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Taylor Swift Did NOT Kiss Karlie Kloss, Her Rep Confirms

Taylor Swift Did NOT Kiss Karlie Kloss, Her Rep Confirms

Rumors are swirling all over the internet that Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss are a couple after they were “spotted kissing” at a The 1975 Concert. Well, don’t believe everything you read!

The 24-year-old singer attended the concert in New York City on Thursday (December 4) with a bunch of her model pals, including Karlie, Lily Aldridge, and Martha Hunt.

The ladies were spotted inside the Terminal 5 venue in a private area and a fan snapped a photo of what appeared to be Karlie and Taylor locking lips. In reality, the gal pals were just trying to hear each other over the loud music.

Taylor‘s rep called the rumors “hilarious” while speaking with Gossip Cop.

Instead of spreading the rumor, check out photos of Taylor and Karlie on stage together at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show earlier this week in London!

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  • DerekO

    Taylor likes men. That should be very obvious by now.

  • Katie

    Yea they were ROFL its in pictures you can’t ignore visual evidence you aren’t a grand jury.

  • ChrisBale

    Just trying to “hear each other”…suuuuure.

  • lee lee

    Even if they weren’t kissing, the way she has her arm around her shoulder and holding hands seems very intimate.

  • smmy33

    Some people so immuture , as if two women can’t be touchy – feely without it being sexual .

  • Lauren

    there’s a thing called bisexuality. some do not discover their sexuality further until their mid 20′s or even later in life. she can still like men. she can also like women.

  • disqus_tMc71EODk2

    Karlie still has a boyfriend fyi….

  • La Lunatica

    The “Hilarious” quote is kind of insulting. Maybe that rep should pay attention to why so many people would believe that Taylor and Karlie are together.

    It’s a reps job to hide things like this, I’d prefer to hear Taylor herself crush all those Lesbian hearts.

  • Rick Pyle

    Probably a publicity stunt. If so, it worked!

  • Mel_0713

    fyi…I had a boyfiend…ummm…I mean boyfriend and a girlfriend for quite some time. I left the boyfiend.

  • James Cook

    I knew Taylor was gay, why else all the hate songs towards men?

  • S Paleshi

    I have never “talked” to any of my friends like that. They are definitely kissing. In the first pic you can see Karlie has her arm around Taylor and Taylor is holding her hand. In the second you can clearly see they are kissing and Karlie is caressing her head. Taylor can try to hide it but it will come out eventually.

  • sambca

    haha, yeah they were talking into each others mouth, that’s always the best way to hear when you’re somewhere loud. Duh.

  • Nicola

    This is such big news her rep needed to comment on it? Even if they did kiss, so what?

  • DerekO

    That’s certainly possible. But there are people who think that Taylor is 100% lesbian and always has been, and these people are delusional. She could be bi though. But odds are that she’ll end up settling down with a guy eventually.

  • johntate90210

    Ha! Definitely kissing. No doubt about it.

  • Anon4U

    It seems like a lot of people desperately want these two to be an item. Who knows if they are just BFFs or more, but I must admit that they do make an attractive couple.

  • bernardg

    If anything, she is a bi. Not outright lez.

  • Fiona

    Karlie’s had a boyfriend for years …. I just don’t get how anyone thinks this is reality. 1. it’s blurry as sh*t 2. have you never hugged/kissed your best friend at a concert before, while drinking and having a good time? My god taylor has done nothing but write about boys for the last 10 years, but now because she has a best friend, she’s gay?

  • Fiona

    That’s true. But because she has a best girlfriend we have to assume it’s a sexual relationship? Karlie also has a boyfriend.

  • Fiona

    Ummmm she just posted a picture of the boyfriend on instagram about a week ago. She hasn’t left her boyfriend.

  • Mel_0713

    Ummmm…I didn’t say she did. I had a boyfiend (mooch who lived with me) and a GF at the same time. I eventually got rid of the BF. Comprehension is your friend.

  • Maria E. Segura

    The rep can say whatever he wants as long he is paid to protect her client image for the public so he /she has to defend her client at all cost, regardless if the information is accurate or a lie. It is as simple as that

  • Fiona

    You really think she’s cheating on her boyfriend with taylor swift? you’re that determined for this to be real?

    Her boyfriend is one of Forbes 30 under 30. When taylor and karlie roadtripped last year, he was there along with taylor’s brother Austin. Come on back to reality now.

  • Maria E. Segura

    It seems Taylor hangs out with a lot of friends lately models, singers and she is everywhere in the news lately. Is she that important or relevant?

  • Brittany

    orrrrrr maybe she’s in an open relationship.

  • Mel_0713

    Tell me…where did I say that? You have a real problem with comprehension. You made the statement as a defense. I Made a statement to show you that a girl (and not just me, but many girls I have known) can have both. I hide how I was for many years, I had a BF for years to please my mother as she hates “the L word”. I am not saying that is what TS is doing (hiding her true self) I am merely showing you that your flimsy “alibies” nonsense. Un-bunch your panties and grow up.

  • Mel_0713

    Popularity has no bearing on importance or relevancy. Look at Bieber.

  • Monica S.

    I bet HARRY STYLES is spreading this rumors…since he is gay, lol

  • Maria E. Segura

    I guess you are right but this lady lately hangs with everyone in town hehe

  • Mel_0713

    She does have a large circle for sure.

