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Man Accused of Raping Lena Dunham in College Releases Statement, Wants Answers For His 'Irreparable Harm'

Man Accused of Raping Lena Dunham in College Releases Statement, Wants Answers For His 'Irreparable Harm'

The man accused of raping Lena Dunham during her college years has released a statement after being bombarded by media since the release of her book “Not That Kind of Girl” went into detail about the sexual assault encounter.

The man in the book, called “Barry” in book, is described as a Republican at Oberlin College who hosted a radio show, had a mustache and wore cowboy boots. Lena penned an essay just yesterday about the whole confusion and as to why she wrote about the rape in her book.

“I want to thank Lena Dunham for confirming that the ‘Barry’ described in her book is a pseudonym. As the sole source of the events in that book, her confirmation was crucial. I am relieved to have my name cleared as best as it can at this point,” the man said (via THR).

“The last nine weeks, spent both wrongfully accused and ignored, were frightening for me and my family. It was also baffling. As days turned to weeks, and weeks into months, Random House and Ms. Dunham‘s silence became unfathomable. It’s frustrating and ironic to me that Ms. Dunham‘s recent admission that it was all an “unfortunate and surreal coincidence” echoes my earlier comment to a reporter printed over six weeks ago,” he continues.

Click inside to read the rest of his lengthy statement…

“It also begs the questions, why didn’t you clear my name? Why did you wait? Why did I have to set up a legal fund and threaten to sue in order for action to be taken?

“Surely, had my concerns not been ignored when I quietly and privately brought them to your representatives in October, your story would have remained focused on its true intentions, which I believe are very noble. Unfortunately, because of the delay, my reputation has sustained irreparable harm.

“I hope this case serves as a reminder to writers, publishers, and others with a stake in narrative that they must take special care when releasing non-fiction works featuring criminal acts. Copyright page disclaimers simply aren’t enough. Fact checking must be rigorous, unintended consequences of altered details must be researched, and the use of pseudonyms must be consistent and clear. Importantly, this goes beyond a simple coincidence of a relatively rare name, as has been suggested. I was an outspoken Republican at Oberlin College; I already stuck out like a sore thumb. When such obvious parallels are missed, corrective and restorative action should be taken immediately.

“I want to be very clear: I have absolutely no reason to doubt Ms. Dunham’s claim that she was sexually assaulted in college. I hope, too, that her story brings courage and strength to other survivors of sexual assaults. I also hope that my story will serve as an example to those who are falsely accused or incorrectly placed under suspicion of serious sexual misconduct allegations that the truth will eventually come out.”

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  • Jay

    This whole book did not go down as she expected it to.
    I think she expected it to be hailed as ground breaking and honest…Sadly that didn’t happen. I’m not sure when I stopped loving Lena Dunham. I think it started with the cult like worship of Taylor Swift…

    Poor guy…

  • emmafabulous

    Lena you are such awful lying lefty twit. in your book said that you drank so much that you can’t remember being raped, but she can remember that it was a repulican. and you say that you gave the name Barry to protect the rapist. Lena are one disgusting LIAR.

  • emmafabulous

    and HBO should cancel that awful show. but they will not, because they are lefty wankers too.

  • Von

    Sue her dimpled ass off.

    Obviously she had the hots for this Barry in college , while he didn’t know who she was , so she decided to be passive aggressive A -hole and used his real name and enough true aspects if his life that people could identify him easily enough and he would know , then she decided to call him a rapist and gave pink cowboy boots, oh and she had to make the republican there villain , like James Bond movie.

    Too bad it bit her in the ass .
    The problem with liberals they think they can lie and defame people with impunity and get away with it .

    What’s with liberal women and all these fake but true rape stories.

  • Candice

    I am sorry but she needs to have all the backlash that can be thrown at her. His point is the most damning about her. Why did you wait to clear my name? She ruined her credibility on anything she says moving forward, her holding out to protect an innocent person is horrifying, and she ruins other survivors credibility moving forward. His response is extremely calm, classy, and meassured for just about having his life ruined by her flippant and obnoxious retelling for attention. I pity her. She is a spoiled pig who never had to live in reality apparently and this hipster bullshit needs to stop.

  • sadiesays

    I know, this has been my problem with this story all along. She got wasted, remembers him making a creepy advance on the way home, so she invites him over, (um…ok) and then has semi conscious sex with him that she apparently could not control, and yet she remembers every detail of the moment. It’s disturbingly inconsistent and at the risk of being hated I am just going to say it: I don’t think it was rape, it was a bad decision that could be skewed as rape to make her story more interesting.