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Nicole Kidman Explains Why She Married Keith Urban After a Month of Dating: 'I'm Spontaneous'

Nicole Kidman Explains Why She Married Keith Urban After a Month of Dating: 'I'm Spontaneous'

Nicole Kidman is stunning and ethereal in Calvin Klein Collection on the cover of Elle magazine’s January 2015 issue, on newsstands December 16.

Here’s what the 47-year-old actress had to share with the mag:

On talking to her pregnant interviewer: “I had my last one at 43,” she responds. “My grandmother had her last at 49. Every month, I’m like, ‘I hope I’m pregnant!’ (to which her publicist replied ‘Off the record’) “‘Off the record’? I don’t mind! “Why not, right? I wish I was!”

On marrying Keith Urban after one month: “I’m spontaneous. I jump in. I kind of like getting married and then getting to know each other; I know that it sounds incredibly strange, but to me, it’s a more natural process.”

Good friend Sheryl Crow on her pal: “I think that she has been very poised throughout her public life, and sometimes people will misconstrue that; they see her as being an ice queen. The kind of scrutiny she’s been subjected to can’t be comfortable, and she’s dealt with it by being very careful—that’s what gives people the wrong idea. She’s not someone we’re going to see out paddle-boarding in a G-string; she doesn’t set up situations where she’s playing to the paparazzi. She’s more old-school than that. She’s not that kind of movie star.”

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Credit: Paola Kudacki for Elle
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  • samovarova

    Oh Nicole. You are beginning to sound deranged. Records show you met Keith in January 2005 and married in June 2006. Try and get your PR bullsh.t right.

  • tom

    old woman old news

  • 1MzLiz

    Yes, either Nicole got her husband’s confused or the interviewer did. You do have to wonder about Nicole though. She’s married to the nicest and most talented fellow in the business, but still goes on about her ex who unceremoniously kicked her out just prior to their 10th anniversary in order to avoid paying her alimony. When it’s reported they were married 11 years, it’s counting the time of divorce proceedings.

  • SweetCiCi

    Clearly the title is misleading. They decided to marry after a month of dating. They started dating in June 2005 with the wedding taking place June 2006. Maybe they were already married in their minds after a month of dating. Who knows? They were joined at the hip almost immediately. It doesn’t take a piece of paper to commit to someone. Why are people so frikkin’ mean? Keith and Nicole make a lovely couple and seem happy and in love. My only complaint: the scientific community needs to figure out how to clone Keith Urban ASAP. CLONE HIM NOW!!! :)

  • Amelie Summer

    Stunning Woman

  • suzybel

    I don’t know why she can’t hook up with someone who is at least as tall as she is.

  • Holly

    She has lied so badly in past interviews, but this one takes the cake. They appeared in public together for the first time at the Grammys in February and got married in June. That’s more than a month.

  • Kary

    She decided to marry him after a month of dating, the engagement last a year tho… yezzz, magazine always changing everything

  • keithsmylove

    I totally agree SweetCiCi……the title is wrong. Also, I love your idea of cloning Keith!

  • keithsmylove

    Nobody forced you to read it…did they?

  • chelsea

    she didn’t lie. The article did.

  • 1urbanfan27

    She was dating Stephan Bing in April 2005…They broke up…I guess HE didn’t want to get married…

  • 1urbanfan27

    Operative word…SEEM…

  • SweetCiCi

    …but Keith did! And they remain married, over 8 years and two children later. The gorgeous, happy Urban couple! Yay for them!

  • Joy

    People are legally ‘married’ until the ink dries on the final divorce proceedings. Get YOUR facts straight. Nicole and TC ‘celebrated’ their 10th anniversary with a big party and then Scientology got mad because Nicole wanted to send their kids to normal schools. Tom’s sister taught their kids in Scientology, and they brainwashed the kids. Read all about it from people who were there!

    They were also married long enough that Nicole was rewarded HALF of the joint estate!

    And samovarova: READ the original article for the facts. The stupid rag-mags screwed up what she said, but then people like you believe only that!

  • Joy

    What on earth is your point, #1 KU Stalker? The word “SEEM” is not in the entire article! I guess after nearly 10 years of being together and 8.6 years of MARRIAGE, you still cannot accept that the man you badger incessantly permanently belongs to another woman.

  • Joy

    Yep, and Keith can’t stop sharing his adoring love for his gorgeous wife, either!

  • SweetCiCi

    Joy, I’m sure she is referring to my comment above that they “seem happy & in love”. Hey 27, didn’t you recently make a “profile promise” to Keith that you would ignore “SM” comments? You just can’t help yourself. Niagara Falls, Los Angeles, London, Australia, the Urbans are a happy family unit no matter where they go, but YOU sit there in Nashville, where you claim Keith “wanted you” (LOL) and whine on and on for him to “come back to you”. Yes, yes, go ahead and make your veiled “I know”…”he knows” comments. He “knows” he pays his security team a boatload of cash to make sure you can’t get too close to him. That’s right, you may “get close”, but the day you make the mistake of getting “right next” to him is the day you will discover exactly what Keith thinks about you.

  • SweetCiCi

    Isn’t it a beautiful thing, Joy? I love how he leads by example. I think the more hate, sadness and craziness the Urbans see going on around them, the more they want to share their love with the world. Why not? “What the world needs now, is love, sweet love”…now, more than ever.

  • Dee

    Tom Cruise, your late for your Scientology meeting ???

  • Dee

    Holly, you have a real problem with Nicole. What did she do that was so terrible? Could it be that she married Keith or that she was smart enough to reject Scientology or that she is so beautiful ??? Probably all of them.

  • Dee

    You took time out of your life to insult Nicole ?? You have a huge problem.

  • Dee

    Nicole would have no problem hooking up with millions of tall men if she wanted to, she happened to fall for handsome Keith and what a beautiful man he is. Lucky Keith and Lucky Nicole.

  • Dee

    From what i read was she didn’t want to get married to Bing. Smart move, she has Keith and they don’t get any better than Keith.