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Jennifer Lawrence Arrives at the Airport without Her Hot Bodyguard

Jennifer Lawrence Arrives at the Airport without Her Hot Bodyguard

Jennifer Lawrence makes a comfortable, but stylish arrival at LAX Airport after landing on a flight on Thursday afternoon (December 18) in Los Angeles.

The 24-year-old The Hunger Games actress was just returning from a trip to New York City where she checked out her friend and frequent co-star Bradley Cooper on Broadway in The Elephant Man.

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Earlier that day, Jennifer was escorted out of her hotel by her security in the Big Apple.

15+ pictures inside of Jennifer Lawrence making her way through the terminal at LAX…

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jennifer lawrence leaves hot body guard at home 01
jennifer lawrence leaves hot body guard at home 02
jennifer lawrence leaves hot body guard at home 03
jennifer lawrence leaves hot body guard at home 04
jennifer lawrence leaves hot body guard at home 05
jennifer lawrence leaves hot body guard at home 06
jennifer lawrence leaves hot body guard at home 07
jennifer lawrence leaves hot body guard at home 08
jennifer lawrence leaves hot body guard at home 09
jennifer lawrence leaves hot body guard at home 10
jennifer lawrence leaves hot body guard at home 11
jennifer lawrence leaves hot body guard at home 12
jennifer lawrence leaves hot body guard at home 13
jennifer lawrence leaves hot body guard at home 14
jennifer lawrence leaves hot body guard at home 15

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  • Name

    Didn’t realize people (even celebs) going to/leaving airports was such big *news*. Just shows how little there is for the tabs to report on Lawrence.

  • dalovelee

    I am a fan of hers. but I agree they grab any bit of sighting of Lawrence to punch up their slow news day. But I generally feel that way about all stars heading in and out of airports..It’s nothing newsworthy about that at all.

  • Mary Devlin Millar

    Enough about the bodyguard…it was fun for about five minutes. The man is handsome but come on…that headline makes me cringe. I know it had been a slow news week but let Jennifer Lawrence enter an airport, get to her car and head home.

  • Denise

    @Name Nicholas Hoult is in NYC. Interesting. This is the second time that they were in the same place and this is the second proof that there is nothing more between them! I’m glad. But this is also the proof that Nicholas Hoult without Jennifer Lawrence is not important. No paps spotted him and no tabs write about him in the same town of Jen. Poor Nicholas.

  • Mary Devlin Millar

    It also lends credence to the rumors that it was Hoult/his PR team that would call the paps whenever they were together unbeknownst to Lawrence.

  • millerz

    thankfully this isn’t another story about jennifer lawrence beating kim kardashian for most googled person of 2014. I’m sure she’s not celebrating and she’s mortified that the reason she is is because of her nude photo leak. I don’t know how she stays so positive because man I would want to crawl in a hole !!!!!

  • Name

    I agree! First off, he’s not “her” bodyguard. I think he’s one of those “rent-a-guard” types who protect any celebs while in NYC. Otherwise, we’d have seen him before now with her. Tabs need to shut up about him-he’s not *that* interesting.

    One thing I have noticed in all these pics this week is that Lawrence is still just looking downward and not covering up. Ever since those ridiculous pics of her doing that a couple months ago, she’s not covered up or flipped off the paps (except for the umbrella). Makes me think her PR team read all the scathing comments raking Lawrence over the coals for it and told her to stop.

  • Name

    “Poor Nicholas”?! He doesn’t deserve anyone’s sympathy for not getting noticed. Maybe if he did something noteworthy in movies instead of flops like “Jack the Giant Slayer”, he’d be noticed more.

    Right now, he’s a two-bit actor who’s biggest *claim to fame* is being Lawrence’s boyfriend sometimes. And without her, not many know or care who he is.

  • MeMe

    So Lawrence is back in LA? I wonder if Martin will be heading out soon for an East Coast Christmas? Last I read, Paltrow is in DC–which is on the East Coast. Let’s see if she ends up in NYC for a family Christmas. Oho–stuff is going DOWN! Haha

  • Name

    Most definitely! It’s very telling that he could be in Germany for weeks before/after Lawrence’s visit, but only get papped when she was there. And now in NYC, be there for who knows how long and tabs/paps don’t notice or care.

