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Miley Cyrus Lets Boyfriend Patrick Schwarzenegger Lead the Way While Jet Skiing in Miami

Miley Cyrus Lets Boyfriend Patrick Schwarzenegger Lead the Way While Jet Skiing in Miami

Miley Cyrus shows off her rockin’ bod in a one-piece swimsuit while getting ready to take the jet ski for a spin on Friday (December 5) in Miami Beach, Fla.

The 22-year-old entertainer was joined by her boyfriend Patrick Schwarzenegger and good pal Cody Simpson.

Miley held on to Patrick as he drove them around the water.

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The trio had just returned from a PDA-filled lunch at the Fontainebleau Hotel.

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  • Kay

    Did he drop out of USC? Or does Christmas break just start extremely early there?

  • eternalozzie

    dont know about classes there but a couple universities where i live just got out last week.

  • Calvin

    She always does the same stuff with all her boyfriends…

  • videorov

    Dam she is ugly

  • jixxxxer17 .

    I wonder if they smoked weed before the jet ski ride and were totally stoned on that thing !

  • napidol

    So, he is busy smoking weed and jet-skiing with Miley Cyrus rather then attending class? Of course it doesn’t matter wheatear he attends class or not, Because he comes from the Kennedy family and those trash bags always go to buy their degrees and bribe those schools to let their dumb spawn in. He didn’t dropout, because he needs that bought-for degree for his future bought-for-political career. His aunt is an ambassador for Japan without any charmisa or skills. Any other kid wasting this much time and not going to classes would be failing and simply kicked out. Remind me why dating one of the Kennedys is considered ‘cool’ or ‘prestigious’ in US? To me they are no different then the Kardashians.

  • KadinaModa

    wonder if they smoked weed before the jet ski ride and were totally stoned on that thing !
    Moda | Cilt Bakımı | Diyet

  • vn_102

    Wonder why she didn’t “accidentally” torn her bikini nor wears the transparent one – must be getting more clicks and comments here ;)

  • ApersonPearson

    No I’m in one of his classes. We’re in the middle of cramming for finals and he missed the last week of finals and is using his study days to be in Miami. Napidol is right.

  • ApersonPearson

    Nope. We’re still in school with finals this week.


    @Just Jared
    Can you get rid of her flabby ass & feral piglet face off the front page pls?
    It’s bad enough older generations are polluted with George Clooney’s vile tranny horse face Islamic Arab beard, we have to put up with this trash!

  • Gorgi

    What’s he is like? I heard he is not nice and a show off. Theres a video of him swearing at a bartender who kicked him out of a bar last year for sneaking in underage.

  • yup

    rich people just don’t give a fuck you know

  • ApersonPearson

    He doesn’t talk, shows up to class only when he has to, and sticks to the circle of friends he’s had since he was a kid. He doesn’t have much of a personality. No one says anything bad about him because everyone wants to be his friend. Even in the day and age of “hipster reversal popularity” where its cool to be uncool and hip to be kind, everyone wants to be his friend. I wouldn’t care, but the amount of work I put in and the amount he doesn’t is disproportionately unfair. He is that video, and he should be studying!

  • Cerealisfordinner

    Hideous face on her!!!! Barf

  • 55vineyard

    Hate those nasty stinky jetskis, glad they are not allowed where I go on vacation in Mexico. Who can relax with those engines?

  • Carl Robbins

    You are an odd person, so bitter and full of bile for some young man you know nothing about (except some silly pictures and fluff details) Are you drunk? You sound like one as well. His Uncle Ted Kennedy on the other hand, was provably a miscreant, however he was thrown out of Harvard University when found to be cheating. My daughter attended UCLA and her (final) semester finals were just before Thanksgiving……However, most regular semester (common)finals start this weekend and end the 19th.

