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Kristen Stewart's 'Still Alice' Co-Star Julianne Moore Could Not Stop Gushing About Her!

Kristen Stewart's 'Still Alice' Co-Star Julianne Moore Could Not Stop Gushing About Her!

Kristen Stewart takes a sip of her coffee while stepping out on Monday (December 15) in Los Feliz, Calif.

The 24-year-old actress’ Still Alice co-star Julianne Moore recently gushed about the young star.

“You know, I’m not surprised by Kristen at all,” Julianne told IndieWire about the constant questions if Kristen surprised her on set with her acting chops. “And people keep asking me that question, but they don’t know that I’ve known Kristen since she was 12 years old. So she made a movie with my husband when she was 12, and I can remember when he was casting it, and he’s like: “This is the girl I want to work with. This girl is extraordinary. She is going to be a huge star, she’s a major talent.” So there was never any question in my mind that Kristen wouldn’t – I always knew how special she was.

Julianne added, “What was a pleasure for me, working with her, is to witness somebody that’s got that enormous reserve of emotion at their fingertips. It’s just right there. She has a tremendous amount of feeling. It was a joy to sit there and watch her access it. There were times when I was working with her – when I could see her, her face would flush. I’d see the feeling in her eyes. I also – you know she’s only 24 years old, and she’s a young person. But she has a remarkable degree of maturity and compassion.”

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  • lejla

    For some reason I like her, even tho she can’t act to me.

  • Lexi

    Is this why she’s called the paps every day this week? So they can run her picture and recap her attempt to get nominated for some award? Because she’s not doing anything except walking with coffee. And yesterday she was walking with coffee and her girlfriend, Alicia. Same as the day before and the day before that.

    She’s unemployed, supposedly on a break (which means she hasn’t been offered any roles), but she has plenty of time to parade for the paps and get coverage like this. So transparent. Next she’ll be at a restaurant, posing with a fan. She has a pattern.

  • Outsider

    You poor thing…

  • tia maria

    how do you know she hasn’t been offered any roles? People are allowed to take breaks, not her fault the papz are stalking her.

  • PlayNice

    Is Julianne Moore serious…..?

  • Constance Cappadonia’’t.see.her.loving

  • LittleDistraction

    Kristen has a natural draw to her acting and the camera loves her I personally think she is an amazing actress and we will see more outstanding work from her. She knows who she is and makes no alterations to accommodate the press I do admire that about her.

  • gregory marcus

    Kristen can have whatever role she wants. you are an idiot and a fool. She has just made 5 films that have been critically acclaimed. She is an amazing success despite uninformed jerks like you. She is offered roles all the time you goof. She choses what she wants and always has.

  • Harmony

    Your jealousy, hate and bitterness is showing. You are mistaken and just plain wrong. It’s her EX that is UNEMPLOYED. You are the one that is “transparent.” Try harder.

  • Lexi

    Keep telling yourself that. He has a film to make in January, and 2 more after that. She’s got nothing. She’s the one who’s unemployed.

    Why would anyone be jealous of such a loser? She threw away the best man she’ll ever have when she chose to cheat with Rupert. She handed her career away that same time. A string of low budget indies where she plays small supporting roles is just barely getting by.

    She’ll never have the lead in a big budget studio film like SWATH again. She made sure of that when she put 2 franchises in jeopardy with her public cheating. She proved she wasn’t a good investment, and you see what she’s done since then. Small parts in indies that still don’t make a profit.

    And you see how she’s been snubbed for all the awards, just like she was snubbed for OTR. Hollywood doesn’t like her, she embarrassed all of them when she got caught having an affair with her married director. She’ll never win anything.

  • Lexi

    lol, she isn’t being offered the same scripts Jennifer Lawrence is, and the proof is that if she was, she would be working on some quality project now, not a string of low budget indies.

    You can take those good reviews and light a joint with them, that’s all they’re good for. Her films still never make any profits, and she’s not getting nominated for any awards, either.

    She’s insanely ambitious, you don’t employ a full time PR rep if you aren’t desperate for attention. This “break” was announced so it wouldn’t look like she couldn’t get a job, but Hollywood is not fooled. They know the score on her.

  • Lexi

    She’s not even in the top 25 of JustJared’s top female celebrities. They just published the list today, and she’s not on it. The paps aren’t stalking her, she’s calling them in a lame attempt to be relevant. She’s out of work and looking for a job by having new pics online every day.

    It’s the exact same thing she did when she was out of work after her affair with Rupert. What do you think Feb. – April 2013 were all about? She had the paps on speed dial because she had no movie offers. Same thing is going on now.

  • Outsider

    Ha ha ha…You never give up….Eat a sneakers ;)

  • tia maria

    she’s not calling the papz, jennifer lawrence has been followed by the papz for several days in a row now so using your logic she must be calling them too then?

  • tia maria

    “He has a film to make in January, and 2 more after that.” – that’s good for rob seeing as he hasn’t filmed anything in 9 months when he should of filmed 4 films this year(one fell through and the other was pushed back constantly while the third is just a small supporting role). I love rob but just looking at the facts he has been unemployed for most of the year.

  • gregory marcus

    she is not offered jlaws scripts because she didn’t sleep with Harvey. she is worth 100 million and is loved by fans & Hollywood. she represents 2 major fashion houses. but oh yes she unemployed ?? By the way she reads scripts everyday that she can have if she wants, but she knows great projects, and that is why she has had 5 great films in a row!! I don’t hate Rob, but he would be nothing if Kris had not chosen him to be Edward !

  • john

    Lexi you’re stupid but you’re also ignorant of this fact enjoy your bless it will last you a long time

  • Harmony

    That’s right get it all out, “you poor thing” carrying all that hate and bitterness around must be weighing you down. I didn’t even bother to read all of your rant because it just makes you sound so pitiful. Enjoy your ranting! Kristen and her fans are celebrating!!!

  • Eric

    JLaw made only ONE movie with Harvey. Amy Adams has scripts because Harvey(she made with him 4 movies)?Cotillard, Streep, Bale, Firth, Roberts and many others.. have slept with him? STOP YOUR TROLLING. JLaw has a good career because she has talent

  • Lexi

    lol, She’s not in Jen’s league. She doesn’t have an Oscar and she sure doesn’t have 3 Oscar nominations.

    She will never be in Jen’s league because studios won’t hire an actress who is so unprofessional as to have an affair in public with her married director. She trashed her brand when she did that, and will never get it back.

    She’s not repping 2 fashion houses, Balenciaga dropped her after a year. And one photo shoot for Chanel is not a big deal. They didn’t even invite her to Fashion Week in NY or Paris this year. They’re tired of her, too.

    And Rob owes her nothing. She had no power to hire him, just because she had a crush on him the moment he walked through the door.

    Rob is the one who sold the tickets to Twilight. He was the break out star, he even won the Young Hollywood award for it in 2008. The only thing she’s won are 2 Razzies for Worst Actress.

  • Lexi

    Stewart’s fans hate Jen because she’s everything they wish Kristen was. She’s got two franchises, indie cred, makes great choices, works with A list actors, has romantic lead roles and an Oscar, none of which KStew has.

    They’re seething with envy. Too bad for them.

  • Lexi

    The difference is that the only pics they get of Jen are going from her car to her hotel or from her gym to her car.

    KStew and Alicia literally parade for the paps daily, going for coffee. Let’s be real. She can make coffee at home, or send someone out for it. She’s unemployed, she’s parading for the paps to get attention.