    Now with Lawrence there, it might’ve taken away from anyone paying attention to him. But that again shows who the paps/tabs were interested in when they were together-Lawrence. And since we know she isn’t one to tip off the paps, it must’ve been him, using her to get noticed.

    The fact Hoult was in NYC and there was NO tabs mentioning a possible reconciliation between the two is also telling. The story about Lawrence and Polsky got more attention than her getting back together with Hoult, and Polsky’s not even a possible boyfriend for her.

    I guess all those stories Hoult’s PR team put out about how he still “adores” her and is “in love” with her weren’t believed. Or else the tabs would’ve been all over the fact the two of them were in NYC at the same time.

  • Denise

    “Poor” is sarcastic. I’m glad that there is nothing more between least until XMen Apocalypse. She finally changed the page. Nicholas in Hollywood is not important because is an actor of series B, his movies are pretty bad except XMen.

  • Denise

    Yes, i was surprised when last may, Nicholas was in Cologne in Germany, Jen visit him and there were even the paparazzi..i thought “paparazzi? In Cologne?” And then they were photographed at a restaurant. Then puff..brak up.

  • roserie

    Shes a millionaire but she wears that same fugs outfit everywhere lool

  • lelelelelel

    he’s in the new mad max movie tho. not sure if it’ll be a good movie of course.

  • jilly

    Did Chris Martin dump her?

  • Name

    No, he didn’t. Only because you can’t “dump” someone you never “dated”. It was all a PR hoax to help Paltrow and later Lawrence with image problems. Martin went along with it and/or was partly behind it.

  • Name

    It’ll be interesting to see where Chung ends up. Will she follow Martin, especially if he ends up around Paltrow?

    One thing’s for sure-he isn’t going to Louisville for Christmas with the Lawrence clan!

  • Name

    Even with “X-Men”, he’s a minor character. In fact, they could’ve cut a bunch of his scenes out of DOFP and nobody would’ve noticed or cared.

  • jilly

    That’s an interesting way to look at it but it’s not true! Chris Martin found her needy and immature and hit the road. He’s still in a relationship with his ex and not ready for a young girl to cling on him everywhere.

  • Denise

    Jen has never had interest for Chris Martin. Not romantically. She used him for the concerts, for her and her friends and to have fun with a famous band during a summer. Jen’s family is a great family with healty principles and would never accept that she having an affair (sex affair) with a 37years old still married man with 2 kids and Jennifer would have never had a relationship like this just after 2 months that she break up with Hoult (her longtime bf) in the middle of a nude leaks scandal!! She is not perfect and not innocent but she is intelligent.

  • Denise

    Plus..all this showmance ended just before Mockingjay promotion and Jennifer public appearances..but how strange…

  • Name

    He was NEVER involved with Lawrence except as a friend, but the PR teams and tabs blew it up as some kind of “romantic relationship”.

    As for Martin and Paltrow-that’s a joke! If you knew anything about their arrangement, you’d know she’s using him to make herself look good. He looks to be back with Alexa Chung. They were both in Paris for awhile recently, and both flew into LA last Sat. Seems they’re keeping the relationship quiet, which is what Martin (and Lawrence) do with their private lives.

    That’s another reason why it was easy to see the “relationship” between Lawrence and Martin was a “showmance”-because it was plastered all over the tabs, something neither have ever done with their previous *real* relationships.

  • jilly

    It’s hard to argue with a hardcore fan like yourself but she was travelling with him on every tour he had and I don’t think it was for free tickets. Also, she was seen in and out of his house on many occasions. What broke them up was the video that TMZ showed of Chris being out to dinner with GPaltrow and she got real jealous and needy. Chris is a mature guy with two kids and wasn’t ready for all that.

  • jilly

    What you say is that Jennifer is a user and manipulated Martin to go to concerts for free. I think she really fell for him but the age difference and his situation with Paltrow and two kids would not allow him to be in a serious relationship with a young girl who gets sensitive and jealous if he has any contact with his ex wife who actually is still married to him and they have a loving relationship.

  • Name

    He didn’t go on “tour”. He did a solo gig in Aug. (which Lawrence went to with friends while working in NYC) and a couple with Coldplay, one to prepare for iHeartRadio, one the concert itself. At the July Coldplay concert and after party in London, Lawrence was with Hemsworth and Hutcherson, and all were invited to the fall Coldplay concerts. Only Lawrence took Martin up on the offer.

