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Aaron Sorkin Calls Sony Hack Worse Than Nude Photo Leak

Aaron Sorkin Calls Sony Hack Worse Than Nude Photo Leak

Aaron Sorkin is speaking out again on the Sony hack and he is now calling it “worse by magnitudes” than the leak of celebrity nude photos this summer.

“I thought we all did a really good job of preemptively telling the press that if you publish these things, you’re being sleazy,” the 53-year-old writer/producer said on The Today Show on Tuesday (December 16). “This is the exact same situation, only worse by magnitudes because in this case the hackers stole this material and are threatening the lives of children.”

“The thing we should be taking seriously first and foremost is privacy and dignity,” Aaron added, “and the fact that once again hackers who have threatened violence because the studio just wants to exercise the same First Amendment right that everybody else does, studio just wants to release a movie, have stolen this material and now the press is selling it out of the back of a truck.”

Aaron also wrote an op-ed piece for the New York Times condemning media for publishing the stolen documents.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Aaron Sorkin’s opinion on the Sony hack?

Aaron Sorkin Calls Sony Hack Worse Than Nude Photo Leak
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  • Malida

    What a jack ass saying that this leak is worse than the actresses nude leaks. He probably only feels this way because his name got dragged into the situation. You can tell from interviews and such that he’s difficult to work with and his behavior involving this matter does not sway public opinion.

  • Anastatia Bagans

    Typical male response. Who cares women’s most personal and private moments were plastered all over the internet forever.

  • Alexander Mohr

    Typical female response to generalize all men based on one man’s opinion.

  • Domino

    I guess all the men were just outraged really quietly in their own heads because not many spoke out against that invasion of privacy and how many of them were responsible for spreading those images? Nice that the stance you choose to take is not supporting women but defending men. What with them being so victimized throughout history thank god you’ve got their backs.

  • tia maria

    so your saying hackers threatening the lives of millions of people is not worse than nude pics leaking online? think you need to get your priorities right. the nude photos can be removed from the internet but you can’t take back stolen information or threats made to the lives of many people.

    in this instance since the sony hack has escalated to a matter of national security, I agree with aaron, the sony hack is far worse than the nude photo leak.

  • Alexander Mohr

    I made a glaringly obviously fallacious statement to counter her fallacious sweeping generalization. I’m not surprised you didn’t recognize it, you are too steeped in misandry to for an actual discussion. Instead you have chosen to attack me for the same argument the original poster made because I am a male instead of discussing the issue or countering the idea that an entire gender can be summed up by a single viewpoint. Unless you truly believe that all men have the same viewpoint regarding an issue regardless of different ethnicities /economic status /education level /race /heritage /appearance /religious affiliation. Also I don’t need to defend men because it was a single man who made a statement that I disagree with rather than all men as you seem to believe. If a single black person makes a statement does that make that statement true for all black people? Of course not, it would be wrong to assume that. But you seem to think that Aaron Sorkin is somehow the official representative of every single one of the 3.5 billion males in the world.

  • Living in a box

    Which one is the worst? Have a embarrassed leaked nude photo or been caught wrote a racist comment on e-mails? This is definitely a PR thing, because his friends might get fired from Sony. And Steve Jobs biography film might be in jeopardize.

  • leila

    The threats put aside, the Sony hacks were to a company, and the nude leaks were to individuals. If Sony was run like any other cooperation, internal emails at any level that exposes management to be racist, sexist etc etc, heads would roll. I feel if the handle themselves in a real professional manner, kept there opinions out of company documents, didn’t treat themselves as above the average work place, none of them would look like idiots. The company I work for monitors the internal emails etc from one worker to another, and I know/ and expect that I would be let go. They only have themselves to blame. The women’s pics that were leaked, were personal pics out of a company setting.

  • Bwest

    What is the fault? Only one: they’ve been duped by hackers and your emails, your REAL OPINION came to the public. Were accustomed to be politically correct only in the presence of the press. Never thought on the issue of security at Sony’s computer science as a priority. By the way, who never thought about this is minimally intelligent, not a bit worried about the image of the company …Hahaha! No Directors in line to apologize every day. Now, everything that’s already on the ropes, became news. Hang In There! Tremble! The rest of humanity will learn more, because the news are still leaking.

  • Bwest

    The press is not ethical and not nice. Success is always the saddest news, more malicious,aggressive and low. That’s where most people watch, comment and share with each other. Our civilization!

  • Domino

    They weren’t threats made by a group that has ever committed any violence. They are a pack of uber-nerds who’s only crime is invasion of privacy. Threatening violence is not as bad as actually invading the privacy of so many women.

  • Domino

    Yes the fights we choose in this life define us don’t they? Kudos on choosing the oppressed male.

  • Malida

    I’m not saying one is worse than the other, im saying that him deeming one situation worse than the other shows how little sympathy he has to the actresses involved.

  • tia maria

    these hackers are invading the privacy of sony employees by leaking private emails and accessing personal details of those employees including where they live. a threat is still a threat whether they act upon it or I said pictures can be easily removed from the internet. As much as the nude pic scandal was horrible, the safety of people is more important in my opinion

  • Alexander Mohr

    I chose to fight someone who decided that she could make incorrect sweeping generalizations about an entire gender because she didn’t like what one person said. You chose to fight for prejudice and misandry. If this fight defines us, they you are not looking so good.