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Amal Clooney is Barbara Walters' Most Fascinating Person of 2014!

Amal Clooney is Barbara Walters' Most Fascinating Person of 2014!

Amal Alamuddin Clooney has been named Barbara Walters’ Most Fascinating Person of 2014!

It was noted in the piece that the 36-year-old lawyer was the woman who was able to get her new husband George Clooney to walk down the aisle after proclaiming many years ago that he would never get married again.

Amal did not give an interview for the piece, so Barbara gave a quick recap of her life, career, and relationship with George.

“Amazingly, Amal has been the subject of very little snark or envy. Maybe because we, like George Clooney, find it impossible to resist perfection. Or maybe because it is heartening to think that no matter how long it may take, the perfect someone is out there for everyone. And that for us makes her the most fascinating person of 2014,” Barbara said to wrap up the special.

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  • Lori Mac

    A woman is fascinating because she got a confirmed bachelor to marry her? Way to set the female race back Barbara…

  • Demad

    Glad Barbara is leaving journalism. Stupid choice.

  • TeamBella76

    Stupid ! Barbara is a hack.

  • happy666

    Enough with the news. Certain things should be “unwitten”

  • Stephanie

    LOL so georges beard is fascinating?

  • Keira2014

    Hahahaha. And with that one sentence the 200 year old resurrected mummy has lost all credibility if she thinks self-adulating Clooney is the most fascinating man of 2014!

  • politicallyincorrect

    BWAHAHAHAHAHA…..‪#‎amalclooney‬ was named Barbara Walters “Most Fascinating Person of 2014″. For what, exactly? Getting married? Feminazi heads EXPLODE. For her great success as a “fierce human rights attorney”? Defending who, other than Assange? Go ahead…I dare you to name ONE WITHOUT google. Then google them. You will find a list of human rights VIOLATORS. Also…she’s been practicing law for what…4 years? She’s a junior partner. Shes’ not “made it’ nor has she “won” anything of importance. The Greek Marbles? She got that case AFTER Clooney, even though her firm had it for over four years. “Activist”? I’ve seen no pictures of her in war torn regions getting to the heart of her supposed matters like Angelina does.

    Nope…as the state run media did with Obama when he was coming up, NOT ONE of them has vetted this woman. If they did, they would find one who is pro-Hamas, anti-Israel, anti-west (she wrote parts of a textbook expressing this), has a mother who worked for Al Jazeera (and considers herself, ironically, a sort of Barbara Walters of the Middle East…hmmm..maybe that’s how she got this title?), which is funded by Hamas, comes from big money Arab oil, has mob connections in her family…she is BAD NEWS. Then again, I just described a female Obama/female Clooney. Global elites they are.

    In the meantime, the PR has figured out the answer to her “great human rights attorney job” and their marriage of convenience. If, indeed, she’s out of London for too long, she’s “self employed” and can “telecommute”. If, however, the questions start to arise about the nature of their “arrangement”, the narrative shifts to “she HAS to be away from George for long periods in London because she’s a HUMAN RIGHTS ATTORNEY!”

    All their photos are staged. The paps are called for all of them. They never look at each other. He’s begging Sony execs in leaked emails to help his film make money. Boo hoo. She’s pushing, with her PR firm owning mother Baria, for a reality TV show—”save the world” by day and fashion icon at night.

    “Most fascinating person of 2014″ indeed….Good God…I do wonder how much Clooney had to pay for this PR?

  • Les917

    She didn’t get George to marry her. He is getting older, realizes that he is facing the possibility of being alone, which terrifies older men. She is young enough to fit his usual profile of women, smart enough to enjoy being with on a regular basis, shares similar interests, and could still likely have children if he decided that he needed to do that to ensure his legacy for the future. I am a fan of George, so I am happy that he has found someone with whom to spend his later years. But if it hadn’t been Amal, it would have been someone else.

  • Bella Santino


  • aanalclooney


  • janine

    Terrible Choice

  • honeysuga

    Even Prince George was more fascinating than her.

  • VCU118


  • BB

    Amal is more fascinating than Kim Kardashian????? LOL

  • Guest

    This “marriage” is a PR arrangement orchestrated by George Clooney’s handlers via Stan Rosenfield & those anonymous names behind him. Barbara Walters was paid to select the equine, manly & overly Photoshopped Amal Alamuddin. She is far from physically attractive. (Even Clooney himslef jokes about her “manliness.”
    That aside, they met in October 2013 IN LONDON, as an ARRANGEMENT set up by his PR network who had the specific task of finding him a “publiciity wife” to stop the damaging speculation regarding his image. Geoffery Robertson QC was with them at the introductory meeting and it was documented.

    Finally, this woman has minimal accomplisments. She has a 3 year degree from Oxford. Big deal. And one year at NYU. She clerked casually as junior counsel. Has no published work other than her contribution of Arab politics in Lebanon in a chapter by a co-authored political journal.