    She was able to go to them because she finally had free time for the first time in about 3-4 years, she lives in LA (where the warmup concert was), and went to the second in Las Vegas because iHeartRadio is a huge deal and hard to get tickets for. I didn’t like many of the acts, but I would’ve even gone if given free tickets!

    Lawrence was never seen with Martin at any time at the IHR concert by anyone except the mysterious “source” (who somehow knew where to find them “together” on both coasts, but somehow didn’t know how to take pics of them, including at IHR). But Lawrence WAS seen going into the dressing room Coldplay shared with Taylor Swift at IHR. That was confirmed by Swift’s mother. And Lawrence was seen and photographed by people in the audience during the rest of the concert the night she was there, and not with Martin.

    As for being “seen” going in and out of his house-when? Only ONCE, when her PR team had her do that “pap walk” Oct. 30 to “clear the air” about their “break up” of a “relationship” that never existed. The other times she supposedly was there, the paps that were camped outside Martin’s house somehow *forgot* to take pics of her. Not once, but EVERY time she supposedly was there. These guys are getting paid to take pics of her at Martin’s house, and they *forgot* every time? Yeah, right.

    Either that, or she has some secret spy skills that allowed her to avoid being seen. Or maybe she parked down the street, snuck through Martin’s neighbors’ yards, and crawled in and out through a back window.

    What “broke them up” was that her PR team decided they didn’t need the “showmance” to deflect attention away from the nudes anymore, so they ended it before it became a distraction during the “Mockingjay” press/premieres. If it had continued during that and kept the press from reporting on the movie instead of Lawrence’s *love life*, then it would’ve been bad for her. Lionsgate wouldn’t have been happy.

    I’m not a “hardcore fan”. What I am is someone who isn’t fooled by tabs’ lies and likes to expose them, and I’m not the only one here like that. There were plenty of lies, inconsistencies, contradictions, etc. during the 4 months or so of this “showmance”, if anyone bothered to pay attention. It’s not over yet, because some tabs still are trying to keep it going.

    Same thing now with Martin and Chung. There are signs that point to them being together. But the tabs are too focused on Lawrence and whether or not she’s with Martin, Hemsworth, Polsky, or someone else to pay attention to what’s going on with Martin and Chung.

  • Name

    She didn’t “use” him. He offered her and others tickets, she took him up on the offer.

    Do you really believe Martin and Paltrow have a “loving relationship”? If you do, it’s no wonder you think there was anything between Lawrence and Martin and that he “dumped” her.

  • jilly

    If nothing, they have a good relationship, a very civil one. They have two kids and Paltrow is pretty chill, unlike Jennifer who’s 24 and probably super emotional. I think she was too hyper for him.

  • jilly

    Why was she in and out of his house all by herself if they were not in a relationship?

  • Name

    Wow, you really believe all the tripe the tabs have been spewing out the past few months. Both about Paltrow and Martin’s “good” and “civil” relationship, and that Lawrence and Martin being in any kind of “relationship”.

    Guess Paltrow is getting her money’s worth from her PR team.

  • Mary Devlin Millar

    Good Lord…are you on the Goop payroll? (LOL!)…o r Stephen Huvane (Goop’s nasty little PR twit)…c’mon, those tabloid stories were spun by Goop/Huvane. Oh, and jealous are freaking kidding me?…LOL!…if anyone was jealous it was Goop or she wouldn’t be planting all those BS tabloid stories.

  • MeMe

    Not sure if this is a recent pic or not, but saw an instagram by a fan in London in which Martin photobombed it and it was posted today, I think. So Martin maybe in London for the hols–we shall see. As far as I can tell, Chung was in NYC because it was her BFF’s 30th Birthday Party. Not sure where she is right now.

    However, I can see Paltrow and the kids ending up in England for the holidays. I think it was @Anne who said Martin wanted the kids to come to England for Christmas but Paltrow wouldn’t let them come unless she came along as well. This scenario may be playing out.

    Chung is English so she’ll probably end up in the UK for Christmas as well.

    Also, Paltrow floated the whole, Chris and Gwyneth will “reunite” for the Holidays story at her/Huvane’s obscure Irish source which usually then gets picked up by the Daily Mail. Its amazing how all Gwynnies “stories” start in the same source.

