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Azealia Banks Continues Talking About Racial Unrest in America, Calls Bill Cosby a Father Figure

Azealia Banks Continues Talking About Racial Unrest in America, Calls Bill Cosby a Father Figure

Azealia Banks is continuing to take to her Twitter account and talk about the racial tensions in America – and has even brought her opinion of Bill Cosby into the mix.

“from police murders, to macklemore and igloo australia…. They are even trying to tear down our father figure BILL COSBY” the 23-year-old rapper tweeted to her followers.

Azealia and Iggy Azalea had a back and forth yesterday about racial tensions after Azealia called her out for not being more vocal.

Read Iggy‘s response to Azealia right here if you missed it.

Click inside to read more of Azealia Banks’ tweets…

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  • dalovelee

    Bill Cosby is in no way shape or form my father figure. He never raised me, paid my medical bills put a roof over my head, took me to the doctor or school or church or helped me with my homework, or fed me. Get a grip. He’s a celebrity whose karma is coming back to him.

  • vicky

    this woman is disgusting..hating on white people and talking about racism as if she is not displaying her hatred for the white race..Hypocrite..

  • Mina102

    She needs to take several seats.

  • Louise

    Cant stand her, quite simply trying to get publicity by making ridculous arguments with people on social media who are way more talented than her so she can get an audience. She knows what’s she’s doing but it’s not going to wash with me.

  • Arrow 12

    She is totally racist. She should go see a shrink. She is out of her mind….

  • Tardis

    If Bill Crosby raped someone she knows I think she would still defend him, she is that dumb.

  • Martin Stevenson

    She’s a vile mess and her album only sold 11,000 copies!! She’s a flop. And not to mention Azealia spews more homophobia and transphobia than any other person on the net. Not to mention, she beat a small child nearly to death 2 years ago. This chick will be fading into obscurity in 2 years max.

  • Martin Stevenson

    She also has said most woman are c-nts who ask to be raped in a tweet 6 months ago. She’s got ZERO talent and her album flopped so she resorts to shock value to get press because she knows her career has faded before it began

  • Martin Stevenson

    EXACTLY. But we all need to ignore this witch so she’ll go away. Her album took 3 years to make (because of her drug problems) and it just came out 2 weeks ago and flopped so bad that it only sold 11,000 copies! so her management is demanding she pull these stunts

  • VanityInsecurity

    Not surprised by this girls antics. Unfortunately many people do feel this way. Perhaps she forgot that Obama had majority of the WHITE vote..

  • kellyf

    The ignorance and small-mindedness of her world view is actually frightening. Does she think black people are the ONLY people that voted for Obama? I’m white and I voted for him, as did millions of others, so no, a black president scares almost no one. And the Cosby thing has nothing to do with race. I loved his show growing up too, but it’s looking more and more like he broke the law and what’s more, this has stayed swept under the rug for decades, so the race card is laughable here. I don’t get how she thinks she can say things like this and then accuse OTHERS of causing racial tensions. Look in the mirror my friend, you are the problem.

  • AeeJay

    Hates white people..but does her hair like a white girl.. red & straight. man hypocrite!


  • LaCroix

    just wondering if a white celeb would be saying the exact same thing she is..but vice versa how much hate would they be getting? I truly feel majority of the Black community feels this same way.

  • Revengefan0101

    I’m sorry but she lost me when she defended Bill Cosby who is being accused of sexual assault by many different women.

  • Nightwish

    Somebody do all of america a favor and rip her tongue out already

  • For real?

    They would get as much hate as she is getting. She doesn’t speak for the black community.

  • Legendary Trolly

    You dumb biatch quit making us neegros look bad, that niggga aint our father figure. We all turned on his rapist azz, everyone except for you! Gone somewhere withyo ashy azzz!!!!

  • Legendary Trolly

    Dummy we dont agree with this beyotch. We all hate Bill Cosby! He is self loathing to blacks and we are attacking him for being a racist. Dont let this ashy neegro fool you into thinking that all of us are like her…

  • bbm

    she could still tweet

  • Justme

    Just because a black person straightens her hair and colors it doesn’t mean they want to be white. That is a dumb comment. I’m not saying she doesn’t hate white people but to say that another race can’t change their hair color and straighten their hair without wanting to be another race is dumb. I’m black and native american. My hair is naturally curly but I prefer it straight. That doesn’t mean I want to be white. I also like the idea of changing hair color because it’s different not because I want to be white.

  • AeeJay

    Actually it does mean that.. She has a problem with Iggy cus she’s white & feels she is absorbed with black culture rap artist/music. Therefore if Iggy is trying to be black by this..then She is trying to be white by looking like a white person does naturally. IE: Like Iggy looks.

    PS.. Let’s try to keep the convo about Iggy & this racist not about you.