    BUT THE WORST ASPECT is her ISLAMIC ARAB family are FANATICAL PLO & anti -Israel supporters. Her uncle Ziad Takkedinne is an arms dealer to Libya & Middle East arrested by French government. Her mother Baria condemns Israel in the Arab news outlet she freelances. Amal’s father is linked to a pro-Hamas supporting Islamic leader Walid Joumblatt.
    And equine Amal Alamuddin’s clients include alleged Libyan terrorist Abdullah Senoussi and currently anotherArab accused of membership with the Muslim Brotherhood.

    This is the pollution Barbara Walters was paid to promote. At a time when ISIL is an enemy of the USA.

  • Guest

    Relax…it’s a fake PR arrangement. Don’t believe the hype like the rest of the naive mini van majority. Clooney sees who he wants to see privately. This marriage is as genuine as Tom Cruise’s to his merry “wives.”
    Same Hollywood handlers decide on these fake marriages.

  • politicallyincorrect

    Bingo! Their parents were journalists? Huh…never know it fro how the PR brigade presents them vs the truth.

  • Marie


  • charlotte

    George’s obsessive press campaigns to shove this woman down our throats have gone over the top.

    What else has she done in the past month than parading around in designer wardrobe, showing her diamonds and grinning at the cameras?

    She upgrades the word “annoying” to a new level.

    The lies about her being oh so beautiful and the increasing amount of pictures of her grinning and showing off her expensive lifestyle is just creating anger.

    People have eyes to see and they don’t like to be fooled.

    She is no beauty at all and all you can learn from her is how money can buy you some exclusive education and even a husband for an ugly duck.

  • K8QP

    In April we all were like : Amal who ?!

    In December : Fascinating person of 2014 ?!

    in a list where, I guess, Kim Kardashian is a runner up …

  • lfr

    I thought BaBa WaWa retired!

  • FormerLamark

    Who is this Barbara thingamy??? Is she the brand new bootlicker of George Clooney?
    Is a woman “fascinating” because wants to be a married Mrs. Smith, as the other 2 billion women in the world? Would not rather a woman be that, because she wants to be the president?

    MRS. Disgusting was just in the right place at the right time to help a desperate old man to get back to the limelight with her ugliness.

  • charlotte

    Well, I have to admit, I was a little fascinated when I saw her Mr. Spock ears for the first time.

    And don’t you know, every time somebody comments on how thin she is, she actually has an orgasm.

  • Blair K

    Not exactly journalist. Her mother is some ultra Islamic editor for an Arab network with Jihadist links. She’s openly anti-Israel pro-PLO.

  • chelsea

    She wears a lot of makeup for an ultra-Islamic anything.

  • ivy

    Kim is not the least bit fascinating…she is totally over exposed and trashy and seems to only stay in the news by appearing with as little clothing as possible. She is a dumb as mud… the “God made me fat” comment is a prime example of that but there are many more for sure.

  • Guest

    What an ‘Injustice’ to the ‘One’ who really deserves this title. No
    wonders ‘aa’ has been in LA all this while – all planned. It seems they
    have a good marketing plan in place to deceive/ manipulate the public
    further. One fine day all this fake PR marriage stunt will fall down
    like a pack of cards…because this whole thing is built up on lies.
    George looks drunk and forced. Something is not right…big players
    are involved at the cost of one man ‘GC’.

  • Blair K

    Ultra pro-Islamic politics. Muslim Baria on YouTube condemning Israel.
    Yeah a lot of burqa clad Arab ultra fundamentalists wear heavy make-up as their daily routine. Chisel worthy heavy.

  • FormerLamark

    I love this picture of them. All exactly it is written on their faces.

    George: “Oh shit! I hope everybody believes that I love this Big Nosed Crone. I wish it were not so hard to pretend. It was somehow much easier in the films. In any case, I am trying to make a serious face to make people believe I have serious feelings for this anorexic scarecrow.”

    Anal: ” Oh goodness me! I am here on the red carpet with a worldwide famous womanizer and all the world is watching me, just me!!! I can’t believe it! Can you see, b#tches? I am ugly like death but I am here with him, not you beauty queens! I’ll go shopping tomorrow with his diamond credit card to the Rodeo Drive! And soon I will be MRS. CLOONEY! Vooow! Hooooooray! Thank you Allah!”

  • Guest

    It’s almost like they want to destroy or control him.
    Big players sure.
    But if his films were hugely successful, then these vultures would back off to make their money.
    Everything is measured in terms of profit.

    So…his films will have to make a lot of money to get them off his case…

  • chelsea

    She doesn’t wear a burqa though, her dress is very Western.

  • Guest


  • Guest

    You miss the point. It’s not about being a fashionista or heavy on the makeup affects the level of ultra Islamic political views.More that

  • Guest

    ….more that they are very staunch supporters of PLO & anti Israel. Their politcs are ULTRA.

  • happy666

    Now I get it ok. So interesting

  • BB

    Sarcasm (^-^)