  • KarieX

    The price you pay for fame, right?

  • Name

    So now Chung and Martin are in London, after both flew from Paris to LA. But the tabs still don’t see there’s anything going on with them. If this was Lawrence-Martin, the tabs would be all over it as *proof* they were “dating”.

  • MeMe

    Honestly, I do not get it. Is the Lawrence-Martin story so big that it *still* warrants mention? I doubt there is anyone who still thinks they are (or were) together? On the other hand, maybe Chung-Martin is a non-story according to the tabs–at least it seems that way. But my spidey senses are convinced that Paltrow/Huvane have deliberately quashed their sources from moving forward on Chung/Martin for whatever reason. Probably because it goes against the narrative Paltrow is trying to promote–that everything is honky-dory and that Martin/Paltrow are just days away from reconciling or whatever…

  • Name

    There’s still some who think Lawrence and Martin were (or maybe still are) together. One poster in particular-a guy who goes by “donovan” (and maybe also “Cian Archer”) who calls Martin a “superior species”. Extremely creepy, to say the least. Then of course there’s Vero/Veronica.

    There has to be some reason why the tabs are staying away from any speculation on Chung-Martin. After the “showmance”, you’d think the tabs would be dying to see who Martin ended up with-look how they jumped on Lawrence with Hemsworth and Polsky. But maybe they’re staying away from it because his reps shot down the rumors earlier in the year, maybe because of Paltrow/Huvane. They might’ve also been behind the reps refuting those dating rumors as well as being behind this.

    Seems to be consistent with Paltrow’s MO. Even the whole “showmance” coincided with the Paltrow-Falchuk relationship going public. She had to find something to keep attention off of her relationship, so she snared Martin into one that was much bigger to keep the tabs/paps busy. Can’t have “Ms. Perfect Paltrow” look anything but that to the public. Now she’s floating the “together for the holidays/reconciliation” angle to look good and keep him on a short leash.

    If Anne and TAR (from DM-maybe the same person) are right, Martin might be making a break from Paltrow soon. He needs to file for divorce to send her a message to leave him alone. But as long as Paltrow has the kids, he’s whipped.

  • MeMe

    Yep! Paltrow knows that these “stories” can be used as wedge issues with a potential partner of Martin and makes her look like the long suffering partner. LOL.

    Did you see that article in the DM? Its a refurb from that “obscure” Irish source I mentioned earlier from last week. Only now, there’s this whole spa day on Sunday angle–so its being picked up by more sources. It ran on Page Six first I believe with the Spa angle. Only thing is, that it never says which Sunday. I doubt it was the Sunday just passed because there are more than a few Instagram pics of Martin with a fan in London for that time period. My guess is its from the Sunday when Goop/Martin went to Dallas/NYC before Martin crossed the Atlantic to his native UK. But still it is curious that the “spa” angle is coming out now. Maybe because no one was buying the “reconciliation” stories or didn’t care so Huvane spiced it up a bit?

    Also, I have tried to post things that suggest Paltrow and Martin aren’t together on some of the Gwynnie driven articles on DM and they get moderated out, so there is definitely an agenda from someone’s camp.

  • MeMe

    BTW @my gossip buddies–Happy Holidays!! Its been fun speculating with you all over the past 6 months or so. :)

  • MeMe

    Okay just being completely obsessed with this spa thing..sorry. But as far as I can tell the original article came out 3 days ago on toshiba start news–so that’s either the 20th (sat) or possibly 21st (Sun). Which is bizarre and would mean that the nail place would have contacted this Toshiba source like immediately and then they would have immediately run with it. It was edited to say 5 hours ago but Google publishes the original time and on google it says 3 days ago.

    Another confirmation of the 3 days ago is this obscure niagara news source. Curious.

    “Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow enjoy spa day
    3 days ago – Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow enjoyed a spa day together on Sunday … 10, and eight-year-old Moses at New York’s i-Plaza Nail & Spa.” <<<Copy and pasted from google.

  • Name

    Same to you too! And also to Courtney and Deni.

  • Name

    You can tell DM is in someone’s back pocket that’s associated with Paltrow. Look at all the stories they’ve run about Lawrence, some in a not so flattering light at times (coverup airport pics immediately come to mind). I have a hard time believing Lawrence’s PR team was behind all of them.

