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Celebrities React to Grand Jury's Decision Not to Indict Eric Garner's Police Officer Killer - Read The Tweets

Celebrities React to Grand Jury's Decision Not to Indict Eric Garner's Police Officer Killer - Read The Tweets

A Staten Island grand jury decided not to indict the police officer who held a man, Eric Garner, in a choke hold to his death over the summer, and celebrities have been sending in tweets on the decision.

Some of the celebrities who have been weighing in are Gabrielle Union, John Legend, Penn Badgley, Ellen Pompeo, and more.

“Unarmed man put n2 ILLEGAL chokehold, says he can’t breathe, caught on tape, later dies &no charges?! Tell us again ALL our lives matter…” Gabrielle wrote. “I have no words left… just angry tears thru gritted teeth. #RIPEricGarner #RIPHumanity #RIPCompassion May the Lord have mercy…”

This news comes just weeks after a grand jury decided not to indict Michael Brown‘s killer, also a police officer.

Click inside to read all of the celebrity tweets about the decision…

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  • Jay

    I honestly don’t understand. How has he not been charged? The coroner ruled it a homicide, there is a video of him performing an illegal chokehold. How can you justify this? It makes no sense…

  • smmy33

    Let’s not make this a race thing.
    In 2012 … He had been arrested 33 different times, so he knew exactly what he was doing when he resisted arrest.

    If the police attempt to arrest you for a law which you are in fact breaking, you do not have the right to resist arrest.
    What followed is what follows in all resisting-arrest cases: some escalating violence as the police attempt to physically impose their will on the noncompliant suspect.

    Some number of such situations will result in the death of the suspect.

    I guess I just don’t understand how we say this guy is guilty of manslaughter, given that in almost all cases where a guy’s heart just gives out in a struggle, we could find some error in procedure as a hook to throw the guy in jail for.

  • smmy33

    Nevertheless, we actually pay them to use force when a law-breaking suspect (even one breaking a trivial law) resists arrest. That is the job we’ve given them.

    To say this guy is guilty of murder or manslaughter seems to me to be a case of scapegoating the people we’ve tasked with implementing a policy that we have imposed ourselves.

  • smmy33

    Funny , the media never gives the stats of whites and blacks killed by the police..
    WHY…….. because it would show that more then double the rate of police kill a white person then a black even though blacks are the assailants in 58 % of all violent crimes in America , meaning they are in contact with the police in violent situations, murder, rape, assaults , armed robbery etc…. more then US white population , even though blacks are only roughly 13% population.

    2012 FBI numbers of police officers lawful killing

    331 whites killed by police
    123 blacks killed by police.

  • annie

    lets not make it a race thing? It IS race. stop saying it is t. This is a country that had a civil war. racism is inherent at this point.

  • kellyf

    Unlike the Michael Brown case, I really don’t understand this officer not being charged. He clearly acted outside the bounds of the rules of his job and ended a man’s life. Something related to a negligent homicide charge seems like it’s more than warranted.

  • kellyf

    We had a civil war over a century ago. The fact that you think we have racism inherently in us could PERHAPS be a big part of the problem.

  • Mercyneal

    Huh? Um, no. That extreme and unnecessary chip on your shoulder will get you nowhere, pal. Self-fullfilling prophecy.

  • annie

    I either have a chip on my shoulder or you’re severely lacking above the shoulder. Racism doesn’t exist? You must be living very comfortably in your delusional little world. This is a society that gives a white man that has a prison record a job over an african american man with no prison record. So many more statistics that will prove to you that racism does exist. It may not exist for you, but it does for plenty of people to make it matter.

  • annie

    I was about to reply to your comment that you posted in response to mine, and then i stumbled upon this gem of a comment. LOL. you forget, Willson called Brown a demon. a DEMON. Brown mustve been a magician or a wizard to not have been immobilized after being shot at twice that he required another load of 10 shots to eliminate him as a threat. This is worst than a hollywood movie where the Hero continues to fight after being shot. tsk tsk.

    ETA: i sincerely hope you’re kids are not even remotely brown. Chances of this happening to them will automatically increase.

  • guestcomment

    Maybe because blacks only make up 14% of the population as opposed to the 69% whites make up. Imagine the numbers if the black population made up 69%. it would be in the thousands.

  • kellyf

    Annie… come on. This gem of a comment? Really? I said that I don’t understand the officer in this case not being charged. I think the officer in this case SHOULD be charged. How easily you ignored that because of your disapproval of the fact that I have more questions over the Michael Brown case. That case, TO ME, has a lot more unanswered questions, so, TO ME, whether or not charges should have been filed is more questionable. OF COURSE racism still exists. VERY few, if any, are questioning that. But your assertion that we are all inherently racist is incredibly alarming, and I sincerely hope that there aren’t many with your view of things. Even more alarming is your willingness to reference the actions of people that have been dead for a century. No one alive today is responsible for what happened then, nor is anyone alive today a victim of what happened then. That argument gets us nowhere and it doesn’t give us a chance to take even a single step forward. Focus on what’s happening now, Annie. Try to understand that not everyone who doesn’t share your race is against you. There are racist people, absolutely, but they are FAR outnumbered by good people who want everyone to be treated fairly and with respect. And that is what I will teach my hispanic children.