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Jennifer Lawrence Visits a Children's Hospital on Christmas Eve

Jennifer Lawrence Visits a Children's Hospital on Christmas Eve

Jennifer Lawrence gives a big smile while posing for a photo with a sick child during a visit to Kosair Children’s Hospital on Wednesday (December 24) in her hometown of Louisville, Kent.

This is the second year in a row that the 24-year-old Oscar-winning actress has visited the hospital right before the Christmas holiday.

“Thank you for visiting the kids yesterday. We know it meant a lot to them and brightened their day,” the hospital tweeted to her last year.

During her visit today, Jennifer posed with many kids, some of whom got up out of bed to meet her and some who were too sick to move. We hope she brought them lots of Christmas cheer!

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  • Clara Tezolin

    that cute she is an example model, a Queen!

  • nelson788i

    Jennifer is awesome

    Facebook sux. Check out

  • dalovelee

    She’s the BEST.

  • Mary Devlin Millar

    How wonderful!…very sweet of her to visit these kids.

  • Denise

    Jennifer have a great heart..the pic with the little baby is so sweet. But a question: where is the privacy of these poor people? The tabloids where have the right to post these photos? You should have respect..i know that Jennifer Lawrence visited an hospital, but these poor people deserve respect.

  • Name

    Don’t get all upset Deni. The pics were first posted by parents of the children and staff on Twitter and other social media. JJ and others just picked up on them and posted them with their stories.

    :awrence likely knew they’d be posted on Twitter, Instagram, etc. and picked up by the tabs. If she didn’t want them posted or used, she wouldn’t have consented to taking them in the first place. As the story said, she did the same last year, and those pics were also posted.

    I’d much rather see the tabs do this than buy pics from paps who sneak around Louisville taking pics of Lawrence with her family at her house and out shopping, without her knowledge or consent.

  • Courtney

    These are the reasons she should be loved for! She really does have a big, wonderful heart!

  • Courtney

    It’s not like she posted these pics herself in order to get publicity or attention. You’re right–I’d rather these pics be posted and attention called to her big heart rather than her fashion or who she’s dating! This is something that so many haters tend to overlook. I’m glad she took the time to make these kids’ Christmas!

  • Denise

    Yes, but then the parents and the hospital are a bit stupid, to me. This is a great thing that Jen have done, like other stars do..they should not do publicity! These things, like visit an hospital, should remain’s my opinion.

  • Name

    Or *not* “dating”, right?!

  • Name

    By posting the pics, they’re drawing attention to the problems the kids have, which might result in donations to the hospital or research. But it’s also great they want to show everyone how wonderful their “hometown girl” is, even though she’s a big star.

    Plus the kids are happy and get to brag a little to friends about Lawrence’s visit to them, which might be one of the few good things in their lives right now. And after the year Lawrence has had, with breaking up from Hoult, the nudes, and the whole “showmance” circus, she could certainly use something good, fun, and uplifting to be written about her to end her year.

    It’s a win all around.

  • Courtney


  • Denise

    Two face of the medal. Anyway, i love the pic with her and little newborn. Touch the heart!

  • TeamBella76

    This is why I’m a BIG fan of hers ! She’s a beautiful person !

  • TeamBella76

    She knew it would be posted but she wanted to make the family and patient happy.

  • Dee

    well said. i agree 100%

  • Films_by

    if you think about it celebrities visiting hospitals is a huge hypocrite act. It’s “look at me, I’m such a good person for gracing this place whit my only presence and time” and then?…. I greater humble act would be pay for all the health bills this kids need without having the press informed and the paps taking pictures.

  • Cate

    This is such a sweet thing to do for the children and their families.

  • Courtney

    She didn’t post these pictures—the parents of the sick kids and her fans posted them. Yes, some celebrities would use this to boost their image, but Jennifer doesn’t need the PR. She’s big without having to have proof of it. This wasn’t an obligated visit. Jennifer loves kids and she did this out of the kindness of her heart. As for toys or money, Jennifer already gives a lot to her community and other charities. Those things can come from anybody. Maybe Jennifer’s visit will bring more attention to the hospital and generate more funds to support these kids. She’s a very kind, caring person.

  • Lala

    GOD bless her heart! She’s such a beautiful and caring girl!

  • Films_by

    Is she kind and caring? I totally believe it. It wasn’t her people who posted the pics? I know, but you can bet she knows the pics would come out. I know also she’s big enough to not need the publicity for “boost” her career. She does need this publicity to IMPROVE and SHAPE her already big celeb status: this year she was involved with a still married older guy, had a nude pics scandal and was pictures giving the middle finger to the press. Do you really believe celebs as big as her are not calculating and pondering every move? Their image means money. Think twice. I personally like her, but I do believe that charity means giving, and for a celeb giving just their time and presence with the benefit of good press in exchange is not enough, IMHO.

  • Mary Devlin Millar

    Jennifer Lawrence has nothing to improve upon…as far as Martin was concerned, there was never ANY confirmation that he and Lawrence were ever truly a couple.

    Most believe that it was a PR confection spearheaded by Paltrow and her PR man Stephen Huvane (with Martin involved as well) to improve their own images. The only ones who even write about it at all are second and third tier gossip sites and even those are fading with each passing day.

