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Pippa Middleton Criticizes Kim Kardashian For Nude 'Paper' Magazine Cover

Pippa Middleton Criticizes Kim Kardashian For Nude 'Paper' Magazine Cover

Pippa Middleton isn’t afraid to voice her opinion on Kim Kardashian‘s recent nude Paper magazine cover.

“No year is complete without a bottom story, and the ‘Rear of 2014′ award undoubtedly goes to Kim Kardashian, after her posterior exploded all over the internet last month. I must say that mine – though it has enjoyed fleeting fame – is not comparable,” the 31-year-old younger sister of the Duchess of Cambridge wrote on The Spectator’s Christmas Special.

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She added, “But the Kim butt story did make me pause. What is it with this American booty culture? It seems to me to be a form of obsession. Kim‘s aim, apparently, was to break the internet, but I’m not sure she’s going the right way about it.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Pippa Middleton’s comments on Kim Kardashian’s Paper magazine cover?

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  • Durk de Zee

    She’s got a point. A big one.

  • Anastatia Bagans

    That’s because american celebrity culture is gutter trash nowadays, thanks hip hop lmao.

  • Revengefan0101

    This picture says it all. The difference between class and trash.

  • broadchurch

    She’s spot on. Kim’s photo was pure trash and reeks of self-importance. Her daughter will be mortified one day, provided Grandma doesn’t get to her first and start pimping the poor girl.

  • alorwa

    What is she now a preacher?

  • DeeDee00

    I wonder if that little girl Jon Sheba will come after Pippa? Probably not!!!

  • mountainbdywhs

    I prefer the opinionated Pippa to the bland one. More bitching about the trash pit that is “ghetto” culture, please.

  • Doryphore

    Kim is trash and famous for nothing but so is Pippa. Who is she? What has she done? What is her claim to fame?

  • Helen59

    I am now officially a huge Pippa Middleton fan! Thank you, Pippa!!

  • Helen59

    One reason for her claim to fame is that she used her public voice to call out the “Kim butt story” and the American booty culture. For that alone, many of us will be forever grateful. In general, she has a far greater, and respectable, claim to fame than Kim and her butt story, right?
    One might also question a culture that makes people who appear on reality TV shows worthy of our attention. Yeesh. I don’t blame that on the Kardashians, though. I blame that on us.

  • alorwa

    Public voice well used. To “call out” Kim’s butt? I mean really? The world was in need to someone as brave as she was and trash the American taste in butts. Can someone please give her a newspaper or turn on BBC news for her to see the world, and have a better use for her “public voice”.

  • emmafabulous

    Love you Pippa. you are so right.

  • Liz

    Bravo to Pippa! Kim k has no morals, talent or class. She’ll do anything to keep her face in the news. Grow up Kim. Get a real job or better yet, take care of your daughter.

  • Jess

    Considering she gained a bit of notoriety herself at Kate’s wedding when her butt was a huge topic of conversation, I think it’s ridiculous for her to act like Americans are the only ones with a butt fixation. She’s only “famous” for two things: 1. Being the sister of someone who is actually famous 2. Having a nice derriere. So she is not one to talk.

  • Helen59

    Hmmm. Humor lost on you, I guess. But wait–I did not say “call out” Kim’s butt. I said I appreciated her using her public voice to call out the “Kim butt story.” I feel the coverage of the “Kim butt story was excessive. But I did NOT say she used her public voice to “call out” Kim’s butt, thank you. That wouldn’t make sense, would it?

    Pippa is a columnist, she uses her public voice by often writing columns that include humorous anecdotes and observations. If you don’t like her humor, perhaps you can get her a job at the BBC? You really don’t know what she does or doesn’t know about the world. In the meantime, joking about our often absurd culture is much deserved and needed.

  • Helen59

    Oh, please. A bit touchy? The “Kim and her butt show” are an embarrassment, a great commentary on an unfortunate aspect of our culture as far as I’m concerned. Perhaps the more jokes are made, the more self-aware we’ll become. Besides, I enjoyed her comments.

