn’t racism more of an exercise in power? Like say, strangling/killed an unarmed man, but getting off scot-free?

  • Tara

    Of course the incident of strangling the unarmed man was racism. However racism is not only exclusive to exercises in power. But there is definitely underlying racism in Azaela Bank’s tweets and that should not be tolerated either.

  • Andrew


  • bambina b

    White kids are also being shot by police officers. It just doesn’t get as much media coverage.

  • bambina b

    So being a raper and having a black boyfriend means you’re adopting black culture?

  • Anastatia Bagans

    Azalea banks is a racist smut bucket. She’s mad iggy is white and killing the game. If these black people have issues with a rapper being white then get the hell out if the film and fashion industry…all white owned industries…oh no wait..they’ll complain about no black people lmao

  • katmore9

    Hmmm… Link to news reports? Were they armed or unarmed?

    Abuse of police powers is pretty serious world-wide.Power corrupts, after all.

  • katmore9

    Fair point. But are you implying that the two events are equal? Systemic racism (killing + no charges/indictment) vs. individual comments?

  • katmore9

    In fairness, they’ve also created their own record labels and fashion brands/empires. Film, however, is exclusive to a small few companies. :(

  • katmore9

    According to Azalea. But only Iggy can really answer that.

  • solargeknowles

    Yaaaaasssss bish yaaassssss!!

    DRAG HA!

  • solargeknowles

    Hip hop is apart of black culture. It was born and continues to be integral to black experiences.

  • Brittany Jones

    Pretty sure white people created things in their culture that black people are now good at and have taken over; like football or basketball. Not considered a problem. 1 white female rapper and all he’ll breaks loose. But rap is rap, black people haven’t patented it, we don’t own this style of music, we just created it. This argument is so eleelementary that I can’t believe people are having it.

  • solargeknowles

    You are missing the whole entire point.

    No one is saying white people cannot rap. We are simply pointing out the simple fact that a mediocre white rapper is more likely to get mainstream appeal than a black rapper.

    Plus Iggy is no where near as good as any black female rapper today, so how is she getting all these accolades from places like the Grammys, that is supposed to be awarding artistic excellence and not mainstream POP success.

    and using sports is a terrible analogy considering black athletes are basically pawns, etc. for the white team owners. So what has black people taken over exactly?

  • Brittany Jones

    Please, really the Grammys are supposed to be awarding artistic excellence. Britney Spears has Grammys so that argument right there is BS. And again comparing Iggy to all the other very popular female rappers, um there is one right now Nicki. There is 1, so we have room for 1 more female rapper whether black or white. If you think she is mediocre that’s your opinion not fact. And you could say the same for any athlete or artist that they are pawns for wealthy executives and owner and that has nothing to do with race. “We are simply pointing out the simple fact that a mediocre white rapper is more likely to get mainstream appeal than a black rapper.” Again your opinion, there are black rappers who are mediocre who have been successful, its all opinion. Some people thing Jay-Z is the best rapper alive and some think Nas or 2Pac is.
    But in this argument, Banks looks like a pissed off black rapper who is trying to capitalize on Iggys exposure. A majority of people are not getting from these Twitter post that there is a systematic problem of the establishment “stealing” and monetizing on

  • Brittany Jones


  • Brittany Jones

    I agree with a lot of what you said and then you ended with the age old BS argument of “she’s trying or wants to be black”. Can’t a white person like things in African-American culture or do things in African-American culture because they have so much love and respect for it? And it not be about trying to be black. We don’t own things as a race that we can tell people you can’t do that it’s a black thing. That’s the attitude that will continue to keep us in the same position with no progress for years. Black people can create things and it’s ok for other people to be good at them or suck at them or be successful at them or not. Just like when I rock out to Blink182 or Cheryl Crow it’s does make me desperate to be white. Fuck, their are black country stars and they aren’t shunned from the Black community for “trying to be white.”