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LeBron James Put His Arm Around Kate Middleton During Their Meeting & Broke Royal Protocol

LeBron James Put His Arm Around Kate Middleton During Their Meeting & Broke Royal Protocol

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge (aka Kate Middleton) and Prince William met basketball star LeBron James last night after watching him play at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn and there’s been some controversy since the photos hit the web!

While meeting with the athlete, LeBron broke one of the biggest rules associated with meeting a royal! Those meeting the royal families are told not to touch them, but LeBron put his arm around Duchess Kate while taking photos. Be sure to click the link and check out all the photos!

While Kate didn’t seem to mind LeBron‘s arm around her shoulder, the British press picked up on the photos very quickly!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of LeBron James’ big faux pas?

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  • Von

    God look at her poor face, like I have stinky armpit in my face , gross.

    Who every planned the Royals itinerary should be fired, all the pictures are so c -list celebrity and low class.

  • politicallyincorrect

    Black Billionaires Beyonce & Jay-Z hung w/ British royalty at MSG as white hipsters staged die ins outside to protest black oppression. #irony

  • Blueds

    Golly. It’s not a big deal. It’s not like King James know anything about “royalty protocol”. Kate is human, and this so-called protocol infers royals cannot be touched by commoners, lol. Kate is a commoner herself. The English people, for the most part, deem this protocol blah, blah, blah pretentious. Kate has made a name for herself as an approachable royal.

  • Honourable

    James clearly meant no ill. His touching of her is consistent with American culture, particularly when taking a picture. Perhaps Kate’s crew failed to send us common people the memo that “Royals” cannot be touched or that we are not worthy of touching royalty. Silly really. Kate is not bothered by it.

  • rocknmovie

    Much ado about nothing!

  • Sim

    When did this become a ” thing” , black celebrities giving themselves titles they don’t actually have or earned … So pathetic and telling

    How many rappers, athletes, singers calling themselves King, Queen, Doctor bullshit…. juvenile .

  • smmy33

    The reason they went because the NBA is making a big ass donation to their charity.

  • suzybel

    It’s probably not a big deal, he likely didn’t know. Stop trying to create chaos where there is none.

  • Austen1

    Seriously? It’s not that serious. Celebs and private citizens alike from all walks of life have given themselves sobriquets and nicknames for centuries/generations/decades — some of which are coined by the media, friends, public, family, or stem from a given interaction/episode/performance and those nicknames eventually stick. The person in the original post was referencing one of James nicknames, which incidentally happens to be King James in part due to his athleticism and dominance in his field. It’s not uncommon. I call my baby sister Princess, and she is not a princess in the traditional sense. Frankly, she is not even a baby anymore. As a poster so eloquently put it: Much ado about nothing, indeed.

  • kat

    I have no doubt that he meant no disrespect. However, LeBron should have asked about the protocol before meeting the royals. It’s no different than educating yourself about social etiquette for any social situation that you are not familiar with. If he was meeting with the President of the United States he would need to know that proper protocol too. Meeting the royal couple is just like meeting a head of state of a country. You don’t flop your arm over their shoulder like you are taking a party pic.

  • Louise

    I’m British and American culture or no American culture, everyone they meet are told of protocol before meeting them and not to touch unless initiated by them and he shouldn’t have done it. This wreaks of trying to get publicity for him.

  • Dee

    I agree with Von. LeBron has sweaty underarms. Did he shower before coming out to meet the couple? I am not a Royal, but would have the same reaction if someone that is a sweaty mess is hugging me.

  • namers

    King Felix, the Mariner’s elite pitcher.

  • Dee

    Pffttt!!! Puuhh-leeaaase! These “etiquette” fcvxkers need to take a serious hike! Are you kidding? Pretty sure she couldnt careless. Lets not make this a big deal. How rude.

  • retrobanana

    its LeBron j ames his ego is bigger than british royalty he probably thinks these nice brits are taking a photo with a legend in the making right here!!!

  • annie

    and how juvenile is it to still HAVE an actual King/Queen…aren’t we past all that bullcrap? and the slobbering and bowing down over them? Guess not. Its ALL silly

  • Pretty Little Mars

    WHO CARES? Kate & Will don’t look like they do… I don’t understand why everyone is having greatest freakout

  • broadchurch

    I am British (studying in America), and the majority of us (if you read our publications or view our UK websites) find this alleged infraction pompous and rubbish. I understand cultural differences and know that James behavior is a welcoming, accepting display. It’s instinctual for many Americans taking a photograph. Most importantly, Kate is fine with it. No harm done. In fact, many of us love seeing these candid moments.

    As for Kate and William, we love them because they are down to earth, unlike our other royals who are, by their demonstrations, aboveboard.

  • stoplyin7722

    She looked uncomfortable. James should have been instructed how to behave. What an embarrassment for NYC. Looks like a backwater that can’t host dignitaries.

  • stoplyin7722

    If somebody does not want to be touched, then don’t touch. Total lack of respect for women.

  • stoplyin7722

    Cause they look extremely uncomfortable and because this was a major gaffe for NYC. Somebody overestimated LeBron’s ability to control himself.

  • wrestlefan01

    lol should be instructed on how to behave? they are in america we have different customs here..if you pose for a pic with someone chances are their arm is going on your shoulder.

  • wrestlefan01

    i mean he could have posed like the queen with his lip stuck out a mile looking like a sour puss

  • Sprite

    perhaps a ‘sparkling’ purple moment

  • stoplyin7722

    Yes, how to behave. You don’t put your arm around another man’s pregnant wife. You don’t put your arm around a dignitary, especially if the protocol prevents it. Protocol exists for a reason–so that everybody feels comfortable and safe, so that nobody is put in an awkward situation.

    Since it’s is obvious now that there is no respect for protocol (remember Michelle and the Queen) you can bet that William will not have his wife around lowbrow people anymore, no matter how accomplished or wealthy they are, not even for charity. His wife did not sign up to be groped.

    In addition, it’s just plain old bad manners to put your sweaty armpit against somebody. Kate probably had to go back to the hotel to shower and change.