  • the reader

    it’s like kissing the point is karlie’s bf as he was with them on the road trip and still is karlie’s bf and taylor’s many romances with boys. on the other hand karlie kissed cara delevingne too but no one said they are an item!!! whatever is up this friendship is going into not good mood by these behaviors in front of media! I mean if u are lesbian/gay just say it if no then be careful more esp. when u are a celeb! maybe some say any news out there is good but at the end of the day it will make u like kim kardashian:(( just saying.

  • Fiona

    No one is denying that tho. I understand and respect bisexuality and never said that either of these two girls couldn’t be bisexual, that’s their business. However, I do think you’re sharing all of this to imply your belief that there is a sexual relationship between two best friends one of whom has been involved with a man for 2+ years. And I think it’s rude to imply (whether you admit it or not) that her relationship is fake or she’ll be leaving him, etc.

  • liza

    ricki martin also said did a lot of songs to women and even said that he prefered blonde women than brunette and look what he said in 2010 haha

    and this isn’t an unique cause, many artists have done that. Probabbly when taylor become irrelavant she’ll come out

  • Fiona

    Orrrr maybe she has a best friend and a boyfriend!

  • annie

    thats at the concert of 1975, right? Why would they deny it if they were kissing, because it happened admits thousands of people. doesn’t make sense. its very much possible that they were just trying to hear each other over the loud music.

  • Mel_0713

    I never implied any such thing. I stated facts in my life and I have known many like me. You really need to learn to comprehend. It will serve you well as you grow up. BTW, I was with my last BF for 4 years, Elton John was married to a woman for 4 years, I have never said nor implied this is the case for these two. What I am trying to do is get you to see the light, People can disguise their personal lives, I did it as have many others. I am not implying that these two are but I am pointing out that anything is possible and you can’t accept that. By you taking such offense I can only assume you are young and star struck. If you aren’t…WOW. Either way, you have some growing to do.

  • Fiona

    What wonderful facts I already knew. I know it’s possible. It was possible 50 years ago and it’s possible now. Did you not read the part where I said ” never said that either of these two girls couldn’t be bisexual”? You seem to think that because I’m defending Karlie’s relationship means that I’m incapable of understanding that people can hide or not be aware of their sexuality yet. So how will you attempt to patronize me next?

  • javi g

    people. its 2015 if america put a man on the to hot women can playfully kiss. the gays have rights and the pot heads also. if a woman wants to kiss another woman we as amaericans should let them kiss. hard and long.

  • informed

    they’ve dating for a while now but they also have good pr machines

  • Mel_0713

    It goes back to your initial post 4 hours ago “Karlie still has a boyfriend fyi….”. If you believe everything you just posted, why post that? As a community service?
    If you believe that it’s possible they could be closeted Bi there would be no need to post it. I don’t know if ether are, nor do I care (unless Taylor wants a date). I was pointing out the fallacies in your statements. I am letting this go, as I hope you will.

  • Fiona

    Why would they have to be closeted? I just think that because she is in a committed relationship and has been before she met taylor, chances are nothing is happening between them. It has not reflection on the specifics of their sexuality or that it is possible to be the case for anyone. Because that’s why you were sharing your life experiences right? Not to shove it onto them but to just say it’s possible? I’m happy to let it go but I do honestly think we misunderstood each other originally.

  • Mel_0713

    They would possibly be closeted because of TS’s upbringing, public persona, and previous classification as “country”. Look at the statement made by Ty Herndon. Add to that the fact that many, many people are still prejudiced and refuse to accept the fact that they would be hard pressed to find a geneticist in the world that says LGBT is a “a choice or perversion” and there is the reason.
    Yes, I pointed out my situation and others to show that having a BF means nothing. I could care less if either of them is bi or lez, there lives do not affect mine. It only would if either came as that effects us all as to awareness. Have a great day.

  • Mike

    Are you gay if you want a little side action with an angel?

  • Doryphore

    Of course her reps will deny it. Taylor’s fans are white little girls in the heartland, middle America. Nothing would kill Taylor’s carefully crafted image like being a lesbian. Many people have been saying for years now that Swift might be gay. Her carefully chosen celebrity boyfriends weren’t fooling anyone.

  • Doryphore

    Also, Karlie and Taylor live together. Taylor admits to having a shrine in Karlie’s honor and even cutting her hair to look more like Karlie. Creep.

  • Doryphore

    Karlie lives with Taylor.

  • Rachel Birkinshaw

    Karlie has a room in Taylor’s apartment, she doesn’t live there. And I presume the shrine you’re referring to is the fact that Taylor has made the room that she has given to Karlie more homely with personal pictures (of Karlie herself and her family) that’s called being a good host not creating a shrine. And cutting your hair into a style that you liked isn’t creepy regardless of who had it. You’re being a little unfair with the way you’ve written your comments with half-truths.

  • mandyz

    Of course it’s about protecting her image, especially since she’s a Republican. The conservatives are going to go bat$hit crazy if the reports are true.

  • ajck

    this is false because i was there and she was all over ALL her friends huging them and having a great time btw drinking a little bit too..but i can say that her and the lead singer of 1975 are messing around. he was singing a song and sang the lyrics ” im falling for you” while staring at her for a min or two the whole crowd noticed it