    The only one DM seemed to get *right* (in terms of truthfulness) was the reason for the “pap walk” visit by Lawrence to Martin’s house after the big “break up”, and that one seemed to come from Lawrence’s PR team.

    Paltrow/Huvane probably allowed that one to go through-one without disparaging comments about Lawrence-because it meant everyone would know Martin was now *single* and Paltrow’s for the taking again.

  • Denise

    Paltrow and Martin are very boring with their good looking in public. But i don’t believe all these stories about him and Chung or Paltrow and Falchiuk. They are both single and boring with their bad game with Jennifer etc. They are just stupid and boring! I’m glad that all this fake showmance it’s over..but the tabs will continue to link Jen with every guy that walk and breathe..i’m waiting for Hoult again, during Apocalypse. Anyway.. Merry Christmas guys, we read each other in 2015 for more speculations about Jen!

  • Denise

    @Name @MeMe look at this…is Chris Martin’s Malibu house..Garwood residence; pics of summer 2014. View from above,of side,with different from what you saw,that was 2012. Notice something different? Just to clarify :)…again Merry Christmas!!

  • Name

    I can’t get it to zoom in to see any details.

  • Denise

    Really? I see good..Google maps is changed,2 months ago was different and this home was more detailed on it. Anyway, i see one gate at the end of the driveway the dark line at the end (2 months ago i saw a pic more detailed, is a brown gate old style)..then, i see a free driveway with the shadows of the bushes..and no gate where was before, on 2012. I’m sorry i have just this link..that more detailed i lost.

  • Name

    Here’s the latest from TAR in response to a poster named “Hit”, talking about the spa story in DM-

    “Happy Holidays hit! Missed you and uh yeah you got it spot on! Chris is VERY much still courting madly his British love, and Gwyneth is running in circles to PR it all away and get Chris back for her own image, not kids, love or caring. GP had a total slam article on his “True Love” run on the other day in DM making Chris’s real object of affection appear awful, per Gwyneth’s express orders to her people. Obvious and unconscionable! Everyone that knows them at all (which you do too or are quite perceptive) knows who Chris is happy with and that is is NOT Gwyniee or JLAW. Oh well Chris is happy, and doing everything for those children…including trying to get Gwynnie Dearest to “allow” him time in England for part of holidays – WITHOUT her. So many positive people in this world (and yes even on this site :- ) that all this Gwyneth PR spin for for her…the most awful creature just….wrong. Take care Hit!”

    And a couple others from a few weeks ago that were pretty interesting-

    “IT never happened with Chris and JLAW, though she tried for PR and other reasons – none noble. And it’s not over because of Gwyneth, in spite of all her conniving and interfering. It is over because Chris is not over Alexa. He’s not and will not go back with GOOP (unless enforced prior to GP’s year long uncoupling agreement), “a brief reconciliation” was planned for her PR. He was never with Jennifer and will NOT end up with GOOP. Good word, I see my ex with kids all the time, we hug and kiss etc. and we have been done for a decade. Was nothing but GP for paps. They ended in 2009. are status quo – that’ it. No matter what you see or hear, they do- only thing changed is Chris furious with GP now and with JLAW. Disgusted with himself for being whipped and allowing this for PR. (And BTW when most “amicable” exes do get together they look a lot happier than these do! He is miserable now having to do this charade. as well he should be, because he is the only one above this PR BS!”

    “Gee, no DM. He is off to see Alexa again. He has had it with GP’s PR sham and then the JLAW PR controlling him. Alexa’s the one for him…. and the only time he has been true to himself and happy in over a decade. He ruined it with Natalie, now in love with Alexa, as has been for years. Watch and wait…… As for Jen and Gwyn? He isn’t with either at all, except for kids with Gwyneth (he does love his children very very much) and JLAW for her PR and helping her out – which he now regrets. Good luck to all involved but Chris is with Alexa and it is what he needs.”

    Looks like both Paltrow and Lawrence (or at least her PR) took turns at using Martin for their own agendas. Maybe Lawrence doesn’t like the tabs, but her PR team knows how to use them to her advantage. After the nudes, she was scared about her career, image, etc. At that point, she probably was willing to do anything to save it. Her PR team convinced her to go along with the “showmance”, and it worked.