  • millerz

    Thank god for Pippa!! Everyone in the US kisses kims AS*, we all know it’s been altered. It grows like a weed. Pippa was someone who during her sisters royal wedding was talked about specifically for her butt. We live in a world where thats all people talking about, this beautiful royal wedding and everyone singled out Pippa for her butt in a bridesmaids dress. It’s disgusting that men as well as women are obsessed, even engaging in cosmetic surgery whether its implants or fat injections to make theirs bigger. I hear it everyday people measuring women’s looks on their butt alone! We can’t even say we live in a world where it’s men who are degrading women because so many women are obsessed with this and I blame the “Kartrashian Kulture.” I wish there were more Classy women in the public eye like Pippa. Too many clASSless, especially Kim K. I’m sick of hearing her saying she did the Paper Mag cover for her to feel confident after having a baby. Girl you shouldn’t need to release that to the world to have confidence. If you’re going to do it at least be honest about or it don’t say anything at all.

  • Jess

    Not touchy at all. I am far from a Kardashian fan, I just thought her comments were a bit hypocritical. One famous-for-nothing criticizing another famous-for-nothing. If she is famous for something else I’d really like to know. I believe I read she wrote a widely panned hosting book, so I guess she’s got THAT going for her.

  • Jess

    Excuse me, but I believe it was the Brits who obsessed over Pippa’s butt at the wedding first, so to act like booty obsession is strictly American is ridiculous. Also, vapid celebrity culture is just as bad over there as it is over here, if not worse. Katie Price anyone?

  • Marie

    i think her daughter will be not that mortified, remember who her father is …

  • Marie

    now being famous has no meaning. being of value is another thing

  • Marie

    how can men like kim? she has no feminine grace!! she’s an ignorant pig

  • Marie

    pippa too is ugly and maybe her only talent is to have a butt. anyway American culture is becoming the worst one

  • alorwa

    Don’t be harsh on her. No one talks about her butt anymore. So, she needed to use her public voice to remind us that her butt used to be on headlines too.
    And maybe, just maybe she caught the boyfriend looking at Kim’s butt once or twice. And of course this is not ok.

  • Helen59

    Wow. I’m amazed that people are so sensitive just because someone made humorous comments about KimK and her absurd butt display. (And I believe Kim gave the excuse that she did it because it made her feel better about her post baby body? Maybe it can become an American tradition for women to have photos of their post baby butts taken and post them on Facebook.)
    Pippa was at a wedding. To compare that in any way to Kardashian butt baring and exhibitionism and American booty obsession is–goofy. Or perhaps it’s our duty as loyal Americans to protest criticism of KimK exhibiting her butt and the attention she got as a result?
    Sorry. Pippa! thank you!! Americans need more like you!

  • Helen59

    Pippa is an attractive, natural looking young woman. Now, if she wanted to invest a fortune in plastic surgery, Botox, implants…
    I really don’t think people should feel defensive about Pippa’s comments. We’re hardly protecting truth, justice and the American way by protesting because someone makes light of KimK, her butt, and the current American focus on big butts in general.
    In my opinion, Kim’s butt is rather….large. I don’t think people should be criticized no matter what their bodies are like, but to be publicly waggling your behind (so to speak) almost begs for a comment.

  • Lexus Nexus

    Pippa is classy. Kim is trashy. This is the difference between the British shows I watch on public TV and American TV programs too.

  • joam

    dont be jalous the pic was just a nice publicite for her $$

  • JC

    While she only speaks the truth, I didn’t need a Brit to tell me this. As an American, I’m so sick of the Kardashians embarrassing us. But honestly? They didn’t get put into the spotlight on their own. It was the Americans that propelled them there & are KEEPING them there . The only way this American trash is going away is if people STOP paying attention to them. Until they become non-marketable, they’re not going anywhere. It’s really the Americans that are pathetic for causing this trash to fester & stink all the way across the ocean in the 1st place.

  • rize