  • Carl Robbins

    UCLA Academic Calender:
    Common final exams:Saturday-Sunday,December 13-14
    Final examinations:Monday-Friday, December 15-19

    Unless he misses these he should be fine…(assuming he passes) Perhaps he’s a good student, and can miss a few “study days”…?
    It’s amusing how so many folks assume a long weekend with Miley Cyrus (Who was working in Miami incidentally) equates to “throwing away ones education” and a “ruined future”!

  • ApersonPearson

    Look Carl, it’s USC. Not UCLA. It’s amusing that you feel the need to defend him with incorrect information. Why bother defending him? You want to know how a lot of us feel? He does half the work and is going to get three times as far in life because of luck, privilege and an ascribed status. Classes are so tough at USC that you have to use your study days. No one has time for jet skiing in Miami. No one thinks he is “ruining his future.” We only think he’s “throwing away his education.” His future can’t be ruined. He’ll be successful. Don’t defend him, because he’ll be just fine on his own.

  • napidol

    Why are you defending this little rich, privileged assh*le? He will get ahead in life for being a Kennedy! I am also a university student, and I work way harder then him or anyone in his trashy family combined! And he goes to USC, not UCLA, another commentor below goes to the same school and is in the same classes as him. Apparently they are not finished school yet and are still studying for exams! I have a right to be pissed because this assh*le is only at a prestigious school due to his connections, and I don’t have to know him to know he is a spoiled jerk. There are video of him drunk and swearing at a valet service guy from last year because he was thrown out for illegally entering the club and being underage. He isn’t even working hard if he decides to go party and do drugs with Miley Cyrus. Everyone else has to work hard for their future, while this brat has everything handed to him.
    Yes his uncle Ted was thrown out of Harvard, yet was able to become a Senator. Do you see my point? They are not hard working any of them, yet get their careers handed to them.

  • Felicia Renee

    Ok so your mad and bitter bcuz he was born into a life of privilege and you wasn’t…You people dint know what arrangements he’s made add far add his studies are concerned…you’re opinion and anyone else’s option isn’t gonna make much if a difference in this kids life…Whatever break his name can get him he’s gonna use it…And I don’t blame him one single bit…Oh well that’s the way of the need to ruin up your blood pressure being angry about it

  • Felicia Renee

    What does your face look like asshole…If her face is hideous then what does that make your face cuz Im sure she probably looks way better than you do

  • cez simple as thatn ;-) get it now!!! meaning watch out for ur blood pressure haha

  • cez

    gohs just leave them alone guys….just accept what we have n life..its not their fault that they grew up with golden spoon and wer is unfair yes it is..but they r good ppol u i guess.., why dont u try to be friends with him? i guess u cant right ? coz ur kinna out of his league, so just beat it…study hard what u need to do..strive hard for ur future..patrick didnt do anything to u nor i bet didnt know u at all or bothered just read and watch and listen,,and if ds so called :bratz pissed u ON then its ur problem,.,.not them..

  • jazabelz

    He’s only hurting himself — why should that affect you or make you a better person for pointing out his faults?

  • nadipol

    Do you really have to resort to being nasty to someone who at least worked hard to get to USC on their own merits? Unlike this pirvlidged, spoiled Kardash-I mean Kennedy?

  • nadipol

    @ Felica and cez, the fact that 16 people agreed with what I said doesn’t mean I am bitter for being born into a average family and was taught to work hard for my education and the things I want. I have a right to call out this spoiled, dumb kid because he is where he is due to family connections and stataus and wealth. Tons of other people see it that way. He is able to get away with failing in school because he is born into famous and well connected family. If I or any other kid wasted my study days in Miami, I would fail and not get a second chance, unlike him.

    And I am not only talking about this kid, the same applies to the Bush Twins, Chelasea Clinton too. Those girls never worked hard either and Chelsea makes over $600,000 salary a year for having no journalism skills or talent. Do you see my point? Chelsea is only 34 years old and makes that amount of money for basically having no talent or skills. Its sad and disgusting.
    I could work hard all my life, and never be rewarded like that.