  • MeMe

    Wow. I wonder how TAR knows all that? Almost sounds like she is an “insider.”

    Also, new reports that seemed to have originated on Christmas Eve that Martin and Paltrow are going to a New Age retreat for five days to explore getting back together. How would anyone know this except if the source was none other than Paltrow or Martin? And its a “Cover Media Group” origination which is a pan-European source–interesting. Because it hit a couple sources on Christmas Eve, we’ll probably see a DM article or a higher profile tab starting today or early next week. Let’s see if this one gets traction.

    Regardless, the reconciliation stories are coming fast and furious this last week…

    HOLD THE PRESS: Has Martin hit back with this report? Sounds exactly like what TAR was talking about: QUOTE (Dec 26, 2014)

    “Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin are single again and have decided not to get back together.

    Paltrow and Martin were spotted going on dinner dates, visiting Hollywood hotspots and seemed extremely affectionate towards each other.

    But according to Ok Magazine, the couple are not as close as they are portrayed, they are actually competing to see who will get married first.”

  • Name

    That last part from OK might be right, for once. Especially if even a fraction of what Anne and TAR have said is true.

    Talked to a entertainment business relative over Christmas, who was getting ready to watch the movies up for SAG consideration for voting. When I happened to mention the Lawrence-Martin “romance”, I got a good laugh and “You don’t believe it was true, do you? That was all PR to make Paltrow look good and save Lawrence’s image.” Take that however you want, but people in the business know what’s up with *news*.

  • MeMe

    You, @deni, @courtney and I ha good instincts here, I think. None of us bought Martin/Lawrence for one minute. Unlike @donovan lol JK JK

  • Name

    Just remembered something from when the Lawrence-Martin “dating” story first broke. In the one about the birthday gifts he supposedly bought for her, there was mention of some designer heart *something* (painting, print-can’t remember exactly) that cost a few hundred dollars. The “source” said it was for Lawrence, but the story said it was sent to London.

    I remember at the time, I made a joke about Martin sending it to Hoult’s house (the one Lawrence supposedly moved into with him), and that I wonder if he really thinks she would still be living there to send the gift there and not to her in LA.

    I also remember TAR and other posters at that time alluding to a gal in London that Martin was actually seeing and had been for a couple years. I didn’t know at the time who they were talking about, but it now seems it was Chung.

    So…was the gift actually for her? If so, that means Martin and her were involved when this whole “showmance” broke. Another thing that points to it being completely fabricated. Maybe Paltrow started the “showmance” story with Lawrence not so much to deflect attention from her and Falchuk, but from Martin and Chung. Paltrow didn’t want him being linked to her again, because that would show he was still interested in her even after the denial earlier in the year (probably orchestrated by Paltrow).

    She’d rather him being linked to Lawrence, who would definitely deflect attention away from her and Falchuk and hurt Chung in the process. Plus, that would garner more sympathy for her because she was *dumped* for an actress who just *happened* to be a younger version of herself.

  • MeMe

    Now that’s an interesting angle. Maybe Paltrow was behind moving the Lawrence story ahead. I did think it was weird when those reports started coming out that Paltrow was “happy” Chris was with Lawrence and that they were becoming “friends” or whatever. Looking back, and considering that Martin may well have still been with Chung at that time, those planted stories sound extremely mean girl. Paltrow using Lawrence to create rifts between Martin and Chung? Sounds about right.

    Currently there is hilarity going on with Martin/Paltrow right now. I sense its just a matter of time before the real claws come out and the divorce gets ugly.

    Remember that Spa Day report over the weekend–it was to some spa supposedly in Tribeca NY. Well, now that “spa” is supposedly in the Hamptons. Funny–two spa stories planted only days apart from each other in two different locations. Hamptons, of course, suggesting that Chris spent the holidays with Gwyneth there. The best part is that Gwynnies little obscure starting source is calling it a reconciliation and hinting that she and Martin were all “smiles.” You know because they are staying together–LOL. Pathetic. Meanwhile, what I believe to be Martin’s sources has this little dig in it saying that while at the spa-Martin asked Gwyneth who she was texting and Paltrow replied “Blythe Danner” instead of “my mom.” Made Paltrow sound like a complete snob. LOL