    As far as the stolen photos are concerned, that is widely recognized as a CRIME that was inflicted on Jennifer Lawrence so, NOT HER FAULT…therefore, there is nothing to apologize for, no need to do anything in the way of improvement towards her image.

    Lastly, visiting the children in the hospital is a tradition for Jennifer Lawrence and is viewed as such; a sweet tradition that means a lot to the everyone at the hospital, children, parents, medical staff. That’s it and that’s all.

  • Courtney

    I know that there is an image to maintain, but she visited this hospital last year too. She didn’t need to boost her image then or try to improve it over possible PR damage. I believe she knew these pictures would be posted, but how could she refuse to take them with these kids? As for her dating Chris Martin, I doubt they were ever really together. There were so few pics of them together and it was never confirmed by either party. I know she has to play the image game just like any other celeb, but not everything she does is for her image.

  • Name

    How many do you think she should’ve paid for? 10? 100? All of them in the hospital? As wealthy as she is, she wouldn’t have enough to help them all.

    Who would make the decision as to which kids she should help? Lawrence? The staff? You?

    When would it be *enough* to satisfy YOUR need for her to do more? After a few million? When she had given all her money?

    As for the pics-these were taken by staff and kids’ families. No paps, no personal asst., no press of any kind. It wasn’t until they were posted on social media that the tabs knew she had done this. Even her hometown paper/TV didn’t know until afterwards.

  • Name

    “Doubt”? C’mon Courtney, you know better than that. Way more proof out there they never were together than the little that *proved* they *might* have been.

  • Name

    Lawrence and Martin were NEVER “dating”! Friends-yes, “dating”-NO! It was a PR hoax, first started by Paltrow and her agent Huvane to take attention off her own relationship with Brad Falchuk, then later by Lawrence’s PR to take attention off the nudes. And it worked.

    The tabs and public didn’t bother with Paltrow/Falchuk because they were too busy with Lawrence/Martin. And when the second nude leak happened, it wasn’t noticed because tabs were too pre-occupied with the pics of Lawrence and Martin photographed at a private airport after iHeartRadio, which was an obvious PR stunt.

    The “showmance” ended because it had done its job of deflecting attention from things Paltrow and Lawrence didn’t want tabs to write about and people to think about. And because “Mockingjay” press was about to begin, and it wouldn’t be good for Lawrence to still be linked to Martin. That was the reason behind the “break up” stories coming out right before press started, the *Lawrence go to Martin’s house* “pap walk” pics, and story of her going over there to make sure there were “no hard feelings”.

    What Lawrence’s PR team likely didn’t figure was how the hoax would get out of control. Even after the “pap walk”, tabs were (and are) still writing about the “showmance”. They had to find a way to end it for good. That’s probably why Lawrence spent some of her “Mockingjay” interviews stating what the tabs had written the previous few months were fake and lies.

    As for the flipping off-I don’t like it either. Lawrence needs to grow up and learn to think before acting/speaking. Especially in public settings (like premieres) when there are kids present. If there’s anything I can fault her for, it’s that.

  • Courtney

    I know. I was just trying to put it in perspective. The phrasing came out weird. Merry Christmas!

  • VanityInsecurity

    I hope she continues to do this.. Thanks Jen for being humble.

  • Name

    Just making sure it wasn’t a “what if” moment.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  • Clara Tezolin

    Jennifer Lawrence is the living example that fame doesn’t change people. Fame only illustrates what kind of person you actually are.

  • Pawesl

    WTF is Louisville, Kent? Its either Kentucky or KY. Will you idiots stop doing that?


    How would you know? Maybe your the hypocrite for lying to everyone since your just guessing dummy. She has worked with her parents doing this for years…. long before she was famous. Next time you post think with your brain not your a$$.

  • Bob Eckert

    God Bless Jennifer. When she ventures back home to the Midwest, we see what a fine person she is…

  • Bob Eckert

    Courtney, if Santa didn’t leave you buried in coal, he should have. For those that know Jennifer from her hometown (which is very near mine), they know much better than you what kind of a person she is. Why don’t you spend some quality time and check yourself. Have you ever gotten up off your *ss and did something like visit sick kids? If not, shut up.

  • Name

    Courtney, Deni, MeMe: Thought you’d like to see this clip of Lawrence having fun with her family at the Louisville-Kentucky men’s basketball game. And she’s eating pizza! No surprise.

    One sad note about her visit to the hospital. One of the boys in the pics died the next day (Christmas Day). So sad, but Lawrence was able to cheer up him and/or his family one last time.

  • Courtney

    That’s too bad! God bless his family! I saw all the pics of Jen with her family. She looks truly happy! Saw a pic of her with some fans too–lucky girls!

  • Denise

    I feel sorry for the child or guy, it’s a sad thing. Jennifer is happy when she is with her family, glad to see this! Anyway,have you noticed that she no longer uses the backpack? That with “love buttons” of Martin?! The last time was at the airport, back to LA from London..after the “break up” she not used more the backpack..the first time was september. It’s strange..unless, the backpack is just for summer..i don’t know..

  • Name

    Interesting that she and Martin seem happier now that their “relationship” is over. Is it because there was none and they were both tired of living a lie? That will always wear you down-trying to keep up the lie.

    Courtney, Deni-Check out the JJ story about Lawrence returning to LA from NYC last week. MeMe and I have posted some interesting updates.