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Taylor Swift Battles Laryngitis Like a Pro During Jingle Ball 2014

Taylor Swift Battles Laryngitis Like a Pro During Jingle Ball 2014

Taylor Swift shows off her midriff while performing at KIIS FM’s Jingle Ball 2014 powered by Line at Staples Center on Friday evening (December 5) in Los Angeles.

The 24-year-old entertainer opened up the show and wowed the crowd with her smash hits, such as “We Are Never Getting Back Together,” “Blank Space,” “I Knew You Were Trouble,” “Love Story,” and “Shake It Off.” Watch a video of Taylor performing “Blank Space” below!

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“I’m about to go onstage at @1027KIISFM #KIISJingleBall in LA. Fun fact: I have a wicked case of laryngitis. This should be interesting!” Taylor tweeted before the show.

Taylor Swift – ‘Blank Space’

10+ pictures inside of Taylor Swift performing at Jingle Ball…

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  • Gina

    An excuse as to why she can’t sing? Fine, but what’s her excuse for the other 364 days of the year?

  • Once a fan

    She was out the night before at the 1975 show drinking and screaming at the top of her lungs at the other end of the country. “Laryngitis” is a nice way of saying she was unprofessional and partying the night before she had a performance and interviews to do.

    Taylor has changed, and would have never have done something so unprofessional in the past.

  • Von

    What’s excuse for being a jealous bitter hag 364 days a year.

    As you can hear she singing live and better then most pop stars and doesn’t lip-synch like Katy Perry or Beyonce , and unlike Beyonce who’s music all shouting and yoddied.


    you’re right! she had “Laryngitis”…

  • Gina

    Using the jealousy card I see. That’s a cop out people use when they don’t have a proper rebuttal. They also bring up other singers who have absolutely nothing to do with the subject of the conversation. Deflection 101. Try again, hon.

  • Von

    Your mother ever teach you, ” if don’t have nothing nice to say..” Guess not .

    If you actually didn’t care for a celebrity you would ignore their articles.

    You wouldn’t go out of your way to post some silly snide comment , cause your jealously to tear them down is greater then your indifference .

  • Gina

    Wrong again, silly rabbit. In fact, I’ve ignored so many incessant articles about her that I couldn’t bite my tongue any longer. I’ve actually shown great restraint. I’m quite proud of myself. As for you, maybe you should show some restraint because your godlike worship of her is creepy.

  • b324

    Duh Gina, dontcha know, the Internet is for only NICE THOUGHTS. You can’t voice your opinion on anything that OTHERS might not like because I guess we’re all big babies and can’t handle that others may not like everything and everyone in this world.

    And I agree with your original comment…it is what ran through my head when I saw the headline :lol:

  • Shauna Cardwell

    so now she cant have fun with her friends, have a drink at at concert, she is having the time of her life, not caring about idiots opinions. she still showed up and gave it her best, most artists would end up just canceling. cut her some slack.

  • smmy33

    Duh , dontcha know the internet is for people who have accomplished nothing in their lives and now have a platform to anonymously pass judgement, denigrate , gossip about , analyze , jealously rant about perfect strangers.

    But feel entitled because they live sad mundane lives while others are famous accomplished artists , the top of their profession making million , selling million in music.

    But somehow can’t sing even though a artist started in country music , became the most downloaded artist in the world which mostly a guitar and their voice.

  • smmy33

    You’ve ignored LOL, so pathetic, is she facebooking , is Taylor Swift bombarding you on social media updates on Taylor Swift’s life.

    You seek information on celebrities gossip sites, then act put upon by them .

    Just Jared posts average 60, 70 posts a day on celebrities,
    how many do you comment on ?
    just the few you like?
    ignore most because you’er indifferent ?

    except the ones your bitterness can’t allow you to “Ignore ” without insulting them , making you feel better about you sad unremarkable life.

