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'Today' Show Releases Statement After Cancelling Amy Adams Interview

'Today' Show Releases Statement After Cancelling Amy Adams Interview

The Today show has released a statement detailing their side of the story after it was reported that Amy Adamsinterview on the morning show was cancelled on Monday (December 22).

“As a news program, the Today show doesn’t allow guests to put restrictions on interviews,” a rep for the Today said (via Us Weekly). “In this case, after hours of discussion we felt uncomfortable with the demands being made, and we determined the best course of action for all parties involved was to cancel the interview.”

Another Today show insider added, “As a professional courtesy, Amy and her team were told well in advance that she might get asked about Sony, and that it was entirely up to her whether she wanted to answer.”

The Weinstein Company released a statement adding their support to Amy and her decision.

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  • ChrisBale

    How juvenile. Amy should have done the interview and simply said that the case is ongoing and she’s been advised not to answer any questions. Done. Then, I don’t know, PROMOTE YOUR MOVIE. These people are ridiculous.

  • 🎄GFW🎄

    Their loss and they know it. Unless she knew ahead of time she’d be talking about stuff that did NOT involve her or her movie, this request to talk about something she’d no knowledge of was inappropriate. How I see this? Today Show Epic Fail.

  • 🎄GFW🎄

    No, she was “hired” to speak about her film. She’s an actress, period. How how does anyone know if she knows anything about the crap and nonsense? It was totally an unfair request to box her into a corner. She will end up smelling like roses and the show a rat.

  • LOL

    Today Show= @ssholes

    Plus Calling themselves a “news program” LMAO

  • moonbeams62

    They are liars. They had Bradley Cooper on to talk about his new movie, American Sniper, and they never asked him anything about the Sony hacker leaks. He was mentioned in the leaks too, because he was in American Hustle, and got paid way more than Amy. Amy’s salary is personal information. The fact that an anonymous coward leaked that information to the media is not her fault. They call themselves a “news program” but they also have part of their show which is for entertainment. Including movies. They didn’t invite her on to talk about the Sony leaks. They had her on to talk about her new movie, not to embarrass her with talk about her salary. Shame on them. I’m with Team Amy.

  • Pop Star


    They have the right to ask whatever they want as Amy has the right to not answer. Their loss

  • chante smith

    are you sure the REAL reason why she cancelled the ‘today’ show because word got out that she would be interviewed by a certain journalist that people hate like matt louer.

  • Jeanne

    ”Put restrictions on interviews”?? Amy can talk about anything she wants! What a shitty ”show”. Only because she’s a woman!! Poor fuckers they loose a great interview with a AMAZING actress. Dont watch this program anymore!

  • carrie

    I think they were also interested to know about David O Russell’s behaviour on set.A Sony leaked email said DOR was abusive against her on American Hustle set

  • mandyz

    Today Show, you only just made yourselves look like bigger a$$holes, keep digging your grave you’re doin a fantastic job at it LOL. They’re uncomfortable cause they didn’t get the answers they want when putting poor Amy in a corner. They’re disgusting, Amy is a class act, the end :D

  • Héctor Pérez Tovar

    Are they trying to make Amy sound like a bitch?!!! Cowards!!!! I’m glad Amy walked out of that horrible show

  • Nicki

    Amy Adams did ask the producers not to address about the Sony scandal after she was told repeatedly by Today that they would ask about it – this is true. HOWEVER, Amy did finally prepare an answer to the question only to have her segment pulled by Today at the last minute. For Today to say that they were “uncomfortable with the demands” is absolutely appalling. #TeamAmy

  • Living in a box

    Today Show are losing this fight. Serve them right!

  • bledel

    Lol looks like The Today Show wanted people bitching on Amy ! if you wanna talk about Sony go interview the sony CEO or whoever but Amy is an actress and she has the right to request that she does not wanna gossip about other studio stuff.It’s their loss, there are lot of shows outhere where Amy can promote her movie.”News program my ass” ! they are just a shameless gossip show ! Go Amy

  • Legendary Trolly

    So u dont allow guest to not be asked, but u just said it was up to her whether she would be asked or not

  • Constance

    Proud of you, Miss Amy! :) Way to be a warrior.

  • Nathi S.C.

    o shit really? He was bad to Amy? That’s weird! She was seen one of those days with him and Lawrence discussing a new movie!

  • Susan Marchi

    No…it was up to her whether she would answer or not.

  • carrie

    Maybe he promises her to be less lunatic on his next film

  • CeeKrativ

    The PMSNBC today show is nothing but an arm of the leftist swine-run Democ r a p party, completely controlled and directed by Obama. No one watches and no one cares. They manufacture “news” stories and rewrite them rather than report facts. And they don’t care. Idiots, all of them. Good for Amy.

  • Is that right?

    You sound completely stable and well adjusted.

  • Kyle Michel Sullivan

    Who watches “The Today Show?”

  • Jen H

    So she was abused by by him and paid less money than the men? wow i would say adios to hollywood and give them the finger

  • Jen H

    Who actually watches loud overpaid people talk about nonsense at 7 am? i really want to know

  • Legendary Trolly

    I know I reread it later on.