  • WWilson

    E! News said that Taylor was out partying until 2 A.M. with Matt Healy, the lead singer of the band 1975. He is the latest notch on Taylor’s bedpost apparently.

  • Once a fan

    She can have fun all she wants, just don’t tweet about having laryngitis for sympathy when you know you aren’t going to sound your best because you were out partying the night before instead of resting your voice for a performance you know you agreed to do previously. She should take a bit of responsibility for her action, but instead you want to give her a cookie for showing up and actually fulfilling her obligation when it should be a given.

    Hopefully she’s not out partying like that when her tour comes around and people are paying to see her.

  • Gina

    LOL. I’m wasn’t talking about facebook or other forms of social media you silly moron. I’m talking about this site and this site alone. I don’t seek out anything, the headlines are in plain site. You are a blatant hypocrite. It looks like you go searching for comments you don’t agree with so you can go off on a pathetic rant defending someone who doesn’t know or care that you exist. Does defending her make YOU feel better about your sad unremarkable life? Seems that way. You are a classic case of an obsessive mindless fan who lives vicariously through their favorite “singer”. Your life is going nowhere fast so you focus on being Taylor’s PR rep. Too bad she doesn’t pay you or give a damn about you. You’re the one that has accomplished nothing but pity from me.

  • Amor

    Yes it’s sad that she had changed. Now she likes Party and drinking more. I hope she will not fall like Miley or others.

  • AlarTruve

    Love her so much.

  • smmy33

    Gina, have you forgotten to take your medication .

    Your comment is just ranting, insults and presumptions .

    Really you read a bit unstable , walk away from your computer , go outside get some fresh air .

  • shake it off

    She literally does have laryngitis watch her latest interview and listen to her voices it bearly recognizable

  • AlarTruve

    Did you even hear the full set? She sounded fine.

  • Once a fan

    Yeah, laryngitis is the swelling and irritation of the voice box, which is caused by doing things like screaming and drinking all night at a show less than 24 hours before you have to sing some songs. She isn’t sick, she just blew out her voice the night before by partying.

  • Gina

    Maybe I should borrow some of your medication, dear. You should really take your own advice; you clearly aren’t self-aware.

  • Bikz

    Yea, because it makes total sense to believe celebrity gossip news. Like how Selena and her fell out and made up 100x?

  • Bikz

    There was no excuse needed today, anyway, so I have no idea what you’re talking about.

  • Gina

    Alright, if you choose to be in denial, who am I to stop you. Carry on.

  • Nat Mirotta

    As the Beatles have said before:
    –And in the end the love you receive is equal to the love you give!

    And that is the same with hate. You give hate, you’ll get it back. We in the know, know that your comment is trolling and only meant to be hateful. So we will disregard it or give it back. It is the equilibrium theory. You get what you give.

  • Nat Mirotta

    She doesn’t need sympathy. In fact, she was joking about it.

  • Vy Nguyen

    Wow, Gina. I couldn’t help but liked every one of your comments. I feel like you take the words out of my mouth. You put it together so well. I’m not surprised you didn’t get more up-votes than you should’d, it just indicates that there are less people that think like you and more people like @smmy33 who have little to no self-awareness making comments and not knowing better in online discussions like this.

  • MirinAesthatic

    hot but to thin

  • xyz

    When u have laryngitis, u stay at home, end of story. Either she used the sickness as an excuse for her obvious lack of talent, either that was another PR stunt.

  • xyz

    Any good reason for that?

  • xyz

    She has “talentlesslylitis” and the illness is incurable.

  • xyz

    And one of them is u apparently

  • suzybel

    Oh sh*t, even with laryngitis, she won’t shut up.

  • J Stone

    Karlie must have had Taylor screaming too much the night before.

  • Gina

    Thanks. The beauty about online discussions is that everyone has a right to express their opinions. Not everyone has to like Taylor Swift.

  • b324

    …And here you are commenting the internet as well.

  • lejla

    You are right, she didn’t need to party before her performance but you really didn’t need to create an account just to criticize her.